Record Euro Gold, DaVinci Ransom and Greek Bailout

Stacy Summary:  The DaVinci gang seems to have taken a page out of Hank Paulson’s rule book.

Euro gold - 01 March 2010

289 comments on “Record Euro Gold, DaVinci Ransom and Greek Bailout
  1. ronron says:

    @Bonn. ok buddy i’ll get it done. lay down for a while. peak liver.

  2. Bonn says:

    Or do teys use Barley ta make ta Whyiskys
    Awe we got ta internet ta help us out
    Hic 😉

  3. ronron says:

    @Bonn. i’ll get her ready for when you land. 😉

  4. Bonn says:

    Oks We’ll give ta stupid fuckers Dutch Courage
    Hic 😉

  5. Bonn says:

    Sorry Enlightened ones te path of righteousness
    Hic 😉

  6. x says:

    Otis Redding – classic

    Try A Little Tenderness

    I’ve Been Loving You Too Long – Monterey Pop 1967

  7. Phil /Germany says:

    Plans for European Economic Government Gain Steam,1518,680955,00.html

    … just as I posted 4 weeks ago 😉

    Gold Fix Hits New British Pound Record as “Currency Battle” Between Politicians & Markets Intensifies – Monday 1st March 2010

    German ProSieben TV Channel Finds 500 Gram Tungsten Bar At W.C.Heraeus Gold Foundry With Bank Origin

  8. ronron says:

    sick the way goldman sachs operates. like a cat torturing a mouse.

  9. Phil /Germany says:

    Gold Fix Hits New British Pound Record as “Currency Battle” Between Politicians & Markets Intensifies – Monday 1st March 2010

    German ProSieben TV Channel Finds 500 Gram Tungsten Bar At W.C.Heraeus Gold Foundry With Bank Origin

    Plans for European Economic Government Gain Steam,1518,680955,00.html

    … just as I posted 4 weeks ago 😉

  10. Phil /Germany says:

    Exposing The London Bullion Market Association

  11. ronron says:

    legalized murder. take an insurance policy out on your neighbor then run him over. gotta stop.

  12. ronron says:

    @P/G. hope you weathered the storm. this metal thing is getting interesting. 😉

  13. Phil /Germany says:

    @ronron …legalized murder. take an insurance policy out on your neighbor then run him over. gotta stop.

    Are you talking about “commercial Shorts” in the market ?
    Sounds like it !

  14. ronron says:

    @P/G. i got old scotia bank bars. i’m cuttin one in half.

  15. Phil /Germany says:

    @ronron … this metal thing

    Yes, designed to scare people into selling their gold maybe ?
    … or at least check that they are actually holding gold and not tungsten !
    Hardly seems worth while for a 500 gr. bar … that’s the scary part !

  16. ronron says:

    @P/G. look what there doing to greece. discusting.

  17. Phil /Germany says:

    [email protected] ..”Hardly seems worth while for a 500 gr. bar … that’s the scary part !”

    Ahem … that is of course … unless they are mass producing them !

    Maybe there’s a new market for “cut in half bars” … to prove it’s gold all the way through ?

  18. Phil /Germany says:

    @RR .. at least the Greeks get out and protest !

    Would take years – if at all – if it happened to Germany !

  19. ronron says:

    @P/G. only kidding can test electonically. 😉

  20. ronron says:

    @P/G. there are smelters in toronto so i.m cool. i know where the real stuff is.

  21. Mini US says:

    I used to be interested in the gold price against different currencies, especially my countries.
    Up against USD, down against Pound. Unless you sell it it doesn’t matter. And if you sell it to buy a dog currency then, you may get more dog currency but that won’t be worth anything anyway. It’ll just have lots of 0000’s on it.
    People seem to be acting as though they will sell their gold and make money in 5 to ten years time. Go up, go down! Whatever.
    Now, I think it doesn’t matter what fiat currency you compare the gold price to as they(paper money) most likely won’t even exist in the future to compare the gold price to.
    Gold/silver as money will be accepted from people who have things, paper stuff will not. When the shit hits the fan and you want some bread, I think you will have more chance of getting some if you give the baker a little gold/silver than if you give him/her and paper currency, no matter what you call it(pound, dollar, etc).
    Also, we are assuming that electricity will exist to power computers that allow this manipulation. When there is nothing, gold/silver still exists.
    Ok, maybe people won’t care for gold and silver either. Maybe they will just take what they want from those who have.
    Then having anything will not work.
    Cheer up, it aint all doom and gloom 🙂
    It seems that fiat currencies are systematically being eroded, probably for a world currency. Gold may be a part of that. You might get some sdr’s or whatever they will call it then.
    As max says, at least you will have something….or arable land with some gold buried on it 🙂
    Don’t sweat it, its coming. Be cool and be part of the new world.
    It could be fun?!

