Max Keiser interviewed in Proto Thema: The IMF is a Financial Mafia

Stacy Summary: Translation via Helen Skopis of the recent interview with Max Keiser in Proto Thema newspaper in Athens.

Article in Proto Thema online – April 23, 2010 By Vassili Daliani
“The IMF is a financial mafia”

At a time when Greece is being dragged through the mud by the international press, Max Keiser, one of the most radical and outspoken financial analysts, stands by our side and talks openly about a “financial mafia” and “financial terrorists” that drove this country to its destruction.

As a former Wall Street broker for almost 25 years, he knows how the financial system operates. Max Keiser had foreseen the financial collapse of Iceland, he asks for the arrest of Goldman Sachs bankers and encourages Greeks to hold a referendum on whether the country should turn to the International Monetary Fund.

He is a presenter of financial shows on major worldwide TV networks, including the BBC, the English Al Jazeera and Russia Today. Max Keiser told “THEMA” that the government’s measures are unsubstantial maintaining that the IMF will impose the real measures. He believes that Greece is a country that will be sacrificed by the international markets and urges the Greek people to fight this prospective.

MK: Is the International Monetary Fund Greece’s only solution, or are there other alternatives?

MK: The only solution for Greece is to arrest the Goldman Sachs bankers immediately and all those involved in the fabrication of Greek economic data in 2000, when you became a member of the eurozone. The next step is to nationalize all banks like Sweden did in 1993. The International Monetary Fund is that last thing you need. You will lose your sovereignty. It exercises terrorism. You will be raped in such a way, that it will be the worst pain you have ever felt.

PT: There are those who believe that the IMF is not the “bad wolf” but the only solution for Greece

MK: If someone burns down your house in order to sell you charcoal, would you consider this logical? That is exactly what Goldman Sachs did to the Greek economy. They burned you down like arsonists and then they tell you not to worry they’ll give you charcoal. It’s outrageous. The IMF has said that it can provide Greece with help. The Wall Street investment hedge funds are attacking Greece’s bond market so that the Greek economy collapses. And they’re doing this for a simple reason; to force the Greek people to ask for help from the IMF. The IMF will say, we came because you asked for our help. Wall Street bankers work very closely with the IMF. It’s a financial mafia and the hedge funds are the assassins. Research conducted on Goldman Sachs in the USA and in Europe show how big a mafia it is. They are involved in illegal activity throughout the world.

PT: Where is the European Union? How would you explain the stance of France and Germany?

MK: Germany is on the side of the Wall Street bankers. Germany doesn’t care about Greece or the euro. The euro replaced a cheap capital in order to uphold competitiveness in its export market. As long as Greece is a problem, the euro falls, which is something that is in Germany’s interest.

The European Union and the euro are competing with the dollar. Unfortunately, the crisis will destroy the euro. The financial terrorists on Wall Street intend to destroy Portugal, and other countries, after Greece. The destruction of the euro will allow the dollar to be the only international currency, the only fiscal reserve. If a country wants to buy petroleum, it must purchase dollars first. If a country wants to buy copper, it must purchase dollars first. Because these and many other commodities are only sold in dollars. This means that the U.S. is making a continuous profit. The whole world is obliged to buy dollars. The euro threatened the empire of the dollar. It was naturally not appreciated by Wall Street bankers. They are using the crisis to destroy the euro. The Greek people must stand up to the bankers, just like the Icelandic people did.

What do you propose? How can we manage to borrow from the markets?

MK: You should hold a referendum just like they did in Iceland. 93% of the Icelandic people decided not to give some bankers 5 billion euros. You have to decide if you want the IMF in your country. Your government does not have the mandate to go ahead with this. Do they consider you stupid and that is why they aren’t asking you for your opinion? Do they believe you’re babies and that you don’t have the right to voice your opinion? That you can’t decide for your own lives? Ask for a referendum. Do you want the IMF in your country or not? You have the power. You have to fight. If a referendum is not held then you need to have elections. Nationalize all banks immediately, create two or three state banks and restructure your economy. Just look at what Sweden implemented in 1993.

40 comments on “Max Keiser interviewed in Proto Thema: The IMF is a Financial Mafia
  1. Creative Destruction says:

    Hey Max,

    Next time you’re on Greek media maybe you can encourage the Greeks to scream “This, is SPARTA!!!” at the banks, governments, IMF, Goldman Sachs, etc

  2. Bonn says:

    Hey I was pritty good wit my translation
    hic 😉

  3. Daniel S says:

    Yep, Nationalizing their banks is the only early step that makes sense to me.

