Manufacturing Voodoo Trancing Brown Shirts & Aggressive Responses

Stacy Summary:    It is truly remarkable just how much history rhymes.  The fact that these manufactured protest groups in US are becoming more Orwellian, of course, suggests to me that we are living in similarly fascist times.  And the fascists have the same exact response to Great Depression & collapse of Empire, provoke world war.  As Seymour Hersh said, the reason the US is/was financing terrorist groups to bomb inside Iran is in order to provoke Iran to respond in such a way that the voodoo trancers would trance for more war against the ‘aggressors’ they see on Fox News.  Hang on to your gold.  (And your GulagWealth investments!)

94 comments on “Manufacturing Voodoo Trancing Brown Shirts & Aggressive Responses
  1. Pretty goddamn sad. What the hell else is there to say?

  2. larrythemagicpony says:

    in ‘fear of freedom’ and ‘mass psychology fascism’. reich makes the point concerning peoples fear of freedom that people once they have paid of their house and are debt free & free , people will then immediately sell their house to get back into debt , as this perhaps makes them feel safe .

  3. Gerry says:

    That, and the arms industry is about Amerika’s only viable economy. So they need war to do business. In fact they always have.

    Free Trade?

    Call Admiral Perry to the witness box again.

  4. maxkeiser says:

    the only way to fight a monopoly is with a monopsony

    the show some strengh; boycott coke until the company goes bust.. and short some coke stock to make some money on your actions if you feel like it.

    cue lefty clueless morons:

    ‘why coke’

    ‘we’ll lose jobs’

    ‘we don’t want to stoop to their level’

    ‘you’re just adding to the problem by making hedge funds more money’

    ‘our ‘moral authority’ will win the day’

  5. maxkeiser says:

    …with money made shorting coke (if the boycott gets big enough) buy gold bullion and watch gold move to $2,000 sooner than it is now.

  6. naomi says:

    A major war is the only way out of this economic situation the US has gotten itself and the world in.

    Not to mention a great diversion the reality that we are sliding into poverty, all of us except the ruling elite and war profiteers.

    Obama is charging ahead with Dick Cheney’s Black Operations units. This is very depressing.

  7. WL says:

    Where does it show that the protests are manufactured?

    There is real outrage, perhaps they do not fully understand the “power” game, but on the ground the rage is growing.

  8. frances snoot says:

    The fact that these manufactured protest groups in US are becoming more Orwellian, of course, suggests to me that we are living in similarly fascist times.

    Fascist as in political regime or ideological stance? Manufactured by whom? Is Obama standing in unison with the ‘fascist’ elements in goverment, or is there now a dichotomy in the White House? What coaliton was Chomsky referring to with his words concerning fascist? Are not the fasces leaves represented on the UN symbology, and the WHO?

    How are the UN agenda, mandates, and resolutions influencing American politics? Whatever happened to the CFR? Is the CFR fascist?

    The fascist prion in the US: is it a trace element from the Bush era? Is it operating out of the Pentagon? What troops are under Pentagon control? Are the troops not under Nato control operating through a coalition of governments?

  9. naomi says:

    Max, I haven’t bought coke for over 30 years, I don’t drink the stuff.

    I am not a stocks whiz kid. I buy gold. Makes sense to me.

    How does one short Coke stock. Don’t laugh now! I really don’t know.

  10. WL says:


    Your strategies sound familiar, short manipulate the take down to profit

    Oh yeah Soros

    It is time you start your own hedge fund

  11. Frank Hope says:

    This sounds like something Max would say.

    “If you pressed a rifle into the hand of the man in the street and asked him to choose between two targets – an MP or a banker – who do you think would get the bullet? Tricky, eh? It is hard to know which of these two formerly respectable professions has fallen further in public esteem.”

  12. [email protected] says:

    @Max; “monopsony”?????Sois hat how Soros plans on amassing his next “currency takeover”??????? You choose gold as the end stop…,might he ( and others) choose another currency???

  13. Phil says:

    @naomi …” How does one short Coke stock. Don’t laugh now! I really don’t know.”

