Ron Paul on Bernanke, Afghanistan, Gold and Why ‘They’ Hate Us

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307 comments on “Ron Paul on Bernanke, Afghanistan, Gold and Why ‘They’ Hate Us
  1. @anything but green.again

    Good link. Thanks

  2. Daniel says:

    Go Paul!

  3. Apocalypto says:


    “@ Apocalypto

    No can do, the only thing he got right is stop causing wars everywhere. The FED is not the problem.”

    If you believe that’s the only thing he got right, you’re proving my point. You Americans are idiots, and you vote for the dumbest, most inept, unethical, violent sociopaths who seem to be available at the time of your elections.

    “It is the oligarchs/corporations/right wing that caused this.

    Does Ron Paul look like an oligarch to you? Open your eyes (and mind). Is that even possible for an American to do now? Are your eyes glued shut by the rampaging brainwashing that has taken place down there in the past few decades? NFL, NASCAR, Jesus, guns, Walmart, McDonalds. America. America. Wat have you become? The beacon of hope has turning into a weak, flickering light.

    And you have NOT always had the oligarchs. Your founding fathers were AGAINST such things as oligarchical constructs in government. Quit making excuses. You’re better than that (I hope).

  4. The Underfundedmentalist says:

    ‘you americans are idiots’
    vote for the dumbest…
    you seem to have a lot of faith in our outsourced election process, ie diebold etc.
    i don’t remember anyone talking about pallin or obama until the tv told us that’s what should be talked about
    and infighting is exactly what the ptb are counting on
    mission accopmlished
    it’s a bit late for change folks
    cuz’ now dissent is terrorism

  5. buddhabob says:

    thank you Apocalypto you have stated it clearly.

    Americans are akin to domesticated farm animals. They are stupid,listless and easily led to slaughter. The single driving force in Amerikana is the compulsion to self-victimize. Americans love to chose leaders and situations that make them victims. Then they deny responsibility for that choice. This is the central characteristic shared with drunks,serious drug addicts,gambling obsessives,people caught up in family abuse cycles,obese over-eaters,etc.

    Unfortunately this will not change. Any semblance of change may come as the bottom more rapidly approaches. Food riots and bank holidays will be a start but will lead first to facist assaults on minorities and more of the cycle of denial and blame. And the search for a new ‘Daddy’ will be renewed as it becomes clearer to the Sheeple that they need to replace the present Daddy figure with someone who is not impotent.

    Nonetheless the very search for Daddy is in itself an act of socail denial. Until the Sheeple realize that they are Sheeple and then rebel one can forget about any meaningful socail or political developments in this place.

  6. naomi says:

    Many of us did not vote for GWBush. The vote was rigged again in 04 via diebold and a computer whiz named Mike Connell.

    Mike Connell was under oath and giving deposition a few days before this last election when he received death threats from a few members of the Bush Adm. (read Chenney) Connell advised the judge and the justice department that he feared for his life. They ignored him really.

    Connell was also a very accomplished pilot. After notifying the Judge and justice dep. he flew to Washington DC for a meeting. On his way back. his plane crashed and the Federal investigators said that he “ran out of fuel”…….Connell’s sister raised the question of sabotage and she has dropped off of the media radar. I hope she’s still alive.

    I could go on. The American people who truly know what is going on in this country are afraid. Many of the original organizers for 911 Truth years ago have been “followed” let us say. A full program of disinformation has been launched against the 911 Truth movement and many groups have been infiltrated. It’s typical CIA.

    Nothing “normal” has happened in the country since the assassination of JFK, MLK and RFK. A political and financial coup de’ tat took place then. It’s been slow at first, but you are seeing the racing toward the final end of this and a beginning of yet another one…..

    It sickens me too about America and what has been a slow dumbing of the American people.

    Looking back on the most recent elections including and especially this one, it appears that there is no choice for the American people in terms of governance. It’s all controlled. The presidential campagins are kubuki theater performances.

    “The Tree of Liberty must be watered periodically with patriot’s blood”….

    The last President who warned us of The Military Industrial Complex was Eisenhower, the President that followed him was John F. Kennedy. After that, we have had war after war for profit. Pure and simple.

    We were a great country, but our history right from the beginning was about the landed rich and the poor underclass….the needle has moved back and forth throughout our history, but we are at last back at the same power struggle.

  7. The Underfundedmentalist says:

    spot on naomi!

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