[OTE54] On the Edge with Steve Keen

Stacy Summary:  On the Edge with Revere Award winner, Steve Keen. (By the way, next week’s guest will be Gerald Celente if you have any questions for him).

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  1. Johnny Dangereaux says:

    Celente is on the right track when he attacks Princeton Harvard and Yale(he should include the Univ. of Chicago too). Anyway, please ask him how we remove the financial/political cancer that is propagated by these sold out ‘institutions’ ? How do we as Americans take back our Country from the Council on Foreign Relations and the banking cabal? Ask him that ! This new Supreme court nominee is ‘straight’ from these Evil institutions !…oscama is a sell out. I just wonder what dirt they got on him to make him do their bidding….hmmmmm….

  2. nama rama says:

    protesters at anglo Irish bank today.


    Police are getting violent.

    The initial attack seems to have started with ten Gardai, one with a video camera, removed two of the windows frames and came out onto the ledge. They yanked the four people chained together around, a witness on the ground described how he was ‘afraid that someone was going to fall off the ledge, it seemed very reckless”.


  3. savagegoose says:

    tell him its easy to kill the banksters.
    as i see it they are financial terrorists, so they can rot in jail for 3 years without anyone knowing.

    next time a threat is made about marshall law, etc, its bag on the head time and 3 years in gitmo for the bankster. no lawyers for you mate, its law now.

  4. Adam C says:

    Just another globalist.

  5. Bonn says:

    Great Show
    Where can I invest some $$$$$$$$ on Hedge funds betting the Euro wil go belly up ??????
    Hic 😉
    Lets put our heads together and make some $$$$$ on tis Circus Show some where where tears 1 is 100 leverage will be preferable

  6. Fibon11235 says:

    I like Steve Keen, a good guest and thinker… Thanks Steve & Max

  7. Bonn says:

    Lets do a Quicky and get back into Gold & Land
    Hic 😉

  8. Fibon11235 says:

    There is talk on the net and MSM and internet about a DEVALUATION..
    Euro..Dollar …Both?….

    Is it likely to happen?
    and how much % 1—-100%???

    I need a crystal ball and tea leaves..lol

  9. chairman meow says:

    i agree good show, western sydney ftw

  10. Majestic says:

    Thanks S&M. Nice show. Steve Keen IS a good thinker and — I feel — on the money in the long term.

    (Disclosure: I’m Australian)

  11. zaphodity says:

    Jesus Christ has more of a chance returning in the next 5 minutes than the U.S. dollar has of not being reserve currency, that ain’t gonna happen.

  12. zaphodity says:

    I’M SPARTACUS ! ! !

  13. FreeMarkets? says:

    I expect they have his birth certificate?

  14. g7enn says:

    Germany complaining about Greece’s over generous pension plan is a red herring, a distraction as compared to the trillions the banksters are stealing from the people- socialization of debt and privatization of profits.

    (4/28)This Big Lie has come from such propaganda sources as the Limbaugh Institute of Retarded Reactionary Ranting. But the $1.5 trillion in subprime mortgages were dwarfed by the $15 trillion US residential real estate market, to say nothing of the $1.5 thousand trillion world derivatives bubble. But, starting with Bush-Goldman Sachs Treasury Secretary Henry Paulson, the talk has been of a housing correction, not a derivatives panic. It must be pointed out that derivatives are nothing but wagers, bets placed from a distance on securities which themselves are often not mortgages, but rather other derivatives. The bettor buying a synthetic CDO or CDO does not own the underlying mortgages or mortgage-backed securities, any more than someone who bets on a racehorse owns part of the horse. Blankfein and others tried to portray derivatives as a service to hedgers and end-users, but its clear that the vast majority of derivatives involve neither hedgers nor users, but only bettors on both sides of the transaction. It is in any case this mass of kited derivatives which blew up in 2008, bringing on the present world economic depression.

    (As Max has correctly identified, the core of the problem is the $500T-$1000T derivative bubble, which our fascist handlers are making the people pay for worldwide).


  15. g7enn says:

    Stacy, why isn’t Max raving about the Icelanders arresting banksters?


  16. Mich says:

    Is he saying governments should print money. Well, how nice for those who didn’t play along with the ponzi game, living in austerity (!), saving their income, waiting for the day a house would be affordable again. No Steve, asset prices should deflate, debtors should default.

