Rashomon in Desert, Civilization Shift in Gold

Stacy Summary: Another day, but a looooonnnnng week to go for those holding Dubai debt!

106 comments on “Rashomon in Desert, Civilization Shift in Gold
  1. TJ says:


    Apolgies if this link was already posted. No bailout from Abu Dhabi


  2. @ doomandbloom RE “some comments from Project Camelot….”

    Substantiation, please. Corroboration.

  3. brian says:

    @francis snoot
    Fair value is a mysterious term to me term because it seems like so many commercial transactions are fundamentally unfair due to tricks and lies of various kinds that I wonder how enough “fair” transactions can be found to be averaged out to produce a number.

  4. frances snoot says:

    Yes. That would be a matter of men doing instead of hoping: no one wants to lose out and yet they stand to lose everything.

    We accept the system of slavery thinking it is to our profit to do so.

  5. doomandbloom says:

    @ george mcclure

    i just copied the stuff from their website front page. Pr. Camelot, generally do not comment on Financial matters, however, this time they seem to have got flustered with some information that they received. I have been reading some of their other stuff and do believe that they would not have posted this unless they have reasonable justification to do so.


    Expose the vermin. I want names. We had a saying in Texas: “Take names and kick ass.” I want names.

    Post them here.

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