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Stacy Summary:  For all your off topic jibber jabber and, for all the Irish & French, well, you can fight out the Hand of Frog.

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  1. frances snoot says:

    @[email protected]:

    When TALF is stopped in the US. Scheduled to end June 2010.

  2. Youri Carma says:

    Interview with Internet Guru Kevin Kelly (Only the Introduction in Dutch)

  3. Will says:

    @frances-“Not the way it’s going down…”

    I would just say that no one really knows how it’s going down. But reading pieces like this can be useful as it triggers thoughts and perhaps provides some insight on how to deal with this stuff. If nothing else, it prepares one psychologically for abrupt change, which is important.

  4. Will says:

    @Justget Itright – Possum laughing.

    I looked for possum laughing scenes on YouTube, but couldn’t find that one ;^) I did find the same Hitler scene about Vista, which also is pretty funny:

  5. Phil says:

    @Richard .. unravel , but when ?

    Yes …. long overdue.
    I remember 2 years ago when some UK town wanted to sue a WS bank over the fraudulent CDSs , and then no more was heard !

    What amazes me is that the evidence is staring the American public ( and – more importantly – others WW of course ) in the face …. including the 9/11 inside job , and sill nobody storms Washington.

    Just as CA Fitts said .. if most people now work for the Govt. or are dependent on the Govt. for their dole money, then of course noting will change.
    CA Fitts’ IRTA 2008 conference lecture should be heard by all IMO.

  6. frances snoot says:

    I would say that you are right but it is odd how many stories out there support the continued sale of gold to American citizens who most likely won’t be able to trade the gold or exchange the gold legally.

    I would say that is almost criminal seeing the outcome is not good for most people’s survival.

    But snake oil and salesman has almost become archetypal in America.

  7. Will says:

    Future Scenarios Pt. II

    This one is from The Oil Drum:

    I think it’s useful to read, but if it scares you then it’s better to leave it alone. Fear is not what we need to stay healthy right now!

    …Events began to run their natural course. Scared, hungry people saw that some households still had food. This led to looting in some areas. A handful of police and sheriffs couldn’t protect private property from a desperate populace. In other areas looting was averted (barely) as neighbors and authorities agreed to pool private food holdings and distribute them evenly.

    As the crisis deepened, a triage system was established. Food was preferentially given to those who could work, and the young…

  8. Oky1 says:

    USD bubble reappears, but the frothy 75.666 likely won’t hang around long since the staff of Zero Hedge continues to run up & down the street proclaiming their hatred for gold, silver & anything real, waving their Nazi banner, John Poindexter’s DARPA flag, ( Remember him? Iran/Contra/The guy that helped Reagan murdered all those farmers, land owners, women & children in Central America in 80’s…)

    Yes, I contacted ZH & tried to reason with them but they kept replying they were predators posing as house pets. You see, they said they hated wallst bank/insurance Company’s corruption but their site wasn’t to be used to expose the organized crime families posing as Wallst Banks & Insurances companies & their fraudulent derivative contracts that caused this current US Depression.

    Who does ZH think they are fooling attempting to take both sides of the position? They love Ron Paul’s audit the Fed Bill, but openly hate his gold/silver position. ZH wouldn’t report to you that recent state supreme court/courts rulings are declaring that mortgage backed derivative contract ownership claims against foreclosed real Estate as invalid & that they had no standing before the courts. You either support the US constitution & honest business deals or you’re an Anti-American piece of trash in my book.

    ZH, I suggest you re-examine the flag you’ve run up your pole!

    All of this in my own opinion of course.

    Peace & Love LOL;)


    BTW: If you hate as I do what the crooks at the Wallst Banks?Insurance companies & DC are doing now is an excellent time of year to Protest against them. It’s easy!! Black Friday, 11/27/09, you can help turn it into Black & Blue Friday. All you have to do is nothing, just stay out of the SlaveMarts/Targets & the rest of Corporate America’s Big Box Stores. You can still shop mom N pop operations. You could also stop & pull all or most of your money out of Wallst Banks. And if you’re out next Friday, turn your headlights on to show your support.

    If you like this idea or have a few other simple ideas of protest people can do Black N Blue Friday by all means pass this around at your favorite web sites.

  9. Will says:

    Future Scenarios Pt. III

    This video is from Dmitry Orlov, Social Collapse Best Practices:

    With vintage Russian black humor, Dmitry Orlov describes the social collapse he witnessed in Russia in the 1990s and spells out its practical lessons for the American social collapse he sees as inevitable.

    The American economy in the 1990s described itself as “Goldilocks” – just the right size – when in fact is was “Tinkerbelle,” and one day the clapping stops.

