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147 comments on “Thanks to Truth About Markets Listeners from Max, Stacy & ResonanceFM!!
  1. frances snoot says:

    What’s with the bird noises in the beginning of the video? Was there a bird in the studio, Guiseppi? That guy is totally detached from the real world. Doesn’t he know anything about the international global financial system? Does he prefer the sdr/reserve system over the dollar system? Because he sure is preaching for the IMF: albeit poorly.

  2. frances snoot says:

    The governments are regulated through the monetary authorities that control the currencies (G20). The global system is looking to a form of international liquidity for trade/reserve available to elite members/sovereigns. The masses are taught that liquidity doesn’t matter/exist: that the problem is debt. The more we enter fully into the liquidity trap/3% deficit to GDP, the more assertive control the monetary authorities will retain over the governments (proxy criminals). We are not exiting the control of these sovereign banks but entering the control grid with open- armed acceptance when we further exacerbate the global deflationary spiral by believing that our national systems of domestic currency are only controlled at the national level. The IMF will be all too happy to control sovereign reserves, trades, exchange rates, and dictate policy through the new reserve system. There will be no forex trade: all cross border capital will be regulated by the monetary authorities.

    The colonization of the nations will be enabled by the end of the tie between the domestic ‘currency’ (dollar paper standard/exchange rate system) and the global trade ‘currency’ (sdr vehicle) for exports.

    All money is debt. Money is a form of capital which maintains deferred payment.

  3. frances snoot says:

    Aren’t you from Canada?

  4. Bliaboo says:

    Lincoln issued gold backed “greenbacks” because the US was offered a loan for conduct of the civil war of $5 million at 12% – which at that time (or any) was considered a steep rate of interest on any loan.

    Lincoln did so via Congress and the US Treasury, bypassing private -internationally connected- banks in order to pay for the war.

    It’s possible to say that the Union would have lost had the Lincoln government not taken that action (think fully of those implications), however there were plenty of outside “forces” hoping that both sides -Union and Confederate- would destroy each other and the USA. Very profitable for some (and very similar to today’s state of affairs).

  5. @Snoots

    That is my place of birth and current residence…

    But I consider myself an Earthling
    I strive to be in tune with Geo-injustice…

    And for certain, the current state of financial hegemony… Plutocratic Oligopoly… whatever…. is a concern to me…

    Is there a problem?
    Are you going to tell me that the IMF is out to take control?
    So what?
    Does that preclude the ability of Nations to manage what they have within?

  6. @Bliaboo

    Lincoln did so via Congress and the US Treasury, bypassing private -internationally connected- banks in order to pay for the war.

    Sounds great!!!!
    When can we start this up again?

  7. frances snoot says:

    Lincoln was no lover of liberty: he was a banker’s man. Lincoln dissolved state’s rights and terminated congressional coin of our currency. Lincoln was a racist.

    Lincoln’s presidency was our introduction to ‘our democracy’. Why does Obama emulate Lincoln? What about that corny train ride to Washington?

    And swearing in on Lincoln’s Bible?

  8. frances snoot says:

    I was just wondering if you were going to suffer as much as us Americans under the new reserve system, Guiseppi.

  9. The Dork of Cork says:

    Has there ever been a point in History where a non elite peasant class usurped power from a existing elite ……….
    there is a elite and a potential elite period

  10. frances snoot says:

    Are you going to tell me that the IMF is out to take control?
    So what?

    IMF has always represented US Treasury interests. If you liked the world under Bretton Woods 1, Guiseppi, then you’ll love it under Bretton Woods 2 even better.

  11. @Snoots

    I’m sure, at the Macro-economic level, Canada will “suffer”, as you put it…

    SO WHAT?!?!?!
    What is new?
    We have suffered under the shadow of the USA for decades, ever since we turned the White House BLACK… (that’s a historical reference, in case you missed it)

    That doesn’t mean anything to me,
    and the concept of
    Intra-national Currency…

  12. @Snoots

    Bring on bretton-woods 3-d
    I don’t care…
    it is EXOGENOUS…
    It is a matter for the Uber-Wealthy and Nation-traders…
    and that is where Intra-National Currency comes in…
    It is the next best thing to Technocracy’s ERG’s or whatever they call them
    (which I think is an outstanding idea… see the Roach’s essay on Zero-Hedge for more info)

    Let’s say that some ooga-booga Supra-National regulation comes in…
    what does that mean?
    It means that Intra-National currencies trade at a ratio…
    what ratio?
    care to show me some math?
    some speculative forecast?

    No offense, but what you worry about is equivalent to the Revelation of the greatest fictional story on Earth… that one with the Mexican Saviour…
    what’s his name again?