  17. ronron says:

    the federal reserve is the fucking IMF. not as easily manipulated? WTF

  18. g7enn says:

    Steve Keen is being overly optimistic regarding the IMF and SDRS because the IMF is, at heart, corporate controlled. Therefore, it’s not going to come save us but in actuality is part of the problem as John Perkins so well describes in The Confessions of an Economic Hit Man.

    “Send the IMF packing!” -Jon Perkins to Iceland


  19. g7enn says:

    Stacy, this is for Max. He’ll love it. As they say a picture is worth a thousand words.

    Four Icelandic Bankers Arrested, Warrant Issued For Chairman; $2B Lawsuit Brought


  20. Tero says:

    Question for Celente:
    Hi Gerald, gotta love your insights! I was in understanding that you predicted a lot worse situation, riots and all already for fall 2009, but it did not turn as bad after all. Do you agree or did I misunderstand or do I mis-recall your predictions? Why was the mayhem delayed in your opinion?

  21. Neville Bartos says:

    It’s Sunday in Australia so a Sunday video

    Eros & Eschaton

  22. ronron says:

    @g7en. i remember max saying these guys were bragging to him in advance of the robbery. max as a witness?

  23. Per says:

    All garbage! Keiser and his funny guest are morons. this is a financial war against the Germans. the Wall Street jews and their allies are going after the Germans for obious reasons. sadly, the Germans aren’t able to defend themselves any more. So they are subject to perpetual blackmailing and pillaging. every evidence points to this! Just take this for a fact: the Germans have the most sophisticated wealth creating industry on the planet. what do they get for their effort? Inflation adjusted expansion of consumption compared to 1995: USA +72%, UK +60%, France +52%, PIIGS about +60%, Germany -4% – proof that every bit of wealth is pressed out of Germany. Again, Keiser is a moron!!!

  24. @Per

    What wealth creating industry are you referring to in Germany?

  25. Per says:

    Oh – of course, I forgot: the most sophisticated wealth creating industry on the planet is the Mafia. Sorry, I wouldn’t dare to underestimate the contribution of Italian society to modern civilisation!

  26. Marc Authier says:

    No solution left except revolt. Don’t think that things will change. We will have to see more Greeces and more arrests of terrorists banksters before we see the light. Take out the banksters out of the economic process and put them in prison for 2000 years.

  27. Marc Authier says:

    The mafia from Nato and the Pentagon. Afghanistan 2009. Record opium production 83,000 tons. Wonder where in hell all this drug money went ? Guess ? “Western civilization” Guns Oil and Drugs.

  28. Per says:

    Let’s brake the biggest taboo: We are talking here about the Wall Street jews, who control everything – at least in the US and Britain and have most probabely strategically planned all this.For example, can you name anyone in the current US administration, who isn’t a jew or who wasn’t appointed by jew?

  29. Marc Authier says:

    Universities are runned by whores. Celente is right attacking these prostitutes. I real happy that Harvard was screwed and raped by that big fat demonic slob Larry Summers of 19 billions. Serves them right for screwing with Citigroup Satan. 19 billion in the whole at Harvard. Hope all of these scumbags lose their shirt. Most US universities should be closed when it comes to economics and finance departments.

  30. @Mich

    What I BELIEVE Dr. Keen is saying is that in order to keep the CREDIT DEBT in check, more literal paper currency (M0) needs to be created… Since in that case, the levered debt has something to be based on… even though the Fiat Currency in and of itself has no intrinsic value… It winds up in the economy, though…
    This also goes back to the concept of RESERVE banking, where a bank is supposed to have 10% backing to any credit issued…

    What gov’ts are doing instead is creating DEBT INSTRUMENTS (i.e. bonds) in order to manage the M1 & M2 levels…
    transferring the PRIVATE DEBT to PUBLIC DEBT
    And at the same time, the Hyper-Banksters are able to MANIPULATE these instruments more readily (i.e. Naked-Shorting).
    As well, this method is RESERVELESS… there is literally NOTHING backing the credit except a promise to pay…

    In the end, either method is going to result in some manner of inflation, but using DEBT to manage DEBT is worse, since it is only a pretend & extend form of illusory debt management…
    it compounds the issue by EXPANDING CREDIT…
    Which increases debt via INTEREST…

    Whereas, printing literal fiat currency does not have any INTEREST attached to it… although, the resulting inflation would be quicker, since it is a direct infusion into an economy…

    I don’t know if that’s the perfect explanation…
    perhaps some charts need to be added to make it more comprehendible…
    (Shadowstats might be a good place to look)
    And it doesn’t address the problem of winding-down PRIVATE DEBT…
    For instance, what happens if an asset (i.e. house) loses intrinsic value?
    Does it affect the CREDIT system at all?
    Or is it a case of “once created, always created”?

