A Greek-style debt problem is the new black

Stacy Summary:  Every leader in the world seems to be scrambling to declare their country the next Greece; today it is Japan.  It could be a clever ruse to exhaust the wolfpack of speculators.

138 comments on “A Greek-style debt problem is the new black
  1. Japanese says:


    MAX KEISER — What is happening in Japan is ground zero for what you describe as “savers vs. speculators.” Japan Post is really the foundation of Japan’s savings. As the largest holder of personal savings in the world it is a prime target for speculators backed by the US and EU governments.

    Recently the EU and US threatened to file a complaint to the WTO about a proposed plan in Japan to _raise_ the cap on savings accounts at Japan Post. Shizuka Kamei, the finance minister who recently resigned / was forced to resign, brushed aside the threat by pointing out the massive government backed bail-outs in the United States (ex. General Motors as a competitor to Toyota).

    Now the cabinet has changed and Kamei has resigned. They are playing up the debt problem as a further rational to push through the legislation that stalled pre-financial crisis to privatize Japan Post and hence make available the trillions in dollars of funds to the global speculators.

    This is truly ground zero of SAVERS VS. SPECULATORS.

    Investigate JAPAN POST PRIVATIZATION please, you will find it very interesting.

  2. ronron says:

    @Mike @Dedo. i’m an alien guitar player with 2 left feet. be ascared. 🙂

  3. ronron says:

    get your fucking max doll. 28 grams for the winner. hahaha. too much.

  4. ronron says:

    max don’t got no fucking gold. 28 grams. what a fucking goof.

  5. Paul says:

    @ Stacy

    What a sham of a drinking game. I think next time you guys do a TAM, I’ll count the “honey” references and drink to that.

  6. Youri Carma says:

    Oil spills in the North Sea tripled (google trans from Danish) http://tinyurl.com/2ctkxwp

    “Something’s defenitely rotten in the state of Denmark”

  7. ronron says:

    @Youri. your right. this is bogdown puchinic is in big trouble.

  8. ronron says:

    can you speak spadina, yous fucks?

  9. ronron says:

    old snoot knows spadina. good luck.:-)

  10. ronron says:

    you will learn spadina at the last minute. listen carefully.

  11. ronron says:

    wikifuckingpedia that. yous fucks. 🙂

  12. Youri Carma says:

    Mind Control of Humanity http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-6ZRcn5FPqg

  13. FranSix says:

    Somebody was asking about alien relationships:


  14. ronron says:

    well the clashes are rising between the different groups of sheep. won’t be long now.

  15. Mini US says:

    On a lighter note.

    The reason there is only 21 million people in Australia.



  16. dan valley says:

    Gold Investing is “ridiculous” says the Wall Street Journal…

    “In the LAND of the BLIND,” as the old saying goes, “the one-eyed man is king.” In the world of investing assets, therefore, which asset deserves to be supreme global ruler?

    US Treasuries…? Picassos? Shares of Apple Computer? Vintage Corvettes? Beachfront real estate?


  17. dan valley says:

    Rickards says..

    “Boycotting is better than anything to get the message across,Personally was thinking of boycotting Iran Goldman”

  18. Youri Carma says:

    Senators propose granting president emergency Internet power http://news.cnet.com/8301-13578_3-20007418-38.html

    A new U.S. Senate bill would grant the president far-reaching emergency powers to seize control of or even shut down portions of the Internet.

    Soldier arrested in WikiLeaks classified Iraq video case http://www.csmonitor.com/USA/Military/2010/0607/Soldier-arrested-in-WikiLeaks-classified-Iraq-video-case

  19. Youri Carma says:

    Banks set new store on building gold vaults http://money.ninemsn.com.au/article.aspx?id=1068522

  20. Youri Carma says:

    Demand for bullion puts strain on vaults http://money.ninemsn.com.au/article.aspx?id=1068523

  21. Amandip Singh says:

    Germany Bunds Rating Cut by S&P

    Blame it on Administrative Error…..


    Funny Act of Rating Agencies, says “Accidentally changed Rating instead of Maturity date” ………. Is it a corner grocery store mistakenly miss pricing the item or a so called very reliable rating agency…

    Appears system is more than eager to screw Germans

  22. Mini US says:

    These guys are gonna fall one by one until the rush starts, then they will all go down. Its all about momentum 🙂


  23. WL says:

    Saudi Arabia gives Israel clear skies to attack Iranian nuclear sites


  24. Youri Carma says:

    Most Americans have a tendency to mix up Belgium with the Netherlands. It’s at least the most common mistake I found Americans making.

