Stacy Summary: Here is the translation of the article in Greek daily newspaper “Eleftherotypia” on Friday, April 2, 2010. (Thanks to Helen Skopis of Athens International Radio for this).

By Nikos Katzilaki

“The IMF will not have a restricted role” in the recently decided support plan for Greece, because “it wants to insure the control of valuable Greek infrastructures”, alleges economic analyst Max Keiser on international television networks such as the BBC, Al Jazeera and Russia Today.

Often also called an activist, Mr. Keiser created quite a stir a few days ago when, on an Al Jazeera program, he claimed that Greece, for the past decade, has fallen victim to the “economic terrorists” of the Wall Street banking systems and the IMF. In the interview which followed, he claimed “if the Greeks want to be protected from the IMF, then they should nationalize their banks thus establishing government owned institutions so as to revive the banking system”, while at the same time “ceasing to pay back the loans which were issued illegally” via “cooking the books” of the Greek economy by Goldman Sachs. He proposed the expulsion from the country of American banks as well as the IMF. The consequence will be “two or three years of heavy recession”, during which time Greece will be able “to rebuild its economy”, ensuring its economic independence.

Mr. Keiser, what is your opinion concerning the EU decision to support Greece while also including the IMF?

“It is problematic solution, because the IMF isn’t a desirable institution of control for your finances as it will bring with it budget austerity measures which serve the interests of the Wall Street and not the Greek population. Greece has fallen victim to the Wall Street bankers since 2000. The first thing that needs to done is an assessment of the relationships between the Wall Street banks, Greek banks and the Greek government. If the Greeks want to be protected from the IMF, they should immediately nationalize all the banks thereby reviving the banking system and exempting themselves from the unfair austerity measures which are being imposed on them . The people are not the cause of the problem. Why is the Greek population being forced to pay for the actions of corrupt bankers and politicians? This is absurd”.

Is your proposal realistic? Can a country do such a thing within the bounds of the E.U. and the eurozone?

“The Greeks have a good excuse to do so…. Since 2000 all the loans are fraudulent having been issued illegally with the help of Goldman Sachs. Because they were victimized by unscrupulous Wall Street bankers, the Greek government can now cease repaying these fraudulent loans while in the meantime, nationalizing their banking system. A crime has been committed that should be compensated for by Goldman Sachs and the other Wall Street banks.”

France believes the existing economic rules of the Eurozone should be withdrawn and replaced by new rules based on current conditions. Do you agree?

“A stranger is applying their policy in the Eurozone. The question is, why is Germany and Trichet of the ECB allowing the IMF to come in and start controlling eurozone matters? This is a tyranny because they are allowing a foreign entity to come in and dictate Eurozone policies.

Germany has proven that it doesn’t care at all about Greece and that it is more interested in what’s going on in London. Meanwhile, Germany uses Greece to do its dirty work because it actually wants the IMF to redefine eurozone banking regulations.

It (Germany) wants a shock factor as it is really seeking exchange equivalence with Britain. Greece now finding itself caught in the middle of this game and should say “That’s it! No more!” , the debts were created fraudulently and we demand compensation from Wall Street! We want our money back, we want it now and there is no more room for discussion concerning the matter.”

It is said of course, the presence of the IMF in Europe will be limited.

“That’s what is said, however, looking at the history of the IMF, there is not a single example of its having a limited involvement in any country in which it was called into operation. It (IMF) went in and imposed austerity measures which benefited the Wall Street banks. It will enslave you economically.

Show me one country in which the IMF had a limited presence and operated responsibly. Whoever believes the IMF will have a limited role, such as the propaganda the Mass Media reports, should be ashamed as the history of the IMF is not being referred to. It’s role will be limited only if Greece adheres to the austerity measures. Meanwhile, it will be impossible for the Greeks to follow the measures and once that happens, from that point on… the IMF will have a major role. It is somehow believed the IMF will say to the people “Conform to the measures and you will exit the crisis.” One would be crazy to believe it would happen like that though. The IMF wants to ensure control of the valuable Greek ports and then to sell them.

