Reporting freely on the ‘free-market’ is not an option

Stacy Summary:  If the so-called ‘free-market’ in America can’t stand the light of day . . .

Actions by government officials and business leaders drove much of the coverage. The White House and federal agencies alone initiated nearly a third (32%) of economic stories studied through July 3. Business triggered another 21%. About a quarter of the stories (23%) was initiated by the press itself and did not rely on an external news trigger. Ordinary citizens and union workers combined to act as the catalyst for only 2% of the stories about the economy.

20 comments on “Reporting freely on the ‘free-market’ is not an option
  1. Edvard says:

    No surprised. In the UK a study done by Cardiff University indicated that 60% of the ‘news’ in the print media originated from various PR departments of agencies.

  2. aleix1979 says:

    @ Chomsky

    The wakos were right. Liberals need to humble down and recognise the fact. Then, go study economics and then they might come back to warn us about authoritarian state…. as if we were not aware.

  3. Mep says:

    Chomsky, himself, was recently censored at GITMO:

    Presumably for writing “anti-American” books?

  4. Mini US says:


    US criticises ‘inflexible yuan’

  5. gonzomarx says:

    well said Yves. The Daily Show had a pop at CNN for “leaving it there” funny and to the point

  6. Phil says:

    @Stacy .. I agree .. Corporatized Government

    I repeat, I do not trust some of the earnings reports, especially the so-called “bell weathers” !

    I leave it at that for now !

  7. Mini US says:

    Here in Australia I shoot a hell of a lot of VNR’s.
    These Video News Releases are just corporate news items that companies record and send out to the news agencies hoping that they make it to air, depending on the news day.
    Some companies have influence also, of course.
    Recently the TV regulators have clamped down on excessive VNR’s as news spots were getting filled up with these things.
    Cheap, prime time advertising in a news format is very cost effective.
    “A new study shows…”

  8. gonzomarx says:

    full Chomsky Talk here: Philosophies of Language & Politics

    Slavoj Zizek. The Future of Europe

  9. larry says: like someone else who couldn’t accept it was over it will likely end the same way ,in madness.

  10. Phil says:

    US Unemployment … thankyou FED

    COTD 63 (US long-term unemployed)

  11. The writers for Battlestar Galactica nailed it,

    We’re on the side of the demons, chief. We’re evil men in the gardens of paradise, sent by the forces of death to spread devastation and destruction wherever we go.

    There is no better description of bankers.

  12. sidney warburg says:


    I´ll finding out more and more that Jon Stewart is the only one worth watching cnn (the only one telling the f´ckn thruth on cnn)

  13. sidney warburg says:

    You know gonzomarx -I have been encouraged to post an other comment- it is almost like a feudal court, where the royal clown was about the only one who was allowed to criticize the king (in a funny way of course), because finally nobody would take him seriously!

  14. gonzomarx says:

    @sidney warburg
    yeah the “Fool” is the only one who was allowed to talk truth to the King. These days the fool role is fulfilled by comedians the good ones at least, Stanhope, Carlin, Hicks, Stewart etc..

  15. Veritas says:

    @ Chomsky

    He has said more than once it would not be worth looking into 9/11 again. So, treasonous acts by people like Cheney (fascist) ought not be prosecuted according to him. He has no credibility.

    See who he’s linked to:

  16. Supergeek says:

    it is a bit ruff…when we have to rely on dead folks for the truth… speaking as a big HST and RAW fan… it’s just Ruff!!!

  17. Supergeek says:

    when I saw peter oborne and charlie brooker I was really impressed!!!…author of:
    Peter Oborne – The Rise Of Political Lying (and the rise of the political class.)
    charlie brooker newsipe – from: 3min 30 secs

  18. ray says:

    The left is doing the same thing Maddow, Keith O. It is all a bunch of self serving people watching out for their own intrest. That is one reason the US is about to fall onits face. I just hope we have enough money to get the troops home.

  19. klaos says:

    re: Chomsky

    LOL!! Obama, the “liberal,” is beefing up the police state legislation stationing troops on the “Homeland,” sending more troops to Afghanistan and trying to drum up support for war with Iran. And there’s plenty of douche bag left media demanding unquestioning loyalty towards Our Dear Leader nowadays.

    I liked Manufacturing Consent but Noam’s getting old . . . as old as the Right-wing = Nazi analogy.

  20. frances snoot says:

    Ditto what Ray and Klaos said!

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