  13. Bliaboo says:

    Giuseppe Bagodonutti; 2:45 am

    “…there needs to be a separation between external debt and the debt within…So if a nation wishes to let the representative Central banks have control of exogenous FIAT, then let them…”

    Yes, You’re correct and Still is arguing for this as well but in different form: that is – this was provided for by US Constitution

    (again, Article 1, Section 8) where the Congress is required to “…to regulate Commerce with foreign Nations and among the (at that time several) States and with the Indian Tribes;”

    and that regulation should be returned -in full- to Congress (which is in turn to be regulated by states/peoples).

    (All activities of Congress -such as all commerce with foreign nations- now only in theory- are to be controlled by the populace via respective states.
    This is not how things work now).

    A corrupt congress authorized the “Fed”, and worse -gave up “its”* regulation role requirement at the same time (hence Ron Paul types demanding “audit the Fed”, “eliminate the Fed”, etc.).

    *the regulation role required of Congress – is not exclusive domain of Congress but to the people – via the States, etc.

  14. frances snoot says:

    I spent my entire childhood being indoctrinated within the contextuality of a dollar paper standard system of mumbo/jumbo trite crap and pustulating goo. I’d prefer a little honesty here. If we are moving to a new reserve system, why don’t we see how we are going to set up our country’s best interests?

    They don’t do that because we will be operating under a military junta without a viable currency. The sovereign retains rights through principal and law.

    We were lied to. We’re being lied to. We will be lied to in future.

    That’s America!

    I think it’s time to throw rotten tomatoes.

  15. frances snoot says:

    No offense taken.

    I’m not ‘worried’, merely pointing out that global trade divorced from the people from whom the profit it is extracted through force and deception (that would be global) won’t make for very nice conditions at ye’ ole homestead.

    And I think you could do better that the twitter-induced birdbrain of Oz.

  16. frances snoot says:

    which is in turn to be regulated by states/peoples

    How is this little hat/trick to be pulled off?

  17. frances snoot says:

    Let’s say that some ooga-booga Supra-National regulation comes in…
    what does that mean?
    It means that Intra-National currencies trade at a ratio…
    what ratio?
    care to show me some math?
    some speculative forecast?

    Intra-National? No, regional currency blocs. Nation/states obsolete. And for trade these regional blocs will have some unit/vehicle. But the people don’t necessarily get to share in the spoils. That would be egalitarian, and we’re moving beyond that ideal to one of shared misery.

  18. Bliaboo says:

    pitch folks, tar and feathers, …

  19. Bliaboo says:

    forks pitch forks or even pitch folks

  20. @Bliaboo

    We are not arguing…
    we are at consensus

    You have Constitutional proof (from the American perspective) of what I am putting forth..

    Now it is up to TPTB to make it so…
    How can we make them realize this, from our humble standings?
    What can make the change?

    If MAX does his best Howard Beale impression, will that help?
    Maybe, if every American sends the link to each representative, and ensures that they watch and understand it…
    yet in the end, action is necessary… but what action?
    This is a matter of education and comprehension…
    Let’s face it… the greater part of humanity is utterly IGNORANT of what could be, never mind WHAT IS !!!

    On here, we are doing no more than preaching to the choir, as it were…
    Tell your family…
    Tell your friends…
    tell your neighbours and that guy who delivers Pizza or Chinese Food…
    then tell them all to tell those who THEY ELECTED to represent them
    this is no easy task, that’s for certain…
    As Bill Still implies… there is the gov’t that is OBTUSE and that which is ACUTE…
    when they are sharpest, that is when you have the greatest power…

  21. frances snoot says:

    Tell your family…
    Tell your friends…

    Sounds familar.

    “So through the night rode Paul Revere;
    And so through the night went his cry of alarm
    To every Middlesex village and farm,—
    A cry of defiance, and not of fear,
    A voice in the darkness, a knock at the door,
    And a word that shall echo for evermore!
    For, borne on the night-wind of the Past,
    Through all our history, to the last,
    In the hour of darkness and peril and need,
    The people will waken and listen to hear
    The hurrying hoof-beats of that steed,
    And the midnight message of Paul Revere.”

    I wonder what old Paul Revere would think of the IMF retaining control while the people pondered how best to destroy domestic liquidity?

  22. @Snoots

    We can have it both ways
    External and Internal…
    Do you not see that?

    It’s fallen to the ground
    Whatever you were trying to say,
    like a castle made of sand…
    By the Ocean, all washed away…

    Make it real…

  23. frances snoot says:

    We can have it both ways
    External and Internal…
    Do you not see that?