    You start with 2 mio. and end up with 1 !
    You really don’t want to know that I’m sure !

    You sell shares that you don’t have “now”.
    You buy them back at some stage later.
    If the price has dropped, you make money.
    If the price has risen , you lose !

    Not a wise thing to do, unless you have a money printing press … like WS bigmoney or the FED !

  14. [email protected] says:

    correction…so sorry…my “t” key is sticking…

  15. naomi says:

    Your right Phil, I didn’t want to know ’cause I don’t have the money or the time.

    What do people think of a Commodities Fund run by Jim Rogers?

  16. naomi says:

    Max, dearheart are you there?

  17. Youri Carma says:

    Don’t think it realy matters what Iran does. If the Americans want to attack Iran the just make up stuff like they did with Iraq. Of cause it helps if Iran tries to defend itself cause than they only have to spin it like with the attack of the U.S./Israel proxy Georgia on The Russian peace keepers.

    But provoking a war between Pakistan and Iran would take of a lot of dirty work from the U.S.. I don’t think it wil happen cause Pakistan has enough problems now with the escalating Taliban unrest within it’s borders an Iran knows it can only do wrong whatever they do.

    Question is if it would be wise of the U.S. or the Israeli to attack Iran even if the goal is to provoke war. Russai and China could mingle in and suddenly decide to unload their treasuries. Oil prices would spike which certainly would accelerate the dollar decline in rising expenses.

    Furthermore the question if America has sufficient troops to endure a escalating war and the region could further destabilize even in the North of Iraq. Iraqi will choose their moment to rebel at the meoment the American focus gets more divided especially in a war with Iran.

    Also I don’t understand why Iran has to persue Atomic energy with so much oil and sun around? It’s dangerous and it leaves a lot of higly radio active waste.

  18. sidney warburg says:

    frances, interesting article about left/right paradigm at infowars

  19. WL says:

    FCC Net neutrality

    get ready for internet content control

  20. frances snoot says:

    Interesting. Both sides of the media are calling the other fascist and both seem to serve the united purpose of the Commonwealth Club. Here’s some interesting symbology:

  21. frances snoot says:

    Focusing on the right-wingnuts in America gives these criminals lotsa leeway:

    Note the corporate affiliates on the bottom margin.

  22. frances snoot says:

    Don’t think it realy matters what Iran does. If the Americans want to attack Iran the just make up stuff like they did with Iraq. Of cause it helps if Iran tries to defend itself cause than they only have to spin it like with the attack of the U.S./Israel proxy Georgia on The Russian peace keepers.

    Youri: US troop are operating under NATO/UN controls. To ‘just attack Iran’ the US would have to undergo a civil war first. Are you indicating that there is a coalition in the US in opposition to Obama’s policies with military backing? Links?

  23. Gordo says:

    Q: “If you pressed a rifle into the hand of the man in the street and asked him to choose between two targets – an MP or a banker?

    A: Someone at Acorn.

  24. Mother earth says:

    The saddest part if war starts with Iran, is that all the msm will produce is some weak pretext barely enough to satisfy the public. We are on a ride from hell and the industrial military complex is driving..

  25. Mep says:

    I’ve read that some of our peeps think that by stirring things up in Iran with bombings, low-grade attacks, and propaganda, we can divide the country as happened in Iraq into Sunni/Shia. But it sounds like Iran is too politically stable for that to actually happen.

    What’s funny about our media is that in the past, ABC and others DID report on the CIA’s plan to destabilize Iran. (Example: ) But now, when Iran points the finger at the Pakistani ISI, the US/CIA, and the UK, our media blows him off as a being a loon. That’s probably why Sy Hersh won’t be interviewed. The corporate media doesn’t want to remind people of our actual links to the Jundallah or the Pakistani ISI. After all, what would people think if they were reminded that the US actually trained some of these terrorists in Nevada?

