[VIDEO] RT takes on Fox News, Spin Doctoring & ‘Entertainer,’ Bill O’Reilly

Stacy Summary: Yeeha! The total opposite of how Aljaz responds to Fox.

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  1. ronron says:

    saw this yesterday. bilo still an ass. what would you expect.

  2. Mother Earth says:

    More please.. Let’s rid the world of bullies..

  3. maxkeiser says:

    i am looking through various youtubes of bill o’ looking for a good one to play on my RT show.

    any suggestions?

  4. Dedo says:

    “When plunder becomes a way of life for a group of
    men living together in society, they create for
    themselves in the course of time a legal system that
    authorizes it and a moral code that glorifies it”

    Frederic Bastiat – The Law

    I wonder why she’s blindfolded:

  5. Palantíri says:

    The best place to get the news is from The Onion? how far out is that guy…?Anyway; O’Reilly is a Opinion maker, not a news presenter so he do not need to be objective to whatever he presents, that is something the viewer should keep in mind. Sometimes though I get the feeling that all these opinion maker shows dress up to appear as real news shows and that the public find it hard to separate those two.

  6. AM says:

    What empty discussion back and forward. Rt just lost some appreciation from me. First of all ex-peace activist? and he says comedy central, the union… wth the best sources is internet: main stream but more alternative media from different countries to compare perspectives. Then a clip to accuse him of abusing the english language, 4 min of prime time yet they have an item 3;42… . Shouldn’t media REPORT on facts? Almost forgot the anniversary of the Gaza raid last year where the great media was kept out of the war zone for 3 weeks while israeli troops killed 1000 palestinians mostly innocent civilians and a couple of people fighting for a human existence with forbidden weapons. The criminals/terrorists that pulled off the biggest extortion/bank robbery in history are still at large. A billion people are starving, blablabla could go on and on about corruption, war, death, destruction but also could report about positive issues although recently those have become very scarce. Anyways this is why i don’t watch tv, then i have to watch this kind of crap all day, total distraction from whats happening in the world. Debating opinions about who’s a “accurate” newsoutlet, on a side track wondering how well the christmas sells were; some indications are that it was pretty lousy or the gods of goldman sachs might have spent so much of their bonuses that it isn’t that bad. Kind of living in a twilight zone to see children believe in mythical figures, adults, then the system used their traditions to make people consume while the economy has been robbed etc.: very fascinating. And why can’t people care/have the “Christmas spirit” all year? do we need a special day for that? BTW if you want to attack fox, just play all clips of terrorist threads like dirty bombs, yellow cake, uranium from africa, wmd’s in iraq could go on and on this is just from the last decade. Yet just a waste of time; like i said enough news stories that require attention who gives a … what beck/o reilly/olbermann/jon steward/colbert report/ etc. say that isn’t a news item. Else all news would be constantly reporting on what other news outlets said about them, isn’t very informative.

  7. Bonn says:

    @ Max & Stacey tis one for ya guys
    Watch Jon’s Expressions at Moments —->0:43, 3:28 ,
    4:57 , AND 6:14 secs if ya dont wanna watch ta whole thing please watch from 5 Minutes onwards
    Bill says “Mc. Cain’s been on your Show Kerry’s been on I’ve been on So your have had the 3 most powerful people On …..” Watch Jon’s Expression Priceless !!!!!!!!
    Jon Stewart on the O’Reilly Factor

    Hic 😉 Bill’s in La La land

  8. Bonn says:

    @ Max I got it I got it I think but the above Vid is from 2004 Elections But Jons Expression is Priceless
    What da ya think ?

  9. Bonn says:

    and Max Jon Stewarts got a whole load of shit on that Bill O’Rielly just visit www . thedaily show dot com
    Type in that stupid Farts name in the search Engine and pick and chhose putting your own spin .But Jon’s always caught Bill O Riley lying
    Oh there’s this funny one on Invasion of Privacy by the press tooo funny 😉 Hic

  10. Veritas says:

    There’s lying and bullying by conservatives and there’s lying and bullying by liberals.

    What the media has done is create an unending war between two groups neither of which is connected to reality.

    Sort of like the conflict in Palestine.

  11. Tony Danes says:

    awesome video…thanks for showing it Stacy and Max…

  12. Phil /Germany says:

    @Video … LOVELY !

