Collateral Murder – Wikileaks Video of US Military Killing Iraqis & Two Reuters Journalists

Stacy Summary: Reuters has been trying for years to get this video under FOIA requests. Wikileaks releases it for them:

162 comments on “Collateral Murder – Wikileaks Video of US Military Killing Iraqis & Two Reuters Journalists
  1. EB says:

    CNN downplaying it…

    …The U.S. investigation into the attack found that the helicopter gunship’s crew mistook the journalists’ cameras for weapons while seeking out insurgents who had been firing at American troops in the area. The fliers estimated they killed 12 to 15 Iraqis in the attack.

    “This tragic incident was investigated at that time by the brigade involved and the investigation found that the forces involved were not aware of the presence of the two reporters, and that all evidence available supported the conclusion by those forces that they were engaging armed insurgents, and not civilians,” Maj. Shawn Turner, a U.S. military spokesman, told CNN in a written statement Monday.

    The Army’s 2007 report on the incident found the crew had “neither reason nor probability to assume that neutral media personnel were embedded with enemy forces,” according to a copy of the document released to CNN.

    “We regret the loss of innocent life, but this incident was promptly investigated, and there was never any attempt to cover up any aspects of this engagement,” Turner added.

    “We continue to work for journalist safety and call on all involved parties to recognise the important work that journalists do and the extreme danger that photographers and video journalists face in particular,” David Schlesinger, the wire service’s editor-in-chief, said in a statement released to CNN. “The video released today via WikiLeaks is graphic evidence of the dangers involved in war journalism and the tragedies that can result.”…

  2. EB says:

    HuffPo more factual…

  3. RONIN says:

    I’d like to know if the video we see here was taken by a helicopter, or by a drone.

    I wouldn’t know how to tell.

  4. ehswan says:

    It seems clear to me that the murderers, oh, I mean US WARRIORS wanted to kill a wounded man who was no threat to them. These “men” will be returning to our shores: what goes around comes around!

  5. Adam C says:


    ‘In this incident, soldiers flying attack helicopters were called in to assist ground troops who had been pinned down by small-arms fire and rocket-propelled grenades.

    According to U.S. officials, the pilots arrived at the scene to find a group of men approaching the fight with what looked to be AK-47s slung over their shoulders and at least one rocket-propelled grenade.

    A military investigation later concluded that what was thought to be an RPG was really a long-range photography lens; likewise, the camera looked like an AK-47.”

    AP Source Confirms Video of Baghdad Firefight

  6. Adam C says:


    ‘A Classified US military video showing a 2007 attack by Apache helicopters that killed a dozen civilians in Iraq has been released by a group that promotes leaking to fight government and corporate corruption.’

    US military video showing 2007 Apache attack on Iraqi civilians released

  7. insider says:

    Dumbed down Americans. This is what kind of youngsters you get from drinking fluoride water, chlorine water, sugared foods and soda, unhealthy milk, aspartame, meat from factory farm grown up with the help of steroids.
    This is what you get from brainwashing people through the Hollywood factory and controlled centralized media. This is what kind of people you get from the society of greed.

  8. Peter Campbell says:

    It’s GENOCIDE! 1.3million people killed because of lies, the western leaders should be in war crimes tribunals.

    The media should be there to for promoting propaganda.

  9. Adam C says:

    That’s me done for the day. Getting a little bit morbid.

  10. PIGDOG says:


  11. insider says:

    Max, Stacy and .. it was a chock to watch this.
    Georg Carlin talks the truth 100%

  12. Lloyd says:

    This video is an example of what Obama’s nominee for Army General Counsel wants to stop. He views his #1 job as stopping whistleblowers.

