BUSTED: Citigroup Caught Blatantly Marketing Itself as Casino

Stacy Summary:  Ha ha, Max has been alleging this for years, well I guess here is some proof from Business Insider . . .

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  1. Marc Authier says:

    Faites vos jeux ! Rien ne va plus. Le rouge gagne !

  2. rich says:


  3. Sherri Young says:

    And this pops up right after Pandit’s testimony before Elizabeth Warren’s committee this week during which he repeatedly stated that Citi was determined to realign itself as a more conservative bank.

    Oh well…..

  4. Marc Authier says:

    Conservative is the most abused word in banking. When somebody says he is a “conservative” or he is “conservative”, you know that he’s godamn crook and gangster. Conservative as George W. Bust ?

  5. AM says:

    Those good ‘old’ days… http://www.archive.org/details/LeFricShowTV25August2005
    Such cheesy music/editing gave me a lot of chuckles, at least stood trough ‘the test of time’ better than this one which is actually an comedy league of its own; government propaganda http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=C0K_LZDXp0I

  6. Bonn says:

    @ Maxy boy
    Was doin a little tinkin
    yer Gold can only save ya durin transistion me tinks
    ofc if ta trasistion last 7 years I am f@#ked wit a lot many peeps who are gonna shift ta batar system
    Hope ya have invested in land too not built up just land
    Hic 😉

  7. Mother Earth says:

    This is a link to an article about the similarities between forex trading and online poker.. http://www.businessinsider.com/similarities-between-forex-and-online-poker-2010-3

  8. Marc Authier says:

    Hey. Soap bars are useful too.

  9. Bonn says:

    @ Stacy
    Ta head of Citigroup is a [email protected] head Indian Vikram Pandit
    In front of ta cogressional hearing he used the same ploy of one of our states political heads who said “I will take Rs 1 (1/50th of a Dollar) as salary per month , Jai Lalitha was finally caught with a known wealth of 20 mill god knows how much she has in ta swiss banks maybe another Emmm errr sorry she spent 20 Mill on her adopted sons marraige tats where she got caught
    Vikram Pandit tried ta same shit in front of US congress
    “I will take 1 Dollar salary per month untill we sought this financial crises out ”
    PS Plz approove ta bailouts
    Hic 😉

  10. Mongo says:

    I bet J.R.R. Tolkien wrote about this in his LOTR-series with Mordor being the Fed and Sauron Ben Bernanke. Obama is one of them cavetrolls.

  11. Mother Earth says:

    Is this gold and silver dip a result of the talk about helping Greece?

  12. Mother Earth says:

    CIA are out of arab patsies http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BBmhKutfJ48

    Hate to think what may be happening to him..

  13. EB says:

    It’s true! I saw Pandit driving through south LA in a pimp-mobile shouting ‘Hey baby wanna take a ride in my car?’

  14. Bonn says:

    Nice one @EB

  15. California Doctor says:


    Citigroup’s Auction-Rate Bonds Freeze $1 Billion in Hawaii Cash
    March 4 (Bloomberg) — Two years after the auction-rate bond market froze, Hawaii has lost about $250 million in market value on $1 billion in student-loan securities sold by a single Citigroup Inc. broker as a cash substitute that the state has had difficulty unloading.

    Hawaii purchased half of the securities for its short-term treasury account from Honolulu broker Pete Thompson, 60, in the eight months before the market collapsed, according to Scott Kami, an administrator at the state finance department.

    California Bonds Fail on Advice Bill Lockyer Couldn’t Refuse
    Dec. 17 (Bloomberg) — For California Treasurer Bill Lockyer, the offer from Goldman Sachs Group Inc., JPMorgan Chase & Co. and Citigroup Inc. was too good to refuse.

    If California was willing to forgo competitive bidding for a $4.5 billion bond offering, the banks promised more orders from individuals and a lower bill to the taxpayers. The firms insisted that by negotiating with them, the state would benefit from its special relationship with the Wall Street troika and wind up with what two underwriters called a salutary “buzz” to boost demand for the debt.

    When the October offering failed to sell as planned, California was forced to accept 8 percent less money than it needed and to pay as much as $123 million more in interest than the banks said was sufficient for the market. And the threesome made $12.4 million on the deal, contributing to record bonuses in the securities industry a year after getting a total of $80 billion in a federal bailout.

  16. Marc Authier says:

    @Mother Eath
    No problem they have Al-Mossad recruits like Perlman.

  17. EB says:

    Ahhh, for the Oligarch who has everything…and is running out of places to spend that bonus….