    Sy Hersh said that the covert ops were planned to destabilize Iran following the 2007 NIE report that said that Iran had stopped its nuclear program. The report didn’t give us the ammo we needed to invade Iran, so a new course of action was needed. Interestingly, it’s being widely reported now–in print, anyway–that our spy agencies are considering a REWRITE of that 2007 report!

  26. Youri Carma says:

    @frances snoot “coalition in the US in opposition to Obama’s policies with military backing”

    Obama’s policies are to increase troops in Afghanistan which he in fact already did but even more to come. From Afghanistan and Iraq they could easily cros the border with Iran even from Pakistan.

    So in fact the U.S. already has Iran encircled miltarely speakin. It’s just waiting for the right moment to attack. Before that they will use the Ministry of love to hype up the American populus against Iran. Could be done with a false flag inside the U.S. probably nuclear cause the would get the donuts realy started. Probably they even blame Iran for the economical crises. Anything is possible.

    John Bolton Suggests Nuclear Attack on Iran

  27. Canada/JK says:

    re solution
    did you say short coke or snort coke?

  28. WL says:

    The solution,

    Pirate My Hedge Fund

  29. Mep says:

    People who have followed the allegations of Sibel Edmonds know that some of our most dangerous (and most treasonous) officials occupy key positions in the State Dept. and the Pentagon. If you scan the biographies of the people who are in the State Dept. now, you’ll see RAND corporation, Brookings Institute, Goldman Sachs, and other bankster credentials. The one person there who interests me the most is the woman in charge of arms control & international security. Why? Because any one of us here is as “qualified” as she is to hold that position. One would think that given the level of geopolitical instability and terrorist threats, the State Dept. would put a super-qualified person at that post. But, nope. I wonder, wonder, wonder why that is.

    State Dept. biographies:

  30. mike says:

    These guys downgrade FRE and FNM they speak of turning frn and fre into bad banks wiping out share holders and starting a new FRE FNM The problem I have with this is the facts are THEY DO NOT KNOW HOW CAN THEY MAKE A COMMENT LIKE THAT IF THEY DO NOT KNOW. This to me is FRAUD and manipulation and KBW should be investigated

  31. Fibon11235 says:

    There is not market just a rigged casino, its over for the little guy and the stock market, shorting, investing its finished. Only someone who has money to really risk would go against the printing press in this way.
    They can just reset things to what ever they want.

    Gold a different story in my mind, now your talking the long term force to fill the vacuum of trust….and it has value.

  32. Canada/JK says:

    Forgive the dual posting, but I think this is classic:
    Jackie Mason BLASTS Obama (3min28)

  33. frances snoot says:

    Nice info!

    The US press gives Obama vast amounts of personal agency, yet the Nobel Committee awarded him for his rhetoric advancing coalition movements towards ‘peace’. What gives?

    Obama’s policy in Afghanistan is directly aligned with UN Security resolutions concerning the country. Recently, Obama voted along with the other five member countries to strengthen the previous UN resolutions concerning Iran and uranium enrichment. The new resolution is a move by the COALITION of NATO to deny Iran the right to enrich uranium. The same block applies to N. Korea.

    The involvement of both the US and UK in Afghanistan saw genesis in a UN mandate of 2001. The UN security council has continually prolonged the war; defining the war as ‘humanitarian action’. THAT is Orwellian rhetoric.

  34. WL says:

    Time to,

    short Hope and go long Change

    Hillary Clinton suffers ‘mis-speaking’ relapse with Belfast bomb claims

  35. @Mep
    I wonder, wonder, wonder why that is.

    That’s SOP in government: you assign the least qualified person to the given task and then they must rely on the “experts” at AIPAC, WINEP, Wall Street, AEI, whatever, which results in the party line, and only the party line, being enforced.

  36. WL says:

    New Gerald Celente

    Brief interlude….

    Return to your regular comments…

  37. 13blackcats says:

    Stacy, I really think you’re jumping the shark on this manufactured protest bit. I don’t know if you’ve ever had much contact with bikers, but take my word for it — most of them have attitudes like Max’s and it’s pretty much impossible to lead these guys around by the nose like you’re implying. Cheers

  38. marietta says:

    @Hey Max!
    That’s why I am supporting films at Prirate my film. If I make money on a project it’s going into metals. How do I short Hollywood?