The Greek people will lose control of the infrastructure of the country, the ports and the industry tied with it. All of this will be lost and it (IMF) will then take the gained assets which it created and lease them out. This is called slavery. Therefore, if the Greeks don’t revolt, they will loose there economic independence. The Greek government is not doing enough to stop the hawks.

Decide how you want to live.

What consequences will there be if Greece throws out the elements that you have mentioned?

There will be consequences, but the questions is do you want to live as human beings or as slaves? If you want to live freely, you will have to fight for your freedom and there will be consequences. Or… you can surrender your children and your grandchildren to the IMF as slaves. Those are the choices. You either take bitter medicine now or you prostitute your children to the IMF.

If Greece decides to rid itself of the IMF and Goldman Sachs now, the consequence will be that for two or three years there will be a severe recession. However, this time will allow for the rebuilding of the Greek economy. Why doesn’t the Greek government block Goldman Sachs from its country as they have admitted to cooking the books of the economy? In other words, Greece can state it wants each and every Goldman Sachs representative expelled or to stay and face the law for economic fraud.

94 comments on “The IMF Flag Reads: ECONOMIC SLAVERY
  1. JT says:


    Great post!

  2. Phil /Germany says:

    What The Top U.S. Companies Pay In Taxes
    Christopher Helman, 04.01.10, 03:00 PM EDT
    How can it be that you pay more to the IRS than General Electric?

  3. Phil /Germany says:

    William Black: “If The Obama Administration Continues This Way, It’s Going To Have A Record Disaster At The Mid-term Elections”

    Maybe not .. they’ll just rig the results as usual !

  4. Dedo says:

    “The people are not the cause of the problem. Why is the Greek population being forced to pay for the actions of corrupt bankers and politicians? This is absurd”.

    I like this excerpt, because it encapsulates how the whole of mankind is being held hostage, for the actions of a handful of psychopathic dictators,..
    With phrases like,..”mankind is to blame”,..hey Max!

  5. Phil /Germany says:

    Well done Max …

    …. one could think you are aspiring to become the Ghandi of the Financial World”

    I have a “small” criticism though …

    Why not mention some of the classic books and other VERY important people that support your arguments ?

    If I was in your position , I would publicize and refer to people like Professor Black, , Edward Griffin, Jon Perkins , Mike Hudson, Tarpley, Celente , Ruppert etc. etc. etc.

    These people basically support your “line of show”.

    It would also be INSTRUCTIVE and EDUCATIONAL for all the foreign listeners and readers that have possibly never heard of these people.

    i.e. I rather was hoping you are not “too egoistic” in wanting all the limelight for yourself ! ( because you would lose some credibility in my eyes )

    I’d be interesting to hear what the others here think on this topic !!

  6. Dedo says:

    @Phil,…..Apparently,.Edward Griffin plagiarized Mullins work for the book “Creature from Jekyll Island”
    So I’d be a bit suspicious of how these guys lead the field if I were you?

  7. Troy Ounce says:

    Well done Max & Stacy, you created a great alternative platform.

  8. Dedo says:

    The dialectic is an extremely powerful and insidious form of manipulation,.especially for the unaware!

  9. EB says:

    @Phil…I think that Max is simply trying to get the people to realize that they have a right of self determination, and to get them to ‘mentally’ escape from the ‘Stockholm’ effect…

    @Max…Really, this is getting serious, you’re starting to have real on-the-ground impact there in Greece…watch your back, man…

  10. Phil /Germany says:

    PS@Dedo … my previous post : “Your comment is awaiting moderation.”

    Did I upset someone ?

  11. Phil /Germany says:

    @EB …. I think that Max is simply trying to get the people …. ”

    Sure , no question of that !

    @EB …. Really, this is getting serious, you’re starting to have real on-the-ground impact there in Greece…watch your back, man…

    Yes, that’s my feeling as well …. but then, that’s just Max isn’t it … Speaking out for those that either cannot or are too afraid to .
    Brave man !

  12. ronron says:

    @Phil. do you ever sleep? 🙂 good one max

  13. The Dork of Cork says:

    Gold is beginning to breech its all time highs in Euros !

  14. Phil /Germany says:

    @ronron …. do you ever sleep?

