[KR22] Keiser Report – Markets! Finance! Scandal!

Stacy Summary: This week we look at the scandals behind: “the owner of Great Britain” bouncing a $54 million check for a pile of dirt in the Persian Gulf; a currency speculator in Monaco moving currency markets with an “accidental Jim Rogers press release” while Colonel Gaddafi calls for jihad against Switzerland and receives zero market impact; and Alan Greenspan wins major award for causing global financial markets to explode. Keiser also talks to David DeGraw about his new book, “The Economic Elite versus the People of the United States of America.”

271 comments on “[KR22] Keiser Report – Markets! Finance! Scandal!
  1. frances snoot says:

    Read the working group reports coming out of the G20 to see the parity between theory and reality: in context a predilection concerning future financial structure. Oh, here’s one now!


    Always the illusion that we are not being governed by private sovereign banks. The press is the fat whore.

  2. frances snoot says:

    Who regulates the G20 banks? What?! They ARE the regulators! Neo-colonial rhetorical bullshit reigns!

  3. Bonn says:

    Oks Off ta poker y’all
    Have healthy arguements where a logical consise answere is ta Endgame
    Not American Idol Arguements
    Hic 😉

  4. Phil /Germany says:

    …This rash of tectonic movements around the Pacific “Rim of Fire” is heightening concern that Japan – the most earthquake-prone country in the world – is next in line for a major earthquake.

    Oarfish omen spells earthquake disaster for Japan


  5. FranSix says:


    Generally the term ‘risk cartel’ is never used, because its too embarrassing to acknowledge that someone else trades in your own risk. You don’t own your own risk any longer.

    That’s the biggest change overall. I’m sure there are widespread examples of how anybody attempting to take back their own risk have been nailed to the cross, and this is in every society that is controlled by corporations, rather than the body politic.

    The outcome of events since 9/11 is like some sort of grand scheme to prove the ascendancy of Social Darwinism. If you’re a flabby doughnut eater and want to prove you’re actually tyranosaurus rex, its a whole heck of a lot easier when you impoverish just about everyone else.

  6. Erica says:

    The note on the hand is CLASSIC! 🙂

    I think we should start a movement and all write “Trillions Stolen!” on our hands every day. The Trillion Hand March!

  7. Bonn says:

    Tellin P/G
    Planet X is on way with Nibiru peeps ta Anunaki all set to take Max’s Gold
    Hic 😉

  8. frances snoot says:

    “How about a number? Take a stab..”

    What, ME? I don’t catch your drift. I think we are all going into the ‘absolute value’ realm of understanding.

  9. frances snoot says:

    Logical, concise:

    One bank should not govern the world.

  10. GGees says:

    @ Adam C

    Your analysis has merit. Its always been on my mind that ever since tribal groups stopped being hunter gatherers and went on to farm lands which meant they stayed in one place that then these groups needed protection (security) The strong men which offered protection against rival war bands did so in return for treasure from the farmers (eventually city dwellers) thus was government formed as a protection racket. How to balance the need for security with individual liberty has always been the struggle. Currently the strong men have joined together with the war bands to steal all the treasure and make us all serfs. This is not the first time this has happened, but it is the first time that its is being attempted on a global basis.

  11. Bonn says:

    Ta Anunaki probably have ta next calender ready fer ta Mayans
    & will be WTF happened we heard some noise 60 years back we sent some dudes
    Ten what didja do ???
    Hic 😉

  12. GGees says:

    An example of whats in store for the serfs

    A California man has been sentenced to up to eight years in prison for stealing a $3.99 (£2.60) bag of shredded cheese in a case critics say shows the need for reform of the state’s criminal justice system and the overcrowded state of its prisons.

  13. Adam C says:

    @Mother Earth

    “What do you think of the fact that the US now has a sizable contingent of non defence battle hardened psycho’s calling themselves XE freely moving around.”

    I think without the government contracts, they’d just be a bunch of unemployed faggots running around playing ‘war’.

    Of course, people are violent, but there’s a reason: prior violence. Violence isn’t going to disappear overnight which is why I am 100% against any sublimination of it into some false moral institution called the ‘government.’

    I am against the government and any support of it because I am against ALL violence.

    Saying that seems to make people uncomfortable. I’m sorry, but that’s just how it is.