    It’s interesting how a culture of fraud and a common practice of fraud within a society are cultivated in order to engage in these crimes. People are so trained to think in absolutes and in short-term self-interest that it effectively causes people to think that their own destruction is in their best interest. A culture where status trumps ability, and admitting you’re wrong costs status, helps too.

  4. Troy Ounce says:

    With the US$ as the only currency we’re all f#cked; the rest of the world will pay for a deficit of the Americans for the coming 2-3 generations.

    This is a nightmare scenario.

    Does somebody care in Greece? Or are they all chasing British girls on their islands?

  5. Mel Murray says:

    Max, I am a bit perplexed? Why would Germany want the euro to collapse? Its one thing for it to fall in value to boost German exports, its quite another for it to completely implode.

  6. Marc Authier says:

    Portugal now downgraded to JUNK. It tool 24 hours to have unofficially about the same results as Greece. Dire straits. And adding money won’t help anything. It’s like beating a dead donkey. You won’t birng to life an animal that’s already and is starting to rot from the inside. Vicious circle for vicious banksters. When will there be arrests ?

  7. Bonn says:

    @ Max & Stacy
    Have ya guys got yer French citizenship ????
    If So Wit USA calling fer Pre-emptive Nuke strikes on Iran
    As ya noticed how the Winds can blow over Europe wit ta Icelandic Volcano shuting down ta airlines industrys causing 2 Billion dollar losses
    Now yas nose why its not in ta best interests of Europe either
    Cause yer gonna have radiactive material carried over to yas in Europe via ta Gulf Streams
    Also do yas guys have any major fallowing in France ???
    Radio Active Winds screws everyone.
    So Even a Nuke Attack on Iran is an act of war against Europe and surrounding regions
    Does ya tink Europe Common folks know about tis ???
    Hic 😉
    Wait checking how far Pareeee is from Thehran

  8. Marc Authier says:


    Well it means that United KingDumb is in real deep deep deep deep deep shit. The shit will soon be hitting the fan on Albion. 🙂 A greece treatment reserved even to the british pirates at the City. That’s what the flashing signals are indicating. Capital flight out of Greatly-diminished Britain.

  9. maxkeiser says:

    Hi Max, I know you are a busy man but I just wanted to say I really enjoy what you are doing at the minute, brave, sincere and funny, you can’t get better than that in my book. Anyway an actor friend and I have been editing a film for the last two years , we did it on no budget and a borrowed camera and a lot of hip hop style use of other peoples music and film. We are currently writing a 6 episode seires, the main characters is French, its a satire /dark comedy. The dream is to get funding and do the second series in Paris, if we did I’d love you to make a cameo because I think you are hilarious. We have a called Guru Dosh for the series I think you would like and a great actor lined up for it. Anyway, I’d love to send you a copy of my film when its finished , I think you might get a laugh out of it and I’d love to hear your opinion.If you read all this, cool. If you didn’t, don’t matter mate and keep up the good work. Yours sincerely


  10. Danny says:

    How is Ireland not being attacked right now????
    We’ve the highest GDP to debt ratio in Europe. (although GDP is an awful indicator of a countries merit)

    Are we that small that we’re dropping off the radar? Goldman do have their European headquarters in Dublin…

  11. stacyherbert says:

    @Danny – I believe it is because Irish have shown no signs of resistance, unlike in Greece and Portugal where there are massive protests to bailing out bankers

  12. Marc Authier says:


    The CDS market is just giving notice that the UK debt will very soon downgraded to JUNK, That’s what the CDS marker is saying. It’s saying UK is a perfect candidate for bankruptcy. Even if it’s english speaking. 🙂

  13. Bonn says:

    Crap tehran is closer to me tan to ya guys
    distance between tehran and Paris 4,208 KM
    distance between tehran and Bangalore 3,635 KM
    distance between Iceland and Paris 2,229 KM
    Hic 😉
    Wait checking all Gulf Streams now Lets see which Direction tey flow

  14. Danny says:

    I think your right. As a nation, we’re currently licking boots. The current political squabbles are about ministerial pensions, and not a whimper about the coup d’etat this is NAMA. Pathetic.

  15. Ptah says:

    The nationalising of banks seems a good idea on the surface as it suggests that the control of the banks is removed from the free-market – a niche area now proven to be unable to wipe its own ass – to the control of the tax payers who have just invested all of their collective money rescueing it. However, in the United Kingdumb (Mark – nice description) the process is a scam as the tax payer seems to have little influence on proceedings so I am not convinced this is the best approach.