    6 hrs. !

    I hate alarm clocks, and the only time I use one is when I have to get up at 5:30 to make some money. Otherwise I always wake up “naturally” when the sun rises and/or when my body says “ok” !

  15. Mike/Liverpool says:

    Got a Cold & not feeling well today!

  16. ronron says:

    @Phil. funny. me too. hahaha

  17. ronron says:

    @Mike. sorry to hear that. boil the kettle. put a towel over your head and breath the hot vapour.

  18. namarama says:

    “Money has infected the entire American political system and our democracy is threatened by it,”

    Rory O’Connor on RT.. 9 min video.

  19. AngryGreek says:

    Great post as always!

  20. Vega Man says:

    You tell’em Max !

  21. Dedo says:

    @Phil,..I commented before about that subject, to you a while back,..and was banned,…..whoops,.!!

  22. Ptah says:

    Phil: Don’t you agree tho that by not using the words of others but referring to eg. Warren Buffet or sound economic logic, Max uses the words of the enemy against themselves… in a similar way that the original karmabank shorting idea was intended to make the beast eat itself?

    By Using obvious names such as Tarpley etc Max would play into the hands of the MSM. One bad move by, say, Tarplay would demonise the entire argument Max presents. That is how MSM works.

    Just some conjecture on your interesting proposition.

  23. Dedo says:

    I think it maybe because Mullins has been labeled an anti-semitic,..maybe,..

  24. Phil /Germany says:

    @Ptah … Max uses the words of the enemy against themselves

    Very good point !
    Maybe I should retract my “small” criticism !
    @Dedo … before I’m banned as well.

  25. stacyherbert says:

    @Dedo – Mullins is anti-semitic, but I see that you and P/G endorse his stuff with great enthusiasm; in my opinion, whatever work he did on his investigations into fed, etc. are negated by his writings supporting the Nazis; but as long as we all know where you stand

  26. Kay says:

    From an American to the Greeks, don’t hate us, hate our banks. They’re pulling the same scams on towns and cities all across America. And so far, we are not having much luck protecting ourselves.

    Watchout for the Reload, these gentlemen have no sense of proportion. They will pull the same scam over and over repeatedly.

    And do not take the IMF double down, it’s a suckers bet.

  27. nobody says:


    Drink a lo of lemon tea. If you have a lemon, slice it and put into the boiling water, and wait for 30 min. and drink a cup of the lemon tea with honey (1 or 2 spoons of honey. up to you) I promise it would improve your condition.

  28. Dedo says:

    @Stacy,….Wow,.that was a definitive slur on my character,..thanks!
    : ),..fancy going for a drink?

  29. Marc Authier says:

    Only expulsion.They should arrest these criminals and put them in prison for 200 years on a desert island. They should the same thing in Iceland. Hire bounty hunters and put them away for good. We need a Spartacus against the evil internationalist demonic empire of the banksters. It’s really that when you thinh about the IMF, an evil demonive International Movement of Fascists banksters in the business of ruining countries and nations.

  30. stacyherbert says:

    @Dedo – hey, just pointing out that you like to write about him, link to his stuff often and hold him up as an example all the time; ever wonder why Griffin gets the credit for the info on Jekyll Island? Maybe cuz he never wrote articles or books defending Nazis . . . ?

  31. Phil /Germany says:

    @Stacy …. ” but I see that you and P/G endorse his stuff with great enthusiasm ”

    Stacy, that is VERY unfair, and the second time you have wrongly accused me of such. Mullin is new to me .. never heard of him before, only by name and have never read his stuff.

    As to “with great enthusiasm ” : now where do you get that from ?

  32. stacyherbert says:

    @P/G – here is the wiki regarding the pamphlet Mullins wrote defending the Nazis:; if you are disscussing him based on little bits of info that some post make sure to know the full story as many people enter his name into the conversation in order to discredit the entire conversation

  33. Dedo says:

    @Stacy,…Is that a no then? : (

  34. nobody says:


    I don’t hate Americans. They are victims of the wall steet gansters too.Even you people don’t have universal heath care. how can i hate people who become broke because they don’t have universal heath care. You people truly deserve a good health care system.Don’t give up on this.

