Gold At All Time Highs

Stacy Summary:  In the words of @Mike/Liverpool . . . gold is getting killed!!!

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In the meantime, the dollar is also relatively strong.

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**UPDATE**: And UK pound sterling diving.

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86 comments on “Gold At All Time Highs
  1. Majestic says:


  2. Mother Earth says:


    Can you help me set up a karmabanque spinoff under

    The goal simply is to short fossil industiy companies to fund green industries. What do you think? Public anger is ready..

  3. Frans says:

    go baby go!

  4. GGees says:

    LOLOL Bernake trying to shore up markets—buy more gold

  5. The Dork of Cork says:

    Hey Ridley, you got any Beeman’s?

    Gold is going into a ballistic trajectory – lets hope we have a pilot that can recover from a flat spin but my fear is that he will be forced to eject.

  6. Mongo says:

    Gold still heading for $1270

  7. Bonn says:

    Mike must be havin an orgasim
    Hic 😉

  8. When the Chinese economy goes down in flames 4th quarter this year or 1st Q next year Gold $1250 US will look like a real bargain.

  9. Mike/Liverpool says:

    A flash in the pan, a dead cat bouce…..

  10. Mike/Liverpool says:

    Yes, falling away now………….bull trap

    BTW Stacy, where is “TOB” ?
    Its been more than a YEAR since you & maximus said it would happen.

  11. Bonn says:

    May 29, 2010 — UFO Oakland ca 5-28-2010 filmed using NVRS 3X50 Gen 2+ and Sony Handy CAM
    UFO Oakland Ca. 3:15
    It could’nt be tee US airforce flyin cause
    Airforce teams dont practise at night cause Formation flying or stunt flyin is done through visual abilitys tey dont look @ instruments while doin stunts tat we see in airshows if it was tee airforce tey would be flyin further apart
    Hic 😉

  12. dan valley says:

    Dick Durbin claims he’s for main street, but look what he’s proposing! See “Potential Debit Card Changes”

  13. Mike/Liverpool says:

    The Pound?
    A mere dip, nothing more

  14. flicks says:

    A time to watch – when the naysayers turn to gold

  15. The current depression will be the worlds last depression and the biggest and worst of all time. There is a hard rain coming, you better be ready or you may not be able to meet your basic physical needs. Spirtually , (non MSM religion based) your on your own, but this should be equally important to the masses at this time.

    New economic system is in place, already. This current train wreck system is now geting torn down slowly and painfully.

  16. Marc Authier says:

    “Mike I’m getting killed.” Goldfinger.

  17. Bilderberg -Ture power behind this group of Bozos -shills never show themselves.

    Bilderberg – is a deversion.

    Dig deeper . The masses are truely simple.

    But on the brighter side of things. The meek will inherit the earth.

  18. Dedo says:

    @Mike von Loverpill,……You’re becoming quite the “player”,…and to think, once relied on mAx & Stacy’s guidance,….I’m impressed ; )

  19. Dedo says:

    @DepressionAlert,……Yeah,.but who are the “Meeks”,..that’s what worries muah ! : /

  20. skiddypants says:

    @ Mike

    Truly stoic


  21. Dedo says:

    They must be similar to “Geeks”,..but further up the food chain,..maybe

  22. dan valley says:

    the meek will inherit the earth….cause nobody else will have it.

  23. dan valley says:

    on cnbc a few moments ago…..richard bernstien says..”gold good idea if your in the europe not so much if your in the states”….squawk nerds

  24. In todays world of high tech security, its very easy to meet secretly. The way the Bilderberg group does things out in the open is hsyterical. All the internal leaks, and 1000s of police, and media coverage keeps the matrix slaves of the world busy, while the real powers that be, meet in the Australian desert, or some mountain top in Kazakhstan.

    Another veil of secrecy is being created. Their are numerous illusionary devices in place to keep the newly awaken masses stuck in the proverbial mud.

    Dig Deeper. Your mind is being F**cked with constantly.

  25. Crumpet Muncher says:

    I think it’s really unfair picking on Mickey Luv all the time.

  26. Dedo says:

    @Crumpetmuncher,….Didn’t you know,..Mike von loverpill is a devout masochist. (Don’t worry your pretty head)

  27. Every decent cause, from the ecology of the planet to the Tea Party has been infiltrated by the agents of the Powers that Be. Looks like we are screwed. Devine intervention, or a mass awakening is the only thing that can save us.


    The economy is another diversion. Theirs something going on, and Im not quite sure wat it is, but its big, real MF big.

  28. dan valley says:

    Deficit reduction commission runs deficit, White House bails them out

    Read more:

    Madoff in prison ..”Fuck my victims,” he said, loud enough for other inmates to hear. “I carried them for twenty years, and now I’m doing 150 years.”

    Makes you wonder what Blankfein and Paulson might say when the time comes.

  29. Dedo says:

    @DepressionAlert,… Speak for yourself, I’ve got a warehouse full of hot dogs,.and leather skull caps !… ; )

  30. Why do sheeple think that North Korea will attack South Korea, or a nuclear war will break out between the two. Ill tell ya why, because of the scare tactics that the powers that be like to use, to keep the masses in a frenzy.