  18. maxkeiser says:

    A RUMOR: The Amero plan is back, this time backed by gold: BIS source
    03/07/2010 22:17:48

    The US dollar is about to be replaced by the Amero at a rate of two dollars to one Amero, according to a high level financial source in Switzerland. The Amero will replace the US and Canadian dollars and the Mexican peso, he says. It will be backed by Mexican and Canadian gold, the source adds. The decision was made at a high level within the Western secret government, he says. The introduction of the Amero will be followed by a dismantling of the Federal Reserve Board, he says. Once the announcement is made, people will have exactly 30 days to convert their dollars to Ameros before the dollars become worthless. The Western government does not want to cede control of its financial system to China so a decision was made to go with the gold-backed Amero, he says. Of course many holders of dollars may decide to opt away from the Amero and trade their dollars for other currencies, notably the Chinese yuan and the Hong Kong dollar. We will seek to confirm this news from other sources and will provide updates if necessary.

    your comments max



  19. Mep says:

    Have to post a jibber jabber. Glenn Beck is just fucking insane! Tells listeners to leave their churches if they preach SOCIAL JUSTICE!!!!!! He says social justice is code for communism and Nazism! Little does his ignorant audience know that Beck is acting like a fucking fascist and actually supporting those fascist fundamentalist fucks who wish to re-write the Bible to erase “liberal” things like an emphasis on the poor, sick, and suffering.

  20. W11:11AM says:

    I was just cruising business insider and I saw this – I was just about to post the link, looks like you beat me to it Stacy!

  21. Mother Earth says:

    All these rumors and prophesies of the amero, illuminati, haarp, 2012 show how deep the desire to randomly believe in something is..It’s born out of the need to sharpen one’s ability to identify danger…

  22. Dedo says:

    BIG BROTHER (WORLD GOVERNMENT) intends to control the monetary and economic affairs of individuals and nations by means of “cashless societies”. Now that people are used to electronic transactions the phasing out of hard currency will accelerate. The next step seems to be the villification and elimination of certain denominations. Next would be the adoption of “smart cards” and ultimately “smart people” – implanted with micro-chips for verification.
    Hmmm,..the living language,..predictive programming,..love it!! : )

  23. maxkeiser says:

    “Stacy Summary: Wow, great piece by Janet Tavakoli. We definitely need to get her on the show to discuss.”

    Max and Stacy,

    We would love to hear you talk for hours with Janet, William Black, Elizabeth Warren, and Michael Lewis. And if you could waterboard anyone running Fed or the Treasury, that’d be great, too. Wow, what a show that would be!

    Auf Wiederhören!


  24. ronron says:

    what a difference a day makes. holy fuck.

  25. Marc Authier says:

    Glenn Beck is Pentagon operative. He’s a fascist, a nazi. A real one. Put that in your head. Fox News is part of the militaro industrial complex that is bleeding to death the US economy. Rupert Murdoch is the big fat demonic mouth piece of Planet Evil USA and the arm’s business. He is a caricature like Joseph Goebbels in Nazi Germany.

  26. Marc Authier says:

    @Mother Earth
    And AGAIN the shooters were on anti-depressants.

  27. Marc Authier says:

    New notion. From socialism to socialossism.

    S & A Digest

    I’ve enjoyed watching so-called conservative television pundits arguing about whether or not they dare to call OBAMA! a socialist, as if using the word will tarnish their credibility. Meanwhile, as any serious economist could tell you, the United States has been a socialist country since the administration of Franklin Delano Roosevelt. Of course, we have a different kind of socialism than Europe.

    In Europe’s version of socialism, the government owns the means of production outright. In America, we don’t like the appearance of the government owning everything, so we don’t actually transfer title. We just shift all of the risks of ownership to the government. In this way, private interests can claim all the profits of enterprise, while all of the risk of loss can be shifted to the taxpayers. We ought to call our version Socialossism – because we’re only socializing the losses, not the profits.


    In USA, the paradise of the immigrants that dream of the land of milk and honey, only the losses are nationalized. It’s quite a fantastic system when you think of it. 100% certainty of getting your BONUS at Goldman Sachs and 100% of ending up a slave and ruined for the rest of the population. SOCIALOSSISM. Remember the expression. It perfectly describes Obama but also all you neo-cons fascists.

    How America was ruined and raped by corporate America. Easy. A modified version of Castro socialism but only reserved for people having net asset values of 100 million or more and working for the Wall Street and the Pentagon mobsters. What a way to end the nice experience was USA. What a sad end indeed.

  28. Max Power says:

    The FOREX accounts offered in the US and Canada have never been attractive to me.

    I actually like FOREX, but the user interfaces are not consumer friendly at all.

    There is no way to make a mirror trade, so your bet up and down are symmetrical (more or less).

    The leverage issue, although not at the top of my lists for disliking these accounts — was a valid background reason not to be enthused.

    Is it Casio like?
    Strictly speaking no.

    Could it appeal to the online Poker crowd?
    Yes, that it could…

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