Max Keiser speaking before the UN Security Council about disarming bankers

74 comments on “Max Keiser speaking before the UN Security Council about disarming bankers
  1. Bonn says:

    Why so many old posts ????
    Hic 😉

  2. Bonn says:

    That will be the Day
    Tey can always play ta Oil card any time
    Hic 😉

  3. jischinger says:

    is it too late, yet?

  4. Bonn says:
    Lunatic Cops tink tey part of ta ruling elite
    Hic 😉

  5. Mother Earth says:

    If I had anything to say I would do the following:

    1. Restrict stock trades to once a week or once a month
    2. Create a stock owner payed for exchange with minimal staffing
    3. Output all trades as xml so people can run algorythms and analysis to spot fraud.

  6. Mongo says:


    Epic clip!

    Somebody should hack into those tv-screens at airports and put up this video so folks have something to do.

  7. Dedo says:

    Speaking of disarmament,’ve got to read this,..
    The reporter has quite the style about him !

  8. Marc Authier says:

    When do we invade Goldman Sachs to liberate the USA ! and the world !

  9. Marc Authier says:

    And after that we invade JP Morgan. Rumors has it that they the Russians and the Chineese are supplying highly fissible derivatives to make D
    bombs. First we take Manhattan then we take Londonium Parasitum.

  10. GGees says:

    I went on a trout fishing safari so Goldman and the rest can go fck themselves LOL

  11. Marc Authier says:

    You can always dream. It’s coming. Is it ? or Is it going ? Think it’s going once, twice, gone. Sold for 700 billion by the owner at 85 Broadstreet.
    Keep on dreamin.

  12. Marc Authier says:

    What will be left of the actual USA/UK financial innovations ? Like the song say A big pile of S (“Un gros tas d’marde à ramasser.”) Life is better than ever.

  13. Bonn says:

    Man AJ is on fire lolololololol
    AJ had a point which was true the Plunge protection team would protect Coke Stocks
    a) its just 0’s and 1’s on a computer printing money out of thin air
    b) PPT is a Govt. organization therefore its the Public monies tey will use

    But still it will work I think it would send the fear of God into ’em
    Someone should start a site where lists all the Companys these lunatics own and just boycott these orrganizations / Co.s

    Just me tote
    Hic 😉

  14. Dedo says:

    Anyone ever heard that story of the rancher who was unable to get close to a wild herd.
    So, the first day he erected a few posts,..then as the days progressed, and the horses became accustomed to him and the posts, he connected the posts with horizontal slats,…eventually the fence had totally encompassed the horses, and they were captured !
    Word of the Day : Incremental

  15. Mini US says:

    Where’s the x to get rid of that CMC Markets ad?

  16. Bonn says:

    This Chick thinks she is part of the Elite
    I tink when she sees her reflection on the magic mirror she see’s herself as a Blond Blue eyed princess
    Just Look at her Dumb shmuck that she is

  17. Bonn says:

    She looks like a Male Pro wrestler
    Hic 😉

  18. Bonn says:

    She looks like Obliex from Astrex & Obleix Commics
    Hic 😉

  19. paganrongs says:

    Rogers: Goldman May Fuel 20 Percent Market Tumble

    Jim Rogers says the SEC allegations against Goldman Sachs could act as the catalyst end markets downward regardless of the outcome of the charges.

    “Markets are overdue for a correction,” says Rogers, chairman of Rogers Holdings.

    “When the markets are ready for a correction, something will come along … the straw that breaks the camel’s back,” he told CNBC.

    “Any market that goes up this much, this fast, this steadily without correction — it’s not normal. When that sort of things happens, the market could be setting itself up for a 15 to 20 percent correction.”

  20. Creative Destruction says:

    @ Marc Authier

    Damn good Leonard Cohen choices. So it is not hopeless, never is. The cards may be stacked against the people, especially here in America. But Simon Johnson has me believing that changes is possible. That the people expressing themselves in a movement can demand the big banks be broken up, can demand less lobbying by corporations, can demand and create change.