    Don’t be daft, Guiseppi. Mind goodness, you resemble The Evangelist.

  24. frances snoot says:

    Bill Still
    Has a Will
    What a Pill
    Is Bill Still!

  25. @Snoots

    I AM open for debate…
    ya got something for me?

    I will concede, ceteris paribus, we are heading down an ugly path…
    but what Bill Still and I suggest, is a solution from what we are engaged in…
    or is it not?

    That is all I am asking… say Yea or Nay…

  26. @Snoots

    Let me put it to you this way

    If we had the IMF on the inside,
    would it not be better than having them on the outside?

    Does it make sense to you that way?

    I remember as a child when the Central Bank actually took money OUT OF CIRCULATION…
    usually becuz snot-noses like me drew moustaches and imperials on the face of the queen…
    she always looked better as Frank Zappa

  27. frances snoot says:

    The Two Step Plan to National Economic Reform and Recovery

    Directs the Treasury Department to issue U.S. Notes (exactly like Lincoln’s Greenbacks) to pay off the National debt.

    I say NEIGH.

    I mean: the man is frothing at the mouth. You do know that the IMF is the Treasury? And that the dollar needs to run a deficit to enable a liquid market for global trade?

    The man is voting for the sdr system of reserve.

    And it is NOT constitutional. Lincoln was operating outside the constitution which delineates Congress as the authority to coin, not the Treasury.

    You can’t claim ANY constitutional basis for this little item. Not that it won’t happen. Chapman is on board for an IMF control as well.

  28. frances snoot says:

    Bill Still suggests nothing except the exact likeness of a ludicrous crane-necked gimp.

  29. frances snoot says:

    Does it make sense to you that way?

    I’m not a child that you need to have determined patience with me,

  30. frances snoot says:

    Excuse me, I need to write my congressional representatives concerning the need to deliver the power to coin our money from the Beezelbub to the Devil, and why it is a good idea to implode our economy.

    Just gotta find a stamp…(I want to deliver this like they used-to-do back when our Founding Fathers walked the earth. I do so love them guys! They surely passed the torch to Ron Paul, and to Bill Still!)

  31. GGees says:

    All money is debt when its issue is from a private central bank. The liquidity is created at the issuance of the debt but the interest is not created but has to be worked for by the serfs. The only way any one serf can escape is to ensure another serf goes down so that the surplus money can then be gained to pay back the principal and the interest. A great system! we get to fight each other to survive. The control mechanisms are all in place, the Fed reserve, Englands central bank, the IMF the BIS, the world bank et al. The management epicenter remains the City of London (otherwise known as the crown) Washington DC and also some say the Vatican–three cities to rule them all. The glue and control mechanism in country remains the masonic lodges who ensure hegemony through the security and legal apparatus.
    It does not matter about the next Bretton Woods, the new reserve currency, nothing has really changed. Power will not cede unless confronted. Rhetoric my dear friends will remain what it always has been –hot air

  32. @Snoots

    So I take it you’re with me on this one?
    Why do you say Nay (or neigh, as you put it, erroneously. Are you a horse)?

    From Sec 15
    The President is hereby authorized and directed to take such steps as may be necessary to ,b>withdraw the United States from all participation, and membership, in the Bank for International Settlements, the International Monetary Fund, the World Bank, and all other international banks, in any orderly manner, but in a period not to exceed one year from the effective date of this Act, and to recover the original and any subsequent United States subscriptions, contributions and quotas to such organizations, not already fully and lawfully expended, whether in the form of gold, deposits, currency or otherwise; and to enter into negotiations to establish new exchange facilities consistent with the purposes of this Act having no authority to create money or credit in any form, and having no independent authority to establish laws or regulations binding upon the United States or its banks, financial institutions or citizens, and subject to the ongoing, annual budgetary authority and approval of Congress.

    Those parts in bold should be making you froth…

  33. woops
    Fuck up
    the bold got screwed… 😆
    allow me to reiterate

    withdraw the United States from all participation, and membership, in the Bank for International Settlements, the International Monetary Fund, the World Bank,

  34. frances snoot says:

    Oh, I’m back.

    Rhetoric is what is managed by the IMF in producing a special set of books called “monetary authority” ledgers in which their unit of account is not susceptible to the errant liabilities of non-members investment vehicles (currency) or assets (dollar-linked duds). The IMF is leading the projected demise of the dollar-reserve system, describing the accompanying social loss and chaos and ‘painful but necessary’.

    “All IMF accounting is done in SDRs and commercial banks accept SDR-denominated accounts. The IMF has the exclusive right of allocating SDRs; the last such allocation was made in 1981.”

