[Video] Max Keiser on Dubai, Peak Oil & Second Phase of Global Debt Crisis

Stacy Summary:  Max just on the news just a few minutes ago to talk about Dubai, the debt crisis and the truth telling by markets.

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  1. Bonn says:

    A Bronze skeleton is in its centre which gets revealed as the Ice melts
    LOL what a bunch of loonies

  2. Mother Earth says:

    I’ll be there next week 😉

  3. NicAbbo77 says:

    @ Bonn

    What’s so funny about polar bears dying that is causing you to “roll on the dance floor laughing” at an attempt to high light this tragedy?

    Why are people who are concerned enough about this to draw attention to it in this artistic way a “bunch of loonies”?

    I hope that the real reason you are “PMSL” is due to your own mental health issue and you live out the rest of your days in an asylum, where you enjoy “PMSL” forever.

  4. Bonn says:

    @ Mother Earth
    Serious What you going there for ?
    If ya dont mind me asking, Copenhagen right ?

  5. Mother Earth says:


    Promotion of my sites (I have flyers) and perhaps making some movies on different aspects, reporting etc. Though if so many people are there that care about the same things, why not take advantage..Will be 15-16-17 december..

  6. Youri Carma says:

    Dubai stocks slump for third day; Nakheel sukuk in focus http://tinyurl.com/yhbxsfq

  7. Youri Carma says:

    aahaaaah LOL She’s standing in her raincoat in the studio lol

    But she can’t be the only lonely one so what to do?

    Well, find a picture of your guest in raincoat aahaha! So Max also in his rain coat YoY

  8. Bonn says:

    @ NicAbbo77
    Cause I dont belive in Climate change being caused by Humans . Through out History you have seen Govt.’s lieing . And you right now falling for the same trap beliveing your Govt.
    There was Food Inc and that Anirudh Mittal speech on controlling the Seed’s that they wanted to distribute to farmers world wide, they gonna decide how much you can farm
    There are vids I’ve seen an African family making cake out of sand witha pinch of salt and a pinch of butter and feeding her kids
    So sorry I dont belive in Climate change is caused by humans. We freakin cant take care of humans on Earth and u want me to care about Polar bear’s sorry mate go sell your propaganda to someone else, I dont care if they go extinct. 25 secies go extinct i think everyday or month dunno dont care I aint causing it

  9. Youri Carma says:

    The Dubai Financial Nuke http://tinyurl.com/yz6jzdn

  10. Bonn says:

    @ NicAbbo77
    George Carlin – Saving the Planet

  11. Crumpet Muncher says:

    I was listening to your radio show.

    You two are so funny. Save the world, save the trees and the birds and the bees. Oh yeah, we gotta book a flight to NZ to make a radio show and take look at the land of milk and honey, on your way back from Paraguay where it’s so warm – that’ll be from the global warming created by all that flying you are doing?

  12. paganrongs says:

    Latest Martin Armstrong article up:
    “..the BOP doesn’t want me to make any public statement. So I can’t write a Thankyou letter for publication” …

  13. Tofu Charlie says:

    Ah, this is where everyone is… 50m military-grade tinfoil roll locked and loaded… caps lock key tested and ready… hmm, I wonder what the topic of discussion is…

  14. Mike2liverpool says:

    Gold is getting KILLED!!!!

    If cash is short how come rates don’t rise?

  15. david says:

    Some festive music http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CrpL9lCNs5o

    funny link Bonn

  16. Bonn says:

    Haiti: A mud eating population warns the world
    In recent months a large portion of the country’s population has been practising geophagy (eating earth, clay, dirt, sand…) to survive
    Polar bears sheesh

  17. Youri Carma says:

    Humerous enough to repeat this link: Newstopia: Australian Reserve Bank Explained http://www.mefeedia.com/watch/20943198

  18. Tofu Charlie says:

    @Bonn — jeez, scary… I’ve been noticing in NZ they’re putting more sawdust in the bread… (or at least, the bread is quickly going down in quality and slowly going up in price — Vogels, you bastards…)

  19. Youri Carma says:

    ExxonMobile/Shell/BP/Total caught red handed in the GLOBAL WARMING SCAM! http://tinyurl.com/ylqzo53

  20. Tofu Charlie says:

    @Youri — lol! Aussies do good satire…

  21. BlackDouglas says:

    More from Michael Meacher. This time on the Iraq Inquiry. Blair wanted to go to war even though the US didn’t care: Blair could “sit the war out”, apparently..


