[Now Golden] Jibber Jabber and Chitter Chatter Tuesday

Stacy Summary:  For your amusement & convenience . . . I’m allowing chitter chatter today too!  By the way, yesterday’s Golden Jibber Jabber thread has me laughing my behind off this morning.  Love all the pokes at sweet @maxkeiser’s hair and the hysterical limericks.  While @frances snoot, @Phil, @Supergeek and @Dedo offered some supremely funny limericks, for capturing the essence of one man, one nation in so few words the award has to go to @WL’s

There was a Gordon of Brown
Who sold gold when it was down
Right at the bottom
Now in the Autumn
He looks to sell the whole town

Gold 1066

175 comments on “[Now Golden] Jibber Jabber and Chitter Chatter Tuesday
  1. gb says:

    lollipop guild!!!!!!!!

  2. frances snoot says:


  3. frances snoot says:

    You may sneak surreptitiously around the back of the set, but I’m afraid we can only pay you in rubles. Seems our dollar fairy has dropped her wand.

  4. frances snoot says:

    OMG! We forgot to cast Youri! Quick, Illya, find a part for him!

  5. Rene' says:

    The recession is over???


    This was proclaimed in Danish press this morning!

    Please let Max comment on this BS…

    Thank you for a fantastic effort!

    Rene’ 🙂

  6. stacyherbert says:

    @frances snoot – as the Wicked Witch of the West . . . you need your Winged Monkey http://jamesbondposterpage.com/ebay/wickedwitch1.jpg

  7. Illya Kuryakin says:

    lets see if this works from my phone,

    rubles are fine, i expect dollar parity within 12 months

  8. Speirsy says:

    I gotta question. I’m probably gonna move in with my girlfriend (where the hell is this going? I here you ask). Should I sell my own flat and buy gold with the equity? The peasants usually say I should rent it out and wait till prices recover before i sell. I’m thinking worse is to come. Should I get out now while the housing market is still deluded? I’d really appreciate your thoughts. There’s nowhere else I can go.
    love from speirsy (Glasgow)

  9. Nic Abbott says:

    OMG! We forgot to cast Youri! Quick, Illya, find a part for him!

    Uncle Henry?

  10. Mike2liverpool says:

    .94 to the Euro………….Its coming 😉

  11. The Wizard of Oz story from an Occult perspective.

    Very interesting, take a read


  12. Nic Abbott says:


    Ist, no one on here is a financial advisor. It’s your call, but here is an idea. Borrow everything you can against the flat and buy gold with the mortgage. If house prices drop, so what, the mortgage company get the flat – just don’t let anyone know about your gold. If we get hyper-inflation both your gold and your flat will be worth far more than the debt.

  13. WL says:


    What is going on, is this some king of Halloween party your organizing.

  14. Will says:

    There once was a banker named Greeny,
    whose money supply wasn’t teeny,
    He said “Gold doesn’t glitter!”
    sending bugs all a-twitter
    then retired to play with his weenie.

  15. WL says:


    What is going on, is this some kind of Halloween party your organizing.

    Years ago I was the double for Johhny Depp, too bad his career didn’t go anywhere.

    I am more the director type

    and TOTO was a male in the script but played by a female dog

  16. Canada/JK says:

    @Dante abc/mp3
    Very good link!
    Should be heard by all.

  17. Phil says:

    Daniel Hannan commenting on the recent G20 meetings held in Pittsburg


    Takes the CB system apart !
    .. bogus of tax havens …. going after countries wit more competitice tax rates …

    I love this man !

  18. WL says:


    Michael Hudson,,,awesome

    Isn’t Max having hm as a guest

  19. Will says:

    A bank in a country of ice,
    Found a way to eat a big slice,
    They borrowed the moon
    ate it up with a spoon,
    but it blew up inside – not so nice!

  20. Nic Abbott says:

    China and Russia did shake on a deal
    Then the west let out a big squeal
    “Our inflation is down!
    The pound will now drown,
    In our casino-gulag fortune wheel!”