  13. Bonn says:

    And at some point Max
    Just mention something like “USA & UK need to be quarintine’d Just Like a Drug addict” Unless it get help and fall in Line the ROW Rest of the world should just Ignore USA & UK for a decade or so Though I feel its anyway Gonna happen.
    USA is like a teenager throwing tantromes as its harmones are Kicking in.
    Hic 😉

  14. ronron says:

    @MaxKeiser. one asshole. thousands of choices.

  15. Old one of Ron Paul during the election cycle…

  16. Mike/Liverpool says:

    Want to make it big?
    Get a goverment job!

  17. Headless says:

    Dedo said: “I wonder why she’s blindfolded:

    I’d be more worried about that sword someone stuck in Her leg…

    Else: Thanks for the Bastiat heads up.

  18. Palantíri says:

    Fifth of parents admit raiding their child’s savings

    Is it the Christmas holiday that does it you think or is it early sign of something deeper more serious thing happening?

  19. The Dork of Cork says:

    @Liverpool Mike
    The Space station fiasco/tradedy illustrates the lack of ambition and belief with in western society indeed the time line between the Nixon adminstrations decision to castrate the civilian space programme and the present sorry state of manned spaceflight mirrors the decline and fall of America
    thinking back now after the euphoria of Armstrongs landing the proles decided that soap operas were better television then the spectacular J-missions of Apollo 15,16,and 17 – such societys are doomed to fail in their own mediocrity.
    The food stamp space programme that came after these acheivements is all we deserve

  20. happyhappy says:

    Goldman Sachs CEO Lloyd Blankfein Named Financial Times Person Of The Year

    Goldman Sachs CEO Lloyd Blankfein has been named Person of the Year by the Financial Times.The investment bank “not only navigated the 2008 global financial crisis better than others on Wall Street,” the paper writes, “but is set to make record profits, and pay up to $23BN in bonuses to its31,700 staff.”

    But while the FT may agree that Blankfein is doing “God’s work,” others view the bank as indicative of exactly what is wrong with Wall Street. Indeed, Blankfein himself apologized last month for Goldman Sachs’ role in the financial crisis. And Goldman Sachs’s trading practices are currently under investigation by the federal government.
    In response to the FT’s decision to honor Blankfein, noted bankanalyst Christopher Whalen has canceled his subscription to the paper.”Mr. Blankfein and his colleagues at Goldman Sachs, in my view, have done more to damage the reputations of global financial professionals than any other organization in 2009, yet you applaud them,” he wrote in a letter to the paper. “Not only is your suggestion ridiculous and repugnant, but it illustrates to me the fact that the FT is part of the problem in global finance, not as one would hope and expect, part of the solution.”

    The War on Democracy

  21. harry_w says:

    The attacks on RT in The Guardian and on Fox, like a recent attack-piece against Press TV on BBC Newsnight, they all show a real irritation within western media groups at the invasion of ‘their’ English-speaking news media space.

    I thought in that thread about the The Guardian’s RT attack, ajwaj, as a citizen of a former communist country, had the measure of it:

    Western corporate propaganda, russian propaganda, iranian propaganda, chinese propaganda – it’s the same crap. … I wouldn’t blindly support any of these regimes. … I see that russian regime didn’t change much and western countries (especially US) are now fast approaching this miserable level of both living conditions and personal freedom.

    The only value of watching those “alternative regime” media is that they represent opposite view, so they’re not afraid of telling you what corporate media are afraid of. There is no ‘good’ mainstream source. All are biased … Regards from Poland.

    RT and Press TV are Russian and Iranian state responses to western media dominance. Al Jazeera is something perhaps a little subtler, owned by a great Sheik but staffed by many old western media hands. Al-Jazeera still produce some of the most informative, original news reporting though: I thought their coverage of the Honduran coup made CNN and BBC look distant and studio-bound. They also picked up Telesur feeds, an alternative Latin American Spanish speaking network. I thought RT ripped a lot of western coverage of the Georgian conflict to shreds, but Press TV have yet to deliver something similar.

    So most of these news networks are propaganda organs to a greater or lesser extent. Russia has massively increased their spending in electronic media in the last year. I think the art is in recognising the real news and information content within a variety of reporting that often dissolves into editorialising and ‘analysis’ (especially reporters interviewing hack reporters/experts).