  22. Phil /Germany says:

    @RR .. electronically … do you have a link ?

    I know there are various tests, but if “you” can do it at home, I’d like to know how !

  23. Phil /Germany says:

    @Mini …Unless you sell it, it doesn’t matter.

    We’re all aware of that here I guess !

    I would only exchange for fiat as an interim to buying something else that is “real”….. the next day !

  24. ronron says:

    @P/G. that’s why the tungsten story sounds far fetched. any assayer can test a bar without cutting it. 😉

  25. Mini US says:

    Don’t be offended when its your currencies turn…

  26. SuperGeek says:

    Philip Cohran – Freaking The Frankiphone.

  27. SuperGeek says:

    ‘EWF’… Gettin’ Freaky with the Kalimba.

    Earth, Wind And Fire – Power.

  28. ronron says:

    @SG. don’t watch this unless you.

  29. jon says:

    off topic, I just got a letter from the head of the mormon church harold b. Lee. Along time ago i got baptized mormon accidently. But this is the first letter I’ve ever got from them.

    BAsically it says prepare for very bad times. Got to guess the head of the mormon church might have a heads up on the craap that might be coming down the road.

  30. Mini US says:

    Dr Bob. Flower

    Ok, maybe it wont be much fun.

  31. ronron says:

    @SG. gotta show that to bonn tommorow. thats america. hahaha 🙂

  32. ronron says:

    @SG. do you really hate baby boomers?

  33. ronron says:

    something for nothing. the dumps are full of our foolishness. bye y’all

  34. frances snoot says:

    Let us pray.

    Heh, hold on. I said, wait a second!!!


    We ain’t a-passed the offerin’ plate yit. We’z gotta pass the plate a’fore we pray!

    Cleetus is right.

    Well, pass it then. I haven’t got all day.

    Sure is shiney, like a promise. I got some change to put into it, hold on a sec.

    NO. One reads the words and passes the plate. We aren’t going to get rich. This isn’t about money anymore.

    It ain’t?! Well, what-see-tootsie we’all doin’ here if it ain’t!? Heh, let me read that airy plate:


    That’s et? What’s it mean?

    Cleetus, ya done got lucky but now we all gotta pull to shore together. Maxus says so. He says it’s the only way to beat them bad bankers, what by puttin’ gold in the shed and all. Paper gonna burn up.

    Where in tarnation is that Maxum?

    He left to change his robes. He’s coming for the service later on. Here, listen to the choir:

    “Amazing gold…how great thou art…to save a wretch…like me…be free…”

    This is stupid.

    WHAT’S THAT?! AH!!! Look what the cat drugged in. It’s Snoot. Ain’t she got an expiration date?

    Yes, like, she is so not cool, dude. I think, like, man, she drank the kool-aide.

    Sure’nuff, SG. Send her out into the wilderness. RELEASE her into nature. Get her hide the hell outta here.

    Really, boys. I was just leaving. You don’t even have hymnals or kneelers, and I miss a good organ. Chao.

    Piss-on-em if they don’t agree, what I say. Shmuck,shmuck. We gotta pull to shore, boys.

    “Onward golden warriors…marchin’ as to war….with the golden nuggets…going on before…”

  35. x says:

    @ SG
    The Who
    from the greatest live album of all time (Rolling Stone mag):
    ‘Live at Leeds’ 1970 (hear it on CD)
    Magic Bus

    + My Generation – later

  36. Mini US says:


    Is that chocolate in that gold bar or tungsten?

  37. Phil /Germany says:

    The Case Against Bernanke and Greenspan


    Why They Should be Indicted….

  38. Phil /Germany says:

    @Mini US …. Dr Bob. Flower

    Thanks, now I can sleep much better !

  39. RiverRed says:

    a great song that’ll make you almost forget about what’s going on

  40. frances snoot says:

    What’da ya’ll think?! We could probably put our laptops on the little shelf-doo-hickey whilst prayin’. And the small expense would be worth it over all. I mean: where’s the ambience? Church’s gotta have it: like stained glass windows or somethin….

  41. Mini US says:


    Don’t worry, You’ll be ok Phil.
    Sorry, reposted Tungsten video.
    Should have known you would have seen it days ago 🙂
    Looks like a weird video though. Especially the bit about the foxes nose.