    So you have the Netherlands and you have Belgium which is a seperate country. In the North of Belgium (Vlaanderen) they speak Dutch but in the south of Belgium (Walonië) they speak French – The land ofAgatha Christies creation – Hercules Poirot.

    Pardon My French: Belgians Just Don’t Speak the Same Language – When in Flanders, Spreek Nederlands or You’re Liable to Get in Dutch http://online.wsj.com/article/SB10001424052748704312104575298613598792860.html?mod=WSJ_hp_us_mostpop_read

  25. Youri Carma says:

    Oh yeah, the Belgiums “hate” their “big Brother” the Dutch cause they are arrogant and speak to loud.

    The Dutch “hate” their “big Brother” the German cause they are arrogant and speak to loud.

    The whole world “hate” the Americans because they are ignorant and speak to loud and nobody wants to have them as big brother.

  26. Youri Carma says:


    Hopefully the “Miserable Arab” get’s waisted by the the Nuke cloud which will come their way.

  27. Youri Carma says:

    The Bank of England admitted yesterday that most people simply did not believe that its target of 2 per cent inflation over the next year was credible.

    Its quarterly inflation survey revealed that in May households expected the figure to run at 3.3 per cent, up from an expectation in February of 2.5 per cent. The calculation is the highest for nearly two years.

    The predictions will pile more pressure on the Bank’s Monetary Policy Committee, which is already dealing with rising inflation. CPI inflation soared to 3.7 per cent in April, up from 3.4 per cent in March.


  28. Youri Carma says:

    Goldman faces second investigation as mortgage assets leave bitter taste http://business.timesonline.co.uk/tol/business/industry_sectors/banking_and_finance/article7147930.ece

    Another whitewash.

  29. Marc Authier says:

    Flanders is catholic and Netherlands protestant. Hey Youri ! Most Americans don’t a fuck about Canada and it’s their close neighbour !

    Really funny stuff. Want to know how Americans are ignorant morons when it comes to other countries ? Here’s a real story and clip.


    Pranks. Not really Love the part about Jean Poutine.

  30. ken says:

    Can anyone explain to me how this “could be a clever ruse to exhaust the wolfpack of speculators”? Thanks

  31. Youri Carma says:

    Brzezinski speech at Montreal Council on Foreign Relations & Canadian Intl Council – April 23, 2010:



  32. Youri Carma says:

    @Marc Authier

    You misunderstood the relationship cause Canadians suppose to “hate” their “big brother” Americans cause they are arrogant and talk to loud.

    Not the other way around.

  33. Marc Authier says:


    Comes with imperial mentality.
    Big countries generally think they are the center of the universe.

    English speaking nations, particularly USA naturally.pretend to be opened to external influences and cultures. It’s exactly the OPPOSITE !

    Hollywood is a good example. Hollywood imposes its culture to the rest of the world. And the rest of the world gobbles up. You can always dream seing a european film watched by Americans. I don’t hate. It’s just a plain fact. Most Americans don’t know where Afghanistanor or what the difference between Flanders, Wallonia and Netherlands.

    In reality Youri most Americans couldn’t care a fuck about Europe, Flanders, Canada, Québec, Netherlands or Russia. It’s that simple. And sometimes I think that the people themselves living in their own countries ! coudn’t care a fuck about their own nation ! It’s a lot the case for Canada. Most Canadians know better Florida, California than their territory. I can’t stand it. Hollywood feed shits worldwide.

  34. Marc Authier says:

    By the way what is true for MONOPOLISTIC Hollywood, is even truer in finance. If Europe had developed its own financial model and had kept a critical judgement towards the USA/UK wizards (equivalent to big tits silicon Hollywood stars), Europe wouldn’t be in the deep shit it is today. USA is not a country, it’s a mental illness. And if you don’t understand, I because you are not at 100 km of the US borders. I am. And I know USA is a mental illness specially with our new mmigrants in Canada.

  35. Mike/Liverpool says:

    What in GODS name any i doing up at this hour?

  36. Hello everybody,

    I’m sure you know this already but it’s just a reminder. Wikileaks is in danger.


    Please help support them as much as possible. They requested that I start a friends of Wikileaks in my area…could you also start a friends of Wikileaks in your area?

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