Sarkozy Threatens to Pull Out of Eurozone [UPDATED]

Stacy Summary: Who posted this original El Pais story earlier? It’s now being confirmed in the English speaking press as having come from Zapatero.   Let’s see how long it takes for the denials.  If you have ever seen a French movie, you will know that, to the French, threatening to commit suicide is integral to any relationship. Apparently, it’s a sign of passion and commitment . . . ?


51 comments on “Sarkozy Threatens to Pull Out of Eurozone [UPDATED]
  1. Poote says:

    Stacy is hot

  2. R. Cain says:

    denial issued by French spokesmouth a few minutes ago on BBerg TV

  3. Danny says:

    @Dork posted it.

  4. Al-doomandbloom says:

    yes Poote..

  5. The Dork of Cork says:

    What is Sarko up to.

    As I said earlier – assassination attempt is the Litmus test of a French President.
    De Gaulle had 20 or so attempts on his life
    Chirac 1 attempt
    Sarkozy 0

  6. Fiatmentalist says:

    Banning the 500 euronote was the UKs way of protecting the insiders 🙂

  7. Mike/Liverpool says:

    Fench banks about to crash & Burn……….You bet he did that!

    But Gold falling back now, soon be sub $1,000

  8. R. Cain says:

    france is in no position to threaten anyone
    germany holds the cards, and they should get out of that currency basket case €

  9. Bonn says:

    I never thought I’d see this headline
    Finally some sense is comming into these Sucidal leaders
    They did’nt realize all this while that they also would be sucked into the Black hole up untill now.
    Hic 😉

  10. Bonn says:

    @ R. Cain
    Why do you say so ? France can always look towards BRIC countrys fer business ; If the Ship is going down you make yer own life Raft
    In fact the Guest on just mentioned all corporations are looking @ how to enter chinese markets
    And I feel everyone is gonna head tear
    Hic 😉

  11. Astraea says:

    “Social Credit” is the name given to an idea which sounds very very sensible to me. Rob. van Bemmelen whose website tallks about how to switch from a debt system to a credit system – and I wish Max Keiser would investigate this and have an interview with him. Stacey – what do you think? It sounds easy – and so sensible. It is something like what Richard C. Cook talks about. Perhaps it is also something like what North Dakota have – at any rate it is obviously a good idea and it seems that we need to staart talking about this sort of thing – and be rid of the Fed and such usurers at once, and forever.

  12. Mother Earth says:

    Rediculous, because a third party used someones wireless connection to download some freakin music you can now be fined for haveing un prof*ckin tected wifi ! So because you may read a copyrighted book trough a window we will now ban all windows?

  13. Bonn says:

    Berlin denies Sarkozy threatened to quit euro
    Or maybe not as yet
    Hic 😉

  14. Mother Earth says:

    There is no logic to the rumour. France and Gremany are not codependent, yet Germany is the export engine of Europe. It Sarkozy did that MErkel would have shrugged saying ‘go right ahead’, so how it can be a cause to Germany to help Greece is beyond me.

    Maybe the rumour is planted to drive people to treat Euros from different countries differently..

  15. Fiatmentalist says:

    Somewhere deep inside the bowls of the Palais de Justice the following conversation is taking place

  16. stacyherbert says:

    @Mother – of course it’s not true that the French would do pull out of the euro (not that Sarko has the authority to do it anyway); but I have no doubt he said it as he is a total drama queen who is constantly saying such things in order to get attention

    @snoot – ha ha, good video of Sarkozy! funny subtitles

  17. Wahrheit says:

    Trite threeword comment.

  18. jack frost says:

    If you have ever seen a French movie, you will know that, to the French, threatening to commit suicide is integral to any relationship. Apparently, it’s a sign of passion and commitment . . . ?

    bit dramatic.
    bit silly committing suicide for a piece of arse

  19. Wahrheit says:

    Oh, look what I found:

    Market maker price lists:

  20. stacyherbert says:

    @frost – it’s just a movie

  21. frances snoot says:

    Germany is not one of the Nuclear Five:

    “Five are considered to be “nuclear weapons states” (NWS), an internationally recognized status conferred by the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty (NPT). In order of acquisition of nuclear weapons these are: the United States, Russia (successor state to the Soviet Union), the United Kingdom, France, and China.”

    Yet Germany sits at the negotiation table:

    “Germany belongs to the so-called P5-plus-1 group which has for years spearheaded efforts to rein in Iran’s nuclear program, feared by the West to mask a drive for a nuclear weapon. Iran denies the accusations, saying its program is purely for civilian nuclear energy purposes.”

    French status has been elevated due to their status as ‘one of the five’. Perhaps the uneasy Franco-German alliance is due in part to the French status on the NPT as well?

  22. frances snoot says:

    ““Social Credit” is the name given to an idea which sounds very very sensible to me.”

    Ah HAH! Scrip!

  23. The Dork of Cork says:


    During the cold war I remember the German armed forces having in their arsnel 72 Pershing 1 missiles which had a tactical nuke.
    However the keys were under American control.

  24. nama rama says:

    I love Sarkozy:

    @snoot: this might make you smile.


  25. dan valley says:

    Jim rickards sayz…As a delegate, leaning Schiff [email protected] Last evening’sTown Hall w/CT2 & CT4 fantastic. Great support 4 my ideas

  26. frances snoot says:

    “The exclusion of hybrid capital from tier I capital could lead to 10% equity dilution, said the Avendus report, because it would lead to a lower capital adequacy ratio (CAR), or the ratio of a bank’s capital to its risk-weighted assets that’s a key measure of a bank’s financial strength.”