    As in Russia, the US made itself vulnerable to the decline of crude oil, a trade deficit, military over-reach, and financial over-reach.

  10. frances snoot says:

    ‘You either support the US constitution & honest business deals or you’re an Anti-American piece of trash in my book.’

    Nicely put.

  11. Will says:

    Oky1 – ZeroHedge blast…

    Ummm, this is Max Keiser, not Zero Hedge. Use highlight – control-C, point browser back to ZH, then control-V submit…

  12. frances snoot says:

    “Yes, I contacted ZH & tried to reason with them but they kept replying they were predators posing as house pets”

    Nicely put.

  13. [email protected] says:

    @frances snoot: do you now have that on insider knowledge??? I have suggested that the Base II or is it Basel III on January 10 will tell the tale, along with the Xmas season retail sales figures…TALF can be amended…..recertified etc…It’s wide open at the FED and Treasury with Helicopter Ben as the “prinnnnter” so says Marc Faber…On the major scale the $135.5 b in confiscated bonds and the other $100 b in confiscated bonds along with the reported 1000’s of “tungsten” gold bars in storage…and as Bill Murphy states the 2:1 ratio of paper ETFs and actual physical gold….Jim Willey states that the Chinese actually drilled some of their bars!!!!are two or three stories that should curl your hairs…let alone the massive manipulation by the PPT and false number circulating as per the real unemployment figures and the real foreclosure figures ( now held offbooks so the banks don’t have to maintain those properties )….and the total devaluation of the dollar and the shipping numbers ( Baltic Index may also be false )…and the yet unattended offshore banking regulation and zero hedge fund regulation and let’s not forget the drug laundering worldwide now that the Anglo-US-Israeli covert operations have total control of the cocaine and poppy production/distribution….and let us not forget daily life and hyperinflation in the wings….what did I miss???

  14. Oky1 says:

    Will, I was passing around to friends zero hedge’s website addie a few months back as a favorite of mine. But after reading their site for a while I became concerned with what they were doing. I posted here & sent my post to them hoping to put some pressure on them to get straight with the people.. Will see….

  15. Will says:

    Another interesting piece from The Oil Drum. Even if you don’t agree with all the author’s points, there is some good stuff in here for reflection and discussion:

    I’ve excerpted the main points. Each point is followed by several paragraphs of explanation.

    Point 1. I want everybody to view the grim environmental statistics as multiple “organ failures” approaching for human civilization.

    Point 2. I want everybody to get is this: The cause of environmental decay is a kind of obesity crisis of humanity. We humans are taking more than we should from the planet, getting fat in the process, and leaving our trash behind.

    Point 3. It is well past the time for us to admit that we are a bit off our rockers too. Our society is obviously in a state of collective cognitive dissonance.

    Point 4. Problems with the environment or natural resources are problems with the economy because human economic systems are a subset of planetary ecological systems. Environmental issues should be the main topics on page 1 of the business section of your local newspaper—assuming you still have one.

    Point 5. Your zone of control is you and your family. Start the changes there, taking it one step at a time. Over a year this will mean changing your life, but it will happen at a reasonable pace, and it will be a healthy and responsible way to live.

    Point 6. Sustainability is not a lifestyle option of the few, it is a necessary change for everyone if we want a decent future on this planet. This is logically true because anything unsustainable must end, and our demonstrably unsustainable old habits are coming to and end, whether we want them to or not.

    Point 7. We are social animals and need each other. There is no separate peace. Build community based on your personal strength and example.

    Point 8. Find ways to widen the circle of change to include governments, businesses and institutions at all levels.

  16. Will says:

    Oky1 – I apologize, I was being a smart-a$$. As with all sites, I take the lousy with the stellar at ZH. They do post some really good stuff, but they still believe in paper big-time. I think we’re in a slow-motionfree-fall, a pivotal event and turning-point for our oil-energy based civilization.

  17. [email protected] says:

    @Frances snoot: One thing I have left out is that we here in the west realize the disaster that the derivative fiasco has caused and has yet to cause….well…. do not feel dismayed..what we have done the Chinese can do even bigger: the Chinese domestic asset bubble and dollar carry trade bubble are yet to explode….and even Roubini forecasts that in the near future…so the unraveling may occur in various regions for various reasons IMHO….

  18. frances snoot says:

    @[email protected]:
    “do you now have that on insider knowledge”

    No, but I took a physics class once. Seems that forces drives motion. Well, once there is no government force the TED spread will hyperventilate and the ship sinks like a stone, imo.