  22. Youri Carma says:

    There’s been snowstorms (very bad ones even) in Wisconsin for as long as I can remember. Never, NEVER, did they need to declare a state of emergency to handle the situtation, until now. Hmmmmmmmm. I wonder why? http://www.cbs58.com/index.php?aid=10308

    WISCONSIN–All 72 counties in the state of Wisconsin are under a state of emergency this morning. The Governor made this order so that he can activate the national guard if necessary for emergency situations…. today the east is getting it.

  23. Dedo says:

    @Bonn,….very good point indeed !

  24. Bonn says:

    @ Mother Earth
    Cool I wanna Visit Europe too been to Switzeland with 5 friends was amazed at thier transportation Esp the Railways N/W They post out the Railway timings for the following year and are always on time Prity amazing
    Inter Laken was like paradise Next want to go to Italy or Greece.Italy for Modena mainly Ferrari Lamborgini & Bugatti (Lol a tractor manufacturer was tellin Messuer Enso Ferrrari how to make the Gear box) which eventually lead to the Brand/Supercar wars RODFL

  25. Crumpet Muncher says:

    @Youri Carma – is it an emergency because starving Polar Bears may start migrating to Wisconsin? As if those bears didn’t have enough problems already!

  26. Tofu Charlie says:

    Q. Is today TAM-London day?

  27. Fibon11235 says:

    @ Mike 2 Liverpool

    Well someone has to get emotional 🙂 🙁 lol UP DOWN TURNAROUND lol lol you just like getting off on being the emotional one don’t you, good for you its your right!!!

    This is my opinion not advice, you do what you feel or believe in but———-BUT LET ME TELL YOU something iv observed, its not necessary correct but!

    Late at night when your sleeping 11.30 12.30 pm a BIG BUYER or MANY comes in and buys in a very controlled way most of the time, weather or not the Dollar is up or down. I think you can see it in the charts.. they were there again last night.

    This makes me think that we are ALL ON THE EDGE of something big…as the Great Evelyn Rothschild himself advised not so long ago, keep hold of your gold bars lol

    Im amazed they keep pushing the HUGE GOLDEN Beach Ball under water, I dont know why they bother? It seems to buy little and less time for such effort… Maybe I dont understand what they gain or there level of desperation? I dont know that! Whats the point the game is over, government’s are involved.. Its over !!

  28. Youri Carma says:

    Bankers Lose to Congressmen Among Americans Furious Over Pay http://tinyurl.com/yjdoww9

  29. frances snoot says:

    care about the same things

    Too bad the one instituting the reforms are diametrically opposed to those outside supporting the reforms.

  30. Youri Carma says:

    Pimco Buys Abu Dhabi, Qatar Bonds After Dubai Shock http://tinyurl.com/yg9scs4

  31. Youri Carma says:

    Baltics Risk New Crisis If Fiscal Steps Lag, ECB Says http://tinyurl.com/yfesnmr

  32. Dedo says:

    Life on earth is in a constant state of flux,.and there are some arrogant fkers who want to halt that progress, by conserving that which should be let free,….
    (No shortage of Gods on this planet!)

  33. Mike2liverpool says:

    The C*ck-Eyed Betrayer:
    How Gordon Brown is Stabbing the British Nation In The Front

    As the UK teeters on the brink of national bankruptcy, a Pre-Budget Report which electioneers rather than responsibly confronting our plight is a disgusting betrayal of the British people’s faith. You sense that Captain Darling will be smoke’n’mirroring about the Japanese lesson “Not to cut too early” right up until the moment when his eyebrows are auctioned off to stuff some flammable far eastern trinket. The truth is clear. These spendthrifts have no intention of making the necessary cuts. Their vainglorious egos and clawlike clasps on their limo doors dictate a continuation of the very borrow-and-spend that got us into this mess in the first place. By the time the bill arrives, with 20% interest rates, 75% tax rates, an 80% fall in housing prices, a shattered currency, 20% unemployment and out of control stagflation, Brown, Darling and Balls will be long gone – making 50 grand a pop lecturing Indians and Japanese stupid enough to listen to them.

