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  1. Youri Carma says:

    The Biggest Bust Will Follow the Biggest Bubble http://tinyurl.com/ykfsbm7

    Folks in the Rockies are shivering. “Western Montana breaks records,” says a report. Missoula reported a low of 8 degrees yesterday…14 degrees lower than the previous record for this early in the season.

    Nearby Idaho had heavy snow last week too. Same thing in New Zealand, where roads were blocked by heavy snow.

    In New Zealand, two major North Island highways remain closed after unseasonal heavy snow days stranded motorists for two nights. “Even if this was the middle of winter this is extreme,” said an analyst.

    And right now, it’s spring in NZ. They had a spring snowstorm that put their winter snowstorms to shame.

  2. Youri Carma says:

    Retirement system on hook for $24 million: On Wednesday, Lehman Brothers, which provided $73 million http://bit.ly/8vepi

  3. Mep says:

    @ Youri – Good William Black interview here:


  4. Chacedonite says:

    @ Youri Thanks, but I am not to keen on the euro either. Don’t you think that Europe is more at risk than the US because the USD is still the reserve currency?

  5. TroyOunce says:

    @ Youri Carma

    and when do you sleep?

  6. Mep says:

    Lookie, new consumer protection agency in US will exempt 98% of banks from oversight:


    Why do these effers even bother to pretend to do anything useful?

  7. Youri Carma says:

    Wall St Gangsters The Largest Theft in History http://bit.ly/vDaFa

  8. Youri Carma says:


    Enough time to rest when your dead 😉

  9. Youri Carma says:


    Good stuff: William Black interview Vid http://tinyurl.com/yjzhj4q

  10. gb says:

    @ all

    time to rehabilitate the word conspiracy
    (Legal: An agreement between two or more persons to commit a crime or accomplish a legal purpose through illegal action.)

    and give a new meaning to the term “bank robbery”
    once and for all

  11. Max just kicked some yuppie’s ass on Vingt-quatre. Max made a great case for Bernanke — or whoever it will be next time — as suicide bomber. Bail us out, or we blow up the economy. The apologist for the bailouts started out praising banks as the source from whom all blessings flow, then moved on to accuse Max of over-simplifying. I’ll definitely repost this one once it’s on YouTube..

  12. stacyherbert says:

    @The Man from Glad – you are the only one that caught that! I am uploading to Youtube now . . . will be available in five

  13. @Stacy. I was able to post the blip.tv single file version at Facebook. You can watch it without leaving FB. Not sure, but I’m guessing it would work here too. It’s a big improvement. I’ll be posting more of Max’ videos at FB if I can post them as single files like that. (Reminds me of blipverts, from Max Headroom).

  14. frances snoot says:

    You know the old proverb: the road to hell is paved with good intentions. Paul Roberts was one of the ground crew for our passage to hell. He’s another of the ‘team good guys’ whom the American public deem necessary to tell us how long and thick the rod is up our collective ass. I agree with Mep. He’s one of the guys who put it there. Why should he now be eulogized?

    Those that loved Reaganomics are those that love listening to Roberts now; you know: disgruntled white people. They did not mind the paving of the road over third world bodies: they just want to get off at the nearest exit and avoid their own obvious destination.

    But the destination was ‘baked in the cake’ with the inception of Bretton Woods by the very same families of players who are now delivering us the ‘solution’.

    Listening to Roberts gives this group of people a satisfaction that the lies of our imperialism were really noble rights and that there is no collective guilt for America.

    I especially can’t stand that picture of Roberts looking up into the clouds with his neck stretched like a turkey waiting for rain. Here’s a Barthe’s essay mocking that imperial statesman look:

    The conventions of photography, moreover, are themselves replete with signs. A full-face photograph underlines the realistic outlook of the candidate, especially if he is provided with scrutinizing glasses. Everything there expresses penetration, gravity, frankness: the future deputy is looking squarely at the enemy, the obstacle, the ‘problem’. A three-quarter face photograph, which is more common, suggests the tyranny of an ideal: the gaze is lost nobly in the future, it does not confront, it soars, and fertilizes some other domain, which is chastely left undefined. Almost all three-quarter face photos arc ascensional, the face is lifted towards a supernatural light which draws it up and elevates it to the realm of a higher humanity; the candidate reaches the Olympus of elevated feelings, where all political contradictions are solved: peace and war in Algeria, social progress and employers’ profits, so-called ‘free’ religious schools and subsidies from the sugar-beet lobby, the Right and the Left (an opposition always ‘superseded’!): all these coexist peacefully in this thoughtful gaze, nobly fixed on the hidden interests of Order. Photography and Electoral Appeal Roland Barthes

  15. frances snoot says:

    I thought Beck fudged that iconography try of his with the coke commercial; but it is interesting how the white boy is giving the coke to a black athlete. Beck is definately playing to an audience staid in their bigotry. He reminds me of a naughty boy that should be out cutting a stout switch but his daddy is the preacher so he’s thumbing eveybody. Can’t even bear to watch.

    You’re right: what’s to analyze? Crude ignorant people are only being grouped according to their crude and ignorant biases. It’s not rocket science. But for what purpose? Is it only to support the corporate line? Or is there something more insidious at foot?