[RT Video] Keiser Issues Debt ‘Tsunami’ Alert on Dubai Crash

Stacy Summary: Here is Max on Russia Today a few moments ago; and here is Zerohedge on NYSE invokes rule 48 in anticipation of extreme volatility.

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  1. frances snoot says:


    Largely silent
    Sits innocence
    A privy to the secret
    Words of darkness
    Through wounds
    Deep and scarlet
    Slashed about the voice
    Of the marginally
    But majorally

    To endeavour is a good thing
    When one is willing
    To remain anonymous to three things:

    We are but dust and dustlike register a small sifting silence.

  2. TJ says:

    @ Bonn

    Got any Ganja? No other reason for a visit 😉

  3. Bonn says:

    thats why i love India i can have 8 larges n drive home RODFL n get off your high heels i dont go above 60 Km/hr thats like divide by 1.6 or some shit n i am allowed to do that

  4. WL says:

    The primary data used to support AGW is corrupt. If you read Hansen you can see it clearly, the data was massaged to create a conclusion. The entire AGW “science” rests on loose correlation built on questionable primary data.


    The leaked emails and docs expose the integrity of these people.

    Just like the SEC the Climate Science is captured by political and financial interests

    “Most people say that is it is the intellect which makes a great scientist. They are wrong: it is character.”

    Albert Einstein

    The false flag is a climate crisis

    The solution is commodification of CO2 by elites.

    The complete commodity enslavement of life.

    Cradle to grave commodification, hope you enjoy your future.

    Not to save the planet but to enslave its people

    If you set aside the dogma and examine the science, you will see that it is not backed by real science.

    Legitimate pollution is a separate valid issue

  5. Phil says:

    @WL … Great Quote

    “Most people say that is it is the intellect which makes a great scientist. They are wrong: it is character.”

    Albert Einstein

    People like Einstein, Tesla etc. did their great work in days where there wasn’t even a Calculator , let alone a computer !

    People want to compare Hawking to Einstein … SORRY , NOT EVEN IN THE SAME CLASS !

    I read Hawking’s book, and was totally put off !

  6. Bonn says:

    oh its shit ass cheap here but i dont do drugs though i love alcohol i like trips where i am in control i think but me liver might have an objection to that ie me alcohol cause i can polish a 1Ltr Whisky some one shouted out bitch u dont know the spelling of Whyskys
    i was like me finger still over a “y” n i am gonna use the “y” in the end so lets just change the spellin of Whisky to Whysky ooooohhhh noooooooooooooooo one of the snob ‘ish guy’s who thinks he knows more English than me RODFL that will be the fukin day

  7. Robert Baird says:

    Comes to something when a brit has got to watch Russian news to get the real scene. Why arent BBC news 24 calling up Max and Stacy for comments? Thats a rhetorical question by the way, I already know the answer!

  8. WL says:

    @Stacy and Max

    I can’t believe you haven’t figured this out.

    The end game “as Snoots has expressed” is an IMF global central bank ponzi scheme based on carbon credits Created by IMF elites out of thin air. A fractional human reserve fiat system.

    A debt on life, your life, your childrens lives and humanity.

    Who will benefit, trade, leverage, collect this debt.

    The debtors prison will be life itself.

    IMO, this a new “COMMUNISM” form of control with elite Corps Oligarchs and politicos reaping the rewards.

    All based on psuedoscience

  9. TJ says:


    If you hate your liver hard liquor is the answer. I got tired of the hangovers…..


    Funny who’s in denial now, eh?

  10. TJ says:


    Have you seen this one?


  11. PaulH says:

    @WL @Adam C

    Those are also my suspicions. The more I read, the more evidence I see for it.

    The challenge we here in the UK have, is that when attempting to raise such matters in polite circles, one is often likened to David Icke (popularly characterised as a turquoise tracksuit -wearing nutter).

    Say what you like about Mr Icke, he may (or may not be?) waaaay out there with the reptilian stuff, but much of what we are discussing now, he was talking about years ago.