  35. RedZebra says:

    Not sure I understand how facts unearthed by a person can be negated by their personal views. Their judgements, sure, may be tainted, but not the facts. Can understand though why it is preferable not to be associated with that person’s thoughts. I also think that Max’s approach makes perfect sense – he is explaining what is going on – to the people, in language they can understand – he’s not some boffin quoting some research they’ve never heard of. In fact this is what got me interested in reading this site in the first place, and learning about all this “obscure” research. (It was obscure to me anyway, cos I never gave a toss about economics until it started impacting my life.)

  36. Dedo says:

    BTW,.@Stacy,..without going into a futile debate with you,.I think the thinking folk on this site will make there own minds up, as to any info’ that is held up for them : )

  37. Marc Authier says:

    Banksters have ONE religion. Only one. MONEY. Your money. It’s the only religious question that preoccupy banksters. MONEY. “On veut votre bien et on l’aura !” When will there be referendum in Greece.

    They invented democracy. I have a question for the referendum.

    Do you prefer being an IMF slave for the next 700 years (like Turkey did to you) ?

    Second suggested question.

    Do prefer declaring bankruptcy, arresting the crooks and putting them in prison for 200 years, and by the way staying a free man ?

    You never know. Maybe some Greeks will vote for slavery ?

  38. Phil /Germany says:

    @Stacy …. ” enter him into the conversation in order to discredit the entire conversation ”

    OK, I understand your POV, however, if one is banned from talking about “Taboos”, then where does this lead ? ..!
    Fear of freedom of speech ?

    There is a grain of truth in many articles written by even the worst people, that are still worth looking into.

    I would have preferred a simple comment from you as to “your thoughts” on him , rather than labeling Dedo and myself as Nazi supporters !

  39. nobody says:

    oh huh, Stacy, I think you made a mistake here. In my humble opinion,You’d better offer apologies to Phil/Germay. And Phil/Germany, everybody makes a mistake from time to time. I hope you are not too upset.

  40. Phil /Germany says:

    @nobody …. I concur !

  41. TJ says:

    @ Stacy

    Like Phil/G, I’ve only been acquainted with Mullins recently. While he does pull some fascinating rabbits out of his hat, historically, he is dead wrong on many references. Some of his Youtube clips made me cringe, they were so far off the mark.

  42. nobody says:

    @Phil Germany .

    I am relieved you are not too upset. Same to Dedo

  43. stacyherbert says:

    @P/G – freedom of speech regards your rights to create your own websites and pamphlets and say what you want in a public domain, it does not compel me, a private individual, to distribute your speech; if it did, then free speech should give me the right to plant placards in my neighbors front lawn; I have nothing against anyone creating their own site even if it is something as odious to me as trying to say that there is nothing wrong with fascism but if I were to provide that space here then the Aryan Brotherhood, Stormfront and those sort would flood the site with their conversation; I’m sure, however, you can go to their sites and discuss Mullins if you would like but I don’t want to have their placards planted in my front yard; and I prefer instead to discuss what, for example, this thread is supposed to be about and that is Greece, the financial crisis there, Goldman Sachs’ CDS sales to them, etc.

  44. Marc Authier says:

    Mullins is a stupid and dangerous crakpot clown. Never forget that Hitler had a lot and still has a lot of fans in the USA and the UK. He’s in good company with Ford, IBM, ITT, Walt Disney, GM, the Windsors, Rockerfeller, USA and the UK is still chuck full of nazis and eugenists. Mullins is not alone in the anglo-saxon world. That’s what is scary. If I recall the second most important nazi party was the british one. Chut. Mustn’t talk about the nazis roots of anglo-saxons and Madam Blavatsky. Another crackpot like the satanist Alister Crowley, another british nazi. All forgotten and erased. Hitler was financed by Wall Street. Never forget it. Follow the money.

  45. frances snoot says:

    I think the thinking folk on this site will make there own minds up

    There are thinking people on this site?!