  42. chArles says:

    @ Phil /Germany

    good link…posted on another and it died…never can guess which links take off

  43. dan valley says:

    Ron Paul Returns Over $100,000 to the Treasury

  44. Happy Dick says:

    So, Gold is god eh! Guess we hafta believe in sumptin. Why has Gold been suppressed? The members of the guild make the rules, they say it is not time to rise up yet. Gold is righteous, it is great, it will keep you happy, eh! Pray for Gold to help us through this storm. Dear Father, in Your infinite generosity, please grant us the continued rising of Gold and its blessing throughout the coming year.

  45. Mini US says:

    Hey Carry Traders.

    Australian central bank raises interest rates again.
    Cash rate now 4%

  46. dan valley says:

    (This will blow your mind)
    This is probably what it does to our brain cells – like putting your head in a microwave!!! !
    Check this out! And we’re supposed to believe that mobile phones are safe?
    Click on the word ‘POPCORN’ below and watch.

  47. dan valley says:


  48. dan valley says:

    Banks say “a deal’s a deal.” I say “a fraud’s a fraud.” Here’s how to repudiate deceptive swaps, stick it to banks.

  49. dan valley says:

    Zombie bank bailouts mean “a slow death for the real economy.” Brilliance from Chris Whalen

  50. Gordo says:

    Paarrrraaaaaaise the Looooord Gooooold shaaaaaaaall deee-liver you.

    Or was that, you should take delivery.

    One or the other.or both.

  51. Happy Dick says:

    Believe everything you see? Cell phone popcorn hoax

  52. Gordo says:

    That popcorn video is hilarious thanks Dan

  53. Gordo says:


    May be a hoax but does not change the fact that you are slowly cooking yourself if you use them.

  54. Happy Dick says:

    I agree Gordo, I use the speaker phone button. You and I are on the same page I believe when it comes to cell phones. There has been much controversey over the years, just don’t trust any of the bullshit articles about lack of danger.

  55. dan valley says:

    the deals a deal article is good

    check it out

  56. Mini US says:

    I heard a rumour that these videos were made by Blue Tooth sales people to encourage people to buy blue tooth sets.

    I also hear that Blue tooth sets cause more damage than the mobile phone.

    I know finding a simple hands free connector is getting harder in thie neck of the woods, I tried its all blue tooth.

    Anyway, as usual, no evidence 🙂

  57. Happy Dick says:

    Wonder if there is a connection with all the “waves” being bombarded around the planet and the honey bees being destroyed???

  58. Happy Dick says:

    Man behind the popcorn hoax

  59. marietta says:

    I think this site could use a dose of Skeptoid.
    Cell phone radiation:

  60. Gordo says:

    @Mini US

    This might be what you are looking for.
    I do not use it because I strictly limit my use of cells.

  61. Happy Dick says:

    Cellular service and sales are BIG business … hmmm. Think safety is top priority?

  62. jon says:

    to be honest. People that use cell phones look like lemmings ready for the jump over the cliff.

  63. Happy Dick says:

    @Gordo—Very nice find!!! Thank You for the link.

  64. Mini US says:


    Muchas gracias.
    I’m just watching the video.
    Cheers 🙂

  65. Happy Dick says:

    Nite all!

  66. Youri Carma says:

    Chilean Quake Likely Shifted Earth’s Axis, NASA Scientist

  67. dan valley says:

    Benedict XVI to visit Fatima May 13th, 93rd anniversary of 1917 apparitions Visions show Russia key to world history

    Fed getting new powers after doing such a great job on dollar price stability, bank safety and unemployment

  68. Youri Carma says:

    US senator single-handedly freezes unemployment payment

  69. Youri Carma says:

    Ice deposits found at Moon’s pole

  70. Youri Carma says:

    Running on empty: Recent data paint a picture of an economy slowing — sharply

  71. Youri Carma says:

    8 reasons Wall Street loses another 20% in this decade: Warning, you can’t get back to even, cannot win Wall Street’s ‘Loser’s Game’

  72. davem says:


    Lots here on safety issues with mobile phones and masts:

  73. Youri Carma says:

    Basically, It’s Over

    When It’s OK to Walk Away From Your Home

  74. Youri Carma says:

    Goldman Sachs has added something new to the laundry list of financial risks it faces: unflattering attention.