  12. Mongo says:

    @Phil, I hope your right about silver, as soon as it gets ANYWHERE near 16 dollars I will buy some!

  13. PatrickEA says:

    la fin vien de commencer mes amis.

  14. WL says:


    I am going out to buy another roll of silver 1 oz coins today…just keep regularly adding to gold and silver since 2001. Keep averaging in with physical.

    Use stocks to trade the fluctuations.

    I had many stink bids in for gold stocks “to add” and none were hit..

    Gold was smacked down by the cabal, got back up and said

    “Is that all you got, fuck you”

  15. white hunter says:

    “boy meets girl in debtors prison…” by Max Keiser

  16. Palantíri says:

    @[email protected]@WL – it “the end game” may become true for the local world (aka US,UK,some of Europe) but the big World will not fall for it, BRIC nations do not want to play. So I dismiss the global scale of it but fear the local scale which carries many signs for it to happen.

  17. WL says:

    @[email protected]@WL – it “the end game” may become true for the local world (aka US,UK,some of Europe) but the big World will not fall for it, BRIC nations do not want to play. So I dismiss the global scale of it but fear the local scale which carries many signs for it to happen.

    I agree, this tension will produce poverty in the emerging world. They are trying to buy them off with paper promises.

    We are on the road to global war, I am afraid. Ironic, the modern alchemy of socilaism/communism/marxism to control the people for corrupt elites will drive us toward a global war.

    Human growth/productivity vs control via global rents imposed by a supranational government.

    A false utopia will destroy us.

  18. Dedo says:

    @Adam C,….thanks for those posts,..very poignant !

  19. PaulH says:

    Glad I still have my New Zealand passport!

  20. Supergeek says:

    everytime you buy some gold and you feel the need to tell somebody on this site you must be a bit of a sad git!!!

  21. Dedo says:

    This game has been going on, far longer than most folk realize. When problems are debated at present,.the solutions and conflicts have been thought out long before.
    forums are exacting feedback loops to weed out creative thought.
    Not unlike the “bounce theory” I posted a while back.
    Spaced repetition! ; )

  22. Dedo says:

    @Super,..I take it you haven’t got any gold,……wanna buy some hot dogs ? ; (

  23. Supergeek says:

    david ick is a prick who had a breakdown… read a few books from the last 40 years… and copied some of the best bits and wrote a book of his own, attracted a few ingnant fools… I hope more some more idiots have breakdowns… but that’s it!!!

  24. Alfred Newman says:

    in this interview you clearly stated that you called it that
    Dubai would be toast. Can you post THAT video please.

  25. 13blackcats says:


    “This nonlocal effect is not merely counterintuitive: it presents a serious problem to Einstein’s special theory of relativity, thus shaking the foundations of physics.”
    — David Z. Albert and Rivka Galchen, “A Quantum Threat To Special Relativity”, Scientific American, pp. 32-39, March 2009.

    So your point is?

  26. PaulH says:


    You may find him a prick, which of course is your perogative, but he has woken many people up up from their slumbers.

    Speaking personally, I had never heard of the Bilderburg group until I read a few of his articles. His shows still sell out, and as far as I can tell, he’s not making millions from it.

    Incidentally, breakdowns can be a positive life event.

  27. Supergeek says:

    er… I always thought Max was a economedian!!!

  28. Dedo says:

    @Super,….is that avatar picture of the guy from Dexy’s midnight runners ?

  29. Dedo says:

    Kevin Rowland !

  30. Supergeek says:

    if you need david ick a prick to wake you up you probably would have been better staying asleep… or are in the process of having a breakdown yourself… and anyway who said having a breakdown was a bad thing!!!

  31. Dedo says:

    is it .is it,…huh huh

  32. PaulH says:


    “I hope more some more idiots have breakdowns”

    I’m tempted to ask whether you’re writing from your parent’s basement, or their attic.

    But I won’t.

    In the meantime, thanks for your contribution.