    “Of course, the reason that the line slopes up rather than down is that the correlation does not simply reflect the response of the economy to the Fed’s actions. It also results from the response of the Fed to the economy. Specifically, when the TED spread increased, the Fed responded by increasing its targeted liquidity operations. Presumably it is this endogenous response by the Fed that produces the overall positive correlation in the data. This is a familiar problem in interpreting statistical correlations, and unfortunately it is difficult for any method to resolve. All we can say is that, presumably because of this endogeneity of the Fed’s response, a beneficial effect of targeted liquidity operations on credit spreads is not the dominant feature one sees in the data.
    Or to put it another way, it’s not that we saw that things got better whenever the Fed expanded its targeted liquidity operations. Instead the most we could claim that if the Fed had not implemented its actions, things would have been much worse.”

    It’s like one has one foot on one ice flow and another foot on an adjacent flow and the two move in opposite directions.

  19. Oky1 says:

    Yes, I’ve seen some good stuff up here & at Zerohedge. Zerohedge comes off sounding like they want to be experts in the field of derivative contracts yet I strongly doubt they could explain those contracts to a jury made up of Joe/Susie sixpack in such a manner as to convince the jury/Judge that those contracts are not mostly based on fraud.

    240,000 homes were foreclosed last month. Between 2 ½ & 4 million homes are expected to be foreclosed this year. I strongly believe most of those loans were based on Wallst Banks/Insurance company fraud. I also believe those people & other Americans should be filing lawsuits against those same Wallst outfits & not willingly leave their homes & business without a fight.

    I was hoping to get Zerohedge to aid in this effort & still do. In the next post is one of the pieces I sent to ZH from the Supreme Court ruling out of Kansas.

  20. Oky1 says:

    Interestingly enough the Missouri court found that MERS was not the original holder of the promissory note and since the record never contained evidence that the original note holder never explicitly authorized MERS to transfer the note, the overall language was in essence not effective. This is a big case because it goes to the heart of how MERS plays a crucial role in splitting a promissory note and basically creates immediate flaws in title. In other words, to grease the market and blow up the MBS market these people failed to even adhere to their own tracking of a mortgage! This system is like trying to track a laundered note through the economy after one year. Who really owns the actual note or holds title to foreclose?

    In the case in Kansas, the court finds that MERS has very little claim on the note:

    “”What stake in the outcome of an independent action for foreclosure could MERS have? It did not lend the money to Kesler or to anyone else involved in this case. Neither Kesler nor anyone else involved in the case was required by statute or contract to pay money to MERS on the mortgage. [citation omitted](”MERS is not an economic ‘beneficiary’ under the Deed of Trust. It is owed and will collect no money from Debtors under the Note, nor will it realize the value of the Property through foreclosure of the Deed of Trust in the event the Note is not paid.”). If MERS is only the mortgagee, without ownership of the mortgage instrument, it does not have an enforceable right.”

    This wouldn’t be such a big problem aside from the fact that MERS has its dirty hands on some 60 million mortgages (assuming processed). Matt Taibbi talked about this case:

    “This is a potentially gigantic story. It seems that a court has ruled that about half of the mortgage market has been run as a criminal enterprise for years, which would invalidate any potential forelosure proceedings for about, oh, 60 million mortgages. The court ruled that the electronic transfer system used by the private company MERS — a clearing system for mortgages, similar to a depository, that is used for about half the mortgage market — is fundamentally unreliable, and any mortgage sold and/or transferred through MERS can’t be foreclosed upon, at least not in Kansas.”

    So this is one big mess as you can imagine and Pandora’s Box may have been open. But let us look at what made this case happen:

    Flow chart of a mortgage being securitized into the MER system from the report above

  21. jonz says:

    Isnt that great?

    237 members of congress are millionaires .

    Getting rich for their great public service

  22. Oky1 says:


    Nice piece you posted from the oil drum. I fits in with a recent lecture I heard. The guy is explaining the flaw with the way our current system measures success by using GDP. A measurement of how much we as a people dug up out of the ground last quarter & used up. As he points out with this system at some point we run out of stuff to dig up, use & throw away.

  23. Rasta says:

    Sen. Dodd Suggests Bernanke Confirmation May Not Be Sure Thing (YAY)

  24. Mep says:

    A couple good debt stories:

    1) Interest on U.S debt close to $5 trillion:

    2) Citigroup raising interest rates on cardholders who don’t meet monthly spending requirement:

  25. Will says:

    The Social Security Trust Fund wracked up another monthly deficit for October. The shortfall was $4.2 billion. This is the 5th consecutive month of red ink for the Fund. The total for the period comes to $15bil. Blame the economy and the boomers for this problem. Some basic measures of the Fund’s performance are rapidly deteriorating.