    Given the complicity of Greece in the extraordinary rendition flights organised by the USA, I am only a little sympathetic to the problems faced by Greece. I did not hear about too many riots when Greeks received US cash for aiding the torture of randomly selected people. Perhaps they are getting what they deserved, you play with fire… you get burnt.

    In the UK I am bracing myself for the inevitable. As official gimp to the USA, the UK is in for a TOB that will surpass the expectations of the financial masochist community. Presumably we will get a rocket if the ‘wrong’ canditate is ‘chosen’ at the up-and-coming ‘vote’.

  16. GoldFreak says:

    Ireland has no Gold

  17. Danny says:


    AHAAA! Your right.

  18. Rolf says:

    @[email protected]

    Personally i think its all staged by the media. The crisis is planned by the bankers and the media (owned by the bankers) is in it. Ireland will come don’t worry. Greece is now, next is Portugal then another PiG. Bankrupting nations is their plan. One world currency here we come. Just my thought…

  19. stacyherbert says:

    @GoldFreak – you’ve just never followed the rainbow

  20. Rolf says:

    If the solution of this problem is a referendum and the greece people voting no against IMF and then they nationalizing all banks in Greece, where stand the ECB in this? Those are the ones that have the power to create money out of nothing right? The Euro will still be a debt based currency. I think Greece should (beside the referendum and bank nationalizations) create their own debt free currency, like all countries should do, and tell the bankers to piss-off? Or just destroy the central banks and the IMF? If you don’t do this nothing will change imo or am i missing something here? Can someone explain this to me?

  21. Guido Guidetti says:


    Hate to tell you this mate but the frikken jet stream blows from Iran towards Inda

  22. Guido Guidetti says:

    Dublin has a severe case of the Stockholm syndrom

  23. Danny says:

    I think thats Brian Lenihan– a fuckin apologist

  24. Bonn says:

    @ Guido Guidetti
    I no tats why I kept quite
    Will pray fer on of ta directiona boosters to fail when ta ICBM is re- entering
    orbit lolololoo
    Preferabaly ta left Booster
    Hic 😉

  25. Al-doomandbloom says:

    comments by Dublin are the perfect example of a sterile population…where standing up for ones rights is seen as destructive…

    Greek people will be made to look like idiots for standing up…its a sad story…where people will let the bankers walk all over them..and be thankful about that.

    Max is probably the only guy who is talking sense right now…but i have seen some greek TV clips..and while they like what Max says…they are more likely to allow the bankers full access to their resources. So powerful is this concept of debt., that the population has become self the point they do not know their own rights

  26. Bonn says:

    Ideal scenario is that it should blow up at base itself
    ROFL hic 😉
    Or should Land in China or Russia
    tat would ignite a reaction similar to a “Baboon dipped in itching poweder on a water bed reaction from china/russia”


  27. Guido Guidetti says:

    @ Bonn

    The visual of the reactions of a baboon drenched in itching powder is too too much LMFAO! The expression “the fur flies” springs to mind

  28. skiddypants says:

    We are all spectators………..

    Can anyone stop a this slow-motion-train-wreck ?

    What`s up with silver ?

    Is it a currency acting like an industrial metal ?


  29. Guido Guidetti says:

    Sovereign credit carnage: 5Y Poland +20% at 152bps, Portugal +13% at 440. Greece at 945bps – most expensive sovereign CDS in the world

    Read more:

  30. Guido Guidetti says:

    Silver good–gold better

  31. Guido Guidetti says:

    May silver futures closed down 21.8 cents at $18.119 an ounce Wednesday. Prices closed nearer the session low and saw profit-taking pressure. The key “outside markets” were in a bearish posture for silver Tuesday, as the U.S. dollar index was higher, while crude oil and the U.S. stock index futures prices were lower. Silver bulls still have the overall near-term technical advantage. Prices are in an 11-week-old uptrend on the daily bar chart. The next downside price objective for the bears is closing prices below solid technical support at last week’s low of $17.49. Bulls’ next upside price objective is closing prices above solid technical resistance at the April high of $18.605 an ounce. First resistance is seen at $18.25 and then at this week’s high of $18.42. Next support is seen at Tuesday’s low of $18.06 and then at $18.00.

  32. Ptah says:

    Skiddypants: We are all spectators………..

    You participate whether you like it or not….

  33. skiddypants says:

    Thanks GG.

    Got gold.

    If lower channel gets taken out , I may be a buyer

    PS I find Max and Stacy informative and entertaining. If some don`t like the style , concentrate on the content……..I`m always learning…….


  34. white hunter says:

    New exchange-traded funds were introduced a week ago for silver mining shares (SIL) and copper mining shares (COPX).