  31. RJ says:


    Printing money is the only sensible answer

    Debt is too high and the Fed or BOE buying Govt (treasury) bonds direct is a great solution. Much better if done sensible than deflation and a depression or recession due to increased taxes, or reduced expenditure.

  32. Marc Authier says:

    Ah screw Swtizerland. It’s just divine justice. Screw them. How many tons of gold did they sell 3000 tons 2000 tons ?

  33. Boycott, MacDonalds, Coca Cola, and stop buying big brand name products like Chanel. Take your money out of the banks, buy gold/silver, and anything else that will help you get off the grid. That is the only way can defeat the cabal elitists.

    If you can’t do that, for whatever excuses you might have, your done, and are a slave for life. Fooogetaboutit.

  34. Paddy says:


    you might have a point there about the Wall St…ahem…mob. But why did Germany sign up to the Euro in the first place when it had misgivings about Giorgios (and perhaps even Giuseppe, Miguel, Pepe & Paddy) back in the late 90s. It has only itself to blame.

  35. harry_w says:

    Keen is very interesting on the original purpose of the IMF/SDR system (as designed by Keynes) regulating the balances of international trade.

    [That was effectively subverted by dollar hegemony, the potential for subsequent crisis was baked in when that reserve currency fully departed from gold under Nixon.]

    Also on the potential for SDRs to fulfil that original purpose — linking currency values to trade balances, to create a corrective balance where currency values fluctuate to reflect/correct trade imbalances.

    His response to Max’s theorising that SDRs as a global reserve currency ‘platform upon which the debt stack can be expanded’ (i.e. fully fiat):


    “It’s quite possible this crisis could force the IMF to bring SDRs back with the backing of global governments and actually give them the status they were supposed to have under the Bretton Woods treaty in the first place;

    which was to be the currency for international trade, and break away from some of the financial chaos we’ve got out of floating exchange rates and using the American dollar as the international currency;

    which of course has given them the capacity to exploit seigniorage so badly;
    which has been a major reason the financial sector has been able to run riot in the last 20 or 30 years.

    So perhaps a return to the original envisaged role of SDRs and then the IMF becoming an international conduit that can’t be exploited as easily as the US dollar can be, might be one of the few positives to come out of this crisis.

    Jan 23, 2009
    The temptation of dollar seigniorage
    By Kosuke Takahashi

    Feb 4, 2009
    US seigniorage and Japan
    By R Taggart Murphy

    Apr 8, 2009
    Prolonged global winter
    By Martin Hutchinson

  36. frances snoot says:

    “Keen is very interesting on the original purpose of the IMF/SDR system (as designed by Keynes) regulating the balances of international trade.”

    The only way to do this is to prohibit a link between the domestic currency and the trade currency. This effectively neuters the domestic global population and gives inordinate privilege to those who own propriety over the sdr and the sdr-denominated system of global trade.

    The system switch does not neuter the criminals at the heart of the dollar-system. It hands absolute control to these criminals.

    And you know what has been said about absolute control.

  37. frances snoot says:

    “So perhaps a return to the original envisaged role of SDRs and then the IMF becoming an international conduit that can’t be exploited as easily as the US dollar can be, might be one of the few positives to come out of this crisis.”

    When you take the candy away from the baby, the baby is going to bawl. We’ll have war on our hands most likely.

    And we’ll reward the most dastardly villians nicely for all their hard work!

    And we’ll seal the fate of the third world at the hands of the World Bank Group and the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation/UN.

  38. frances snoot says:

    And one can be quite sure that gold won’t trade for naught as they idea is to control cross-border capital flows completely. Gold would not fit into the “big picture” of this most incipient tyranny as the multilateral exchange rate system.

  39. frances snoot says:

    excuse me: gold will trade for naught, naught the other naught

  40. frances snoot says:

    That was effectively subverted by dollar hegemony, the potential for subsequent crisis was baked in when that reserve currency fully departed from gold under Nixon.]