  13. @ronin

    It appears that it was the gunner’s CAM on the helicopter…
    If you look at the bottom of the screen, when the gunner is saying his “gun is not firing” because of the “azimuth” issue, you can see the notes at the bottom flashing that info (something like “az limit”)

  14. Henry says:

    What I find completely spooky, is how the soldiers in the helecopter clearly believe that a man walking so nonchalantly in the open could be carrying a gun, with noone around on the street paying any particular attention to him. That fact should have given them pause, and would have saved lives. But the real murderes were the politicians who started an illegal war. They have hundreds of thousands (or more) innocent lives that they have brutally ended.

  15. nobody says:

    i wonder how many people they have killed in that way. I also wonder what happened to two young girls. I hope they are alive and well. Shame On them.

  16. nobody says:

    they were laughing while killing people. Shot the men, who were helping the wounded??? Ran over the the dead body without any guilty feeling?? It seems like they think that war is a video game. While they have been killing people this way, fucking politicians and armchair generals have been shouting democracy and freedom in the ME. They have been busy to justify the illegal war, pretending and liying that they are there to free women. I am a woman. so i hate women more than anyone, who insist the war is good for women, How the hell they can free women by weapons and brutality ????

  17. nobody says:


    For the very first time, i understand you why you are waiting for TOB

  18. irma says:

    Wikileaks is a Mossad Front!!!

    There is nothing on Wikileaks against Israel/AIPAC/Mossad.

  19. Viriathus says:

    Well now, perhaps I spoke too soon! It seems that John Young did indeed have a falling out with Julien Agee and WikiLeaks! Apparently the trigger was their $5 million fund raising target back in 2007, a controversy I missed because it happened on the mailing list. JY apparently took this as another scam and suspected WL of being CIA stooges if not outright disinfo agents.

    Specifically –

    ” 7 January 2007

    A writes:

    Just read the majority of the mailing list conversation and did not understand your, what I thought, sudden shift in direction. I imagine something that did not make its way onto the mailing list conversation prompted you to pull your support and then publish the emails? If so, can you fill us in?


    All the messages received were published. My objections had been building, shown in later messages, after initial support. The finally fed-up turnaround occurred with the publication today of the $5 million dollar by July fund-raising goal — see messages at the tail-end. I called that — along with a delay in offering a public discussion and critique forum and failure to provide a credible batch of leaked documents for public scrutiny — a surefire indication of a scam. This is the exact technique used by snake oilers, pols and spies. Requests to Cryptome to keep stuff quiet are regular fare and they always get published. Next up, the names and affiliations of the perps if they don’t reveal themselves in an open forum.”

    Those wanting to read more would do well to visit and

    My apologies to the skeptics. This puts a whole new spin on the matter, and I am humbled by how easily I can be taken in. It may not constitute proof, but Mr. Young makes some valid observations I failed to consider. All the more reason to send Cryptome some cash!

  20. Rick McCartie says:

    warmongering Americans sucked in by the international bankers backed by the military/industrial complex continue slaughter of Iraqis along with a small number of U.S. troops as well .It’s no wonder that Americans are hated by countries they occupy. Thanks for bringing the troops home, Saetoro.!

  21. shaul Hanuka says:

    Some Israelis journalist should learn from this next time they think to go to Haaretz with military documents.

  22. EB says:

    @Adam : Had to crash last night, just got back.

    The Telegraph clip is bizarre to put it mildly.

    Is there an ‘MSM Watch’ website, that tracks the progress of major political stories in the MSM? This would help people realize just how they are being misled by what they read,,,,

    This thread really illustrates how important news just gets surpressed….

  23. EB says:

    Can anybody tell me how WikiLeaks could ‘decrypt’ a US Military video? Have they invented an Enigma machine or something? This is just not a trivial task. Something really smells here…

  24. Dedo says:

    @EB,..”Can anybody tell me how WikiLeaks could ‘decrypt’ a US Military video?”

    If folk really knew how intertwined and powerful the establishment really are,..they would know not to even entertain such a silly notion!
    It’s all theater, either know it, or ya don’t,..

