[1125] The Truth About Markets – Resonance 104.4 FM – 08 May 2010

Stacy Summary: We’re back. Told ya!

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111 comments on “[1125] The Truth About Markets – Resonance 104.4 FM – 08 May 2010
  1. frances snoot says:

    @snoot – not sure why you think any algorithm or engineered exchange rate system would alter the perceived or the intrinsic value of gold

    The intrinsic value of gold is a matter of subjective imagination. As far as the ‘engineered exchange rate’, it would most likely be true that the exchange rate has been engineered for quite some time, if not always. The difference is the access to liquidity, which is what I’ve been going on an on about.

    The ability of the monetary authorities to control capital flows (they are already ‘doing it’ in the SBA (stand-by-agreement) countries, and to define the qualities of a ‘liquid asset’ are really the precursors of an end-game which, unfortunately, will be conducted for the profit of the criminal siphoning profit of our ‘G20 global governance’.

    If we cheer the regulatory agency proceeding with this tyranny and scapegoat ‘speculators’ then surely we are only cheering the future castrated state of the global citizen within the context of a hegemonic world order which will be truly HEARTLESS.

  2. frances snoot says:

    Isn’t it true that Iceland is currently under an IMF Stand-by-Agreement? How can you declare Iceland the future of freedom when they have been stripped of their national sovereign decision?




    What freedom?

  3. Mother Earth says:

    NYSE, a horse race for mechanical horses…

  4. I’ve missed TAM but now it’s back I just feel a bit depressed.
    Can I suggest a item called “Pastry of the week” where Stacey tells us about lovely delicacies from the Patiseries. That would really cheer me up. And I miss the cafe and the clattering in the background! What happened to that?
    Love youse.

  5. “Stacey’s Pastry” is a better name for your new item in the show. I’m looking forward to it.

  6. Photoception says:

    I’ve listened to this market crash audio several times, it sounds literally like a nuclear reaction. To me it’s not surprising the scale of the drop but the way it went right back up. I think most people assume that it was just a blip and they canceled the “bad trades” making the market go back up. This audio sounds like JPM etc got to buy s&p futures at a discount.

  7. udee says:

    great program!

    good news! on Iceland – especially arrest of Iceland banksters

    the sound track from floor of the “flash crash” seems totally contrived

    the whole episode seems contrived

    is it just another diversion from other ongoing massive crimes – hmm?

    only as an example – maybe related, maybe not, but usual suspects -are once again – involved

    no joke

    ” … Dr. Ott has subsequently confirmed from two sources that Goldman Sachs was indeed in on the shorts being placed on TransOcean stock. (See Email from Don Nicoloff documenting Goldman Sachs short puts on TransOcean stock.) And he has confirmed that the comedian was aware of that as well. …”


  8. zaphodity says:

    C.I.A. just laundered 1 bilsky of Afghanistan smack ? lol

  9. Palantíri says:

    Nice to hear the show again, Thanks! I enjoyed it! 🙂

  10. Van B. says:

    “The Greek Tragedy”—Old story, (same “threats”), told in a new way.
    Today:… British/ EU/ IMF Empire to Greece “You must buy… something… war planes–or ELSE”.
    150 years earlier:,,, Brithish Empire to China “You must buy…something…opium–or ELSE”.

  11. david says:

    Many thanks for what has turned out a week on to be the only beleavable coverage of this event…

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