    I would assume that the gold etf market has continued a link between gold and the sdr-system. The dollar retains a link (propriety) through the exchange rate: dollar index basket.

    One could say that a crucial delinkage occurred when the sdr was no longer backed by swiss gold/franc:

    “The Second Amendment to the Articles of Agreement in April 1978 fundamentally changed the role of gold in the international monetary system by eliminating the use of gold as the common denominator of the post-World War II exchange rate system and as the basis of the value of the Special Drawing Right (SDR). It also abolished the official price of gold and ended the obligatory use of gold in transactions between the IMF and its member countries. It furthermore required that the IMF, when dealing in gold, avoid managing its price or establishing a fixed price.”


  41. frances snoot says:

    where currency values fluctuate to reflect/correct trade imbalances

    If this is the case for the new system, why would GDP be included in the reserve asset basket? Why gross national happiness/cohesion indicators?

    The new system is one of hegemonic control. Inflation differentionals manipulated by the capitalist industrial mongers (World Bank Group proprietors) through exchange rates will enable a Keynesian global Fourth Reich.

    (Didn’t Keynes admire Hitler?)

  42. aleix1979 says:

    Hi Max. It would help if you would interview someone who actually knows something about economics 🙂

  43. Palantíri says:

    This week on the Stacy Headline Report

    # Stacy: Welcome to this special Stacy Headline Report with me!
    # Stacy: First headline, “Gold continues record run” – goldline.com reports
    «Gold is continued its record run Friday, touching $1,234 an ounce. Concerns about the European debt crisis and volatility in the stock market has been driving gold prices higher this week.»

    # Max: yeah this is what happens when people lose confidence in paper currency, it’s just paper-PAPER-PAAAPPEEEERRR, I got paper too, let me cut it into little note size, see I am creating money fiat money. That is why gold goes high – Its real, anyway back to you Stacy

    # Stacy: hehehe *smile*
    # Stacy: that takes me over to the next headline, “Gordon Brown resigns as Prime Minister” – telegraph.co.uk reports. «remember he is the guy who sold Britons Gold at the worst time in history at the lowest price, well here is a clip of him renouncing his resignation, his face says it all»

    # Max: *smile*
    # Stacy: *smiles back*
    # Stacy: Here is a headline this time from me actually, “The almighty market speaks. And it says, ‘Aaarrrrggggghhhh!!!!’” from my own maxkeiser.com. «this has something to do with the market decline this week especially in the currency market. The newly created Euro Fund has not helped stabilizing the market as intended instead the Euro dropped like a stone in the water»

    # Max: that’s funny, I got a stone and a glass of water here, lets say the stone represents the Euro and the water the market, splash, the stone drops to the bottom, see! This happens because of huge money printing which leads to deflation somehow and Goldman Sachs manipulating the currency market as I was saying 5 years ago.

    # Stacy: hehe, that’s true
    # Stacy: this final headline reads, “A Message from Argentina; Our sympathies to the people of Greece” infowars.com reports. «There are disconcerting parallels between Argentina’s catastrophic decade, 1991-2001, which ended in massive default, and Greece’s recent and impending difficulties.»

    # Max: yeah this happ…
    # Stacy: Sorry Max but this is all I got time for tonight.
    # Stacy: I wanna thank all headlines and my guest Max. And remember all you farmers out there who got a cow, don’t kid yourselves, if a cow even got the chance he’d eat you and everyone you care about, so stay safe. This is Stacy from the Stacy Headline Report saying ta-ta.

  44. Palantíri says:

    Great Show this episode with Steve Keen, miss the headline part though hehe 🙂

  45. Per says:

    Excuse me!!!
    Germany is an occupied country – more like a colony. Didn’t you notice? The Euro was a tradeoff for the Unification of Germany and Kohl (German Chancellor), traumatised in his youth by WW2, had this wet dreams about a civilized Europe. Before and since then, Germany is subject to constant blackmailing. Latest example: Last Sunday in Brussels, Mr. Sarkozy, after he and his allies pressed Germany into consent aggreing to trash the Maastricht Treaty and garanteeing PIIGS debt, came out telling the press the Euro is a matter of war and peace for Europe. Since war on the european continent is impossible without Germany and France on opposite sides, he was openly threatening Germany with war. And this was not the first time. Of course the lying, spinning anglo/jewish press didn’t bother to report. But this is still the true nature of the game in Europe. Hitler knew it.