    So I’ll throw another song at you and everyone that follows the econoblog underground:

    Be the fly in the ointment

    I Am The Fly

    Over your window you think I’m confused
    I’m waiting for the divergent wasp
    To complete my current ruse
    You use a plate-glass screen
    To protect my chosen target
    But there’s an air-pellet hole
    I can crawl through to you
    I am the fly in the ointment
    I can spread more disease than the fleas
    Which nibble away at your window display
    Yes I am the fly in the ointment
    I shake you down to say please as you
    Accept the next dose of disease

    PS Golman Sachs are SCUM

  21. Bonn says:

    Is AJ by anychance reading me comments ????
    Hmmm errrr hmmmm
    Hic 😉

  22. Bonn says:

    Just Posted tis on Colberts site

    Dear Mr.Steve Colbert,
    I wanna thank you for talking about Builderberg Group Live on your show . Hopefully more People will get aware how the world really works. They are flesh and bones just like us, They go to the Loo just like us in the morning.They have succeeded till now cause they could hide information from us . With the Internet giving us true freedom of Information the tables are slowly changing.
    Thanking you,

  23. Bonn says:

    I bet Tey’ll be wondering how does a bugger sitting in India know so much
    Hic 😉

  24. Frans says:

    Idea: next time please throw more objects in the air (&) behind you like the Swedish cook of the muppet show!

  25. Vega Man says:

    A few thoughts about silver.

    I called my local coin shop last Thursday to see what the value of an old silver dime was. Old junk silver (1964 and older) was 13 times face value. That makes a silver dime $1.30 and a silver quarter $3.25 . That got me thinking.

    Back in 1964 a new Pontiac Tempest G T O sold for $2850 – $3080 . Lets figure the high priced one (with the big motor! ) $3,080.00 or 30,800 silver dimes. At Thursday’s silver price that would be equal to $40,040.00 in today’s fiat currency. I think you could buy a comparable performance car for $40,000.00 in today’s fiat money . Now lets see , I have my new 1964 Pontiac Tempest G T O for $3,080.00 and I need some gas for this beast . I pull into the gas station and the gas station attendant (remember them? ) fills the car with gas for .30 cents a gallon. Three silver dimes a gallon and while the fuel is flowing the gas station attendant checks the oil and cleans my windows! In today’s fiat money three silver dimes equal $3.90 . That may be a few cents more than a gallon of gas today but I have to pump it myself and clean my own windows. Then on my way home I stop off for a cup of coffee. The 1964 price .10 cents, one silver dime. In today’s fiat world that cup of coffee is about $1.30 Still one silver dime.

    Well I guess you can see my point. If we were still using silver as money the cost of a new car or a gallon of gas and even a cup of coffee would still be about the same as it was back in 1964.

    Just think how much better off a retired worker would be if the dollar he saved during his or her working years was still worth the same amount. To keep up with inflation in fiat money , that worker today has to pay out 13 times as much of today’s fiat money to buy the same thing.

    One more thing comes to mind, back in 1964 when you went to the bank you always saw an armed guard standing in the lobby . No need for the guard today. If the money is stolen they just print up some more . The way I see it , the rise in prices from back in 1964 is nothing more than the value of our fiat currency falling , and I fear we ain’t seen nothing yet .

    Vega Man

  26. frances snoot says:

    “But Simon Johnson has me believing that changes is possible.”

    Change the IMF can believe in!

  27. frances snoot says:

    I didn’t know Johnson was a contributing editor to the Huffington Post. Did you know that, Bonn?!

    “Simon Johnson, former chief economist of the International Monetary Fund, professor at the MIT Sloan School of Management and contributing editor to the Huffington Post, said it’s “the speech for which we have been waiting.””

    (Johnson must really be gungho for the sdr/reserve idea: it would really benefit the IMF)

  28. Bonn says:

    Nope Snoot had no clue ; I worry about ta bigger Pictures & where has everyone I’ve been here all alone fer some 6 hrs ?????
    I guess Stacy & Max were recording I tink
    I worry about Stuff that can Physically harm us Like False Flag Ops
    Tey Conducting Drills for IND’s in Nevada I heard it on AJ
    Hic 😉

  29. balois says:

    @Vega Man – very good info – thanks.