    Basel 3 guideline change regarding hybrid capital for tier 1 assets.

  27. Bonn says:

    I dont tink its a nice Idea to go after the Docs if yer in Govt.
    tey’ll probably retaliate by mis – diagnosing Govt. Officails
    Hic 😉

  28. Mike/Liverpool says:

    Gold’s run out of stream!

  29. frances snoot says:

    “The most vociferous complainants will also argue that the overall reappraisal of capital structures – designed to push banks to raise more equity, while de-emphasising the kinds of hybrid capital instruments and preference shares that were unable to bear the losses of the financial crisis – goes too far. Most banks believe that core tier one capital will in future have to comprise equity and little else.

    But some, including the French, Germans and Japanese, are hoping that their versions of hybrid capital, such as French banks’ loss-bearing preference share structures, will be exempt from any crackdown. The one big question, which will not be resolved until the end of the year, is at what level Basel will pitch the new core capital ratio, compared with the current bank norm of about 8 or 9 per cent.”

  30. dan valley says:


  31. just george says:

    this comment is bound to get me into a lot of trouble, but is pretty much what a lot of people are thinking.

    bailing out countries is expensive.
    bailing out bankers is expensive.
    bailing out wall street is expensive.
    bailing out stockbrokers/hedge funds is expensive.
    posting a list of “must kills” in the form of private banking thieves…is cheap.

    6000 US military vets committed suicide last year. post a list. give them a way to redeem themselves. you want dogs of war? take them.

  32. PaulH from Scotland says:

    @ just george

    ‘6000 miliary vets committed suicede last year’.

    Do you have a link to that stat?

  33. ronron says:

    officially denied. must be true.

  34. sedgewickville says:

    Hey Stacy!
    Remember the line from the movie Gigi about the attempted “suicide” by a gilted lover?
    …..deemed “suicide by insufficient poison….”


  35. naomi says:

    I agree with you guys, Stacy is hot. (no, I’m not gay) But I think she’s spectacular in more colors, loved the red and she’d look great in chartruse.

    If you need wardrobe consultation Stacy, (you don’t) just give me a call. I don’t charge a whole lot. Har!Har! I need the extra work….LOL, sniff.

  36. Marc Authier says:

    No. It’s the euro that is leaving the eurozone !!!!!!!! 🙂

  37. Marc Authier says:

    False news intentionnally diffused to take advantage of the big short positions on the euroe. Don’t forget big banks and hedge funds have put a lot of bacon on the line to hammer the euro. A journalist is quite cheap if you want to communicate false news and rumours. False flag attack on the euro by the hedge funds gang and the banksters ? Absolument.

  38. Marc Authier says:

    Almost ALL traders massively betting against the euro. Now. You understand the real source of the rumour ? You have to feed the little monster. New record short positions on the euroe.

  39. Bart says:

    Sarkozoy threatens to pullout of the Euro, rumor causes the herd to run for ‘safety’ in the dollar – raising the dollar and lowering gold/silver. Gold/Silver buyers buy in the dip.

    Soon to come… no one will believe national rumors, they will then run to Gold, Silver, food, fuel etc (tangible goods)

    This is when Hyper-inflation starts

  40. mien says:

    Frances Snoot,

    Still a book keaper!

    What trickers you ,to through the pencil away!

    750.0 Tr. Dollars nominated bonds?

    Who is the other side (bet),sorry.

    Tell me Francis!

  41. Marc Authier says:

    Eat shit Europe. East shit France. You love it. It’s a real story by the way.
    FY La France.

  42. Marc Authier says:

    That’s the country by the way. And on Kranaya plach on the red square not long from Lenin mausoleum there is McDo. Europe can go to Hell !

  43. mien says:

    Marc Aulthier,

    We breack.

    We live a good live with real food

    sun and ocean {what is left) and our own
    currencey(we hope). And in 5 years I come to see you in Las Vegas,

    Thinking why the hassle!

  44. Marc Authier says:

    The best sign for a country is seing McDonalds closed. France started going down the toilet drain with McDonalds. Remember the bistros.Russia also. McDonalds opened in Russia and two years later Russia went bankrupt !

    Fast food before they invented it was called in reality Bistro ! It’s a russian word ! The concept was invented when the russian troups occupied Paris after the napoleonic wars. Russians were impatient to eat and shouted to the restaurateurs “Bistra ! Bistra ! Bistra !” Quick quick quick ! The term stayed and the concept as the food is still superd. I stopped eating fuckin USA poison fuck food 20 years ago.

  45. Marc Authier says:

    There is a absolute correlation between mental health and fast food. Big Macs destroy the brain and clogs the arteries. Big Mac is in realty a biological arm of mass destruction. McDonald kills more people each year that 10,000 Ben Ladens. USA is a terrorist state. So are its corporations.

  46. Marc Authier says:

    400,000 deaths per year in the USA. Now that’s terrorism big time. Combine it with Goldman Sachs. Food tells everything about a nation.

  47. Marc Authier says:


    Gold going down 1,20$ is not particularly significant. Anyways if you are in euros or pounds gold is litterally EXPLODING ! 1000 euros per once today.

  48. zaphodity says:

    Sarkozy pulled out of the Euro just like he pulled out on Merkel lol

  49. Jay Walker says:

    There should be a remake of “Les Grande Vacances” with Sarkozy at a EU meeting. I always suspected that Sarkozy had a resemblance with Louis de Funes.

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