    In November the SSTF will pay out $56.9 billion. They will be lucky to take in $47 billion in tax income. The deficit will be near to $10 billion. Interest income, and other income add another $140b annually to the Fund’s top line. But with monthly deficits of $10b on an operating basis, the Fund is running very close to break even for 2010. That possibility is not on anyone’s radar screen.

  26. Fred's Family says:

    CarbonGate ?
    Electronic break in : Hackers Reveal Damming Emails…..
    Loose Lips Sink Icebergs for Carbon Tax Hopefuls

  27. Oky1 says:

    Social Security even though it started out as just another tax scam by the gov it is one program that could have worked, & be working, just fine had not Wallst Banks/insur co’s & the gov not phk’ed it up.

    It isn’t hard to imagine SSTF would currently be in great financial shape had the gov not used it as a bottomless slush fund & rather had instead years back taken the funds excess cash reserves & had used most the funds in prudent lending on Residential & Commercial Real Estate Lending. None of that 30 year crap, just 15-20 year fixed rate stuff. No need for any of the Wallst Derivative scam stuff. Just straight forward deals/banking as William Black helped make into law in the past.

  28. Will says:

    South American war drums: an act of war which is not an act of war.

    Venezuela has blown up two pedestrian bridges on its border with Colombia in the latest sign of deteriorating relations between the Andean neighbours.

    “They are two foot bridges that paramilitary fighters used, where gasoline and drug precursors were smuggled, subversive groups entered. They are not considered in any international treaty.”

  29. Will says:

    Yet another act of war which is not an act of war, and the consequences of (no?) consequences.

    “…as a consequence we have begun discussions with our international partners about the importance of having consequences,” Obama said…the six major powers are disunited over how tough the next sanctions should be. Russian and Chinese reservations, they say, all but ensure the next round will be largely symbolic, such as adding names to a U.N. blacklist for asset freezes and travel bans, rather than harsh measures targeting Iran’s lifeblood oil and gas sector.

    Just remember, the Persians invented chess.

  30. Gordo says:

    @ Horrid Olbermann: ???????????????????????

    He has it Right. Sorry.

  31. frances snoot says:

    Are you living here in America that you can so readily judge the dangers of groups of Americans or do you trust Olbermann’s snide commentary?

    I’d like Arriana to point out the amendment titled “fire in the theatre” in any legal document here in America. But Arriana is Greek. A recent citizen perhaps not well-versed in her own Constitutional rights.

  32. jack frost says:

    heres a guy who has a bit to say about goldman theives sachs and he’s available for interview

    just a thought..

  33. Will says:

    Starting right now in NYC:

    Revisioning Capitalism
    Some say it’s time for American civilization to die. Come and join us for an electric night when Howard Bloom will tell Daniel Pinchbeck why American civilization has just begun to live–and how it will be saved and upgraded by – guess who? – YOU.

    “Machine-gun raconteur and scientist, ex PR magnate to the stars, and author of “The Genius of the Beast: A Radical Re-Vision of Capitalism”, Howard Bloom is a speaker of incendiary mercurial intellect” (Village Voice). Emceed by Daniel Pinchbeck, author and founder of Reality Sandwich and Evolver and who disagrees with Bloom about EVERYTHING. Forget sparks. Minds will fly! Bloom’s first roaring rant in NYC for 4 years. Don’t miss it! Stay for discussion and mingling with great food and bar. Special presentation and invitation to join Time Interchange New York (TINY), a complimentary currency system that is re-visioning capitalism here on our own doorstep.

  34. Gordo says:

    @frances snoot

    Here in TX. I would mainly like to see some left-right balance in the press. At the moment it is at the 90% level in favor of the right. MSNBC tilts it slightly to the left.

    I find the dialog in the media to be amazing. What I am seeing is most news is somehow pointing most of the blame on government now. I think that the blame lies almost entirely in the private sector. We really do not have a government, it is under control of the private sector.

  35. frances snoot says:

    OMG. You didn’t tell me you lived in TEXAS! Sorry!!!

  36. frances snoot says:

    I get the cunning feeling that both sides of the press support the elite. It is like Big Time wrestling teams. Have you seen South Park’s wrestling episode?

  37. Gordo says:

    @ frances snoot

    I’ll have to check that one out.
    South park. What an anomaly.

    More truth from SNL, Southpark and The Daily Show than MSM.

  38. frances snoot says:

    Here’s the link:

  39. Gordo says:

    @ frances snoot


  40. frances snoot says:

    I’m sorry, Gordo. I meant Dancing with Smurfs…but the wrestling one is funny as anything too.

  41. Supergeek says:

    anyone who wants to concentrate on and blame two seconds of a football game as for why they are losers… need there head examined… what about all the hours and hours before that when you were losers (or weren’t winners) don’t they count… better luck next time… not!!!

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