  30. Youri Carma says:

    High-tech speed cameras which use satellites to track motorists on secret trial in Britain

  31. Bonn says:

    Latest on Peter Schiff
    Dated yesterday I tink
    Hic 😉

  32. Mother Earth says:

    Jamie Dimon about the potential impact of derivatives reform..

    “It will be negative,” he said. “Depending on the real detail, it could be $700 million or a couple billion dollars.”

    I would choke on the spot from such a lie..It is a 600 Trillion dollar business! Don’t politicians know anything?

  33. Youri Carma says:

    Max Keiser Discusses Goldman Sachs Market Meltdown Con on Alex Jones Tv 1/5

    Max Keiser Discusses Goldman Sachs Market Meltdown Con on Alex Jones Tv 2/5

    Max Keiser Discusses Goldman Sachs Market Meltdown Con on Alex Jones Tv 3/5

    Max Keiser Discusses Goldman Sachs Market Meltdown Con on Alex Jones Tv 4/5

    Max Keiser Discusses Goldman Sachs Market Meltdown Con on Alex Jones Tv 5/5

  34. frances snoot says:

    Who says it’s a 600T dollar business?

  35. frances snoot says:

    “The forum for all this attention is not the usual banking and financial services committees, but rather the Senate Agriculture Committee, a group more accustomed to dealing with farm subsidies and national forest boundaries than with the more obscure corners of Wall Street.
    A main weapon being wielded to fight the battle, of course, is money. Agriculture Committee members have received $22.8 million in this election cycle from people and organizations affiliated with financial, insurance and real estate companies — two and a half times what they received from agricultural donors, according to the Center for Responsive Politics.
    Much of that lobbying has centered on Senator Blanche Lincoln, the Arkansas Democrat who is the committee’s chairwoman and who last week introduced the bill that would prevent banks from trading derivatives directly.”

  36. Bonn says:

    “The US Govt. is Spending 4 trillion $ a year and they are collecting only 2.5 Trillion $”- Peter Schiff
    Man Such a waste of Monies
    and its like hmm errr I dont have words fer ta Lunacy

  37. frances snoot says:

    “A more complex type of derivative helped to inflate the housing bubble in recent years, as Wall Street repackaged high-risk mortgages into securities that speculators could use to bet on the direction of the housing market..”

    (from NY times link)

    How can derivative bets inflate house prices, Mother? Is the NY Times stretching? The ponzi was lucrative, so fraud was involved, but how can the derivatives themselves affect house prices?

  38. frances snoot says:

    Correlation: Blanche’s bill and the Goldman charge?

  39. Dedo says:

    @Bonn,.“The US Govt. is Spending 4 trillion $ a year and they are collecting only 2.5 Trillion $”

    Those figures are for public consumption Bud’,..The group of people called “Government”, and their cohorts never loose money/wealth,..I would have thought you would have realized this by now!

    Clue: Started off as one country, then an empire, then the whole globe.
    I would assume those aren’t the signs of a company loosing wealth.

  40. frances snoot says:

    Clue: Started off as one country, then an empire, then the whole globe.

    England or the US of A, Dedo? Seems the commonwealth’s finger traces more boundaries.

  41. Dedo says:

    @Frances,…..Don’t get sucked into the compartmentalization process !
    It can confuse ,…: )

  42. frances snoot says:

    Are we talking about sovereigns or tankers, Dedo?

  43. Gordo says:

    Peter Schiff just does not understand the finer points of modern finance.

    Good video short and to the point.

  44. Dedo says:

    @Frances,…See what I mean ! : )

  45. frances snoot says:


    As long as you don’t ask which came first, Dedo. I think the sovereigns have been running things for quite some time: one could say centuries. The legal system backs up my perspective.

    Can’t have a law without an authority. Oh, unless you operate under EU ‘legal’ jurisdication.