  21. doomandbloom says:

    just saw the JP morgan statistics on ZeroHedge…

    I did suspect that it would be them who would bring it all down……how will they do it ? i dont know…

  22. WL says:

    Once in a Land called Ice
    there was a roll of the dice
    done by the bankers
    or corporate wankers
    not once, but actually thrice

  23. Mother earth says:


    According to the website of the dutch bank union it is illegal for US citizen to buy precious metals in Holland. What about GoldMoney? would like to know whether you moved out of that or if that rule (which is US law) has effects on gold ‘tourism’ ?

  24. Will says:

    A Caeser named Max made a site,
    which gave bankers and pols quite a fright,
    Poking fun at their asses,
    he taught people classes,
    No fear, just what’s wrong and what’s right.

  25. Phil says:

    @Mother .. US & buying Gold in Holland


    Funny … comparing US to China !
    Just like the US forcing ex-patriots to continue paying US taxes ( if the Govt. “thinks” they’ve left for tax reasons ) for a further 10 years after they’ve left the country.
    Talk about a fascist regime … OMG !

  26. frances snoot says:

    What’s going on? It this some kind of Halloween party you’re organizing?

    Why, when anyone tries to have fun, do the Puritans purse their purgative preening? I mean: the Theosophists weren’t any more ‘evil’ than the Puritans.

    Just ask Ilya!

    But, WL, I was only preempted for casting. By all means direct!

    Here’s a trick or treat at ya’ll (supergeek lingo)


  27. Danny says:

    Is their a collective crack pipe being passed around these comment boards this morning or what?

  28. Will says:

    A pilot who called himself Ben,
    shouted “Five’s not enough! Let’s print ten!”
    He flew up in his chopper,
    and opened the hopper,
    dropped a load of green sheets on his men.

  29. Nic Abbott says:

    Iran was making a bomb
    Of Uranium incredible strong
    Obama said “No!”
    We won’t let this go
    We’re the ones with the bombs, don’t you know

  30. Will says:

    A barbaric relic named gold,
    got beaten and badmouthed and sold,
    but it turned out the bankers
    were liars and wankers,
    So buy some and have it to hold!

  31. Nic Abbott says:

    He’s down…. took a limerick punch to the head…. the count,




    He’s up. He’s on his feet. Unbelieveable

    David wants the repayment of expenses
    From minister who’ve proven they’re menaces
    If he gets the top job
    Our taxes he’ll rob
    To hand out to his c**k sucking cronies

  32. Will says:

    The Swiss had it down to a science,
    wouldn’t give out the names of their clients;
    now they’ve sold out too,
    so there’s nothing to do,
    but practice good old self-reliance.

  33. Will says:

    When the pols gave the dead horse a pump,
    they hoped it would get up and jump,
    but it wouldn’t respond
    so they doffed what they’d donned,
    and took turns having a hump.

  34. Palantíri says:

    Well, while browsing the National Budget 2010 for particular reason other than looking up and checking a news paper article that had some interesting reading about the use of cash. I saw (for me at least) the first clear concrete sign of the government wanting to reduce the use of cash as a payment method and subsequently wanting to steer us into using only digital plastic money. To quote the Budget proposal (with google translation):

    Cash Turnover
    As part of the follow-up of Tax evasion Committee’s recommendation the Government proposes several measures against the use of cash. Black turnover is a serious social problem, and large amounts exempted from taxes and fees. It said turnover occurs largely through the use of cash, often for amounts that are significantly larger than that of normal turnover paid in cash. It is desirable that a larger portion of the payment flows through banks and other financial institutions, so that the transactions will be traceable.

    The government proposes to deny deductions for Tax and deduction of input VAT for the VAT Act, if the transactions of NOK 10 000 is not paid through the bank.