  75. SuperGeek says:

    wow! so many comments for me again, I suppose I should do a general REPLY for those usual idiots I ignore, HELLOOOO…. you are commenting to empty boxes again…. I think you made everybody go to bed…HELLO, nobody cares about you… turn off your computer… try and do something else instead… HEY Y’All… is any of this getting through… Damn, it’s so sad to watch the all day posters desperately staring at the boxes… it’s like old people trying to remember how to play draughts… while all the while imagining they are chess masters!!!

  76. Youri Carma says:


    Shut Up!

  77. SuperGeek says:

    @Eureka MA!
    wow! so many comments for me again, I suppose I should do a general REPLY, HELLOOOO…. you are commenting to empty boxes again…. I think everybody went to bed…HELLO, nobody cares about you… turn off your computer… do something else instead… HEY, is any of this getting through… it’s so sad to watch the non stop posters desperately staring at the boxes… it’s like old people trying to remember how to play draughts… while all the while imagining they are chess masters… hey heres a clue… try getting out once in a while!!!

  78. randy says:

    “if the American people ever allow private banksters to control and issue their currency, the people and their children will one day wake up homeless on the continent their forefathers conquered” – Thomas Jefferson”….the power to issue and control the currency/money, must be given back to the people to which it rightly belongs” – Thomas Jefferson….”private central banksters controlling the peoples money are more dangerous than standing armies” – Thomas Jefferson….its time to END THE FED and big government for good people..Ron Paul’s bill HR 1207 to audit the fed,will do nothing,as the federal reserve lawyers will cook the books and make everything look just dandy..a waste of fact, I would bet the fed lawyers are fudging the books right now ..the fed must be ABOLISHED,and it can be done w/o nary a bill to get rid of it..with this new state banking money system,the fed will die on its own accord..state run banks with “honest” money ARE the solution..a new interest free paper currency issued in each of the 50 states possibly backed by silver,[NO GOLD]..we had our money backed by gold in 1929 and the 1930’s..did it stop the great depression? NO!..although gold would still retain a value 16 times greater than silver per the constitution,with each state making their own $1,$5,$10,$20,$50,and $100 paper notes backed by silver[ex: $20 Texas silver note..under that “payable to the bearer on demand $20 in silver [when presented at any state bank,you would receive either $20 worth of 90% silver coin, 20-.999 silver dollars,4 – 5 oz. .999 silver bars,or 2 -10 oz, .999 silver bars],and all 50 state paper notes would be accepted in every state and abroad..having 50 different notes for the 50 sovereign states would make it extremely difficult for the banksters to take back control of the U.S. money system again.. a dollar would be 31.1 grams of silver[ONE OUNCE] as per the constitution..change for the new paper notes would be pre-1965 90% silver again[only 90% silver with 10% copper is hard enough to take the day to day pounding/ movement/exchanging and hold up],and 100% copper again for pennies..a state run honest money/banking system with interest free loans run by the people.. for the people.. there would be only a small administrative fee/ cost, to borrow money to pay state bank employees and mgrs. etc.
    EX: you[or a small business starting up lets say ]were to borrow $205,000 for a $200,000 house/loan,you would pay back $205,000 over the next 5,10,or 15 years[ditto credit cards],instead of the present parasitic fractional reserve banking system where you would buy a $200,000 house[or a $200,000 loan] and you would pay the private parasitic fractional reserve banksters nearly $1,000,000 over 30 or 40 or even 50 years for money made from NOTHING!!..thin air..infinite free money..THIS IS ABSOLUTE,UNADULTERATED INSANITY..
    paying the banksters for money made from just blows you away when you think about it..its hard to wrap your mind around.. just like 9-11
    the private non-federal reserve is simply the greatest scam,fraud, and deception in the history of the none
    and living paycheck to paycheck?
    this isn’t living..this is [debt] slavery and many don’t even realize they are lifetime debt slaves of the banksters!
    it just doesn’t have to be this way!
    state controlled banks with “honest” money, will bring back manufacturing and real jobs!
    a nation that is prosperous MUST produce goods folks!
    3rd world countries don’t produce goods!
    the U.S.A.. IS in fact a 3rd world country now!
    a petition page will soon be up at WEB OF DEBT.COM
    where you can sign it and DEMAND your state
    implement state run banks! [unless you live in N.Dakota that already has state banks]
    imagine paying $500-$1,000 for a new car again..
    of course a new state bank silver dollar will have the purchasing power of a 1913 dollar..but we can start all over again as a nation,
    and bring ALL the troops home from abroad and have them protect OUR BORDERS! with 50 new sovereign state banks this country can be turned around in days
    not months or years, but DAYS!

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