[KR48] Flotilla Hashtag, Free Towels & Mini Max!

Stacy Summary: We look at the scandals of β€œhashtag” propaganda; the revolution of free towels from the Best Party; and trillion dollar wars and security tabs beyond rational explanation. In the second half of the show, Max interviews Edward Harrison of CreditWritedowns.com about China-US as the most worrisome global hotspot, social outrage and rising up in Europe and around the world, and whether or not there is a gold bubble.

123 comments on “[KR48] Flotilla Hashtag, Free Towels & Mini Max!
  1. FranSix says:

    Max Doll should say:


  2. Jay Walker says:

    The Max action figure should say “Freakin’ Schmada!”, “RISE UP!” and “Bye y’al!”.

    Where can I buy them? I want a dozen of them!

  3. alan says:

    The large companies and Governments only have them selves to blame: They surround themselves with yes men.
    You know the types: Sure boss great idea Yes we can ya ya ya etc
    Anyone who questions because they had the experience or sence to see past the next 5 min has been forced to regurgetate the mantra or been forced out.

    Yes men are usually making up for a lack of talent or are extremely paranoid about someone elses view of success.

    Yes men also have trouble seeing corruption for what it is. they make great sheilds for upper managment also.
    Its the new/old business model

  4. dan valley says:

    End the Wars.

    A riveting clip of 2 young antiwar speakers, passionately discussing the wars


  5. Bonn says:

    June 2, 2010: Clusterf#&k to the War House – Korean Peninsula & Middle
    ClusterFuck to the Balbeck ruins
    Hic πŸ˜‰

  6. Bob says:

    Haliburton Cheney/Bush blocked the acoustic switches, then passed HR H.R.5241 to make bp liable when Haliburton poured the concrete on the deepwater horizon. BP is Feigning incompetance for the time being until they turn it over to Obama to drop a nuke into the well and activate the new madrid fault line.

  7. naomi says:


    What is the Madrid fault line, where does it run? This is madness, absolute evil.

    Goldman Sachs sold 4 million in shares in BP a couple of days before the blowout, they also own shares in the company that makes the dissperant, what does this say to you?

  8. Van B. says:

    Max and “Mini Max” shop at the same clothing store.
    Regarding blowing up the oil well, maybe Matt Simmons may have a point bringing in the military and blowing it up conventionally, (doesn’t the U.S. love to blow things up anyway)….or let it gush out for the next 24 years if it can’t be capped.
    What do the politicians say ?….oh yeah… “Everything is on the table”—but is that reservered only for invading other countries???.

  9. udee says:

    @ Majestic “I’m hoping the Max Action Figure is a talking one.”

    Too funny – good idea.

    I gotta vote for mechanical arms to go with the sound, so arms and hands of Mini Max can flail like real Max while holding gold coin and toilette paper and yelling:

    “Toilette paper will be more valuable than the US dollar!”
    “This is a hundred dollars!”
    “Here’s a thousand dollars!”
    “Here’s five thousand!”
    “It’s all worthless!”
    “Buy gold!”

    Other “classic” Max Keiser lines I vote for in addition to yours:

    “Wall Street is a criminal syndicate!”
    “They should be investigated under RICO!”
    “Hank Paulson is a tyrant!”


  10. jon says:

    Jun 4, 2010 at 4:24 am

    What is the Madrid fault line, where does it run? This is madness, absolute evil.

    means some high up goldman sachs and govenrment people and BP people shoudl be hanging by ropes.
    Goldman Sachs sold 4 million in shares in BP a couple of days before the blowout, they also own shares in the company that makes the dissperant, what does this say to you?

  11. alan says:

    @naomi http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/New_Madrid_Seismic_Zone

    Just having read of the above article

    (in relation to Fail safe devices)
    The failure of failsafe devices IMO says more about the operators than the device.
    For example I worked in semi conductor research at one stage. regulations required all sorts of safety equipment but this was reguarly over ridden by operators/management with important work to do.
    High readings of Arsine gas in the exhaust was taken care of by sniffing fresh air with the gas detector to get a reading instead of taking samples from the duct. there for the detector did not initiate its auto procedure. Lots of ways round devices.
    Maybe they just got caught this time

  12. Bonn says:

    1.1 billion dollars fer G 8 & G 20 security wow ;-> Telepresence Youtube skype ???
    We have around 40 – 50 regulars here it Costs us almost Zilch to communicate constantly
    Woooo eeeeeee
    Hic πŸ˜‰

  13. Mini US says:

    We like Ed Harrison.
    Good guest and show Max and Stacy.

    Mini-Max just ‘completed’ it πŸ™‚

    Anything Mini is cool πŸ˜‰

  14. Aridzonan says:

    Great show / guest..

    States should start filing class action law suits against Goldman / JPM / BP,etc. for crimes too numerous to mention. They are certainly getting no redress from the “System”. For it is broken beyond all repair. It is coming down under the weight of it’s own corruption.

    Be prepared to save yourselves. I’m a former New Orleanian and I should know.

  15. Chris Gould says:

    Where can I buy them? I want a dozen of them! X2
    Screw gold, I want shares in the Mini Man Action figure!

  16. Apocalypto says:

    Max, Twitter started out as a porn spamming operation.

  17. PaterasSatyrs says:

    why does my wife want a mini Max doll?

  18. stacyherbert says:

    @PaterasSatyrs – lol, sorry!

  19. PAUL CRAMER says:

    I think Max and Stacey would love this clip for their show.

    For those flocking to the “Safe Haven of the US$”, this will be a sobering clip to watch.

    The Fed Inspectors are put on the spot over the wherabouts of Trillions of dollars and they are completely clueless.

    Simply unbelievable…

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PXlxBeAvsB8&feature=player_embedded..simply unbelievable …..

  20. Mr.Honeypot says:

    the all new 21st.C. TOYS R US in ICELAND should stock both Max & Stacy action figures (as opposed to Ken & Barbie)… additional accessories… hmm, “Tiny Tim G” & MANY others… with the FULL LAVA MACHINE (12v,but adaptable) in effect !
    love you both ^~^

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