    The Government proposes further that private buyers of services can be co-responsible for tax and the VAT withheld by the person who delivers the service, if the purchase price exceeds NOK 10 000 and the buyer has not paid via the bank or the like. The responsibility can also be applied on purchases of goods with services, but not by pure purchases. The proposal means that individuals can be held liable for service providers tax evasion, regardless of whether the buyer knew or should have known that the service provider would not come to report the earnings to tax authorities. The buyer, however, always free himself from a possible liability by paying via the bank.

    To end this long post: The new measures will push the payments to go through the bank, such as Internet banking. Where transactions can be tracked from the buyer to the seller. That’s not freedom! its food for the big brother beast.

  35. Youri Carma says:

    @frances snoot

    TnX snoot, I’ll be the cave man which name is often heard but never seen.

  36. Phil says:

    @Palantíri … nice find .. is that just Norway ?
    .. do you have a link ?

  37. frances snoot says:

    Okeydokey. I’ll watch out for your club.

  38. frances snoot says:

    I think that WILL is going win this round: looks like a clean-upper cut to your jaw on his last limerick.

  39. Youri Carma says:

    @Nic Abbott

    Henry? Havn’t got the faintest idea what you guys talking about anyways but always nice to see some support for….anything…..

    Is that from “abbott and costello”? The reason I know about them is cause I’ve got a very old father.

  40. Palantíri says:

    @Phil – yeah that’s right, only Norway.
    if you manage to read it.

  41. Supergeek says:

    I am happy and flattered to be toto (little bitch)… or I’d love to be a winged monkey or ‘professor marvel’… but maybe that should be Don as he is the road…Mep should be auntie M…Mike King…elmira gulch…youri -mayor of Munchkin City (a JP dutch thing)…finish the list post it so we can start rehearsing Danny -Uncle Henry…am still working on Dan.v and Richard33degrees…phew!!!

  42. [email protected] says:

    @Supergeek: glad to see I get honorable mention…maybe I can be the author…L.Frank Baum????and appear at the end thanking one and all for such a lovely performance….and please donate to our cause..etc…etc…etc…

  43. Speirsy says:

    @Nic [email protected]

    Thanks. I’m liking that idea.
    What’s the mood here on goldmoney.com, bullionvault or similar? Are we canada maples under the floorboards type o’ people here?

  44. Will says:

    Some banksters whose names will be mud,
    scared us all with their threats and their FUD.
    But we took the red pill,
    and told them to chill –
    “We don’t need you, go play with your puds!”

  45. WL says:

    Gold turned and movin up again 1065.50

    Timbits now in Fort Knox


  46. Supergeek says:

    about right…I think you probably have enuff experience!!!

  47. Supergeek says:

    I hope we’all aint getting too carried away for ya!!!

  48. Canada/JK says:

    I’m sure there’s a great joke in there about Timmy’s and Ft. Knox.

  49. frances snoot says:

    Sorry, winged monkey is out due to PETA regulations. We could use Munchkins, still need six volunteers. Can you sing and dance? Remember: tight knickers if you are trying out for the Munchkin part.

  50. frances snoot says:

    @[email protected]:
    Goodness, we didn’t forget you. You will be getting some money for the screenplay after and if we can find Mike King. He seems to have gone missing and he was the funds manager…oh there he is!

  51. Will says:

    The president thought it’d be nice,
    to make markets much better than dice.
    He hired a Tim
    who fired up his stim,
    “Ben Dover and I’ll do you up twice!”

  52. Tim Gandee says:

    How does one go about playing the currency markets with gold as the end goal? Trading dollars for another currency and then buying gold, getting more bang for the buck from the conversion of dollars to another currency and getting more gold. What currency would you play that with and where can you get that countries currency without having to leave the country. Any thoughts?

  53. Will says:

    Norwegian-wood Yanks weren’t aware,
    that the gold in Fort Knox wasn’t there;
    thinking it more important
    to have coffee chez Tim Horton
    they may notice there isn’t a chair.

  54. naomi says:

    Will, thanks for the laughable, silly limerick. Cheers.

  55. Will says:

    There once was a copper in Philly,
    liked to drub on his ding with his billy.
    His chief said “There’ll be plenty
    of dicks at G-20 –
    Go to Pittsburg and beat them all silly!”