    “I understand HOW; I don’t understand WHY.” — Winston Smith, Nineteen Eighty-Four

  14. Bonn says:

    Err we stole tear technology
    Hic 😉

  15. the underfundedmentalist says:

    @ adam c
    can my punk rock band play at your house?
    just kidding, real anarchists don’t ask for permission.
    see you sunday afternoon, and i suggest you supply a lot of beer because my friends are ‘Thirsty and MIserable’

  16. Bonn says:

    All we could figure out in ta last 6000 years prior ta 1900’s was a circle called a wheel
    We used a couple of Elephants as well
    Hic Hic 😉

  17. GGees says:

    More evidence that the serfs are disposable–always more from where these useless eaters came from (gotta help those banks!)

    WASHINGTON (Reuters) – A measure to give some 57 million elderly people, veterans and persons with disabilities a $250 check was rejected by the Senate on Wednesday, a setback for the powerful seniors’ lobby.

  18. Bonn says:

    Anybody here tinks I am on weed again ?
    Hic 🙂

  19. Adam C says:


    Thanks for the merit.

    I don’t know how to solve violence but surely for rational/moral people it’s important to acknowledge it and explain how it works.

    I’m all typed out for today.

    Thanks, all for the debate.

  20. Bonn says:

    I should be chargin $$$$$$$444 fer sh!t like tis

  21. SuperGeeK says:

    who would have thought that society is so fragile and threatened by the idea that people might get together and eat a stolen cheese sandwich!!!

  22. Marc Authier says:

    To think about it, what’s the net asset value of the real Great-Britain ? Probably much less the pile of sand. Ineresting exercice indeed. Bet you that the real Great-Britain has a negative net value.

  23. Bonn says:

    @ MA
    Ya wont belive it but Net asset of UK is ta world
    Hic 😉
    Has yer famly lost fortune over ta years or gained fortune
    Simple math plus yer family probably did’nt have political connections dunno just guessin
    Hic 😉

  24. Bonn says:

    Tey Hire ta best minds and ta most influential
    I would do tat
    Hic 😉
    Sometimes I cant get tis site’s visitors

  25. Mother Earth says:

    Hmm..Police looking to increase their numbers to prevent confrontation? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BMoJNMbQfjs

  26. LA says:


    You are so funny!
    I can’t stop laughing…

    Keiser Report every day!

  27. the underfundedmentalist says:

    When governments are outlawed, only the outlaws will own government.
    This has come to pass.

  28. Grisu says:

    Thanks for the feedback

  29. Palantíri says:

    Re: Dubai world sand castle

    Reminded me of this link http://www.dailymail.co.uk/sciencetech/article-1247651/World-Islands-Is-end-world-Nasa-picture-suggests-Dubai-globe-sinking-sea.html with picture of The World Islands starting to merging together already six months after work stop… the ocean is going to reclaim all that was taken from it.

    Re: Proverb

    YES I like that 🙂 more of that – so much wisdom squeezed into a tiny sentence. Why don’t we use proverbs more in daily life?

    Re: books

    Is there a “The economic elite vs. The people of Europe” type of book out there?
    How about making a Recommended reading list a book list on this site as a source for good financial information to learn from?

    Finally: Thanks for the Keiser Report.

  30. Ingrid says:

    Hey Blue Bloods, looks like our New Zealand brothers are ready to take ya on!http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cle20lQg0Qs

  31. paganrongs says:

    Crikey Youri; your link http://www.gregpalast.com/the-globalizer-who-came-in-from-the-cold/ is straight out of John Perkins talkbook.

  32. Ingrid says:

    Hi everyone,
    I was just listening to Bob Chapman and he said that the Blue Bloods are planning an Eugenics program on the masses. Lookin like we’re replaying Nazi Germany. Does anyone have any more info on that? Sounds surreal.

  33. SuperGeeK says:

    uhm… I noticed the clock recently changed to ‘UK’ time… although it is about 8 mins slow… 7.04 pm, must be time to eat… I do get quite a lot of recipes from the net these day!!!
    Western spaghetti. (pes)

  34. Bonn says:

    ddddddddddd jjjjjjjjJJJJJJJJJ BONNNNN IN TA HOUSW
    Whitesnake – Here I Go Again (unplugged)
    Whitesnake – Soldier Of Fortune (unplugged)
    Siftin gears
    Nelly Furtado featuring Timbaland – Say It Right

  35. Ingrid says:

    Laughter is the best medicine. Thanks for that!

  36. Bonn says:

    G’nite y’all

    Timbaland – The Way I Are ft. Keri Hilson, D.O.E., Sebastian
    Hic 😉 closin ta DJ Bonn house

  37. GGees says:

    Ingrid to see a real live HAKA performed by 50 or more Maori is scary. I will bring them along to the next business round table meeting

  38. dumb.ass says:

    Max, agree with Black and Scholes winning the TNT award…kudos!

