[1150] The Truth About Markets London – 17 July 2010

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114 comments on “[1150] The Truth About Markets London – 17 July 2010
  1. Youri Carma says:

    America is Gone!

    Teacher who called police get’s tasered repeatedly begs for mercy!! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dehDPVgMeqY

  2. Chico and the Man says:

    Introducing the new Google-Killer,


    Max – looks like traffic is up


  3. Talcott says:

    “a snarky grin wonky eyeball….” and how does he play by the way?


    Could he ‘cut’ any head’s with his axe….I doubt it 😉

  4. the underfundedmentalist says:

    I used to be anti-establishment,

    but now,

    nothing seems that established.

  5. Dedo says:

    Here’s some stats for mAx concerning the UK’s ownership of BP,..LOL
    And to attack the puppets rather than the architects ,..re: Tony Blair’s of the world,..haha,.get a frickin’ grip you junkies ! : )


  6. the underfundedmentalist says:

    oooohhh! dedo!

    watch me baby!


  7. Dedo says:

    @skintmentalist,…….fk sake,..what a racket!,..definitely have to be stoned to appreciate that crap !! : )
    Or was that your point?

  8. Dedo says:

    mAx and Stacy:


    deepen your voice just slightly (mAx, not Stacy), and,.well,………it speaks for itself

  9. Marc Authier says:

    Hey what’s 4 trillion anyways. British banksters twats. UK is Greece gone exponential. Go to hell UK. Yeah. And in Canada and Québec we had all these godamn ritgth assholes mesmorized by the UK. Now we know why. Hyper debt. Theyse people should be put in prison with Bernie Madoff for perpetuity. UK can indeed go to hell.

    We would like to know something here Max and Stacy. Who are the assholes that lent all this money ? China ? Russia ? Saudi Arabia ? We want the name of UK’s creditors. They are the next to go bust. .

  10. Marc Authier says:

    WHO are the assholes that lent all this money ? We want their names.

    It would be real interesting to know what creditors will go bust when UK goes Greek.

  11. Graeme says:

    If you like your new hot sauce then try Blair’s Mega Death sauce! It’s soooo good. It’s a great US export!

  12. F. Beard says:

    Who are the assholes that lent all this money ? China ? Russia ? Saudi Arabia ? We want the name of UK’s creditors. Marc Authier

    Banks don’t lend money; they create it as they lend it.

  13. Brad says:

    a few weeks back in an effort to demonstrate the unbridled POWER of the Max Keiser machine I emailed the sugar plum cake shop and asked how I could wire/PayPal them some money so that Max could have some cookies. They never replied. I just tried again. Hopefully they will reply with a paypal address this time. Or perhaps just mail them a check? I am in Los Angeles….

  14. Tofu Charlie says:

    One of the funniest episodes ever!

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