  46. stacyherbert says:

    @snoot – ha, exactly! . . . well, there is Youri, but he’s not here this morning

  47. ronron says:

    @Snoot. don’t you just hate it when people go on and on? 😉

  48. Marc Authier says:

    How do say slave in greek ? Ελλάδα

    In “ancient” greco-roman times a borrower incapable of paying its debts would become the private property of the lender.

    Things havn’t changed that much.

  49. ronron says:

    @Stacy. thanks. very kind of you.

  50. Dedo says:

    Tis called trial by association,…..ouch!

  51. frances snoot says:

    Ah, Youri. He is most probably drinking good Dutch coffee and conversing with a blond.

    What about Cleetus?

  52. Marc Authier says:

    @ Snoot.

    “Je pense. Donc je suis.” René Descartes.

    I think than I think than I think. Most of the time.

  53. maxkeiser says:

    i thought he said;

    Je pense. Donc je Suisse.

  54. frances snoot says:

    Ding-dang doggie. Did somebody call my name? Heh, Stacy. Heh, Ronron. Heh, Dedo. How y’all sitting this mornin’?

    Yep, I be the thinker most probabawl ’round here. Don’t y’all listen to Stella. She just goes on and on ’bout thangs. Just like a woman.

  55. nobody says:

    Anyway, i enjoyed the article. Thanks, Stacy and Max.

    Cool head and warm heart
    Cool head and warm heart, everyone!

  56. Marc Authier says:

    @Phil Germany

    Obama rhymes with Indonesia. The place is runned like Indonesia under General Subharto. Crony USA is a lot like crony Indonesia. William Black regularly compares what’s going on to Indonesia. I think he’s absolutely right.

  57. ronron says:

    they do it every time. get em a diamond ring, give em money on the side. no matter what you do, they ain’t never satisfied. just like a woman. 😉

  58. William of the North says:

    So the Greek government borrowed too much money, and Max’s solution is not to take responsibility for the loans because it was used to give all the “free stuff” to the people?

    (The Greek government is not the victim here. Or is your argument that, they are just victims of predatory lending?)

    Default on the loans; Nationalize the banks; and let the good times roll? Free Shit for eternity. What’s your solution when Greece’s currency is worthless? ( I assume you will want them to print their own IOU’s)

    WTF Max? WTF?

  59. Timothy Geithner says:

    Someone needs to do something about all these corrupt bankers. I would, but unfortunately I am not a regulator. Never have been.

  60. Marc Authier says:

    No. Je pense donc je Suède. He finished his carreer in Sweden. Quite a stange fellow. All his research in mathematics, philosophy and physics were all done lying in his bed ! A true story. He couldn’t think or write unless being in bed.

  61. EB says:

    The ability to speak freely is the strongest indicator of an effective republic. A democracy, on the other hand, is rule by thuggary.

    As a youngster in high school I attended a 4th of July ceremony in my home town, along with my friends. On one side was Angela Davis and the Black Panthers. On the other was the Klu Klux Klan. On another was the American Nazi Party, and on the fourth side were ordinary citizens. Of course the police were there in large numbers. Some of the folks there were carrying guns. I’ll never forget it.

    Each of these groups were given a chance to speak. There was no violence, even though you could feel the animosity in the air, each party respected the other’s right to speech.

    To me, even though I did not agree with any of the three groups above, and abhor what they stand for, it was a demonstration of the strength of the republic, to see it in action.

    My personal view is that this would not be tolerated today.

  62. Dedo says:

    @Frances,….I know who the thinkin’ folk are!,.and they ain’t who you think I think you think : )

  63. ronron says:

    tell me something i don’t know.

  64. ronron says:

    hello geithner.

  65. frances snoot says:

    Stella thinks you want to use whom in that adage. Then it reads:

    I know whom the thinking people are and they ain’t whom you think I think you think.

  66. Timothy Geithner says:


    Hello sir and a merry easter to you.

  67. maxkeiser says:

    Where’s AAPL going to open today?

  68. frances snoot says:

    or is it they ain’t who you think i think you think

  69. ronron says:

    @Max. ask geithner. he’s standing two comments back. hahaha

  70. Dedo says:

    @Frances,….Fanks teech, it alright if I bring ya an apple tomorra,.I’ve already eaten the one I nicked off of @nobody! : )

  71. ronron says:

    @Geithner. you using your new tablet?