    I will repeat North Korea and their Chinese Maoist secret service backed sponsers will never go to war with the south, which is also owned by the CIA and in turn both (inteligence agencies) are controlled by the PTB.

    This geoplotical situation is and has been used as a propoganda tool and mind F for the masses for 6 decades .

  31. stacyherbert says:

    @Crumpet – ha ha, not picking on Mickey Luv, I believe “gold is getting killed” is genius financial surrealism

  32. Dedo says:

    @DepressionAlert,.BTW,.did you watch the X factor last night?,..: /

  33. Mini US says:

    Hey Mike.

    That reverse psychology on Gold price is really working now.

    Good thinking 😉

  34. frances snoot says:

    “France agreed to support the action of the African Union and its sub-regional organisations in bolstering their collective security system, in particular the African Standby Force, and in crisis management on the continent, in compliance with the Charter of the United Nations and the principles of international legality. To this end, France has pledged 300 million euros over the 2010-2012 period to support the efforts of African States and African sub-regional organisations. France also undertook to train 12,000 African troops for the peacekeeping forces of the African Union and the United Nations over the 2010-2012 period.”

    If Africa is not a bric, what is Africa?

  35. My frickin bike , broke down last night, got go fix it. Hate taking my Tin Foil hat off, but shit has to get done. End of the world scenarios, will have to wait til later. Take care guys, wow, to much coffeee this morning,

  36. dan valley says:

    for dedo…..

  37. frances snoot says:

    The gold price is completely dependent on the dollar index system. It is a fabrication with no basis in reality.

  38. Illinois Brandon says:

    I waiting for the Gold dump to crash the price. The Bankers must be panicking right now. They hate high gold prices. Volcker said that letting Gold reach $850 in 1980 was a huge mistake. Today adjusted for inflation the 1980 gold price would be over $2,000 dollars.

  39. Crumpet Muncher says:

    Well, I’ve just had Peter Schiff’s and Dr Roberts books arrive. I’ve just ordered the other book you mentioned on your radio show and I’m about to order my Max Action Figure. Max is turning in to the Oprah of the internet.

  40. dan valley says:

    Timing of probe is crucial for Charlie Rangel

    if the ethics committee’s findings come out after the primary, Rangel will very likely survive and win a 21st term in the House. Still, that timing would raise questions about the ethics committee’s

  41. Mike/Liverpool says:

    Ah…………As i said FLASH in the Pan!

  42. frances snoot says:

    Focus should be on the ‘new normal’ not on ‘when is this recession over’: “we” aren’t going back:

  43. flicks says:

    Eric King see’s this as another serious inflation sign.

  44. Dedo says:

    @Frances,….Exactly what you’ve been trying to explain to folk,.. me thinks,…

  45. flicks says:

    what does the new normal look like?

    Well this would be pretty amazing and scary :-

  46. jischinger says:


    Chinese economy?
    China hasn’t even started an economy yet.

  47. Dedo says:

    The “new normal”, going to be nothing that resembles this system!
    So to make comparisons, is as obsolete as gold will bee

  48. dan valley says:

    Helen Thomas retires …..89 year-old tells Israelis to get out of Palestine and go back to Germany and Poland

  49. davem says:

    @ Mini US – talking about reverse psychology on gold – every time I buy some the gold price falls almost immediately after.

  50. udee says:

    Real gold momentarily breaks away from fake gold.
    As always, fake gold drags real gold price back down.

    Latest must-buy precious metals:
    Barbed wire (steel from iron and coal) for anti-human fencing
    Lead, copper, brass (in form of super-sonic projectile)

    “Investment banker sayz:

    “I am considering investing in barbed wire and guns, things are not looking good …”.

  51. frances snoot says:

    Here’s the ‘new normal’, Dedo:

  52. Dedo says:

    @Frances,….In unison,..

    The chances of it all happening at once, just in time for the planned totalitarian, socialist, Nazi take over,…

  53. frances snoot says:

    The new normal involves incising the dollar index exchange system and retooling the regional currency blocs for a multilateral system of governance.

    The gold price is a party being celebrated on the RMS (redundant monetary system)Titanic right before impact with the iceberg.

  54. Dedo says:

    @Frances,…You should see the propaganda machine in operation, here in the UK,’s in full swing!

  55. frances snoot says:

    Those pushing austerity know there is no recovery for the old system. Austerity is the bread and butter of the new system for the common man.

    Got poor houses?

  56. udee says:

    @Dan Valley
    If Helen Thomas would have said: “Americans out of Southern California, and Arizona, and New Mexico, and Texas, Florida, and … .”
    Then she would’ve got a promotion and a raise

  57. dan valley says:

    @Snoot…yes all will embrace the new dark age .