  46. Per says:

    Last year every Greek (from baby to grandma) got 2284 Euro cash from the EU. The Germans paid half of that. This yearly cash infusion of 25 billion amounts to at least 60% of the greek economy, because of the multipier effect. It is the greek economy! So stop brubbleing rubbish, Max Keiser!

  47. Ahoy PER,

    Greece didn’t create this crisis by itself anyway. It had help from Germany. Germany dictates monetary policy in the EU, which means that it bears much of the responsibility for the deficit-mess in the south. Of course, now that the countries that enriched Berlin (by gobbling up their exports) are flailing about in red ink, German politicians have started lecturing them about the evils of profligate spending. Here’s how Michael Pettis sums it up:

    “The strong euro and burgeoning liquidity it brought on meant that much of Germany’s trade surplus had to be absorbed within the eurozone, forcing especially southern Europe into high trade deficits. These deficits were dismissed, very foolishly it turns out, and against all historical precedents, as being easily managed as long as the sanctity of the euro was maintained…..

    Who’s blackmailing who ❓

  48. Tony says:

    I’m now officially starting the rumor that the reason Stacy is no longer appearing ‘On The Edge’ is because Ahmadinejad said she has to wear a bonnet.

  49. Here’s the link to the original article published by M. Pettis

    The additional replies to comments by Pettis (#18-21) are also of value…

  50. ehswan says:

    Hmmm, all over the world the central banks are “fixing the over indebtedness problem by issuing more debt! As on the surface this seems insane, hidden agendas occure to me, Such as radically reducing the global human population!!!


  51. Per says:

    Salute Bagodonutti,

    You are obviously into sophism.

    Your assertion:
    “Germany dictates monetary policy in the EU, which means that it bears much of the responsibility for the deficit-mess in the south.”

    The PIIGS came into the EMU at their own will. No german dictation anywhere. Infact, they were very eager to join, against german reservations. They agreed to the Maastricht Treaty, with rules for a sound currency. Not a bad thing. Even Cicero knew that. I suggest you read some of his famous and wise citation about the meaning of sound currency.

    your assertion:
    “enriched Berlin” – meaning enriched the Germans?

    Since the inception of the Euro the PIIGS enjoyed low interest rates which came from the trust the capital markets put in the ECB and german sound monetary policy. The result: the Germans got poorer, the PIIGS got richer. Also see my earlier comment.

    your assertion:
    Germany’s trade surplus had to be absorbed within the eurozone.

    Last time I checked, the PIIGS consisted of grown up intelligent people, who are perfectly responsible for their deeds (=purchases). NOBODY forced them into a debt orgy (even the evil Germans).

    Here is news for you: Northern europe would do much better, without exporting to and subsidising Club Med. Look at Skandinavia. I understand, as typical member of Club Med, you try to blame everyone else for your behaviour and inabilities, avoiding responsibility. You don’t want to pay back your debt? I knew it all along. Tell me something new. btw, is it true that Berlusconi is capo di capo of the italian Mafia?

  52. Per says:

    Salute Bagodonutti,

    I couldn’t care less about your Mr. Petti. The bombardement of anglo/jewish lies/propaganda/spin these days is really deafening. And their intentions are obvious: pillage Germany once again and divide Europe. This has been their very profitable business for centuries.
    But the facts remains: With their debt orgies, the PIIGS and France deliberately broke the “Maastricht Treaty” and the trust northern Europe put into them.

  53. @Per

    I’m into sophism as much as you…

    Germany has overwhelming influence on the fiscal direction of Europe…
    this has nothing to do with any nation going INTO the EU…

    As well, just because the Germans CONSUME less, does not mean they are poorer…
    Inflation adjusted expansion of consumption compared to 1995: USA +72%, UK +60%, France +52%, PIIGS about +60%, Germany -4% – proof that every bit of wealth is pressed out of Germany.

    This only shows that they have a SURPLUS relative to when they had the Deutsche mark…

    Allow me to quote the source article so you don’t have to read it (c/o Pettis)
    So why not also in Europe under the euro? As I see it, domestic German policies, perhaps aimed at absorbing East German unemployment, forced a structural trade surplus. The strong euro, along with the automatic recycling of Germany’s large trade surplus within Europe, ensured the corresponding trade deficits in the rest of Europe – unless Europeans were willing to enact policies that raised unemployment in order to counter the deficits. As long as the ECB refused to raise interest rates, southern Europe had to accept asset bubbles and rapidly rising debt-fueled consumption.

