[OTE47] On the Edge with Max Keiser & Dmitry Orlov – 26 March 2010

Stacy Summary: Enjoy! A headline we mention, “Is China’s Property Balloon Burstable?

135 comments on “[OTE47] On the Edge with Max Keiser & Dmitry Orlov – 26 March 2010
  1. Ingrid says:


  2. GGees says:

    @ Ingrid

    Jim like everyone has an opinion and opinions are like assholes, everybody has one

  3. Marc Authier says:

    Yummie ! Yummie ! Look what Homeland Security has in store for you Gordo jingoist Texan. Enjoy Gordo and good luck you too.

    Hope you don’t end up in concentration camp or with a RDFI-ed in the arse like palestinian cattle. Your’e an one fine moron Gordo. Wise guy.
    You think the world belongs to you. Ownership is meaningless without liberty.

    Your elite couldn’t a fuck about you Gordo. Nothing belongs to us you Texas moron. It’s a loan from God. Welcome to Gaza strip Gordo and watch what you say. The Homeland Security Gestapo may react and decide liquidating you. You probably are one of these american fascists finding very funny seing all these dead people in Irak. Don’t worry. When the shit will be hitting the fan in the USA, your people from Homeland Security won’t hesitate a fraction of second to treat you like Irakis or Palestivnians.
    Good luck Gordo. Red white and blue moron from Texas.


    You like your prison. Alex Jones was right. All the goodies come from Israel. Homeland wants to install the 10 beauties across USA in all airports and in cities.

  4. Marc Authier says:


    You mean that the Queen of England has one ? Don’t believe you. You mean even Warren Buffett and Bill Gates go to the toilet ? Not true Ggees.
    Some think they have an opinion. Most of the time it’s the opinion from someone else. Just have to be conscious of the process. We are all vulnerable. A good opinion maker first must convinve people that’s it’s their own idea. Usually it’s not. As for the asshole it’s a concrete object. An opinion has no consistance. It’s mostly a neurological hallucination.

  5. For those interested…I don’t think any of you posted this information yet…the following link is RT video with latest information on Wikileaks (from the whistleblower website) editor/volunteers being followed, photographed, documented etc. In Iceland because they plan to out a video of US military air raid killing civilians.


  6. You can also read about it on the latest editorial from the site or the direct source itself:


  7. Marc Authier says:

    Ah you anti American ! USA is there to liberate the Afghan women and, launder the opium. Wonder what percentage cut Herr General Petreus gets on the opium shit sold by Karzai brother’s the biggest opium dealer in the world. Wonder where all this shit is going ? Should ask Herr General Petreus ? Who care about third world civilians. They make babies like rabbits there. It’s cool. Like the war racket can go on for the Pentagon gangster at least 100 years. Killing Afghanis 100 years and screwing American taxpayers and Nato taxpayers 100 years. What a great racket.
    GOD. Guns Oils and Drugs. That’s the real business of Gordo godly country.

  8. Uhm…@ Marc

    Good one…G.O.D.
    I think you realize there are some Americans that are consciencious and agree with you despite your sarcasm. Honestly, this American cowboy, country invading, rightious killing mentality is old news and obvious. Sarcasm aside there are some “quality” Americans that would like this invasion to end and the economic, political system overhauled and are actively trying to do something about the current shit situation.

  9. Mini US says:

    Is our food makingAmerica stupid?

    Lorax2013 posted this 4 months ago. Interesting other topics too including banking and investing.


  10. Phil /Germany says:

    @Mademoiselle Maupin (The Commenter Formerly Known As ES)

    The “little people” EVERYWHERE are innocent.
    The problem is that Power Corrupts.

    The more corrupt the regime is, usually the more powerless the people are.

    Lack of education (poorer countries) and MSM brainwashing ( richer countries ) are what allows these people to remain in power so long.

    Despite Max mocking the Americans as Fat and Lazy, I personally see them as victims of their system … the problem now being a sort of “chicken and egg” dilemma.

    What shocks me the most in the US is the “false patriotism” that is used against the little people to keep them in line. Disgusting !

    Denninger BTW, is IMO rather too patriotic at times … always there to blame the Chinese or Europeans first before looking inside to the real cause of the US’s problem , which is IMO Bankster Government and therefore institutionalized crime.


  11. maxkeiser says:

    market manipulation and famine


    . . . with the CFTC hearing focused on silver manipulation – it’s important to keep in mind that all major markets and manipulated as part of the Rigged Market Capitalist system.