    SDRs are a ficticious index, account unit, which value is derived according to the trade weight of four major export currencies (euro, dollar, yen, and pound). The IMF utilizes the sdr to protect assets from currency volitility and to enhance their own investments through directed investments.

    The new reserve system retains the sdr as eminent index: procurring for IMF members and those with access to sdr-denominated assets, bonds, and securities a safe harbour for the turbulent times ahead.

    Bill Still’s plan dovetails nicely with the IMF goal of ending the dollar-paper-standard in preference for their own unit-of-account as preminent enabler for elite gain. It doesn’t look like they are going to share: that’s just not ‘on their books’.

  35. frances snoot says:


    That act is the stupidest piece of legislature ever foisted upon a deserving group of ignoramuses. Of course, withdraw away. We won’t be worth a grain of salt: they can continue on their colonial ventures without us.

    SECTION 16 (Monetary Reform and Coercion Act)

    Providing for the public purse in a series of squirts of bolstered bravado we hereby declare that a lottery will be enacted whereby the people have a chance as individuals outside their sustainable communities to purchase a Golden Ticket allowing the venturing forth from the contiguous US fenced region (excluding Canada) and see the new world made without their nasty dollar. A trip to a European country (or Canada) filled with our ‘betters’ who have made the transition to peace and tranquility within the context of colonial hypocrisy. Yes, one shot-once a year. The lucky denizen of the ticket perspective will return humbled to explain why the enmasse suffering of the US population was justified, warranted, and guaranteed by the passage of This Most Honorific Act.

  36. the underfundedmentalist says:

    it’s all over but the shouting,
    It Is Now Official:
    The U.S. Is a Police State
    Paul Craig Roberts
    good night, and good luck

  37. @Snoots

    you nut…
    I’m still ahead…
    your defense of the IMF is poot…

    here’s an ugly story about copyright Control
    RE: the Jimi Hendrix Legacy
    The audio and video is totally out of sync, so bear with it…
    I personally see Janie Hendrix as the real heir… but that’s becuz she made it something…
    Leon, he’s been trying to milk it…
    The whole thing is going to get eaten up by legal bills anyway
    There goes $40 Million

  38. jon says:

    okay, here’s the game. The fed prints money to give to thier very few banking friends. Trillions. And lets them spend it how they like. Which usually winds up being lavish yaughts and kingdoms around the world.

    And the rest of us plead and wail for anyone to give us anything. Even just give us a job that we may be your slave.

    Talk about a fair arrangment. NOt.

  39. Paul says:

    History has been kind to Lincoln.

  40. Mother Earth says:


    The greenbacks where not gold backed, they where backed by a community spirit. Money can be contract of mutual care and vulnerability. Bankers abuse it to exert power and steal wealth, states abuse it to tax without objection. Lincoln used it for his purposes (he wanted a war) and today even the US could issue its own money without interest on a road towards sustainable finances.

  41. Mini US says:

    Set up for another go at Gold $1,100.
    Interesting night(for me) or just more of the same?

  42. Vega Man says:

    As soon as Lincoln took office the old Whig coalition finally controlled the entire government. It immediately tripled the average tariff rate, began subsidizing the building of a transcontinental railroad in California even though a desperate war was being waged, and on February 25, 1862, the Legal Tender Act empowered the Secretary of the Treasury to issue paper money (“greenbacks”) that were not immediately redeemable in gold or silver.

    © Fair Use Doctrine of International Copyright Law ©

    Vega Man

  43. Carmen Azul says:

    I thing he got a clip of that bridge and is using a green background to put himself there.

    I like it when the camera cuts out the pointing hand. In the money masters he points at the audience the whole time.

    So I wonder what he would invest in? silver?

    what school of economics is this? does he think the mises school missed the point or what? Maybe giuseppe knows or max n stacy will be up by now.

  44. Carmen Azul says:

    I wonder also how would Bill Still be sure the govt doesn’t just inflate the money supply? At least we wouldn’t have to borrow it. So our debt isn’t all just from buying chinese trinkets and other imports as I had thought

    someone said (maybe giuseppe) that the plan may be for local governments and the gold is for international trade?

    At the end of secrets of oz is ellen brown. Here is a ink to the keiser report for people who may have missed it. I went back to watch again.
    Ellen Brown “Web of Debt on Keiser report 2/26/10

  45. frances snoot says:

    At least we wouldn’t have to borrow it.

    The IMF surely won’t print up that money out of the goodness of their
    hearts. Readers need to investigate what has become of the US Treasury.

    Remember: Craig Roberts said that the US Treasury was Goldman Sachs.

  46. jack frost says:

    resonance rocks for hosting you.
    a small donation is the least we can do…

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