  58. frances snoot says:

    “But that my view of the Poor Law may not be mistaken or misrepresented, I will state it. I believe there has been in England, since the days of the STUARTS, no law so often infamously administered, no law so often openly violated, no law habitually so ill-supervised.” The symbol of this moralistic, short-sighted legislation remains: the image of the poorhouse — a gaunt, grim building offering meager food and shelter at the expense of human dignity and hope.” Dickens

    Dickens wouldn’t agree with Mish concerning the outcome of the G20 regarding austerity measures.

    The reality is that liquidity is deigned upon those with connections in the new system. The system is just as rigged as the old one: but now they are claiming as Merkel said: If we don’t have the money we can’t spend it.


  59. frances snoot says:

    Come out of the valley, Dan. See the phoenix rise from the social chaos.

  60. frances snoot says:

    The G20 meeting is one of BANKERS deciding austerity for the public. The BANKERS are not going to suffer our fate. They work for the World Bank Group.

  61. Bonn says:
    Yet anotter sad attempt to cover up & tell ta troops
    if ya gonna leak Info tis is what will happen ta yas
    Just freakin follow orders & yer late on yer Opium delivery
    WTF oh ta Fungus Well we got our Labs sortin out tat fungus Sh!t
    Hic 😉

  62. dan valley says:

    I like my cave thank you.

  63. frances snoot says:

    Text: communique G20 South Korea 2010:

  64. dan valley says:

    @Frances did you know thats the name of my company……..being in Asia its not that remarkable but a bit funny you mentioned it to me on 2 occasions….which is why I asked if I know you outside of here.

  65. frances snoot says:

    Well, Dan, you can’t stay there. Caves will be for bats. You, being human, will be transported against your will to the appropriate community for sustainability.

  66. frances snoot says:

    I didn’t think hermits socialized, Dan.

  67. udee says:

    USA “Federal Reserve” saves the world -for a day

    “The Euro and USA stocks rise when Bernanke’s speaks”

    Same for Far Eastern Asia

    Is there some kinda conspiracy theory goin’ on here

  68. frances snoot says:

    “Those countries with serious fiscal challenges need to accelerate the pace of consolidation.”

    Lovin’ that World Bank governance, eh?

  69. Mike/Liverpool says:

    Gold, the flash in pan is almost over

  70. dan valley says:

    Just cause one lives in a cave doesnt make one a hermit

  71. frances snoot says:

    I’m sorry, Dan. I didn’t realize you had fellow cave-companions. Heh, look:

    ““Greater exchange-rate flexibility is naturally an important element of this package of policies that can help sustain momentum to grow domestic demand,” Brainard said today. ”

    They-are-going-make-the-grab this November, my guess.

  72. Nat says:

    @UPDATE: UK pound sterling diving.

    LOL – the graph states a 0.01% negative move. Aaargh!

    Imagine if the butterfly flaps its wings a little more on the other side of the world, we’ll all run around like the world’s ending!

    Can we stop zooming in on these graphs please and step back a little to see the bigger picture?

    When is Europe going to get one of these Ratings Agency Weapons (RAWs) so we can snipe back?

  73. frances snoot says:

    “at the expense of human dignity and hope”

    “The basket composition is reviewed every five years by the Executive Board to ensure that it reflects the relative importance of currencies in the world’s trading and financial systems. In the most recent review (in November 2005), the weights of the currencies in the SDR basket were revised based on the value of the exports of goods and services and the amount of reserves denominated in the respective currencies which were held by other members of the IMF. These changes became effective on January 1, 2006. The next review will take place in late 2010.”

  74. dan valley says:

    cave-companions and kool-aid liquidity

  75. flicks says:

    Going to sell for god knows how many million, trust me its seriously crap
    and lazy; Warhol would take a snap shot and make screen prints worthy of
    a 14 year old – only do it on an industrial scale – it was conveyor belt art.

    The affinity art fraudsters will be out in force for a killing.

    Last one like this called Silver Liz sold for $18million May this year

  76. Hi recently there has been all this talk of deflation and it is starting to confuse my thinking about PM Over at zerohedge they were talking about a sell off in all assets including PM ,anyone got an opinion about this .


  77. Dedo says:

    @Nat,….you have to look at the comparative nature of the dive,…and it definitely was a dive (some forced activity IMO)

  78. frances snoot says:


    Echoing what Dr. Dam ber K. Nirola said, the forensic specialist at the hospital, Dr. Pakila Druk pa said: “There must be a reason behind this and it calls for all fellow citizens and policy makers to give a serious thought about it.”

  79. stacyherbert says:

    @Nat – if you look at the chart more closely, you will see that in the course of two hours sterling went from 1.4520 to 1.4380, which is a big move for a currency in such a short time and it is a whole lot more than 0.01%

  80. Illinois Brandon says:

    I wonder when the Tories will call the next election. The last minority government lasted about 6 months in 1974. Harold Wilson then won a narrow majoirty of 6 seats in the second election of 1974.

  81. Ron Paul & Sasha Baron Cohen (Bruno) -I think Bernanke would give it up!

  82. ramon that link just goes to google

  83. Ramon Llull says:

    Previous link seems to be broken, try again:

    I am Swiss and getting a little worried about my CHF…..

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