  12. @ Mini US

    Mmmmmm….delicious rodent and vulture fed industrial animals…I think I will have me some US beef with a glass of Vapolicella today.

    Seriously though my friend used to work at a sushi restaurant in Chicago and said eating tuna did cause her serious depression. I, myself love sushi and used to eat it daily when I could afford to…despite nematodes and mercury nothing stops me from eating sushi other than this poor economy. Damn you Wall Street!

  13. Mother Earth says:

    Oh dear..Freudian psychoanalysis is no longer covered by insurance in Holland…What will the terminally weak do now? (i mean the therapists)

  14. @ Phil /Germany

    Good Morning! How are you? Thanks for your response. I agree with you the US system is definitely one of the reasons why we, Americans have problems but my opinion is that we have made ourselves victims. Americans have a bad habit of almost relishing in victimization. To all my fellow Americans STOP feeling sorry for yourself and do something!

  15. Hah! I just noticed the Wikileaks at the bottom of this webpage…Wow…missed that…what a dumb ass I am.

  16. maxkeiser says:

    Dawn of the Anthropocene Epoch? Earth Has Entered New Age of Geological Time, Experts Say

    The scientists propose that, in just two centuries, humans have wrought such vast and unprecedented changes to our world that we actually might be ushering in a new geological time interval, and alter the planet for millions of years.


  17. Marc Authier says:

    Wow Max ! Your’e sounding more and more as these eugenists greenies. What should I do ? Kill myself to save Mamma Terra ?


    An interesting article about the “ENEMY BELLIGERENT INTERROGATION DETENTION AND PROSECUTION ACT 2010”. Read Gordo you arrogant Texan. Proud of seing laws directly inspired by the Soviet Union and Nazi Germany ? In Guns Oil and Drugs (GOD) we trust. A Nazi Germany inspired law. Read it Gordo and go to hell with your US patriotism. “My country right or wrong.” and all that filthy bunk.

  18. Phil /Germany says:

    @Mademoiselle Maupin … “To all my fellow Americans STOP feeling sorry for yourself and do something!”

    Well said . 100%

    @Max .. no @All ( because Max never answers me 😉

    I watched the Al Gore “Uncomfortable Truth” film ( or whatever it was called ) for the first time last night.

    Ignoring whether Gore is just “in it for the money” criticisms for a moment … it appears he made the mistake of labeling what is going on with the word “Warming” far too much .. instead of POLLUTION .. which has been my opinion for over 20 years. ( Yes, I know, they changed that now )

    Well presented , polished and well thought out IMO.

    Just a pity he didn’t show picture of the Canadian Oil Sands ( Tar Sands ) .. the most shocking admission that the planet is being used as a rubbish dump for toxic waste.

    I am all for everything he says in the film … with a BIG BUT :

    As long as the current “Powers That Be” are allowed to remain in power, there is no hope for change IMO.

    Makes one wonder whether in fact this current Crescendo of Debt and Debt Slavery has something to do with “destroying” the current Status Quo .. to force this change !

    Now that would put a brighter light on the current situation now wouldn’t it !

  19. Marc Authier says:


    Article in Nature about geology and the impact of man on the earth activity.
    Amusing article and hypothesis. But I am still skeptical. It’s certainly true for things like forest and ecological environment. But this ?

    The only thing that has a major impact on the Earth crust or rotation are hydro electric dams like L4 in James Bay Québec for example. Its construction slowed the rotation of the Earth by 1/10,000,000 of a second. I can’t see what’s the big deal of 1/10,000,000 seconds.


  20. bleepr` says:

    you are amazing. thanks so much for your insight and transparency.

  21. maxkeiser says:

    I’ve learned not to argue with coprophagist, climate holocaust deniers.

  22. gaspode says:


    – oh again at gaspode…please refrain from the little cute asides like “Chairlieboy” it weakens the legitimacy of your claims ten fold

    I will, when you refrain from the “child prostitution argument”.

  23. Dedo says:

    New word for the day,..I’m impressed! : /

  24. Dedo says:

    Have you used it in any of your interviews yet?