    The tax on bankers’ bonuses is a gimmick. It is difficult to feel sympathy for the fatcats, but let’s keep our eye on the ball here: so long as Lord Melchett-Brown is prioritising throwing meat to the mob, he is not focusing on the critical issues and the correct remedial actions. Bankers’ bonuses is a sideshow – it will easily be avoided merely by delaying payment. It won’t raise any meaningful money, except for lawyers who might be called in to design a more elegant sidestep. Brown knows this. He doesn’t care. He did it for headlines, not money. What a disgrace. We might as well have Jedward running the country.

    But worse than the bankers’ bonuses is Brown’s next plan – to implement a Tobin tax on financial transactions. This is actually a substantive proposition. It is so staggeringly financially illiterate and would be so irredeemably harmful to the economy of this country that only a man whose tunnel vision is so warped that the “tax-and-electioneer” mantra overrides all rational and fiduciary considerations, could possibly entertain such a proposition.

    Here are a few reasons why a British prime minister proposing a Tobin Tax falls somewhere between complete insanity and outright treason:

    1. The only world-class industry Britain has left is its financial markets. The City earns about 10% of GDP and pays a fortune into the tax coffers. A Tobin Tax would instantaneously destroy a massive swathe of profitable businesses, tax receipts and jobs, in the speculative sector. Is it ‘socially useless’ to provide liquidity to the market, to produce gainful employment for tens of thousands of people and to provide tax receipts which fund public services? No, it is socially useful. And anyway, when did the great and good arrogate the right to legislate on such an arbitrary basis?

    2. That which is not deliberately destroyed will leave – forever. Britain is not a cheap place to do business and and a more strained bottom line will trigger flight to other jurisdictions. As New York and Sweden (through their failed Tobin Tax) have learned, if you provide a hostile environment to an industry, it will pack its bags for good. Earlier this year, India ABOLISHED its own Securities Transactions Tax. First we sent the call centre workers, next we’ll send the traders, the brokers, the speculators, the employers, the employees, the tax receipts, the liquidity. Global consensus over a stultifying and counterproductive transaction tax will only last so long. When it breaks down, financial trading will never again coalesce London-centrically. Way to piss away a unique economic serendipity in favour of short-term politicking and grub money in tax.

    3. That part of the financial sector which remains will pass the costs on to the consumer, which will materialise in the shape of pension funds and insurance funds whose assets will lose value.

    4. Those who talk of the fractional nature (eg 0.005%) of the proposed tax, are financially illiterate. A 0.005% Tobin Tax can be tantamount to a 50% tax on profits AND a 50% tax on losses. Even a miniscule tax will massively increase the costs of doing business; it would reduce volumes, would be deflationary in effect and would deter people from the markets at the very time governments should be doing everything possible to encourage them to return.

    5. To paraphrase William Buiter of the Bank of England’s MPC, profitable and liquid financial activity did not cause this crisis; it is in fact a big part of the solution to the crisis – unless it is taxed into the ground. The real problems lie in actions for which politicians and bankers are equally culpable – irresponsible interest rate policy and a select number of irresponsible financial instruments and practices. Buiter points the way towards the addressing the issues which caused the crisis, not stillbirthing positive aspects of the same system which did not. Subprime (which in some cases was actually forced on the financial industry by politicians) = the bathwater; profitable speculation which provides liquidity, employment and tax receipts = the baby. It’s not rocket science. Tobin himself repudiated his idea towards the end of his life; apart from the many flaws he came to identify in the plan he abhorred the way it was hijacked by anti-capitalists whose motive is envy and whose method is luddism.