  46. Bonn says:

    @ Dedo
    I know but thats what peter Schiff said not me
    USA has greater than 700 bases world wide wit 2.5 mill peeps in the MIC
    thats almost 3 % of the US Population
    If ya Kick out Kids and Retired peeps assuming 100 mill werking population
    Using data from fiscal year 2005, the Pentagon bureaucrats calculated that its overseas bases were worth at least $127 billion — surely far too low a figure but still larger than the gross domestic products of most countries — and an estimated $658.1 billion for all of them, foreign and domestic

    “take any US Govt fig. and Multiply it by 3” – Bonns rule of thumb
    Protecting the Oil Interests of the Elite

  47. Dedo says:

    @Frances,….Exactly!,..It’s the system,.and it’s bin workin’ fine and dandy (like you say), for many a moon,..: )

    Folk often miss for whom the system is working, me thinks, maybe,…

  48. Youri Carma says:

    Do a bit of frontrunning here:

    Keiser Report №35: Markets! Finance! Scandal!

  49. Bonn says:

    Actually multyply by 2.55 so if tey say unemployment is at 9 ; ten 9 X 2.5 = 22.5 +/- 1.5

  50. Bonn says:

    The United States has the highest documented incarceration rate in the world.[1][2] The U.S. incarceration rate on December 31, 2008 was 754 inmates per 100,000 U.S. residents.[3] The USA also has the highest total documented prison and jail population in the world.
    so approximately 3 mill in Jail wit Lawyers attorneys
    22 mill Unemployed
    Wow What a failed Republic or Walayamu Republic

  51. Bonn says:

    In 2006, $68,747,203,000 was spent on corrections.[45] “The average annual operating cost per state inmate in 2001 was $22,650, or $62.05 per day; among facilities operated by the Federal Bureau of Prisons, it was $22,632 per inmate, or $62.01 per day.”
    Some US bashing goin here now
    Hic 😉
    62 $ a day I could eat all 3 meals a day at a 5 star Restaurant here in India Wit tat Kinda money

  52. bammbamm says:

    Article in today’s TImes: “Goldman Employees Rally Around Blankfein”. Calls to mind Benjamin Franklin’s statement that if we don’t hang together we’ll all hang separately.

  53. Dedo says:

    @Bonn,..Wow!,..sorry for the long link,.didn’t realize : )

  54. Bonn says:

    Tis Ok now Dedo new thread is up
    Hic 😉

  55. frances snoot says:

    OTC (off-topic-category):

    (thought Stacy would be interesting in the French-bashing)

  56. frances snoot says:

    May I say that Stacy and Max are completely supportive of free and open dialogue as evidenced by their Snoot allowance on Quite radical and wonderful, really.

  57. Dedo says:

    May I concur, hear,..: ),..or is that hear here

  58. frances snoot says:

    “France was, after all, the first country in Western Europe to ban opinions when it passed its ridiculous Holocaust Denial law, which set the ball rolling for restrictions on free speech across Europe. And laws once used against Nazi-loving cranks are now used to criticise any opponents of mass immigration.”– Ed West


    “The Belgian Anti-Racism Law, in full, the Law of July 30, 1981 on the Punishment of Certain Acts inspired by Racism or Xenophobia, is a law against hate speech and discrimination passed by the Federal Parliament of Belgium in 1981 which made certain acts motivated by racism or xenophobia illegal. It is also known as the Moureaux Law.”


  59. FiatMentalist says:

    About AJ, well you tried to tell him that the best way to hurt rich people is to turn them into poor people but…. He knows as soon as he starts directing action then everything around him will go to a level that he doesn’t want it to go.

    It’s the ultimate tragedy of USA that its final destruction is being presented to Americans by Alex Jones in a nice consumer friendly format.

    But hey, David Icke will be on in the next few weeks to plug his new book about how the moon is artificial and were all being controlled by aliens sending out rays from the moon.

  60. g7enn says:

    Explanation of the Great Goldmann Scam on Americans

    Great Job Stacy, Max & the rest of the posters. I enjoyed your explanation of how Russians are made into the bad guys by the American media.

  61. Dedo says:

    @Frances,…Frighteningly accurate,…you bin spyin’ on muah! : )

  62. Dedo says:

    @Frances,….Actually, my eye lashes are a bit longer!

  63. johnseattle says:

    Max how could you use such criminals as a backdrop?

  64. Marc Authier says:

    IMF suggests taxing banks. Good idea. It would good particularly for junk like derivatives. A big tax on CDO’s and Swaps would solve the problem indeed. Want to use hyper leverage dear bankster ?

  65. frances snoot says:

    IMF is a bank as well.

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