    Evgeny Morozov, the expert The Guardian approached for comment on RT covers it in detail:
    The Kremlin’s quest for Pravda 2.0
    Posted By Evgeny Morozov Saturday, May 9, 2009

    Morozov works for the Soros’ backed Open Society Institute in promoting ‘activism’ against states in what it deems to be “authoritarian and semi-authoritarian societies such as China, Egypt, Russia, and Venezuela” But not Colombia or Saudi Arabia it seems.

    He takes a rather different tone in discussing much more advanced Israeli efforts to utilise new electronic media in the interests of the state:

    Israel Defense Forces to conquer Facebook
    Posted By Evgeny Morozov Monday, November 30, 2009 – 9:58 PM
    “… Israel’s innovative campaign to integrate bloggers – especially those in the diaspora – in its international outreach efforts. In fact, it appears that the Israel Defense Forces are working on creating a dedicated new media unit that would do just that. …”

    Israel lobby: the blog edition
    Posted By Evgeny Morozov Monday, September 14, 2009 – 12:27 PM
    “… The Israeli government and civil society alike have recently been extremely active in cyberspace, especially in war time, when shaping the international opinion often becomes essential to achieving military objectives. …

    “… as the international outcry against the war in Gaza began getting louder, Israel’s Immigrant Absorption Ministry announced a campaign to recruit an “army of bloggers” made up of polyglot Israelis who could counter anti-Israel sentiment on English, German, Spanish, Portuguese, Russian and French sites. According to reports in Haaretz, after having registered with the ministry, the polyglot volunteers were directed to sites that authorities found “problematic” and engage in discussions that would offer a pro-Israeli point of view. Those pro-war Israelis who didn’t want to coordinate their actions with the government could use special software – called Megaphone (originally developed for the 2006 war with Lebanon)– which could alert them to new articles, blog posts, and online opinion polls that required a joint online reaction (the most loyal supporters could also help by relying on more ominous tools – including one called “Help Israel Win” designed by Israeli university students – which allowed to lend one’s computer power to participate in shady cyber-attacks on Palestinian web-sites). …

    …I am surprised that there has been very little research into the effectiveness of Israel’s decentralized new media advocacy efforts and the impact they have had on the international opinion. Unlike Russia and China – the two countries that rely on social media and bloggers to shape domestic opinion – Israel has ventured internationally, tapping into its mighty and multilingual diaspora and providing them with enough space and autonomy to devise their own campaigns….

    … One thing about bloggers as lobbyists is that they do not leave a public trail of evidence: unlike think-tanks, most of them do not require funding and have no formal affiliation with a government whose policies they endorse. They may be benefiting from the skills that they learn at conventions like the one in Jerusalem but they behave as fully independent actors of civil society, deliberately distancing themselves from official institutions.

    This makes it extremely difficult to accuse them of spreading propaganda or repeating the usual talking points: after all, they are acting as citizens rather than politicians. Consequently, what they say is usually treated in a much more serious fashion than the boilerplate of politicians. The state then emerges as a giant platform – or an API in computer-speak – which just needs to provide the resources and make it easy for them to network and connect to each other…

    With the advent of international tv news, then the web, and most recently social network media, they’ve all become theatres of conflict in their own right. I suppose surveillance of affiliations and monitoring for indications of ‘brand’ allegiance would go along with that.

  22. Youri Carma says:

    If you get mentioned by slimeback O’Reilly than you sort of made it. It’s free advertisement. Would be funny if later more people watch Russian TV than American and Maybe Vice Versa LOL

    Bill O’Reilly Flips Out

  23. Daniel James says:

    @Max and Stacy

    Bill O’Reilly Flips Out – Full version uncut

    Classic Bill O starts at 30 sec


    Bill O flips out on Barney Frank

    Classic Bill O from the start


  24. Elihu says:

    When you all turn to Russia (and RT) as your ‘truth-source’, I turn from you…

  25. Paolo7219 says:

    I hope the moderator in the video is right; more Americans are waking up to the fact that the American MSM DOES slant their reporting. The media monopoly in the US needs to be broken up. Note how large Rupert Murdoch’s NewsCorp is. Media ownership in the US is FAR too small. And too right wing. And the reason so many print media are in trouble is because they have been catering to their advertisers and NOT their readership. The print media is getting what it deserves. The US is in dire need of REAL journalists. People who are going to do investigative reporting, not tow a corporate line so as not to anger a big advertiser.

  26. Mep says:

    How Faux News reacts to organizations that call them out:

    O’Reilly: Media Matters is despicable, fascist:


    (Tons of other good videos in the Media Matters You Tube related videos section.)