    6. The French are the only people who are cheerleading this thing more than Gordon Brown. That’s because they are the fat kid who doesn’t like being shown up. The last financial innovation that came out of France was guillotine futures. To the French, anything that limits Anglo-Saxon success is synonymous with Gallic triumph. They don’t even care where the tax receipts go. “To, like, help the developing world” is their latest suggestion. Their sole motive is to wrench up the handbrake on Le Roast Boeuf economic performance. For all they care, the receipts can go towards cooling down the planet Mercury.

    For Gordon Brown to be at the forefront cheerleading the destruction of the UK’s most profitable industry through a Tobin Tax is rank insanity. If being the centre of the global financial industry is not a birthright so much as a fortuity, the smattering of short-term vote and cash potage Brown is willing to trade for our leading edge is a grotesque betrayal of the national interest. It is wilful myopia to the point of treason. It serves the interest only of a few senior Labour politicians desperate to cling onto their delusions and their power for a little longer. The cost is too much to bear and the corruption has become too acute. Killing the one remaining golden goose because the sheepdog ate your homework is criminal folly. I didn’t think I’d ever see Brown surpass his little gold trade at the turn of the decade which has cost the British taxpayer £6 billion so far. Put me down for a call option in March Guillotines.

  34. Youri Carma says:

    U.S. Homeowners Lost $5.9 Trillion Since 2006 Peak http://tinyurl.com/yddn6zo

  35. Danny says:

    @Dork of Cork

    Is this you??!! 😀


    Man dances on fountain – gets 3 months in jail

  36. Bonn says:

    And the funny thing is if you miss paying your taxes
    The Income Tax Dept. will find you even if you are at the north pole with the polar bears and drag you to court with Fines ROFL 😉

  37. Bonn says:

    Had Osama Bin Laden Defaulted on taxes he would be in Jail, personally I think he died in 2004 or earlier

  38. Youri Carma says:

    The Crack Cocaine of the credit industry: Convenience Checks Bring Fees as Card Limits Slashed http://tinyurl.com/ybh7jqh

  39. BlackDouglas says:

    “Pre-budget report: Broke, helpless Alistair Darling has run out of steam”


    “Total public sector net debt for 2010-11 is now reckoned at £986bn, up £9bn from the figure presented in the Budget earlier this year. By 2012-15, that debt figure will have ballooned to £1.5 trillion.

    The figure is equivalent to 78 per cent of the entire worth of the UK. To put this in perspective, compare the government’s utter absence of immediate action on this front with the Draconian measures announced by the Irish government yesterday, with cuts in public-sector pay, fresh tax increases and spending curbs in order to prevent the country’s net debt from hitting 60 per cent of GDP.”

  40. Phil /Germany says:

    FWIW … last Treasury auction today, 13 Bio$.

  41. Youri Carma says:


    Benazir Bhutto: Bin Laden was Murdered

    Osama bin Laden was US operator

    Sibel Edmonds Bin Laden Worked for U.S. Right Up Until 9/11 PT1

    Sibel Edmonds Bin Laden Worked for U.S. Right Up Until 9/11 PT2

    Good Morning America learns that Bin Laden is CIA

  42. Bonn says:

    I was just wondering if we heading to a cashless society
    How is the underground Economy of Narrcotics gonna work ???
    Food for thought that surely must be of concern to the Elites

  43. Youri Carma says:


    1 – GOLD

    2 – The governments are the biggest drug dealers and they’ve got their own banks to launder the money.

    3 – Casino’s are used for money laundering – Made Las Vegas great as it is.

  44. Phil /Germany says:

    Peter Schiff says he is getting “forgotten” by the MSM.
    Similar to the Ron Paul presidential candidacy IMO.

    Obama, sovereign debt, senate race


  45. Bonn says:

    @ Youri Carma
    So your saying we gonna see lot of Jewelry shops being broken into ?
    Cause I dont think Junkies have Gold

  46. Youri Carma says:

    Administration Warns of ‘Command-and-Control’ Regulation Over Emissions http://tinyurl.com/yfwogkm

    Also read Karl Denningers Comment: I’ll Hold You Down And…. http://tinyurl.com/ycl3x4p

  47. frances snoot says:

    The “bad guys”:

    Amazing that the progressives are buying the “Al-Queda” mythology.