  39. marietta says:

    Jeff Skilling’s lawyer explains his strategy:

  40. Youri Carma says:

    @frances snoot “Orwellian”

    It sure is. I knew about this so called “humanitarian action”.

    The old fox isn’t a fool. In fact it’s true here what the old man says. Don’t agree with his geo politics but he’s a geo war expert. It seems though that Brezinski hasn’t the decisive influence on Obama’s war politics.

    US War Architect Brzezinski on Afghanistan

  41. WL says:

    Ron Paul on Afghanistan in House Foreign Affairs Committee

  42. Mongo says:

    2/3 of countries in Europe in need of help with food from red cross,.. WHERE THE F— IS THE END OF THE RECESSION!

  43. Canada/JK says:

    thx for Celente
    Orwell doublespeak award: ‘Jobless recovery’

  44. Chalcedonite says:

    Just look at that DOW go up. Incredible. I just don’t get it.

  45. WL says:

    I feel like I am in one of those fake Hollywood realty TV shows and its not fun and I can’t get out

  46. WL says:

    Typo reality

    I feel like I am in one of those fake Hollywood reality TV shows and its not fun and I can’t get out

  47. WL says:

    US-CIA-UK-MI6-FUNDED Latest Bombing in IRAQ

  48. WL says:

    Title should read Iran not Iraq

  49. Mep says:

    Democracy Now! coverage of Iran bombing:

    @ Ilya – Yep! Either that, or promote people who will look the other way and help cover up misdeeds . . . like the latest Goldman turd to be appointed to head the SEC.

  50. Chalcedonite says:

    I like Gerald Celente but that was not his finest interview.

  51. gb says:

    what does this mean?

    New York Fed Says It’s Assessing Use of Reverse Repos

  52. WL says:

    Bob Chapman 1st half and
    Gerald Celente 2nd half from two days ago Oct 17

  53. Youri Carma says:


    What they suggest is an expensive draining vehicle on which the banksters can write of fees and drain some taxpayers money too. But they won’t do it. Just some pep talk to convince the people it’s a some sort of under control system.

    They say it at the end of the Bloomberg article:

    “Central bankers are unlikely to drain cash from the banking system until at least late 2010, according to the median forecast of 47 economists surveyed by Bloomberg News from Oct. 1 to Oct. 8.

    The consensus is the Fed won’t begin raising interest rates until its Aug. 10, 2010, meeting.” Yoh, Let the Carry Trade Role!

  54. gb says:

    thanks. so it’s just more b.s. then

  55. doomandbloom says:

    is it possible that Obama was given the Noble peace prize to pre-empt him from taking any aggressive stance against Iran?

    now with the prize..he has to give peace a chance no?

  56. Youri Carma says:

    Nice to hear Lindsay Willams back on AJS RIGHT NOW….always exciting the old stern ahaha! .

  57. WL says:

    On the financial sense last Sat

    in the last section a caller asked the host about having Max Keiser on the show. The host didn’t know Max…

    about 60% of the way through the last section

  58. WL says:

    Gold movin like a pastie in Paris

  59. Youri Carma says:


    Actually I’ve red the repo story before on Bloom. Money is thight as it is so the can’t do anything now. Many debts will come up and will take money away also in the Mortgage business but the big banks also have a lot of Kiekeboe around unreported toxic waste on their of sheet balance sheets in the shadow banking system.

    Greenspan calls them “unacknowledged debts”

    Greenspan, Ferguson, Cohan’s Own Words on Bank Earnings – Bloomberg Vid

  60. BlackDouglas says:

    John Bolton Suggests Nuclear Attack on Iran

    Shouldn’t there be a nuclear attack on John Bolton?

  61. Fibon11235 says:

    @Wl Thaniks for this one.
    I like Gerald Celente his interviews are becoming more interesting he adds some interesting points here and there.

    He is blunt and to the point a good communicator. you can see he is genuine. But some points are subtle easy to misunderstand.