  72. x says:

    Greek tragedy a lesson for us all

    Jim McCaughan, chief executive officer of Principal Global Investors:
    “What concerns me is that after a year or two the public will get fed up with austerity and they may decide to vote in someone who simply refuses to pay.”

  73. ronron says:

    anyone with half an eye and an asshole has known the IMF game for years.

  74. Timothy Geithner says:


    Na, POS.

  75. Ignace says:

    great piece!
    I was thinking how many nations did refuse to cooperate with IMF?
    I can only think about one : Malaysia (
    I recall that they were very successfull without IMF….

  76. TJ says:

    On a lighter subject, Carla Bruni to star in Bride of Wildenstein, George Romero directs

  77. x says:

    off topic, sorry
    USA to world: ‘eat this’
    AP raw video
    Space Shuttle Discovery lifts off

  78. Alan Greenspan says:

    Shut up Tim! What Greece needs is a data centre. That’s the future, that’s innovation. Progress Tim! PROGRESS!!! High frequency trading is the future.

    Data centres- the financial centres?

  79. Adam C says:

    Omar (The Wire): “I got the shotgun (Banker Debt). You got the briefcase (Government Spending). It’s all in the game though, right?”

    >>> Because they were victimized by unscrupulous Wall Street bankers, the Greek government can now cease repaying these fraudulent loans while in the meantime, nationalizing their banking system.

    Victimised?? Politicians hardly get themselves elected to be victimised.

    Again, government does not serve ‘the people’, it serves itself. Bankers and Politicians are EQUAL partners in crime. Does anyone seriously believe that the person who could have opted for a career in banking, suddenly becomes a “responsible guardian of society” because they chose a role in government instead?

    Nationalise banks all you like, but it’ll be the same people running them.

    Same piss, new bottle.

    >> do you want to live as human beings or as slaves?

    The Greeks are already slaves to their government, they’re only choosing between ‘investors’ who will pay the wages of their masters.

    Why all the silly rhetoric, Max? Why are you still defending Big Daddy Government? How did government save the ‘Greek’ people from this predation? Did they limit the predation in some way? And how could they have either saved or limited the predation when they were equal partners in that predation? And so, why will it be different next time? Why will government not be a violent oppressor and abuser in the future? What has changed about the nature of government — any government — due to this global greatest depression?

    >> Why doesn’t the Greek government block Goldman Sachs from its country as they have admitted to cooking the books of the economy?


  80. TJ says:

    @ Alan Greenspan

    a front-running setup as the norm?

  81. Alan Greenspan says:


    What ever the systems is reaching the absurdity levels of pre-dotcom bubble, pre-Long-Term Capital Management collapse. Then I suppose we’ll get some creative destruction. Yipeeee!

  82. Sherri Young says:

    The Greeks may be interested in looking at what happened in the Mexican state of Chiapas and Mexico as a whole after NAFTA and after the IMF went in. Here’s a piece from 1998.

    Since then, the education system has become a target. From what I understand, the centuries prior to the Spaniards are being written out of the curriculum.

    At least Mexicans had the ability to cross the border into the US in order to find work to feed their families. Will the Greeks or the Irish or, for that matter, the Americans be able to move fairly freely to find employment? Do the countries with viable economies and viable currencies need foreign workers?

  83. frances snoot says:

    “Universal jurisdiction — a concept in international law — allows judges to issue warrants for nearly any visitor accused of grievous crimes, no matter where they live. British judges have been more open to the concept than those in other countries.”

    A matter of sovereigns warring against sovereigns and an overstep of EU jurisdiction through ‘international law’ which operates under EU Council authority and a coalition of sovereign interest.

    The war against the pope is a battle of sovereign will, not a move to rid the world of pedophilia.

    Universal jurisdiction is the EU version of extraordinary rendition. Standing behind the UN does not paliate the use of suprasovereign action by these puppet courts.

