Constitutional Challenges, December Gold Holdings & UK Flood Costs

Stacy Summary:  Sorry we have been a bit quiet this afternoon; we recorded a Keiser Report and an On the Edge and now I am editing!  Rather impressive how brazen the big banks are; I suppose we, the people, as they say, should have launched a Constitutional challenge back in October of last year when Hank and George were ‘rescuing’ the banks with the massive wealth transfer?

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  1. Dan II says:

    wait for it . . .

  2. Dan II says:

    There it is! New Page!

  3. GGees says:

    Hey girls hey boys! super DJ—here we go! (chemical brothers)

    The notional value of derivatives held by US commercial banks rose $804 billion in the third quarter, or 0.49%, to $204.3 trillion. That consisted of 1,065 banks, a fall of 45 from the prior quarter. Five major banks held 97% of the amounts and 88% of the exposure. The CEO’s are sorry for their risky behavior, but they are still engaged in it in a bigger way than ever.

    Incidentally, these are the same banks that have a record short position in the dollar

  4. GGees says:

    The empire has no colors left—

    MOSCOW: The former Prime Minister, Viktor Yanukovich, captured an early lead in Ukraine’s presidential election, which looks set to bring a crushing defeat for incumbent President Viktor Yushchenko.

    Two exit polls sited by Russian news agencies gave Mr. Yanukovich between 36 to 40 per cent of the votes, with Prime Minister Yulia Timoshenko coming in second with 21 to 24 per cent, and ex-Governor of the National Bank Sergei Tigipko trailing them with 10 to 15 per cent. These results, if confirmed, mean that a runoff will have to be held on February 7.

    Meanwhile, Mr. Yanukovich has already taken revenge on his archrival, Mr. Yushchenko, who was swept into power five years ago by the West-orchestrated “orange revolution,” which overturned Mr. Yanukovich’s election victory. Mr. Yushchenko’s popularity has since tumbled to less than 5 per cent over his failure to honour election promises, his patently anti-Russian policies and bitter infighting in the “orange” camp

  5. GGees says:

    The wonders of the NWO UK style

    Forced to choose eating or heating, family burns furniture to keep warm

    Demand for free parcels at food banks soars as big freeze leaves many unable to pay for both food and warmth

  6. Mep says:

    Fun weather news:

    Flooding and high winds hit California.

    Worst flooding in a decade hits Egypt/Israel border (wonder if Pat Robinson will blame Israel & Egypt for the deal they made with the devil re: starving and oppressing Palestinians?)

    6.0 earthquake hits Guatemala and parts of El Salvador. (Commentor “Banned in Boston” seems to think that HAARP was involved.)

    @ Tofu – Thanks for the links.

    @ frances – That was a sweet post, thanks . . . you lead me placed I’d likely never go, either 😉

  7. Mep says:

    @ anything but green – Now that’s fucked up! Can they really get away with a gov’t policy to reduce the amount of hard cash used?!

    @ all E. Coli strikes again!! — 864,000 pounds of ground beef recalled by Huntington Meat Packing.

  8. Youri Carma says:

    Aahaha! Brimelow funny guy from MarketWatch

    The Liver Milkshake

    “I long warned that, despite the total Mass belief that inflation would continue forever, I instead foresaw a long deflation and would not be stared down. Or even glared at, as I warned America that it was in a slow-motion deflation, even when Fedhead Greenspan was falsely knighted for having conquered inflation in a ceremony as distasteful to me personally as a liver milk shake.”

    I don’t get Dines’ point about a liver milk shake, either. But it certainly sounds revolting.

    Ah well.”

    From: Dines disappoints on deflation – But if letter can turn in triple-digit gains, who cares?

  9. marietta says:

    the video that Banned in Boston posted is probably a hoax. the burnt dolphins in the video could be from extreme sunburn after being stranded on the beach. Their wounds look very much like the wounds in these pictures:

  10. marietta says:

    The tiny url worked! thanks mep!

  11. marietta says:

    The MSM is tripping all over itself to announce the Mass. senate race a loss for the Dems.
    And have you ever seen a more disasterous string of campaign bungles by a candidate?
    Is it just me or do any of you think this race was thrown so that Dems would have an excuse to not patch/pass healthcare reform?

  12. Mep says:

    @ marietta – Yes, it looks like it could be sunburn.

    I’ll admit that when I see people talking about HAARP, my first reaction is to blow it all off. But then I think back to the History channel’s coverage of HAARP, and have to wonder sometimes. I mean, there seems to be no limits to what people in power will do to further their own advantage.

  13. Youri Carma says:

    Crisis expert says China’s boom to end soon

    10 reasons Obama is failing 95 million investors

    Home building is going nowhere

  14. marietta says:

    I’m just pointing out that this particular video is suspect. I think an equally healthy suspicion of any govt activity (like HAARP) is also wise.