  48. Mother Earth says:


    The tickets can be cheap, and in some trains you have wifi and power.

    I think we should make a list of all defeatists (those that say the extinction of manking in the name of inaction, as Carlin describes), and put them on an island in a area without fish, without water and without food. That is after all the future they hope will become reality.

    Species have been known to crave mud/earth if minerals they need are not found in the available nutrition.


    Only if you let them.

  49. Mother Earth says:


    That is why I think he can’t win a senate seat. He is usefull to present a position, but they won’t help him, especially not with all the other bough politicians around..

  50. frances snoot says:

    You seem quite supportive of American politicians and yet you’re living in Germany. Why don’t you ever talk about German politicians?

    Is the push for Schiff/RonPaul/Grayson being supported by elite American families? It’s odd. (perhaps the King family foundation?) Are they using the regular resource pool of useful idiots?

  51. Youri Carma says:


    It’s a very good question but frankly if you think of it; They never will be able to make a complete cashless society cause their’s simply too much money going around on the blacl market especially in the narcotics. So indeed like you say, how they gonna let the junks buy their stuff.

    btw: People are always talking about Junks as a sort of black and White reality which doesn’t represent the real picture! Most money is made by selling to “normal” people who have a job alot of the times a very good job. Think about the cocaine use mainly on Wall Street, Docs, Lawyers etc… There’s where the real drug money is made not to these vew Junks you see on the street.

  52. anything but green.again says:

    Of polar bears:


    Save the bears, kill yourself!

    “Even though it is quite true that any radical eugenic policy will be for many years politically and psychologically impossible, it will be important for UNESCO to see that the eugenic problem is examined with the greatest care, and that the public mind is informed of the issues at stake so that much that now is unthinkable may at least become thinkable.” Sir Julian Huxley, first director general of UNESCO (1946-1948)

  53. frances snoot says:

    “Only if you let them.”

    Well, MotherEarth. That’s interesting, seeing as your solution to limit dialogue is to extradite the opposition and through forced deprivation deny the ostracized people the right to life, liberty, and happiness.

    That sound to me like “them”.

  54. Bonn says:

    Think about the cocaine use mainly on Wall Street, Docs, Lawyers etc… There’s where the real drug

    Thank God I avoided that in college , I am more than Happy with me Whisky 😉

  55. Mother Earth says:

    This is the type of climate action that I expect, out of the frying pan, into the fire..Speeding up patent examinations. It is land grabbing. There should be NO patents on green tech.


  56. Youri Carma says:

    @anything but green.again

    “There aren’t just a few more bears. There are a … lot more bears”

    Polar Bear Baby Boom Occurring in Eastern Arctic, Will Media Notice? http://newsbusters.org/node/12694

  57. Mother Earth says:


    “Well, MotherEarth. That’s interesting, seeing as your solution to limit dialogue is to extradite the opposition and through forced deprivation deny the ostracized people the right to life, liberty, and happiness.”

    No, I simply help them achieve what they immutably deem the proper consequence of their actions. How can it be wrong with helping help people reach the world they so desperately want to be?

    As the famous Oscar Wilde said: Be carefull what you wish for. You might get it.

  58. anything but green.again says:

    @ Youri

    Sibel Edmonds is a spook, like most of the truthlings. Easy to research.