    1, I like his point about art being important.
    He is quite a deep thinker and has one of the best grasps of the situation. In fact he scary how accurate I think we will find him to be.

    2.Another point he makes was this is not a time for speculation but wealth preservation. Very good point..

  62. Dante says:

    Everything is manufactured…I thought prices were going down?
    Oh I know you can substitute by reading a book at home for nothing….

    Prepaid-college prices: Prepare to be shocked

    Parents shopping for Florida prepaid-college plans are in for some major sticker shock when annual enrollment for the program opens Monday.

    Prepaid-plan prices tend to rise as projected college costs go up. But the big jolt this year is the skyrocketing price of an optional plan that helps cover the cost of a new mandatory fee at state universities,0,3479319.story

  63. Mep says:

    More on the pipeline mentioned in the Democracy Now! interview:

  64. Supergeek says:

    If someone pressed a rifle in my hand…and asked me to shoot someone…I’d probably shoot them… everytime I hear someone saying “where is the outrage” the thought that goes through my mind is “oh what you want me to kill someone”… someone is pulling the strings, and it aint the bankers or the politicians!!!

  65. Youri Carma says:





    (Some up some down in times)


    Updates later

  66. Youri Carma says:





    WOIII WILL BE USED TO COME OUT OF CRISES JUST LIKE WITH WOII They are following the same scenario.


    (My take from Webbot Obama only will serve 3 1/2 years)

    DEVILS MESSIAH – HOMELAND SECURITY INFORMATION FROM CHURCHES All churches under control Romans 13 – (Pope is ex Hitler jugend)

    Updates later

  67. frances snoot says:

    Thanks for the update! Who is speaking in the caps, Lindsey or someone else?

  68. WL says:

    Everyone loves to bash Fox, but all MSMs have an agenda

    Mika Admits in Decade at CBS News She Knew Only One Non-Liberal Staffer

  69. Youri Carma says:

    Yep, Chaplin Lindsey Williams in the caps indeed. Listen to AJS Today Tomorrow and the day after more to come from Lindsey.

    Lindsay said: Obama is in a lot of trouble cause if he’s not gonna listen to them ….(AJ: The maybe pull a JFK on him)

    Obama is too arrogant and unpredictable to their taist, the rather had MCain in.

    Me: I said this before about Obama when I was more in the remote view, I knew it!

    Also I wrote what I thougt about the war with Iran and all and I was accurate in my piece on this blog here before. I said that they were just waiting for the right timing. The satanist Elite indeed have chosen 2012 to let the helter Skelter come together. Expect more than only the war with Iran. Like Jones said also they may instigate wars on other places to get the maximum multiple distraction. Wouldn’t be surprised for an other virus outbreak as well.

    Remember that the Stanist in their believe have to let you know what they are gonna do in advandce so look out in the media, keep your eyes open.

    I’ll think maybe Blackjack and Case Destiny in the Telegraph could have something to do with it. I am not sure cause when they realy are planning to set of some nukes and the wind goes the wrong way they could be hurt themselves too and this seems to be against Gaja too.

    But they have new tech neutrons so you never know. But in fact the info to Lindsey on AJS is allready an outlet so that could be it already.

  70. Youri Carma says:


  71. Youri Carma says:

    Iceland reaches agreement with Netherlands on Icesave (Google translation from Dutch)

  72. Youri Carma says:

    The oil market is firmly in the hands of speculators who are convinced observers.

    The sharp increase to over $ 140 (about 96 euros) was not the result of a supply shortage, but due to speculation, said about the Libyan OPEC Secretary General Abdullah Salem Al Badri.

    (Google Translation from German)

  73. Youri Carma says:

    Trace Mayer On The Central Bank Gold Price Suppression Scheme

  74. Youri Carma says:

    Humans are just like cock-roaches. If they get the feelin they are going to die they suddenly multiply:

    115 Pregnant Girls at Chicago High School

    Obama will be pleased to hear that his hometown is so fruitfull.

