[Sunday Video Club] A Twitter Revolutionary & Baghdad Bob

Stacy Summary:   Apparently this sort of show story works for some audiences?  Anyway, I think these two go well together  for a political / propaganda Sunday Video Club . . .

24 comments on “[Sunday Video Club] A Twitter Revolutionary & Baghdad Bob
  1. insider says:

    Public relations = Propaganda

  2. the underfundedmentalist says:

    dos equis

  3. the underfundedmentalist says:

    tre generaciones

  4. the underfundedmentalist says:

    @bonn, whaddya make of this

  5. Bonn says:

    Sadly ta bugger was tellin ta Truth about Rumsfeld ,Blaire meaning about tear Personalitys

  6. Phil /Germany says:

    @Stacy .. Catholic Church :

    have you read God’s Banker ?

  7. the underfundedmentalist says:

    The roman catholic church is corrupt? What on earth would make a mortal utter such blasphemy?
    The Medici: Godfathers of the Renaissance

  8. Bonn says:

    @the underfundedmentalist
    Woaa Get outta tat City
    Tey were doin it here to0 in Bangalore
    Guess we dont have ta $$$$$$$$ to conduct it widely
    Have’nt seen ’em fer a while now
    Toe I have’nt been outside during ta Day fer almost 2 years now
    Hic 😉

  9. the underfundedmentalist says:

    @bonn, can’t balme ye fer stayin’ indoors, happens least once a month over the city here, most peeps won’t even look up, then it rains for a few days with nothing on radar off the coast? and they tell us we have a water shortage! ha hic ha!

  10. Adam C says:

    Video Club

    “Everyone came; they were all bloodied. Russia fought very well—very well!”

    Brigadier Amir Sultan Tarar, widely regarded as the ‘Godfather of Taliban’, told RT that NATO will never succeed in Afghanistan.

    YouTube — RussiaToday: ‘Graveyard of Empires’: Who’s Next?

  11. Adam C says:

    Video Club

    ‘When a nation is powerful it tells the world confident stories about the future. The stories can be enchanting or frightening. But they make sense of the world. But when that power ebbs, the stories fall apart. And all that is left are fragments which haunt you like half-forgotten dreams. — In 1945 America’s soliders fought terrible battles and saw the horror of death camps. In Japan a new weapon killed hundreds of thousands in an instant. The soliders came home and were told they had fought a Good War. They created a new world for their children. Safe from the horrors that humans can do. And protected from their parent’s terrifying memories. But as America rose to supreme power in the world, feelings of uncertainty began to break through the fragile surface. The CIA masterminded coups and assassinations across the world to protect America from enemies in the world outside. It was done in secret so the children would never know and get frightened. But as they grew up the children realised it was a dream. It was only a story told to them by those in power. And they would want to break free and just be themselves. They would create their own enchanted world. Only then they would be alone. And vulnerable to something else. Fear. Now go into the dark.’

    Adam Curtis: It Felt Like a Kiss

    Full Video: (Might only be playable in the UK)

    Full Video: (No audio. But there’s no v/o in the documentary, just captions)




    River Deep Montage



  12. Talk about illusions. Its interesting to note, that after each economic crisis over the last 2 years, whether it was the US sub prime crisis, the Dubai Debt bomb, or Greece soverign debt. Everything and everyone on planet hampster farm, remains the same. When will the chirade and curtain come down on this mirage.

    My answer is when the TPTB see fit. This is their game, and all of this crap can go on endlessly. Market fundamentals, fiscal responsibility, no longer mean anything. Its all just one big shit show.

  13. Marc Authier says:

    One million dead in Irak. Iran being 5 times populated, It that United Snakes of America would have to kill 5 million Iranians. Fuckin peaceful and lovin USA. It’s less and less funny when you know how many people the generals in the Pentagon kllled and are killing with their “peaceful” and “clean” wars.

  14. Marc Authier says:

    So you peaceful Israelis and Yankees ? Ready to kill and massacre 5 million Iranians ?

  15. Alister says:

    ireally dont get the point in posting this? can some1 xplain ???:S

  16. Marc Authier says:

    Well it’s about the stupidity about propagandists. They take us most of the time for morons. Mind you the worst hypocrits in our society that practice propaganda are not politicians. The worst of the bunch ? OFFICIAL MEDIA. Thank God we still have for the moment the alternative media on the internet. Wait that the godamn nazi monopolists from the FCC try to take control of it. I don’t see these fuckers from the FCC can take control of the whole internet ? It’s less and less evident that people will tolerate a China Nazi style censure in the US or the rest of the world ? I see a connection. Propaganda is stupid. It works for a couple of days like thee 911 cover up inside job. And today ? Not really. People are dumb. But there is a lot hope down here. Propaganda doesn’t work. That Saddam Hussein clown was a good example to show how ridiculous ALL propagandas included the one against Iran is not working.

  17. Marc Authier says:


    Vulgar Israeli propaganda as bad as Saddam Hussein propaganda. You don’t get the point ?

    Yeah I am sure most democrat Iranians are for beig bombed and exteminated ? A real piece of stupid propaganda. And next you will see Iranians asking Israel to “liberate” Iran with neutron bombs on Teheran. Moronic piece of propaganda journalism indeed.

  18. Palantíri says:

    Sunday Video Club
    on the theme of political:

    Taking Liberties – A Documentary About Civil Liberties
    http://freeonlinedocumentary.com/ (a short scroll down and there’s the video – 1H41Min.)

  19. Febo says:

    Go Michael Hudson!

  20. lek says:

    Israel has bigger problems than Iran. And its not about land…


  21. Joe says:

    He seems like a nice fellow. I recall watching one of these conferences where he said the coalition troops were getting crushed but they were literally right down the street. I believe you could even hear coalition fire over the mics. At that point I just thought Bob was one courageous fucker, because it could have been only minutes he had to GTF out of there before he had his ass shot off.

    Rumsfeld is a war criminal, and so are Bush and Cheney.

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