  25. Mother Earth says:

    I believe the anti terrorist infrastructure has a second agenda to allow the criminalization of anyone that is against the ‘corporate occupation’. In light of the fact that businessmodels are not able to capture the impact on the environment or human life in any meaningfull inherent way means they are agents of death. Whatever they do they also bring death. Humans are mere excuses for money to flow creating justification of the machine. They have been loaded to the max by the blind execution of commercial operations. It is not about you or your welbeing, it is about the money you make available to the machine. It is a total human creation that has observable devestating effects. I think we should therefore call for the total demolition of large scale operations of any kind until they represent a sustainable part of our society. Look at it as a poisenous substance in need of regulation. If you don’t know where the trains come from and you don’t know where they are going, stop being the station man because it might be jews headed for the camp. To thwart the terrorist branding of anyone lamenting the obvious and inherent lethal nature of large businesses we should all call for a militant revolt and sabotage on the most serious scale. Break down the machine, it has many vulnerable parts. I call for destruction of all (non human) agents of non local trade, of all industries that are not sustainable. They are crinimal operations with lethal intent. Paint all the doors so the assertion of life over death can’t be supressed.

  26. gaspode says:

    As Orlov stated – you better get to know your community.

    I live in a great community – the last week I have volunteerd as a café host in one of the local community centers (driven and own by the community), I have attended meeting in two orther local organizations (sitting on the board of both).
    I have gotten more from these engagements than I ever gan hope to give back.
    The rest of the time I work on my family farm, care for my grandson (we have a lot of fun), knit, read and trying to restrain myself from posting here 😉

  27. BRAV0. MAX & STACY. Easily one of your top 5 shows. Great work. Now thats what Im talkin about.

  28. aura says:

    This show is one of the most important and insightful ever done by Max Keiser. Thank you Max for helping us see things clearly through the clutter. Your work is quite literally helping many survive. God bless you and Stacie for helping us navigate the rough waters of this difficult time. Because you are truthfully informing us, we are able to stay one step ahead of the game and barely keep our heads above water. The information we learn from you is a lifeline of sorts that will hopefullyhelp us come out the other side of this economic nightmare with our honor and dignity intact – as well as food and a roof over our head. Thank you Max and Stacie. My best wishes to you both.

  29. aura says:

    Max – you’re simply the best. You have no idea how important this show is. Your devotion to the truth is its own reward that carries so many blessings. Come to Ann Arbor Max – it’ll lift our spirits.

  30. WL says:

    I’ve learned not to argue with coprophagist, climate holocaust deniers.

    What is the matter, someone shit in your croissant

    Careful kiddo, you are exposing yourself in public

  31. RedZebra says:

    “coprophagist, climate holocaust deniers”


  32. DOOMED says:

    re article


    do i really need to care about something that is going to happen in 200 years

  33. pohdinpa says:

    BS Max and Dmitry, only afford junk food eh?
    how about this.


    People on foodstamps should only be allowed to buy ground beef, potatoes, dry beans and other basics, not luxury goods like these people. Get your facts straight before you spout off your propaganda.

  34. the underfundedmentalist says:

    well now,
    someone’s changing the climate,
    and of course they’re denying it,
    but it looks like holocaust all the same.

  35. Daniel S says:

    Diminishing returns are caused by corruption.

    We organize to gain efficiencies of scale and specialization, etc. The organizations concentrate power and yield gains. Those gains are then skimmed by people seeking unfair advantage, an opportunity that always avails itself when you concentrate power. In fact the process is so established and familiar that many organizations are only formed for the purpose of skimming, many start out skimming more than they provide in gain and do so as long as they last, and many individuals plan their entire careers around skimming. Some are government, some NGOs, some businesses. At some point too many people are attracted to an organization for the purpose of skimming, the system concentrates too much power, the culture, mandate, and language are too corrupted, and if allowed to continue it yields overall negative returns.

    It’s corruption. We do know why.

    There are many forms of skimming. A failed physicist who doesn’t even like children and falls back on a union job of teaching high school physics and math for the “guarantees” provided by the government, is corrupt and skimming. He doesn’t put, “dislikes children” or “couldn’t hack university” on his resume. His union then paying him according to how long he has taught rather than how well his students are learning, is an obvious corruption. His job security based on how long he has taught, another obvious corruption. And so we have high schools bloated with bitter old defeated muddle-headed “teachers” who discourage children and facilitate far less learning for a multiple of 2 or 3 times the cost of better younger people who are eager to teach.

    We do know why.

    Societies need to demand transparency, and they need to clearly define mandates of organizations, to test their performance, and demand net gains as measured in a rational way.

    And they need to turn the compost heap by scrapping old institutions and rebuilding them. Little revolutions are better than gangrenous institutions hobbling a society.

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