  75. Youri Carma says:

    Criminal Patents

    Monsanto (Uitzending van Terzake) – deel 1 van 3

    Monsanto (Uitzending van Terzake) – deel 2 van 3

    Monsanto (Uitzending van Terzake) – deel 3 van 3

  76. BondiBhoy says:

    Youri – that oil is going to run out someday. And Iran actually is embracing solar energy too with things like the Concentrated Solar Power plant in Shiraz. Multiple sources of energy (incl renewable) should be pursued if one has the means. The question is, why shouldnt they be allowed nuclear power since they are abiding by Non-Proliferation Treaty rules. It’s far far more of a scandal that those not signatories to the NPT & who do actually have powerful nukes are never questioned (e.g. Israel & India). Again typical of the double standards of western media & msm.

  77. BondiBhoy says:

    i meant western govts & msm

  78. ray says:

    Fox news is not putting the protests or anything else togather. I live here and some people are just fed up, at least the ones who pay attention. It is crazy how people refuse to even attempt to put aside personnel beliefs and preconceptions and at least attempt to find the truth. Both sides are guilty. Most of America is sleeping in their pursuit of self pleasure. Don’t worry the US will become a nation ruled by few without the , ect…). It has already been destroyed and the socilaist have won. Good or bad we have yet to see. One thing is for sure we will be much worse off very shortly. Not because of one system is better than the other but becuase we are morally corupt. We do owe 12,000,000,000000. Man that is an increadable number.!

  79. Youri Carma says:

    First-time Internet users find boost in brain function after just 1 week

  80. Youri Carma says:


    There is oil for generations to come and there is coal which can be burned very efficiently environmental friendly nowadays. You’ve been duped by the propaganda and parotting.

    The elite deliberately closed down many oil fascilities and hide a lot, and I mean a lot of oil. Alaska is full of oil and found but closed down after the oild find and kept secret.

    Even without the hidden oil there is enough oil for generations. It’s all a lot of balony to get your money and to keep you into feudalism. This is your wake up call.

  81. Daniel S says:

    Some of the outrage has drowned in the muddy waters of language and thought.

    I think people should take charge of language and the thinking and non-thinking (paradigms) that tend to follow. We shouldn’t be so lazy as to let the professional liars in the public deception and manipulation industry control the labels we use to describe things.

    In their Monsanto lies versus Journalists case Fox News defended themselves successfully by saying that they were not obligated to tell the truth. Therefor we should be calling them Fox News Entertainment. Or Fox Entertainment.

    We should have a dictionary of alternate terms to replace the liars’ choices so that our language and thinking are more honest and clear. Then you might find more of that outrage that healthy people would experience.

  82. Susan says:

    Tracy, I am an admirer of your work, and also of Max’s, but I have a problem with your default position of “hang onto your gold.”

    What is this supposed to mean to the sentient inhabitants of the earth who do not own gold or (in my case) who cannot accept that as an actual bit of advice. What world do we live in? Asking the question answers it, of course. None, and the many.

    Perhaps you and Max have a policy of retreating to the absurd on a certain schedule. Why not? The rest of the world does it constantly.


  83. TheBlackSwan says:

    Motherf*ck Goldman (ball)Sachs

  84. Zach OBrien says:

    Corporations cannot be “right wing” while at the same time “subscribing to big government.

    In my opinion, this corporate fascism, is liberalism at it’s worst; as these corporations are becoming the branches of the federal government. I think the fascism we all know exists is a stepping stone to full blown communism. How many bailouts does it take to fuse the corporation to the state?

    This is Corporate Liberalism.

  85. Mini US says:

    Carry Trade – USD and Silver.

    It seems to me that we would all be much better off without any financial ‘instuments’ at all. Thats any. Hedging, derivitives, blah blah, nothing.
    If you take a risk, you get the benefits or you lose. Thats why the returns are high. If you wanna play around with fake money at the expense of everyone else then you are a crook.
    Call it legal because the lawmakers are in on ti, but its wrong and should be ended…Now.