  59. Bonn says:

    @ Youri
    btw: People are always talking about Junks as a sort of black and White reality which doesn’t represent the real picture! Most money is made by selling to “normal” people who have a job alot

    I have friend who is a Professional Golfer on the Indian Cuircet (Dam Google & MSword) He attended one of these High Society parties in Delhi he said the amount of wealth he saw his Jaw dropped Buggati’ Ferrari’s
    And Models in Bikinis all over the place along with waiters Serving all kinds of Drugs on trays to these rich Kids and business men. No sign of the Indian Narrcotic Team touching these guys cause if they do they’ll land up in Anttartica analyzing Polar Bear’s 😉 RODFL

  60. Youri Carma says:

    U.S. Foreclosures to Reach Record 3.9 Million in Second Record Year http://tinyurl.com/yfabj37

  61. frances snoot says:

    So you are aiding the innocent who have not yet reached your essential stage of enlightenment?

    carefull is spelled with one l, for your future information

  62. Dedo says:

    If there is any extinction of life due to “mankind”,..as always the wording is mis-represented.
    “Big Business” is the culprit, e.g. “the profit motive”. Generalizations are a good shortcut for lazy thinking.
    How many poor folk on the planet are starving due to “Big Business” ?
    The root of the problem isn’t “Man”, as indicated by members of the Club of Rome,.it’s the current Hegemony.
    BTW,..Countries (Governments) are legal Corporations and are synonymous with “Big business”. (Alway have been)

  63. Mother Earth says:


    Gladly. All AGW deniers are either not smart enough to have an opinion or dishonest..

  64. Phil /Germany says:

    @frances snoot … Why don’t you ever talk about German politicians?

    … so you don’t read all my posts ?

    Yes I do (sometimes) talk about them.

    To recap …

    a) 80% of them come from the civil service !
    b) it’s a “1-party Club” system, just like the USA
    c) Kohl was the worst of them all IMO.
    d) Schroeder second worst
    e) Schmidt was good .. and is thank G*d still alive

    There is hardly a single politician I’d vote for here, except maybe Tauss , despite the “Spitzer Job” pulled on him by the SPD.

    … Tauss admits to possessing the images, but insists he was merely conducting legitimate research aimed at breaking up a child pornography ring in his capacity as a lawmaker. Prosecutors responded in a statement that they found “no objective evidence for the veracity of these claims.”


    We are still suffering the results of the Kohl era .
    Bundesbank Boss “Pohl” resigned because of his disagreement with Kohl, mainly about bringing in the Euro and giving up the DM.
    I read Pohl’s book .. pretty damning !

    OK .. I could go on for another 20 pages, but some of it is already posted here !

  65. Ptah says:

    Mother Earth:

    You are hilarious… The creation of a second Australia… punish people who you cannot win through debate by placing them on an island.

    Personally I see the climate debate as the creation of a new gravy train, one for the 21st centruy. Sure, the debate is real – and has to be conducted, but whilst intelligent people shoot-the-shit on what is happening the ‘oil’ people are co-opting the entire economic framework from which change is possible. ‘Well’ – they say, ‘we have to do something now that we have passed peak oil!’ And Mother Earth is in there too, making a quick buck whilst the opportunity exists.

    Once again, the so called activists are being hung out to dry – polarised by either their affection for the Alex Jones style of argument or their guilty liking of decadent past-times. A skin trap.

    And that polar bear sculpture… I would like to know what happens to the melted water. Presumably it is cleverly drained, running micro-water turbines which generates enough electricity to run the lie detectors stationed neatly around the main debating chambers.

  66. Dedo says:

    “Gladly. All AGW deniers are either not smart enough to have an opinion or dishonest..”

    @Mother,..Smart is a relative term, as is opinion.
    Honesty is apparent if the truth is known!
    You seem confused somewhat,..: )

  67. Youri Carma says:

    Initial jobless claims rise 17,000 to 474,000
    Total jobless claims, including extended benefits, top 10 million http://tinyurl.com/y95hnqh

  68. frances snoot says:


    Let’s skip over “not smart enough to have an opinion” because people that aren’t smart have opinions but generally only parrot the choice of opinion available to their limited resource. You just aren’t reaching these people: Alex Jones is doing a better job. (trust the Americans to know-how to market ideology)

    But dishonest is an interesting catch-phrase. By dishonest, are you implying a willful ignorance of “truth” (*here note I am referring to your preference rhetoric, Mother, as an indication of the construct you rigidly adhere to) or a desire to forward a self-centered agenda based on a vested interest?