  33. Adam C says:


    From yesterday… podcast about culture


    Category: Relationships > ‘Culture How to enslave a human soul’

    Direct link: http://www.freedomainradio.com/Traffic_Jams/culture.mp3

  34. Supergeek says:

    which is it gonna be…writing or thinking because you obviously can’t do both!!!

  35. Dedo says:

    @Adam.C,……cheers,. mucho appreciato !

  36. Dedo says:

    @Super,…….Hope you don’t take offense,. but you remind me of Johnny Quid ! ; )

  37. Supergeek says:

    reminds me of someone who posted here once saying they had only just realised what was really happening in the world… … and had spent the last six months… 12 hours a day reading up on the economy finance etc… er beside the fact he was trying to hard to say the right thing…. I thought… well the man must have had to eat, sleep piss etc all I could think was when does he have time to think or have a life!!!

  38. Adam C says:


    >> who said having a breakdown was a bad thing!!!

    Alex Jones Exclusive 1/5: David Icke On The Global Awakening

    He said pretty much the same thing himself somewhere in this video.

    I’ve always taken his ramblings about lizard people metaphorically. I’ve just never been sure whether he was serious about that stuff. He seems to have calmed it down now that the globalists/psychopaths have made themselves known.

  39. Supergeek says:

    and because I’m in a good mood and don’t take you that seriously… I won’t mention your parents!!!

  40. WL says:

    “Just because I am paranoid, doesn’t mean they are not out to get me”

  41. Supergeek says:

    this wek on alex jones…. david ick on david ick… DOH!!!

  42. Dedo says:

    Oh no,….I don’t fink Supergeek is communicatin’ wif me anymores,…..humf!,…ah well,..live and learn,.live and,……lol,..haha

  43. Supergeek says:

    and this week on university challeng the team representing MaxKeiser.com… from La La Land… specialist subject stating the bleedin obvious… and thinking out loud!!!

  44. Dedo says:

    @ lla’y,..maybe the obvious isn’t so,..with some,..(whistle while we work,….tum te dum)

  45. Dedo says:

    (therd perSun narratif goin’ on here)

  46. PaulH says:


    It’s never pretty to watch someone’s ego thrashing frantically around before it diminishes (in most folk, including me, it never totally dies). I take no pleasure from it.

    “specialist subject stating the bleedin obvious”

    Let me ask you a two simple questions.

    1. Is what’s ‘bleedin obvious’ to you obvious to most of the population?

    If the answer is no…

    2. Are people who help the population understand the ‘bleedin obvious’ fulfilling a useful role?

    I don’t know you at all Supergeek, but I’m willing to wager that you don’t have children.

  47. Supergeek says:

    you like diggin’ holes for yourself as well as asking stupid questions… first you mention my parents and now you are trying to imply something about me as a parent…ummmh!!!

  48. PaulH says:

    @ Supergeek

    More thrashing.

    I’m not questioning your parents integrity, or your parental ability. I’m merely asking two simple questions.

    Please feel free to reject my the premise of my questions – as long as you explain why.

  49. Supergeek says:

    Ask ya momma!!!

  50. merci says:

    Supergeek said “Y’all
    reminds me of someone who posted here once saying they had only just realised what was really happening in the world… … and had spent the last six months…”

    That was me, and I’m a she. So what’s your point? I was busy with my life and wasn’t paying enough attention. It actually hit me about a year ago that something was not quite right and that it was escalating.

    I do research on a daily basis (yes, some tines 12 hours a day) and you are correct….I don’t have much of a life anymore. My husband is concerned about me, but I continue to seek knowledge while it is still available online.

    I do take a “pee” break when time permits.

  51. gb says:



  52. Supergeek says:

    what’s your point…DOH!!!

  53. PaulH says:

    @ merci

    The challange that I (we?) have is that spreading the word is so challenging.

    I worked in advertising (at a senior level) for many years and I’m still still struggling to find a ‘meme’ that will connect with the wider population.

    Meme – http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Meme

    The closest I’ve got is ’21st Century Serfs’.

    Please (really – please!) feel free to suggest a better one.

  54. Supergeek says:

    You couldn’t make this up…Thank You…Thank You…..HAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!