  86. TheBlackSwan says:

    Since when was Max a forum for ugly anti semitism

  87. stacyherbert says:

    @TheBlackSwan – thanks for notifying; with so many comments, it is hard to keep track of a**holes . . . from what a well placed source has told me, those kind of blatantly ugly comments – if they aren’t from just some sort of ignorant and/or inbred person – are very often from paid provocateurs and I don’t feel bad banning either from the site

  88. qwerty says:

    You are sourcing Alex Jones, Kurt Nimmo and Infowars?


    Time to move on.

  89. TheBlackSwan says:

    Hi Stace

    It was probably some disgruntled guest on France24 that Max had wiped the floor with.

    I posted a comment on my facebook page regarding the wholesale looting by the banks of the US and UK( 23.7trillion and 1 trillion respectively ) economies and received not a peep in response.
    The public is being robbed blind and nobody cares a damn. However mention poor unemployed people and you are garuanteed a self righteous rant from these complacent wannabe oligarchs

  90. Diane Alden says:

    Fox news is NOT the center of the universe .. it is NOT generating the ANGER across America. The ANGER was there long before, in FACT Fox was SLOW to react to the twisting of America’s future through machinations of the corpogovernment crowd, the Iron Triangle, the NE Corridor nexus of old and new money. It is is foolish to think Fox can generate as much anger in the heartland .. if THAT had been the case Obama would never have been president as independents gained ground with an outright hatred and distrust of the Bush wing of the establishment republicans. I live in heartland America, travel heartland America, the anger towards the Beltway Wall Street cabal has been gaining ground for nearly TWO decades. The Perotistas were the opening shot and BOTH left and right ridiculed the third party effort .. a BIG mistake they will eat later if we stilll can keep it together long enough. Stacey and Max are great but they give Fox too much credit and the American people not enough. Trouble is Obama and the accepted establishment right make FUN or ridicule the ‘black helicopter’ crowd, the ‘freepers’ the others who do not trust government and have not for a very very long time. We should NEVER forget it was under JIMMY CARTER a protege of old cabal grand dragon himself, David Rockefeller that Volcker got to do a JIG on the American working class through several presidents including Carter and Reagan. I will never forget when Volcker said in 1979 before passage of the Monetary Deregulation Act…a product of the CARTER administration that ‘Americans would have to learn to live with lower living standards etc. so the rest of the world could advance.’ WTF??? Here I thought the PIE was big enough to take into account many people. As it is NAFTA and MFN for China allowed interl. corpogov to arbitrage wages etc to the benefit the uber capitalists and BANKERS. It was under CLINTON that many crappy laws were passed, and good laws from the fruit of the LAST GREAT DEPRESSION were deep sixed .. like Glass Steagal. Btwn. Phil Gramm and the Clinton and Rubin cabal … Americans and the American economic system didn’t stand a chance. Knot head and wannabe globalist George W. came along and put the nail in the American coffin by allowing the banksters – the FOX – to organize and manage the hen house. Meantime, the democrats only know ONE thing more taxes and more regulations without administering or ensuring present LAWS to be enforced. The American people have been ill served by the mainstream media that gave anything democrat or progressive a pass or a blind eye, while the conservative msm turned a BLIND eye as some they ASSUMED were of like mind .. sold off the American store to the highest bidder. Just heard Obama was loosening more technology to be sold to the Chinese…why not Clinton and Bush II put that decades long effort into hyper drive. Problemeatical in this is now CHINA control rare earth metals that go into high tech gear, GPS etc. WE .. courtesy of GREENS closed our last rare earth ore mine in the 90s, while under BUSH .. Magnequench died a quick death as China bought out its production. Fox??? Where the H>>>L were they when this was going on .. the latest scandal du jour or ‘us agin them’ effort. Fox?? or MSNBC harbor their own agenda, their own ratings getters..and often that has NOTHING to do with finding out what is truth or what is REALLY happening to the US and its people, its system, as we are repeatedly raped by the rest of the world and the powrs that be. Never mind Fox … worry about what Gerald Celente says is going to be the second american revolution .. and Fox or msnbc will have had precious little to do with it.

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