Questions Thread: Upcoming Guests

Stacy Summary: Any questions for any of the following guests: Ryan Grim re: Lehman / NY Fed; BJ Lawson, Republican Party candidate for Congress in N. Carolina; Michael Hudson on Latvia, Iceland and Greece; or Chris Powell of GATA on the silver manipulation story. Short, concise questions work best!

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  1. Mother Earth says:

    If gold is not going to tear the sky now I lose my faith in human intelligence (oh, i did that already). Question is what happens to the indices that have been exposed to be a fraud. Will people cover their eyes or will they try to escape..

  2. Phil /Germany says:

    @Mini US …. future predictions & scaring the children ?

    Yes, I was expecting that …. fair enough !

    @Gordo …. German bank rules / changing them.

    Actually, it wouldn’t surprise me to see them changing the rules.

    The HRE was bigger than many are led to believe .. and is still not cleared up yet.
    Greece’s debt/bailout is peanuts in comparison.

    The Japanese banking crisis was caused by the boom years, where “many” start-ups went bust and those debts were continually carried forward. Nobody was worried as long as the boom continued.

    Germany has had many BIG bank failures over the last few years, and Germany does not have as many banks as the US .
    Dresdner ( was effectively bought up by Allianz ), WestLB, IKB, HRE and a few other “Landesbanken” made a big hole in the banking system, but the cover-up has been very smooth (and quiet) .. so far !
    The only “big” banks remaining are the Deutsche Bank, Postbank, Commerzbank ( not in such good shape ) and Sparkassen ( savings bank ) . The Raiffeisen banks are OK AFAIK as well as a few other smaller ones. What is interesting is the number of new banks that have recently started business here.

  3. savagegoose says:

    Q: for GATA guy.

    so should we race out and buy silver bullion?

  4. aksel says:

    For MIchael Hudson:

    “Could you speak to the importance of Who creates money/credit/debt and how it is created?”

    “What do you think of the idea of more publicly-owned banks based on the model of North-Dakota?

  5. pinroot says:

    Question for BJ Lawson: If elected, would you support 10th amendment legislation such as several other states have proposed ( or possibly legally binding resolutions which five states have enacted or are considering enacting (


  6. J.C. says:

    Michael Hudson – What is the estimated percentage of people living in Latvia that will fail on their mortgages? What happens with their debt once their property is repossessed and sold at auction? What is the estimated percentage of private business owners living in Latvia that have made ā€œpersonal guaranteesā€ for their business loans? What happens to their private assets if they fail to repay their business debt. If you extrapolate these numbers to all of Eastern Europe and Russia, what is the percentage of assets held by the private sector that will now be fought over between the owners and the banks?