  69. frances snoot says:

    Thanks for the interesting information.

  70. Mother Earth says:


    The people I was talking about are not open to debate, they say climate change is not something you should do anything about because the planet will live on no matter what. I would have nothing to convince them as they do not see the value of the current ecosystem.

    I agree with the gravy train, but that is more a reason to take down the financial system that allows for that and restrict that type of behaviour.

  71. Dusko Jocic says:

    Max, Thanks for talking about peak oil and linking to the economic crisis. Few people have suggested this link and it’s worth telling “THE PEOPLE!” Money represents the ability to do work and energy (ie oil) is the actual ability to DO Work. Without it money will become worthless. Unless of course if the money supply contracts sufficiently to meet the worlds new energy predicament. In my opinion the global elites are trying to destroy money and credit availability faster than peak oil can destroy the energy supply. Any thoughts on my thesis?

  72. Youri Carma says:

    Gold bullion’s bull market remains intact http://tinyurl.com/y9fzfv9

    Don’t be suckered into thinking the recent plunge in gold prices means a bubble has burst.

  73. Dedo says:

    @Mother,…Could you see the value of the eco system 10 million years ago?
    (most probably, if “you” were there,I bet!)
    I love the arrogance of fools who know the best future for all,..priceless!

  74. stacyherbert says:

    @Youri – lots of great links today, thanks; re; that polar bear cub story, however, it is not complete as it doesn’t mention whether hunting or hunting bans have contributed to rise in population and the article also seems to suggest that because polar bears are good swimmers that the declining ice sheet over the Arctic (and this is clearly not in dispute as nations jockey for shipping lane rights) somehow doesn’t endanger their future; the fact is, that I have only ever heard of declining ice sheets as a problem for polar bears because their diet is almost entirely seal and they cannot capture seal any other way than grabbing them when they pop up through the ice, seal are far too fast and nimble in the water . . .

  75. Youri Carma says:

    Panel: TARP averted crisis but it hasn’t achieved other goals http://tinyurl.com/yj7srmq

  76. Danny says:

    @Dusko Jocic

    Read Crossing the Rubicon and A Presidential Energy Policy by Mike Ruppert. He discusses widely the relationship of energy and money which is quite fascinating IMO. Peak Oil will change everything.

  77. Youri Carma says:



    Polar Bears shift over to an other diet, they adapt yo the changing conditions and eat more eggs and birds for instance.

    An Icelandic researcher has released his findings about the oldest known polar bear remains on Earth, which suggest the northern bears may have adapted to warmer climates and limited sea ice in the past.

    Fossil shows polar bears may have lived through warmer times: study http://www.cbc.ca/canada/north/story/2009/02/04/pbear-fossil.html

    What about the honey bees? Frankly why all the fuzz about these bears while other species are on the brink of extension. We can live with a fewer Polar bears if that’s the case which it even isn’t.

  78. Dedo says:

    What food shortage!,..human ingenuity huh,..constantly stifled by “conservatives”,..: )

  79. Youri Carma says:

    For the real scientists among us: POLAR BEAR DIETS AND ARCTIC MARINE FOOD WEBS: INSIGHTS FROM FATTY ACID ANALYSIS PDF http://www.esajournals.org/doi/pdf/10.1890/07-1050.1?cookieSet=1

  80. Youri Carma says:

    China’s automakers may run out of gas http://tinyurl.com/ykpbpgw

  81. Bonn says:

    @ stacyherbert
    Fighten for the cute Polar bear huggy
    The freakin Polar bear will rip u apart in 10 sec’s your only chance is to hit it on the nose real hard
    And you get only one chance.
    Plus u in Polar bear teritorry u have 4 layer’s of clothing
    your movement is ristricted
    Paging miss Stacey
    @ Stacey a Polar bear is an Animal Just like a Hyeena “it freakin eat’s Seal’s”
    “Cute Factor” is the reason ya wanna rescue it ?
    And that freakin N.. something argued
    Plz Cummon get real
    Ya next to a guy who gets real
    Max way ta go dude

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