Box office futures market decision delayed one week

20 comments on “Box office futures market decision delayed one week
  1. Mongo says:

    Good morning!

  2. Creative Destruction says:

    Just finished watching a documentary called Maxed Out:

    It’s from 2006 but it’s still timely. Cameo’s from Elizabeth Warren, Alan Greenspan, various bastards and bitches representing Shitigroup, Bankrob America, JP Morons. etc…


  3. Creative Destruction says:

    Good morning Stacy,

    I’ll be going to sleep soon. Dreaming of silver sheep hopping over a golden fence.

  4. stacyherbert says:

    I think you need to be a constituent to email? Not sure . . .

  5. TJ says:

    @ MK

    When this new set of fools and their monies are parted, you can say; ” I told you so!” one more time. 😉

  6. Mini US says:

    China to export inflation?

    (From Eric King’s the inflationist)

  7. Marc Authier says:

    Hollow-Wood can go to hell anyways. Overpaid actors making crummy films and imposing their shit in foreign markets and on my fuckin TV. I had only one to fight them. Stopped to go to the cinema and COMPLETELY stopped watching TV or subscribing to the cable.

  8. Mike/Liverpool says:

    Morning Gang
    What tales of the unexpected…..& the expected lie ahead of us today i wonder.

  9. Mongo says:

    @Mike, Gold heading to $1270

  10. Mini US says:

    Hey Max.
    You may have invented the original system.

    But don’t worry, PirateMyFilm is a much better one 🙂

  11. maxkeiser says:

    And when it blows up – Hollywood will get a gov’t bailout – so we’ll all pay.

    and the chances of this blowing up are 100% – as there is no intrinsic value to the contracts whatsoever – unlike – let’s say, other CFTC regulated products that have at least 1 penny of intrinsic value. A hollywood movie has zero value unless somebody buys a ticket and that penny of ticket buying is the result of marketing – which will include manipulating prices on this exchange – which means – by definition – fraud and larceny.

  12. Mini US says:

    It may be a blessing.

    Its time for the media mogul to be eradicated.

    The big boys of film and TV who decide what crap we see in cinemas and on TV are helping us along the road to stupidity.

    Time for ordinary people to make content and get it out there.

  13. maxkeiser says:


    let’s try to email bomb Blanche

  14. Mini US says:

    Re: Lincoln email

    I’m going for the appointment and tour combo option.


  15. pg says:

    thanks for the heads up max, i will plan on paying another bill………….pg

  16. Susan says:

    RE – from your link — “Keiser also points out that neither he nor any of the original HSX stockholders, who invested $40 million, ever saw a drop of cash or stock, or any compensation whatsoever – after Cantor bought their exchange idea in 2001.”

    Very interesting. And, sounds like you and Burns have parted ways.

    Max, I worry about you sometimes. Are you still an American citizen? Because I think goods and services between the two countries (USA and the owner of PressTV) are on some kind of prohibited status by the USA.

    I am glad you are able to say what you want to say, but, obviously, many others in those parts are not. I just read that all music is banned in the nation that owns PressTV. Very sad.

    But, as always, I wish you well. Much of this world is just not ready for those who are way ahead of their time. And, there is indeed a whole lot o’ corruption here in the USA; that’s for certain, IMO, based on my own experiences. Had I known a long, long time ago just how bad things can be, maybe I would have left, too.

    Good luck, always, to you and yours. Susan

  17. Susan says:

    PS By “you and yours” I meant: you and Stacy and your friends (I did not mean your employer, as I am indeed an American citizen!). 🙂

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