  56. naomi says:

    I was referring to the one about the banker named Greeney However, all of them are very funny and straight to the heart.

  57. Supergeek says:

    toto… sez…furghh coat no knickers!!!

  58. Will says:

    Naomi (“enjoyment and pleasure”),
    found this site on the ‘net quite a treasure,
    She told all her friends
    without making amends,
    and added her two cents for good measure.

  59. WL says:

    @Will your good at this

    n the land of milk ‘n honey
    Clouds part, all nice ‘n sunny
    Yet, beware the wizard
    Cham e leon faced lizard
    And squirrel your gold ‘n money

  60. WL says:


    In the land of milk ‘n honey
    Clouds part, all nice ‘n sunny
    Yet, beware the wizard
    Cham e leon faced lizard
    And squirrel your gold ‘n money

  61. naomi says:

    There once was a man named Will
    who works while using a pill
    he makes us all laugh
    at wall street’s gaffes
    and cuts them down with a Sthil

  62. Will says:

    The readers of Max Keiser’s blog,
    every day have more subjects to flog,
    With limbered-up fingers
    they rattle off zingers
    most amazing – their brains never clog!!

  63. mthomas says:

    I personally feel gold will continue to be one of the better asset classes to invest in going forward due to the higher risk-reward setup that it offers due to the government’s efforts to reflate asset prices. I recently read a bunch of good articles at http://www.goldalert.com that discuss the Federal Reserve’s easy monetary policies to avert deflation. I particularly enjoyed the article titled “Gold Price Up, Dollar Down – Does it Really Matter?”, which discussed the potential investment implications for fiat currencies, the gold price, and gold mining companies due to all the money printing by world central banks. There are many serious unintended consequences of such huge amounts of government spending, and I think this has the potential to cause even further damage to the dollar and our standard of living.

  64. Mongo says:

    gold prepares for a brekout.. lets see.. up … down… Ben flips his gold coin…

  65. Mep says:

    Old 60 minutes video:


    Invading Iraq was discussed at Bush’s first meeting as President.

  66. [email protected] says:

    @frances snoot: I was thinking I could pass the hat and throw a feast ( byob ) for the participants…isn’t that what the screenplay/play author does??? We have access to a 63′ motor yacht here…for a sunset cruise along the intracoastal…the captain is a bio-diesel friend and supplier of said fuel…just thinking….as for Mike King…well we all know he’s in Thailand loving the kindergarten kids to bits…such a gruff fellow to influence the very young..wonder if he ever studied the Waldorf method, or Montessori style teaching???Funds’ manager??? maybe…

  67. frances snoot says:

    Yes, [email protected]:
    We could have Illya discover something to like about Florida!

  68. [email protected] says:

    @frances snoot: “Ilya’ …well if he plans on moving to Isla Margarita, as he so states( which is why it was mentioned that he emulates the elite, and may be one)…most folks venture here to trade or go on buying binges of US goods…I’m just north of Miami/Ft.Lauderdale( and it’s ports/airports )….import/export….etc….BTW the “old florida” is where I hail from…it has the same true beauty as when the Spaniards came ashore…after all beauty is in the eye of the beholder…

  69. Mark 9238 says:

    Max,Stacey — you were correct about France!

    “After comparing 17 quality of life measures, the study ranked Britain at the bottom, with Ireland second from last. The best quality of life can be found in France and Spain. ”


  70. Aspadistra at Ashdown Forest says:

    Canada’s Dollar Is Near 14-Month High, Approaching U.S. Parity


    Oct. 13 (Bloomberg) — Canada’s dollar traded near the highest level in more than 14 months, approaching parity with its U.S. counterpart for the first time since July 2008 as investors sought higher-yielding assets.

    The Canadian dollar gained 2.5 percent against the greenback in the past five days for the second-best performance among the 16 most-traded currencies tracked by Bloomberg, after the Mexican peso. Crude oil, Canada’s biggest export, touched a seven-week high and gold hit a record. The Canadian currency last traded at C$1 per U.S. dollar on July 22, 2008.