  55. TJ says:

    This looks like it’s getting a bit out of hand!
    May I recommend some soothing night music?



  56. PaulH says:


    Disagreement is healthy. The best thinking rises.

    Although, despite my visceral dislke for ad hominum attacks, and I’m battling hard to to hold this in…

    Supergeek is a twat.


    Because he thinks that making the population aware that we’re being totally screwed by the powers that be is a bad idea.

  57. TJ says:

    @ Paul H

    Yes, the dreaded T word applies here methinks…

    Stacy & Max provide an excellent forum, full of little gems.

    Tell the people!!!

  58. Supergeek says:

    I’m beggin you…Maan… PLEASE… PLEASE… I can’t breathe… honestly… What the fuck did they do to you to make you so STUPID as you are Today???

  59. Supergeek says:

    PS… You know what they say about speculation… you make a speck out of you… or is it Assumption… oh nevermind I’m sure you’ll figure it out!!!

  60. Supergeek says:

    hi… im supergeeks daughter, ive just come home, im 12 years old!!!! what have you done to my dad… he wont stop laughing… EEK!
    from Estalia.

  61. Dedo says:

    @Estalia,……ask your dad, why he doesn’t com’ with me !
    I’m loosing sleep,….

  62. PaulH says:


    I was going to go to bed, but I’ve decided that it might be more fun to fan the flames of a teenage ego (and that’s my ego speaking).

    Please feel free to ask me any question – as long as I can ask you one that you’ll answer honestly.

    I’ll answer your first one – what made me so stupid?

    Maybe it was my Bsc Honours degree in technology and business?

    Or perhaps my 7 years of business ownership? Successful dot.com et al.

    Or perhaps it was the influence of my wife’s CEO-ship of a major UK public sector organision?

    Or maybe my growing (and very profitable) anti-chemical business?

    Or maybe my senior London-based advertising strategy role for one of the world’s biggest technology companies?

    Or perhaps, my realisation that all of the above was largely bullshit.

    Now, my question to you…

    Why do you want to keep the population ignorant about what’s ‘bleeding obvious’?

    Fair’s fair here. I’ve answered your question. Now you answer mine.

  63. Dedo says:

    @Paul H,….you seem a genuine guy,…my advice,..(I know,.I shouldn’t) Don’t rattle these guys,….they’re fanatical !! : )

  64. PaulH says:


    Appreciate the advice. Just having some fun before I go to bed!

    They never seem to have answers, only ego.

  65. Dedo says:

    @Paul H,…..Re:They never seem to have answers, only ego.
    Maybe, that’s enough to sleep on,..: )

  66. PaulH says:

    Sleep well Dedo…

  67. Dedo says:


  68. Supergeek says:

    Yeah don’t be loosing any sleep over me… wake up refreshed… and tomorrow tell the people… nothing comes to a sleeper but a dream!!!

  69. white hunter says:

    twat did you say?

  70. Supergeek says:

    Lucky I didn’t mention what I thought of Alex Jones… damn!!!

  71. Bonn says:

    I am alive hic so the Whisky was fake but not fake enough to kill me RODFL
    @ TJ
    OOooh never done Whisky on the rocks but seen a guy do it ROFL that was in ’98. the best part is that was the time when “Raw is War” was air’n the wwf crap
    Lol the next day that buggers inner lining of his stomach was scorched so bad ROFL he could’nt keep anything down for the next 2 days so I am very clear how i take my poison LOL with Ice cold water Always.

  72. Youri Carma says:

    Dubai Special (scroll up) http://tinyurl.com/ykrm769

    Bob Chapman Important News! Vid 26th Nov 09

    Central banks are net buyers of gold for the first time in 22 years http://tinyurl.com/yevlhgo

  73. gb says:

    well said. the debate has mixed up being against pollution with climate change – which used to be called global warming by the way.

  74. Dr. Lewis Rauchmantel says:

    With regard to a suitable meme to sum up the present economic and political situation, how does the following suit you:

    Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire

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