    “International humanitarian law can be traced historically to the United Nations Charter, ratified in 1945, and to the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, adopted by the UN General Assembly in 1948. Richard
    Falk notes the marginal role that human rights had in international politics shortly after World War II. Though the Universal Declaration marked the first attempt by the international community to codify a language of human rights, its status as a “declaration” meant that the Universal Declaration had no binding power, and indeed it did not reflect the “operative reality” of the time.2 Jack Donnelly explains that the Universal Declaration was merely perceived as a list of ambitious goals to which nations could aspire.”

    The endgame means fewer pieces on the board. Less a sovereign and more a coalition of the willing fools.

  84. Carmen Azul says:

    do you hav any links on the curriculum change in Mexico & whodunit? In English or Spanish OK. Wow, one of the amazing things in Mexico has been their incredible history and the blend of the civilizations.

  85. kitty says:

    @TJ and @Alan G

    Colocation and Proximity Hosting. Every little itsy bitsy bit of a small distance away is another little itsy bitsy bit of a small time lag away.

    Fastest kit, closest to the exchange and best algorithmns. No wonder Lilia was quick to correct over two milli-seconds but I noticed she spoke of neutral facilities for multiple exchanges, so I don’t think she was selling being on ‘top’ of any particular exchange colocation. So maybe these neutral facilities have a bit of a life of their own.

    Colocation: So it pays to be closest and advertise as fastest. Then say that your algorithmn(s) will make you more money ‘the quickest’.

    Now here we really do have ‘a theory of the commons’ plus a bubble brought on by marketing BS. Seems like there can be no analysis of real companies just the trades.

    Given I have been working with databases for ten years I could find all this very interesting but whilst it is being sold on these subtle technological advantages, all the time ole GS has a thick f***ing pipe right up the arse of the NYSE.

  86. Dear Abby says:

    Be careful what you wish for. The World Bank would love to become the solution to these types of problems. They are ready to pounce on it, in fact. Then we will have IMF x 1,000.

  87. Peter Pan says:

    Hey Russians, you should be out on the streets asking Putin to do the same thing-get rid of your central bank, an extension of US Federal Reserve and World Bank. They give you 10kg of worthless paper in exchange for 100kg of gold in the form of your resources. And you wonder why you never have enough money to build your economy. Remember Putin wanted to nationalize the central bank but you all screemed against it mislead by the Mass Media, which is controled by the banksters in all Western countries, including Russia. Watch RT, maybe you will figire out something. Stop watching garbage like Dom 2.

  88. William Wilson says:

    Comparisons of Wall St bankers shenanigans in both Birmingham, AL and Athens are presented in Matt Taibbi’s article the following article url:

  89. Creative Destruction Engineering says:

    Thank you Max.

  90. zaphodity says:

    I just finished watching a documentary called The Money Masters…My god…The IMF make Nazi war crimes look like a public relations campaign for Sesame Street..I know it’s a few years old but could you still fix America by:

    1. Abolishing the Federal Reserve
    2. Creating a new “debt free” U.S. Dollar currency (like the Green back)

    Or is it about as helpful as giving a corpse with rigor mortis the hymlic maneuver ?

  91. J thompson says:

    I do believe that Hank Paulson instituted a wing of the Treas Dept in the Pentagon. Purpose being – MBA types to wage war via economics. With the newly minted Euro of the past decade or so, the war was to instigate problems with the most vulnerable of the members. Greece, and bring it down from the bottom up.

    Paulson, congrats. You succeeded. You may have been instrumental in assigning your buddies at GS to wage this war for you – your proxy.

    Goldman, no wonder why you risked absolute clown status in the open to get them whole -100 cents on the dollar.

    Jobs well done. Just a day at the office, in the new world of economic warfare.

  92. Taylorbabe says:

    Have Greece short every Greek company that is traded on any stock exchange, then have the Greek government cash in when Greece announces that they will not repay the loans and Greek stocks go down the drain. Or has that already been done after 9/11? I don’t know if that would be legal though?? Ahh, never mind.

  93. just george says:

    I cant help but think that the “Greek Crisis” is merely a testing of the waters, by the elite, for the system that they wish to impose upon the world. My money is on a revolt.