    Looking at the 70’s chart (dow spx) it sure looks like learning how to drive stick.
    Once all the gears and clutching got familiar……ZOOM!

    Of course, cuppola and it’s 100% buy-in flag the limits of “the car”.

    Now the boyz are test-driving the spaceship they built…..who-hoo baby!

  39. Bonn says:

    Gonna refrain frem DJ’n now

  40. the underfundedmentalist says:

    Speaking of organizing the global insurrection against corporate occupation,
    David Sirota’s The Uprising, is a good overview of the discontent in the states.
    Everybody from, minute-men, to blue-chip revolutionaries and even a few communists are slowly remembering that we all share some common interests.
    Sister Pat Daly of the tri-state coalition for responsible investment might inspire some on this site.
    And for the working families out there, you may be interested in this group’s activities, The Working Families Party

  41. x says:

    For those interested, a look at the human cost of a crooked Ponzi operator.
    CBC TV doc (45min)


  42. the underfundedmentalist says:

    if you disagreed with bush you we’re branded a terrorist, if you disagree with obama you are labeled a racist, that is all that has changed, this is Karl Rove’s Masterpiece Theatre.

  43. Happy Dick says:


    Good show man. A solid talk explaining the slippery slope in that America is wasting away. The loss of liberty and opportunity has been stripped away by the elite. I feel mass civil disobedience by 99% of the people would stop the monster. Any one with the skill to coordinate the mass attack for hire … Max how bout you man!

  44. Gordo says:

    Miner in B.C. Canada wants to drain a whole lake for Gold mining


  45. the underfundedmentalist says:

    private militias cracking down on civil unrest?
    better pick up my brown shirt from the cleaners.

  46. Mother Earth says:


    Thanks. He is not as crazy as people think..

    Just to hear you’all up, out of the old box 2004, the pentagon saying to Bush

    “Climate Change Will Destroy Us”

    Predicting siberian winters for the UK by 2020..


  47. gaspode says:

    I freestyle my destiny – it’s not written in pages.


  48. GGees says:

    LOL @ Underfundedmentalist!

  49. the underfundedmentalist says:

    Thanks ggees
    I wish the minute-men would consider fixing the roads, or making lunches for school kids, instead of always wanting to do the ‘glory’ jobs that the govt. used to do.

  50. Blink says:

    great show as always guys 🙂

  51. jon says:

    david degraw couldn’t have said it any better. Obviously the foxes own the henhouse and are feeding off the chickens daily. And no one can do anything about it. The usa is offically dead now.

  52. SuperGeeK says:

    ‘Three hens and cockerel named Dude peck fox to death after it breaks into coop’

  53. Daniel S says:

    Not to nit-pick but to demonstrate a perspective, the gap between CEO earnings and those of workers is wider than quoted in the show. Earnings as conventionally viewed don’t take into account that workers are slaves who pay for their keep via the slave-owners’ market with their allowance (what the government lets them keep). After these workers pay for their slave hovels, gruel, garments etc, their remaining allowance that they can spend in any way they choose, is far less than one 500th of what CEOs would have remaining for themselves after affording themselves similar break-time living conditions. In terms of genuinely elective/discretionary spending CEOs earn thousands as much as the slaves working for the same corporations.

  54. Dedo says:

    Y’all,.”‘Three hens and cockerel named Dude peck fox to death after it breaks into coop’”

    And the cow jumped over the moon,..fk sake !,.some folk will believe anything (must be a city boy)

  55. Ingrid says:

    Facinating article. How’s the weather now where you r?

  56. aubreyfarmer says:

    Watch this video and you will know the culprits of most of the serious problems facing the West and America in particular.The Khazarian Conspiracy, Part 1 of 12

  57. pohdinpa says:

    Yes I do realize wealth distribution is unequal in the US, but how much do the top 1% own in the beloved France or Greece or Germany, or how about Qatar or the UAE, China, Japan,England. True the official poverty figures in the US look bad but do you explain what poverty looks like in the US, food stamps, free housing, free medical care, free education with free meals, increasing welfare for each child with a deadbeat absent father. The system we the ignorant people of the US have built for ourselves, with much assistance from the government who themselves got assistance from the FED reserves printing presses, abets and harbors the welfare mentality prevalent and ingrained into the minds of our teeming masses. The very systems charged with the social safety nets we now have in place are much of the problem itself. Once charity gets enticed into the web of government oversight, you are assured it will always be needed in an ever increasing amounts, until ultimately it ends with the feudal system we are now evolving into. I think someone said something like “a welfare state is an anathema to a free society”.
    Speaking of wealth distribution, how about those government employee unions that are distributing the wealth of the taxpayers right into their greedy paws, bankrupting states and municipalities and school districts, refusing pay cuts which causes job cuts, keeping their guaranteed benefit pensions fully paid for by taxpayers while non-union workers take pay cuts and contribute to their pensions. Government union members are now a majority of union members in this country, their pay 40-100% more than non government workers,
    are they twice as efficient, twice as smart.
    Unions only aid and abet the ongoing ponzi of illusory wealth, they are enablers of their members over-inflated financial egos, misrepresenting their worth as a worker. Just as banks hold hidden losses on their books, union members hold hidden losses on their earning power. Marked to market a union worker might be only worth half of his/her mark to model and when their greed ends in massive government layoffs they will discover that true price. Has Max or Stacy or any of their guests ever been in a union, watched as it destroyed a small company with outrageous wage and benefit demands, threaten to destroy the company with strikes and eventually driving that factory to move jobs first south then to Mexico, I have. Isn’t that the economic equivalent of what Hank Paulson did with congress, threaten destruction unless demands were met. What was the outcome, demands were met and destruction followed anyway. By the way, that was the UAW and the company made truck mirrors. I quit to go back to school. I took a 50% pay cut from that job when I went into electronic design, luckily as non-union because this time I was to watch the destruction from outside the union but inside the corporation. There I couldn’t pack up my desk contents into boxes and move them across the room for fear a union member see it and report I was doing a job of a union member. God forbid if I connected up the computer on my desk or swapped a monitor, you’d think it was a capitol offense. Again the outcome was the same, union meddling in day to day operations, seniority, wage and benefits destroyed the union manufacturing operations but the design part lived on, severely curtailed but alive.
    Now to campaign finance reform, why should a private citizen like say Michael Moore or Al Gore, be able to spend millions under the covert cover of a documentary film be able to basically lobby the american people, attempting to sway public opinion through obfuscation and hyperbole, while a company, corporation or industry cannot. Do these so called “private” citizens have a monopoly on “truth”, do only “non-private” entities “lie”. If lying is a legitimate means to an end for progressives, it should also be for companies, industries, neocons, nazis, communists and any other individual or group. Freedom to speak is not just an individual right when there is also freedom to assemble. Al Gore can scream, FIRE IN THE SKY!, in the crowded kabuki theatre of climate-scam, causing a deadly stampede while Exxon has to tap each audience member on the shoulder and whisper to them that they are needed outside in the parking lot one at a time, maybe under the pretense of their car lights being on, then strangle them. The ends are the same, why not the means. With full disclosure of economic and political entanglements and transparency a level playing field is not an impediment to truth or justice

  58. SuperGeek says:


  59. pohdinpa says:

    hey SuperGeek
    if that was @ me
    What, you only think in 5 second bursts, or post links of stupid chicken fights, where’s a counter argument you ignoramous
    F you Keiser bitch

  60. Nat says:

    If you’re implying there is a counter argument to be made then perhaps you can make that too, just as vehemently so at least that way we’ll get both sides of the story and avoid these pointless insults.

    You seem to be pointing out that there is a lot of corruption and self interest from positions of power from all sides.

    Then change that to 98% of the population who need to do something about it.

    Why not join forces from all political angles?

  61. Nat says:

    P.S. In SuperGeek’s defence, the chicken article was a joke about the post immediately above his, how the ‘chickens’ are rising up.

  62. Ben says:

    just watched the Degraw interview again, A.W.E.S.O.M.E!

  63. SuperGreek says:

    cheers, sometimes it really aint safe round here… so many people seem really desperate for something to bothered about and always seem to misunderstand every little comment!!!

  64. pohdinpa says:

    misunderstand every little comment
    is not every little comment, that is a f***king insult, what the hell did I say in my post to deserve an insult? Why should you be able to call a 50 year old man a little boy and tell me to grow up? I was commenting on the Max Keiser video not the supergeek video. If you want to insult me from a distance I will insult you back. If we were face to face I crush your face instead, pissant little worm.

  65. SuperGreek says:

    I still haven’t had time to read read your very long first comment, sorry… surely it isn’t that difficult to read the previous comments and figure out my post wasn’t directed at you… especially as somebody else (@Nat) has already been polite enough to try and give you a clue and point you in the right direction!!!

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