  27. sdm says:

    Phil Donahue ripping “Billy” to shreads.

    Don’t know if you can use it but it is worth seeing.

  28. Fibon11235 says:

    @ Max

    Is Bill really worth comment!?

    The reason the media appears to be without credibility is that they are no longer credible. The economic change has resulted from real world perspective change. The wide ponzi cooperate system on which they represent has not changed. The two worlds that is the real world and the false corporate world have now parted company and are now floating in two separate directions.

    In some ways the false fantasy corporate world has just become a parade of its self, incapable of self reflection or criticism. I’m of the opinion that this is reflected in the real economy as opposed to the wall street economy. A example of this is this odd AAA country credit score grades, they have become or maybe always were just political labels not economic labels.

    I think we will see the establishment panic when they feel more and more exposed and incapable of getting any grip on reality.

    I do hope is not exploited by Russian Today, who may be more in a position of perspective given the Russian history and collective perspective. To tease a sick mind is not funny or clever. The bloody thing is going to die anyway and its on its way out, so why exploit it. Maybe its natural to do so? I would love to see moderate and accurate reporting all round. I do not like propaganda no matter who courts it, as it benefits no one in the long term.

  29. The Dork of Cork says:


    Stil I would like to see a Pacifist kick the living shit out of that chickenhawk Live on TV – that would be special!

  30. Palantíri says:

    @Fibon11235 – Is Bill really worth comment!?
    – It is an opportunity for Max to get some attention in the US if he pulls the stunt? off right.

  31. Fibon11235 says:

    @ Palantíri your right
    Max go for it…but be clever got get some publicity…I cant believe anyone bothers to listen to these BILL type of characters..there such a treacherous lot disinformation pushers. The USA or UK were not always like this.

  32. Zach OBrien says:

    @ Max

    Steven Colbert made quite an ass out of Bill. That one was pretty funny.

  33. Mep says:

    Would be awesome, Max, if you could rip Billo ON RT. Piss him off just enough that he mentions you by name on air & gets you a bigger audience. 😉

  34. Zach OBrien says:

    @ Max

    The “Bill Oriley Freak-out” is a good little tidbit showing just how much of a monster the guy really is.

    Particularly the last fifteen seconds of the clip. You could get Bill’s worst 5 seconds of that rant. It’s quite disturbing actually.

    P.S. What degree Freemason is he to be able to scream at people like that and still maintain a career in elite media? That’s a point of interest for me at least..

  35. Zach OBrien says:

    @ Mep

    Good idea. Max has the potential to school Bill so hard, Bill would cry when he went home that night.

    But Max has the potential to make such an ass out of the US Stazi, that they could really be pissed off. I think Fox’s best strategy regarding journalism of Max and Stacy’s caliber is to pretend it don’t exist. Less Americans will rediscover journalism that way.

  36. Dedo says:

    I bet when O’ Really was a sprog he used to scream and stamp his feet to get his way,….the strategy hasn’t changed has it!
    @Max,.how would you counter his tirades, apart from bullet through the head?

  37. Paul says:

    RT did it right. Anastasia did the right thing by not even dignifying O’Riles putdown. Even though Ayers assertion that the Onion is a reliable news source is ridiculous, putting it out there as it was is journalistic integrity at its best. RT is real news.

  38. Bonn says:

    @ Max
    Ya probably won’t use tis clip But
    I’ts worth watching And rip him apart pleaze
    Outfoxed: Bill O’Reilly attacks 9/11 victim’s son
    And guess what he is frightened of Jon Stewart now
    Thanks 2nd day no booze 😉

  39. Bonn says:

    Well its your Call cause he will definately retaliate
    100 % hes an old beeyatch of Rupert Paedophyle

  40. liberty lover says:

    I didn’t know this total ass**** O’reilly is such a good rapper. Enjoy:

  41. Bonn says:

    There is just too much out there on this Old Fart Bill O’Rielly It’ll take weeks to find a good recent clip

  42. The Underfundedmentalist says:

    here’s some classic ‘reilly for you

  43. Jason says:

    Stacey Cherkina wonders if the USA mainstream media’s credibility will fly out the window. I stopped listening to the USA MSM when it became just a series of info-mercials mascarading as news stories. I have not taken them seriously for decades now.