  25. Patricia Kime says:

    Condolences to the families,my heart goes out to you all
    .What an utterly sickening film……………murder is the worst crime…………..the military are gross,politicians worse,very very sad

  26. insider says:

    Almost a media blackout!

  27. Phil UK says:

    I just saw this on Infowars… It made me feel physically sick.. I had to go and spit cos my mouth was full of saliva..

    In a way it was a relief, guess i’m not totally desnsitised after all.

    Its ridiculous. Do these people even know what an RPG looks like?

  28. Adam C says:


    JY talking about needing more wikileaks-style sites

    Cryptome — BBC Interviews Cryptome

  29. Adam C says:


    Check the collateral murder resources section for selected MSM mentions (seems limited to those stories that help fill in details)

    And google news as a makeshift MSM aggregator

    RE: encryption

    Heard they used a distributed computing app similar to [email protected]
    http:[email protected]#Software

  30. Bonn says:

    @ Stacy
    Sees I told yas tey dont use Aircrafts fixed wing types ; Tey use Apaches
    Fixed wing aircrafts are generally used When Invading a country After tat Apachies are the work horse used to maintain tyrrany. Tats wat Israel uses
    Toe it dont matter wat tey use its Illegal all tas ways.

  31. stacyherbert says:

    Notice that the Wikileaks video got 1.3 MILLION VIEWS in less than 24 hours . . . and not ONE SINGLE honor for the video . . . seems the NSATube doesn’t like the video

  32. Bonn says:

    Me tubes are slow today but I got sick in ta stomach watchin ta vid freakin tis Chopper pilot did not follow any protocol and he needs to get is Eyes checked a freakin RPG is so easily Identifiable And What A bunch of Jokers would walk out in the open casually carrying RPGs what nonsence

  33. Bonn says:

    And Get a freakin Mike on tat stupid Freakin Apache Helicopter He coulda asked tem to surrender first

  34. Bonn says:

    Man Just seein ta vid I did’nt see it yesterday cause was upto some other vids

  35. Bonn says:

    Tis is a freakin RPG
    And tis is a freakin Journalist Camera

    Is tis freakin Pilot freakin Blind ????

  36. Dedo says:

    @Bonn,..I think those apache’s usually operate out of ear shot bud’ !
    Hence the delay, from firing and shots hitting target,..

  37. Adam C says:


    Just read through those leaked wikileaks emails. Thanks.

    A little more discussion on the status of wikileaks and a brief commentary on the release of the collateral murder videos here on cryptome’s home page:

  38. EB says:

    And yet, after all this, we ask, why?

  39. Bonn says:

    Oh Dedo dont get me started I knows a lots about Choppers n stuff
    Tear are inumerous ways tat it coulda been avoided
    Fer Ex tear was 3 secs delay tats what 3 kms away ???
    330 m/s actually 1 kms away I am very sharp dude

  40. Bonn says:

    And I aint even followed Aeronautics and latest developements in ta last 10 years 10 years back I knew every nook and cranny of Aircrafts & Choppers

  41. Bonn says:

    @ Dedo I hopes yas knows sound travells at 330 m/s
    yas must know tat me tinks

  42. Dedo says:

    @Bonn,…I had a hunch you knew,..just thought I’d throw it across your bow,..
    Thanks for the info’,…: )

  43. Bonn says:

    @ Dedo
    Tanks mate lolololol I sometimes loose it when i see stuff like tis n I will lash out at anyone with more knowledge if i has it or I keep quite when I don’t know it in detail
    I got tis attention to detail tingy hard wired in me brain
    God I curse it somanytimes
    Hic 😉

  44. Bonn says:

    Actually its 2 secs so tey were within 700 meters

  45. Bonn says:

    Also In ta vid ya can clearly see a 700 to 1 Km meter radius ta chopper is flying

  46. Bonn says:

    And its a freakin apache not a drone a drone does’nt have ta capability of flying in a circle while having its guns trained on innocent victems
    Tis is fer ta person who asked wheather it was a Drone or an Apache

  47. Bonn says:

    Still seeing the vid saw the second part of it where they try and rescue the survivor got tears in my eyes Bye y’all

  48. zaphodity says:

    “Why do they hate us” ?