  35. frances snoot says:

    Eleni D Dendrinou-Louri: Assessing the performance and regulation of
    the Greek banking system
    Speech by Ms Eleni D Dendrinou-Louri, Deputy Governor of the Bank of Greece, at the conference: “The future of banking in Greece: redefining the business of financial services to drive growth and expansion in 2009 and beyond”, Athens, 21 January 2010.

    “The Basel Committee recently published proposals on ways to redesign the existing regulatory capital and liquidity framework. The target date for the implementation of these proposals is end-2012, with “appropriate phase-in measures and grandfathering arrangements for a sufficiently long period to ensure a smooth transition to the new standards”. Increased capital requirements for trading books and securitizations, proposed at
    the beginning of 2009, are expected to be effective as of December 2010. These “Basel III” draft proposals:
    1. Re-define eligible capital. All regulatory adjustments are to be applied to the more- strictly defined and more internationally harmonized common equity component of
    Tier 1. Tier 2 capital instruments will be standardized, and Tier 3 capital will be phased-out. Explicit minima for common equity, Tier 1 and Total Capital as percentages of Risk Weighted Assets will be determined after the comprehensive impact assessment, that will take place in the first half of 2010, is concluded.
    2. Tighten risk coverage by better addressing the counterparty credit risk (CCR) arising primarily from derivatives, repos and securities-financing activities. This change is motivated by the fact that “two-thirds of the Counterparty Credit Risk losses were due to credit valuation adjustments and only about one-third were due to actual defaults”.
    3. Limit the inherent procyclicality of the existing framework with the introduction of
    (a) capital buffers beyond the regulatory minimum, which will be built-up in good times so that they can be drawn upon during stress periods and (b) “forward- looking” provisioning based on expected losses to substitute for the current “incurred loss” provisioning model.
    4. Introduce a non-risk metric, the leverage ratio, to supplement existing Pillar 1 risk metrics.
    5. Propose a short-term Liquidity Coverage Ratio in order to ensure that financial institutions have sufficient high quality liquid resources to survive an acute stress scenario calculated for 30 calendar days into the future and a longer-term Net- Stable-Funding Ratio which promotes an institution’s resiliency by creating incentives for more-stable funding choices.”

  36. fUny1 says:

    Hey Max, was Goldman the market maker in the million$+ options that you bought for one customer where you found out that you were the only buyer of those options and were forced to take a massive loss to get out?

    Well if that was the case at least it was long ago that it was in the millions rather than the billions like the modern day carnal cretins.

    Nathan Rothschild has returned to us. He even found a similar body type in Lloyd Blankfiend’s. Now if only I can get the Blankfiend in a synthetic bet where he pays up by appearing as NM Rotten Child in a spoof of this ponzi reality that we have been living in since Goldsmiths figured out fractional reserve notes on the gold.

  37. frances snoot says:

    Head’s up Seven-up:

  38. Casper Studly says:

    OK now. Did everybody read what Max said? Max told the Greeks to “nationalize all the banks”. I’ll repeat that for the sake of the “neos” and the “libernarians” around here: Max said ‘NATIONALIZE ALL THE BANKS”. That’s our Max.. an international treasure of the first water. Max said “NATIONALIZE ALL THE BANKS”.

    Max and Stacy rock. We’ll build statues of them someday.

    But Max and Stacy: DON’T FLY. That’s the easiest way THEY have of neutralizing annoyances. Don’t for a minute make the mistake of thinking they wouldn’t do it because of the threat to innocent bystanders. THEY don’t fucking care. The payout for them is in the TRILLIONS. Or maybe more. What’s bigger than a trillion? A gigillion? A gazillion?

    You folks study business stuff. Others study deep politics and Mil-intel. Shit happens. Don’t doubt it. Heads up,

  39. Paul Byrne says:

    I believe we are in the middle of world war 3 ,as we have seen in the past when wars occur banks are usually involved in providing funds for both sides and reap rewards supporting both side as was seen with the Rockafeller Dynasty in WW2 . This is a war that has been waged on the people of this world to inslave this generation and more to come to a never ending debt ,higher interest rates and only individuals benifiting..I don`t know the solution but we must educate ourselves as to what is happening before we can tackle the issue .Greece is a victim of financial terrorism and other countries just like 3rd world coutries will fall into the arms of the banking institutes where monies that should be spent on social care will instead go to pay debt .The top 50 GDP`s of this world are now multinational/banking corporations.Any institution that has power over people whether it be Political Religous or Financial need to be transparent and regulated otherwise as we are finding out to our perill we become victims .Peace and Love.

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