  44. Matt Smyth says:

    If Max plays this right I think he can get a reaction from Bill, that would be great

  45. frances snoot says:


    Something about a bomb…

  46. @AM

    I believe the point Ayers was making is that CREDIBILITY amongst the Ass-Munching Turd-Tokers (i.e.MSM) is LOST, and one can find more TRUTH from SPOOF NEWS…
    I wouldn’t call the Onion, or Daily Show, the pinnacles of journalism (but a lot funnier than Swill O’Biley), and I don’t believe that Ayers sees it that way either…

    and BTW, if you’re worried about wasting time, why did you report all that NEWS in your diatribe?

    Granted, the idea of NEWS is only a relative issue…
    A farmer cares about local weather forecasts,
    A politipig cares about socio-economic studies of Lichtenstein,
    & a bubble-head wants to know what colour underwear Lady Gaga has on…

    The Marketing of Information…

    Information is not Knowledge
    Knowledge is not Wisdom
    Wisdom is not Truth
    Truth is not Beauty
    Beauty is not Love
    Love is not Music…
    …Music is the BEST

    –Frank Zappa

  47. gr8mikey says:

    Here is the “inside Edition” freakout dance remix. Absolutely hilarious if you haven’t seen it!


  48. frances snoot says:

    Truth is not Beauty.

    Truth is always beauty. Beauty is the seductive graft whereby two humans agree without argument.

  49. Bonn says:

    If Max plays it right than his audience reach could Increase significantly.
    Just ya guys dont forget us ;-/
    Hic 😉

  50. @Frances

    You’ve never heard of the Ugly Truth?

    Frank Zappa actually gave an excellent breakdown of what it all meant in an interview… but, alas, I cannot remember exactly where I read it…
    It may have been in here…
    The Bob Marshall 7 hour interview with Zappa Oct 22 1988…

    I actually printed this interview for my records in 1998…
    I think I should go re-read it… there is a LOT of interesting opinions within it….
    Maybe even RELEVANT ones!!!

    AHHhhh I just found the breakdown…
    it is in part 6

    Enjoy the edification 😀
    Swill O’Biley has NOTHING on Uncle Frank !!!

  51. BondiBhoy says:

    Ah yes, Bill O’Reilly & the Foxischer Beobachter telling boobus Americanus how the world really works. Very nicely done, RT.

    SHUT UP!

  52. Daniel S says:

    Obviously the first Russian was using lines she memorized phonetically and didn’t comprehend. The second appearance was of her English-speaking clone. Russia clones all their journalists. Everyone knows that.

  53. Bonn says:

    @ Daniel S
    The second appearance was of her English-speaking clone. Russia clones all their journalists. Everyone knows that.
    And the best part is that Russian Chick will probably know 4 to 5 Languages
    Where as this Old Fart Bill O Rielly probably knows only English with American Spelling.(Color)
    And since he was such an ardent fan of Bush
    He probably agreed with Bush on removing the letter “g” from words endin in “ing”
    I seriously feel Bill has an IQ of a 6 th Grader.
    He is the type of guy who knows nothing but acts as though he speaks the gospel truth

  54. FreeMarkets? says:

    O’really is a loud mouthed idiot who never lets anybody get a word in. But then thats what he is there for!!

  55. Daniel S says:


    Yep, his job is to create an environment as far removed from that which is conducive to whole-mind thinking as possible.

  56. Paolo7219 says:

    Max: How about the video of Bill-O claiming that the WW2 massacre of American soldiers at Malmedy by German soldiers was committed BY American soldiers on German soldiers? And Bill-O made this claim more than once, even when Bill-O had a high ranking general on the air correcting him. Bill-O was called on his error re Malmedy, but he wouldn’t back down and correct himself. Good example of Bill-O at his blustering best.

  57. Paolo7219 says:

    I think Bill-O’s shtick is to be a rabble rouser. A flame thrower. Stir up the masses to get ratings. Bill-O acts the way he does for the same reason the networks show video of plane crashes and other disasters: to get ratings. Glenn Beck does the same thing. Neither one of these guys, imho, actually believes the crud that comes out of their mouths. They just present the Fox agenda/talking points in a way to get ratings and therefore increased revenue. It’s all about profit.

  58. Jan says:

    Oh, NOOOOOhhhh….! Please not B o’R !!
    I can’t stand his ASSAULTS on my intellect !

  59. Ingvend Storrs says:

    Yawn. How could anyone with an I.Q. above room temperature take these shit-heads seriously? The truth is a lie to these whores.

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