  49. Bonn says:

    zaphodity tey dont hate ya

    They are after the FUCKIN OIL BASTARDS

  50. Bonn says:

    but I HAVE ENUFF
    $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ to carry on n i wont stop

  51. alan says:

    What is it with the U.S. They need to to take a good look at the brain washing that go’s on in their society, and realise the effect it has on them as individuals and as a collective. Most of the world, including U.S. allies cannot relate to their thought processes. I think in Australia the polititions are too cowardly to stand up to them. If we were real friends were would take the time to explain to them how off the rails they are.

  52. Zapper056 says:

    And Sepo’s wonder why wherever you go in the world for a holiday or whatever everyone hates you??????

  53. Chalcedonite says: posted: “I am tired of the mainstream media sanitizing news footage of these wars. I think it is disingenuous to show combat footage up until the death scene. In my opinion, they need to show the blood and guts and get a real taste for the horrors of war. I think that if people got to see the gruesome, they’d be a little less eager to “kick ass” for Haliburton, KBR, and XE (formerly known as Blackwater).”

    I don’t think this statement is true… If the public allows the bankers, state and “church” to rob them in every way what makes anyone think that they will not be eager to ….

  54. howard says:

    What it this crap! Although the blood and cuts are awful, what I think is more disgusting is their sociopath/Psychopathic attitudes. These aren’t men- these are cowardly jerks doing their fighting in stealth. This is one of the sadiest things I have seen in very long time. I too agree that this should be shown on the news. I think that the American public should see how their tax dollars are being spent.

  55. qed says:

    This is murder and violation of the Geneva convention.

    Geneva convention forbids the shooting of civilians. Geneva convention also forbids the shooting of those coming to aid the injured.

    There are no guns anywhere to be seen. In their eagerness to murder civilians, the cowardly US ‘heroes’ invent AK47s and rocket launchers.

    Some heroism. Slaughtering innocents from the safety and comfort of their gunships. Laughing when children get injured.

    Do not buy US products or travel to the US. Boycott anything made in the US.

    When a US national asks you for directions, direct them to the opposite way from where they want to go.

  56. EB says:

    @qed: it’s right and proper that everyone around the world should be outraged by this video. But it’s wrong to let it push you or anyone else to hatred against your fellow human beings, no matter where they come from.

    This video is a double edged sword. One edge cuts against the establishment, our paymasters, the global financial oligarchs who are pulling all our strings. This is independent of each nation, race, culture, or religion.

    The other edge cuts against us, the ordinary people. Don’t let yourself fall prey to the second edge. Let us use the sword against the real monsters who are behind these things. The war mongers, the war profiteers. These represent the true evil in today’s world.

  57. Bonn says:

    I started to Boycott US products 3 years back
    Bunch of Lunatiic Phycopaths

  58. harry_w says:

    The obvious observations are:

    – US forces cannot distinguish between hostile armed forces and unarmed civilians.
    – US forces use indiscriminate force, unprovoked and without warning.
    – The US command will lie to cover that up.
    – The morale of US forces is bolstered by the use of overwhelming force (the ethic of ‘shock and awe’), and will blame their victims for any innocents among them.

    Other observations:

    – How can a trained soldier go from misidentifying a camera with a long lense as ‘a weapon’ right down to the type of weapon (it wasn’t) — first it’s an AK47, then an RPG?

    – These soldiers are delusional, they can only apply force indiscriminately.

    – This is characteristic of aerial occupation. That’s the preferred method of US-NATO due to domestic intolerance of casualties compared to an indulgence for torture and indiscriminate massacres of occupied populations.

    – US forces classify the massacre of all targets with out a single shot fired in return as a ‘battle’.

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