  15. Mep says:

    @ marietta – While I understand why you’d be suspicious, I don’t think the Dems threw the race. They were totally caught off guard is what I think. In Mass, there are 3 Dems registered for every registered Republican. Advantage: Dems. What they forgot is that something like 50% of eligible voters are independent or not registered. They assumed that a Coakley win was automatic–especially since we’re talking about filling the seat of the much beloved Ted Kennedy. (The reason for the Coakley blunders, IMO, is that Kennedy held the seat so long that the party didn’t work on having strong alternative Dem candidates waiting in the wings to run for Senate in Mass.)

    I wrote the WH a little note in which I said in light of the close Mass. race, the Dem party had better start paying attention to the very real rage that people are feeling due to watered-down legislation, corporate-written legislation, expanded wars, Wall Street handouts, broken campaign promises, etc. (I also said that Summers and Geithner are liabilities, and that the majority of the public thinks they are Wall St. flacks and crooks.) If this race isn’t a wake up call for them, they’re just effing stupid. They think they can count on automatic votes from Dems and the independents that put Obama in power–even as they do nothing that they promised they’d do once in power. But it’s clear that there are no guarantees–even in states that voted solidly for Obama, and are considered to be “progressive states.” It’ll be interesting to see what happens tomorrow. I, of course, am hoping that the generic Dem. wins, but if she doesn’t, it just may be the wake-up call that Washington needs.

  16. Mep says:

    Oh, and, marietta, I’ve noticed the media’s urge to call the race. Clearly, they want the Republican to win. Since the minority party has completely changed the rules of legislating such that everything suddenly requires 60 votes to pass, a Coakley loss will ensure that government shuts down and nothing gets passed.

  17. AM says:

    @y’all that are interested/like to write music too:
    I got some words that i can’t get into my song; not that the current form is perfect, So can someone help me out? (i dont believe in copyrights copy/paste all you want, would be nice to get some appreciation/credit but thats a choice)
    Here are the words below that the song (again): intentionally zombie economy thievery community family monopoly criminally criminality deprivation depravation desperation impoverishment servants peasants subsidising impoverishing compartmentalisation illuminati hidden agenda world domination centralization puppeteers fear profiteer racketeer provocation citizenry infiltration destabilisation weather modification dissidence segregation separation alienation differences possibilities opportunities globalisation degeneration united nations balkanisation globalists microchip explanation FIAT currency property confiscation enslavement invasions occupations retaliations common decency demonization documentation realisation examination ejaculations morality frequency limitations absurdities atrocities fantasies mass production goods to express personality and individuality

    enemy of humanity; out for destruction of society

    On a non-stop killing spree without ever feeling guilty

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    we’re aware what it is good for
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    to exploit the desperate and poor
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    yet there is no need when we stand up, unite and fight for our right to be free
    humanity shall not live in slavery
    Any Resistance is a victory!

    printing money; robbing every debt slaved country creating death and poverty
    the economic policy wrapped in secrecy is all about speculating and manipulating without accountability or transparency
    it isn’t socialism or capitalism it is cronyism, corporatism, fascism and neo feudalism
    The oligarchy deliberately destroying self-sufficiency and sovereignty
    depriving humanity of progress by withholding patented technology

    No longer we shall take it
    no longer we work for your profit
    no longer we shall serve your benefit
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    CIA making big bucks with shipping in the drugs to finance their illegal black ops. In case you had no clue, this private prison system to track trace and database is for you but we know the real thugs.
    It’s never too late to oppose and end the police state just don’t get distracted by COINTELpro injecting race and hate.
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    enemy of humanity; out for destruction of society

    On a non-stop killing spree without ever feeling guilty

    but no more we shall fight your artificial war
    we’re aware what it is good for
    no longer you will be able to divide and conquer
    to exploit the desperate and poor
    we might have no where to run or hide
    yet there is no need when we stand up, unite and fight for our right to be free
    humanity shall not live in slavery
    Any resistance is victory!

    Don’t fear execution as retribution we shall restore the peoples constitution
    As prosecution the guilty ones will face a fair trial for their crime and will do the appropriate time, look in the mirror for the solution.
    every human has the responsibility to stop the fake video game personality, the celebrity worship and created sport tribe mentality search for your true destiny and individuality.
    I actually find it very sad to see that this wonderful specie is in so much misery but we have to step up and face reality.

    Ghandi has shown how to defeat tyranny
    It’s time for sympathy and solidarity
    It’s time for empathy and tolerance
    It’s time for civil disobedience and non violent resistance
    stop the global dictator banking governance and give peace a chance

  18. AM says:

    Wow not all at once 😛

  19. SG says:

    @Am Dram
    ‘WOW Not all at once’….FUNNY…. that’s exactly what I was gonna say about your lyrics!!! 🙂

  20. Mother Earth says:

    Dump IE, jeey, maybe a much better target for Max, sell all Amarican Microsoft!

  21. Bonn says:

    when didja start speakin Hindi ???
    Hiddin Energy & Free energy “Free Life – Live Free”

  22. James says:

    Truth About Markets New Zealand – Sovereign Gold Holdings

    I do not see New Zealand on this December list?

    The Reserve Bank doesn’t list any in December 2009 from this info:

    It seems that the truth about New Zealand is that even though there is gold mining going on down here with companies like Oceana none of it seems to be ending up in the Reserve Bank?

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