    “We could easily reach parity by the end of the week,” said John Curran, a Toronto-based senior vice president at CanadianForex Ltd., an online foreign-exchange dealer.

    The Canadian currency appreciated 0.2 percent to C$1.0327 per U.S. dollar at 4:46 p.m. in Toronto, compared with C$1.0348 yesterday. It touched C$1.0267, the strongest level since Aug. 4, 2008. One Canadian dollar buys 96.83 U.S. cents.

    Canada’s dollar has a 61 percent probability of reaching parity with the greenback by year-end, according to implied volatility from options trading monitored by Bloomberg. The likelihood by the end of March rises to 73 percent.

    The currency, nicknamed the loonie for the aquatic bird on the C$1 coin, pared gains as stocks fell after New York-based analyst Meredith Whitney downgraded Goldman Sachs Group Inc. and said she was “far less bullish” on banking shares.

    The U.S. dollar trimmed a drop versus the euro and yen after a large order to buy the greenback, traders said. Earlier the U.S. currency fell as much as 0.7 percent against the euro to touch $1.4876, the weakest since August 2008.

    ‘Not Over Yet’

    “Everyone is a little too bearish U.S. dollars,” said Steve Butler, director of foreign-exchange trading in Toronto at Scotia Capital Inc., a unit of Canada’s third-largest bank. “However, this move is not over yet,” he said, meaning he expects the Canadian dollar to appreciate further.

    The loonie strengthened 4.1 percent over the past month and 18 percent this year.

    A currency that rises too quickly has “difficult effects on our economy,” Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper told reporters today in Vancouver. Harper said he agrees with the Bank of Canada’s assessment, first aired in June, that a “too rapid” appreciation of the loonie is a risk.

    ‘Risk to Recovery’

    While some of the gains in the Canadian dollar reflect a recovering economy, Harper said, “obviously, the value of the Canadian dollar is a risk to recovery.”

    Crude for November delivery rose 1.6 percent to $74.43 a barrel on the New York Mercantile Exchange and reached $74.47, the highest since Aug. 25. Prices are up 67 percent this year. Gold futures for December delivery set a record of $1,069.70 an ounce in New York.

    The Standard & Poor’s 500 Index was down 0.3 percent at closing after falling earlier as much as 0.9 percent.

    Consumer prices in Canada probably fell 0.9 percent in September from a year earlier, according to the median estimate of 22 economists surveyed by Bloomberg News. Statistics Canada is scheduled to issue the report at 7 a.m. on Oct. 16. The statistics agency will also release data on motor-vehicle sales and manufacturing sales this week.

    Canada will auction on Oct. 15 C$1.5 billion ($1.45 billion) of 4 percent securities due in June 2041.

    Government of Canada bonds rose today, pushing the two-year note’s yield down five basis points, or 0.05 percentage point, to 1.65 percent. The price of the 1.25 percent security maturing in December 2011 gained 10 cents to C$99.16.

    Canada’s government bonds lost investors 1.5 percent this year, according to a Merrill Lynch index.

    Rio Tinto Group will pay $388 million to double its stake in Ivanhoe Mines Ltd. to 19.7 percent as part of a 2006 agreement to give Rio a share of a Mongolian copper and gold mine near China’s border, Vancouver-based Ivanhoe said today in a statement.

  71. naomi says:

    How much does anybody think Gordon Brown was paid to sell the British treasury at the bottom and now Rothchild is buying the British Mint for a hefty sum?

    Wanna guess? Or am I paranoid or I’ve taken the blue pill and I’m seeing things for what they are.

  72. aleix1979 says:

    We want mor info about the Rochild’s moves naomi!

  73. stacyherbert says:

    @naomi @Will @WL – thanks for all your limericks! what a fun way to start my morning

    @frances snoot – thanks for the updates on casting and production

    @Supergeek – don’t do it

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