    He goes on to state that it isn’t ALL Germany’s fault, but the existence of the euro seriously exacerbated the problem by making it very difficult for certain countries to adjust to Germany’s domestic policies, which generated employment growth at home at the expense of Germany’s trading partners.

    Now consider this for a moment…
    What if Germany wasn’t in the Euro, but still maintained a Trade Surplus?
    What effect would that have on their currency?
    Would it not create pressure to raise the value of the currency?
    Wouldn’t that hurt their ability to export?
    So by being in the EU, they have had the ability to maintain a surplus without having to deal with the normal after-effect of a rising currency value…

    I’m not saying that the Greeks (who apparently cost 30% per unit-labour more than Germans) or the rest of the PIIGS are not responsible, but this pendulum swings both ways…

    If the Germans used their surplus more wisely or the GIPSI nations became more competitive (which may have required higher unemployment which, oddly, raises productivity or less wages) then this mess could have been avoided…

    If you could back up what you say with some source materials, that would make it easier to figure out where your POV is actually coming from…
    As it stands, you seem to be merely bat-shit crazy with your “facts” not even corresponding to the commentary…

  54. Casper Studly says:

    GB .. non incoraggiare questo nazista stupido da discutere con lui. Egli è un mercenario assunto da feccia banchiere.

  55. @Casper

    Va bene,
    communque pensavo che devo dire qualcosa perche lui e’ matto di sicuro o almeno un pirla… e cosi, si puo vedere questo adesso…
    Ma non preoccuparti… Non rispondero a lui alla prossima volta
    😆 perche non posso vincere…

  56. FranSix says:

    @sovereign debt defaults

    Steve Keen has it right on the money that sovereign debt defaults are not in the cards. But what he didn’t mention, because its a little intuitive, is that the more you print treasuries for short term money purposes, the higher the price goes. And this results in a flattened yield curve. He pointed out exactly the reasons why this occurs. Roubini has indicated the same exact point of view why sovereign risk is totally overblown.

    A certain kind of sovereign debt default may be occurring in the bullion leasing however, which is almost always central bank gold leased 100X over. What you have is the maximum potential availability of bullion leases, which is starting to cause a loss on the face value . This is directly in contrast to the gold near market and futures values.

    A decline in the discount rate is the chart to watch in the near term, the next several weeks. I believe its entirely correct to say that we came within hours, if not minutes of a total financial system collapse during the market sell off. Hence the re-opening of the swap lines. All short term money. No SDRs here.


  57. Casper Studly says:

    GB.. Si. Concordato. Nessuno può volere di coloro che vengono qui solo per fare guai.

  58. stacyherbert says:

    @Mich – you will have to go to Keen’s site; his opinion is the opposite of what you ascribe to him; he is totally against what is called Keynesian economics; and has said on previous appearances on our show that a debt jubilee or a default is the only solution to a Minsky moment

    @Palantíri – we do headlines twice a week on Keiser Report! And twice a week on Truth about Markets; I have to edit OTE, so it’s easier for me to just concentrate on that and it also gives a longer interview time with guests as per request of many! 🙂

    @Per – you’re a moron if you think any one religion has the market on usury/ponzi operations and financial fraud; no doubt we’ll see you frogmarching into Paris soon?

  59. @Tony, Iranian porn would consist of women letting their hair down, literally.

  60. Per says:

    You understand nothing. It’s all about RACE. Get the CHOSEN PEOPLE to rule the world.

  61. TRT says:

    what happened to the intro? you edited the intro out? that wackyness gets things started…shame on you

  62. Adam says:

    Ill give 1 oz of Gold to anyone who can count how many times Keen blinks his eyes through the whole show.

  63. ScuzzaMan says:

    It’s just a coincidence that the flash crash and the total capitulation of the ECB occurred within days of each other, and that the beneficiaries of that capitulation are the same banking interests who were bailed out by the Fed in the USA.

    Nothing sinister about it at all … Trust me!

  64. CCC says:

    Great interview. The facts speak for themselves and the predictions are unfolding before us. If the bankers did not manufacture this catastrophe they are certainly achieving what they want with the so called “solutions”.

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