[Video] Max Keiser on the Roman Polanski story

Stacy Summary: Here are clips from tonight’s France24 with Max Keiser as the founder of HSX and Pirate Myfilm.  Their live stream cuts out every 10-12 minutes so it cuts out a few times. Anyway Max makes some great comments in the second half about the Polanski story as a distraction from the global financial crime wave.

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  1. Supergeek says:

    re:FAKES…flippant comment I agree…but there are always gonna be some people on sites like this who are just inputting disinformation…anyway I’m glad you mentioned the ex pat thing….I was thinking about that subject earlier…because in some ways being nomadic is more natural to the majority of humans than permanently living in one place…also and I know some people will disagree with me but I think you see a whole other side to americans when they live outside the u.s….I haven’t been to the states…but most people I know who have been there speak quite well of america and americans….and from my own experience…the americans that can’t handle living in thier own country…always seem much more chilled out…IMO…if I was to be sarcastic I’d say they become almost like canadians!

  2. Supergeek says:

    @dan .v
    no doubt, but I think the powers that be…are putting in a lot of overtime at the moment on distractions!

  3. Max Power says:

    People in the field of cryptography always tend to notice this oddity:



    Technically the Triffin Dilemma as a concept is independent of the USD and US finance system — the British Empire faced such an ongoing dilemma that must have been similar during the 1930s.

    The triffid cipher has really been superseded by:


  4. Mep says:

    Just figured something out: our Senators are only capable of reaching “bipartisan” consensus and voting for amendments when the amendments themselves make no good sense and are a terrible waste of money. Today, the Senate Finance committee shot down both amendments that came up for a vote that would establish a public option for health care. But they did later pass an amendment to restore funding to abstinence-only sex education:


    One would think that in the midst of a depression, these idiots would connect a couple of dots every once in a while and realize that funding such nonsense necessarily doubles-down on the future cost to the public of subsidizing the health care of pregnant girls (and their babies) who are “educated” about abstinence.

  5. just george says:

    “a man distracted is a man defeated” – mike terry.

    This latest “news” is the latest in the elite’s endless banquet of frivolity, designed to distract the public from what is really happening in the world.

    I guess they figured people were finally sick of hearing about how micheal jackson died. and how he was buried. and how his family felt. and how their friends felt. and how touched people were by his music. and how he died. and how he was buried. and his tributes. and how he died. and how he was buried. and his unlocked potential. and how he died.

    “Wait, did you hear about how the bankers stole 11 trillion dollars of YOUR money?” “uh, no…because i was too busy talking about how micheal jackson died. and how he was buried. and how touched people were by his music. and how he died. and the moonwalk. and how he died.”

    “hey did you hear that the FED is being audited?” “uh, no, cos, like, this roman polanski guy raped a chick 35 years ago, and we gotta get him, even though she forgave him, and he went through a civil suit with her, and doesnt want him prosecuted, because JUSTICE MUST BE SERVED!”

    US government = a racket.

  6. robert says:

    Max u are soooo wrong. If Stacy was raped by a guy when she was 13 would you want the guy punished? 45 days in Chino..give me a break!

  7. dan valley says:

    @ SG yes unfortunately none of the distractions are distressed pop-godesses who frequent nite clubs minus thier undies….noooo the distractions are much uglier and naked about where we are going with all this.

  8. dan valley says:

    sorry for stating the obvious to the majority of the folks here just couldnt resist making reference to the distractions used by the bush admin.

  9. Patrick says:

    He FLED from US to not be prosecuted.. says all about his character.

  10. dan valley says:

    I just watched this video and I gained a little more respect for Stewart afterwords. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aFQFB5YpDZE&feature=player_embedded

  11. Chalcedonite says:

    Ron Paul on Jon Stewart’s show: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=O04zc9-PA2Y

  12. dan valley says:

    hey Chalcedonite ….I thought you were opposed to the libertarian bent ?

  13. Deed says:

    ok so, if your not as talented as polanski and you dont have the money to silence the victim you should do time for raping a 13 year old? or it is then also the fault of america’s oversexed morals as a whole?

    Max, i think you better stay on financing subjects.

  14. Deed says:

    escaping that judge was a good move though cause i dont think in america any justice is done. Polanski is however you turn it still a child rapist.

  15. Joe says:


    Marshall Auerback: A Neoliberal Hijacking http://bit.ly/345s0

    Interesting points this author makes… Saying government deficits need to continue w/ consumer savings to save wage rates and so on and so forth. Let me know your thoughts. Obviously in the Paul Krugman school fo economics

  16. stacyherbert says:

    @[email protected] – re: overpopulation; those weren’t my comments! I linked to a story that a group of billionaires were saying this was the biggest problem . . . for them

  17. dan valley says:


    Get this neal fucksuson telling us the fed saved us and that congress has o business knowing what they do…..I lost all respect for this pompus ass.

  18. Phil says:

    An Inside Look at How Goldman Sachs Lobbies the Senate
    Matt Taibbi

    …In that vein, starting tomorrow, the SEC is holding a public “round table” on the naked short-selling issue. What’s interesting about this round table is that virtually none of the invited speakers represent shareholders or companies that might be targets of naked short-selling, or indeed any activists of any kind in favor of tougher rules against the practice. Instead, all of the invitees are either banks, financial firms, or companies that sell stuff to the first two groups….


  19. Youri carma says:

    @dan valley

    Yeah like Stewart but he could be a lot more sharp on the system himself but I think even he’s not completely in the know.

    Did you hear what this beardman said during the break? FLU VACCIN SHORTAGE A GRIMM WARNING FOR VULNARIBILITY TO BIO TERRORISM.

    I mean how f**kn crazy the Americans are to endure all this scaremongering , what super dupes the Americans are. Maybe if you are that stupid you deserve to die but I don’t mean that of cause. I got that kinda language from the Americans. Never would say someeting like that in the past.

  20. dan valley says:

    @ youri….I know it just goes to show you how long the brainwashing goes on….you looked at the date of the show right? As for Jon S Im sure hes not in the know but he lke most folks know when somethng is just tooo stupid to be real….Thats my hope anyway

  21. Jennifer says:

    It’s curious that the individuals (and institutions) who want to see Polanski lynched in the name of “justice” are the same ones who mumble about “moving forward” and letting “bygones be bygones ” even when confronted with hard and indisputable evidence of US war crimes under Bush/Cheney et al. It should also be noted that this isn’t the first US -led witch hunt against Mr Polanski. In the aftermath of the Manson murders, he was painted as a debauched, orgy loving Satanist whose “decadent European values” contributed to his wife’s death.

  22. [email protected] says:

    @Stacy: Okay granted…I was merely relating to the article you found; and as an example that it focused on one of the plights we all face…I stand corrected that you properly distance yourself as the author……for me the important part of this article is that the concept that once a “problem” becomes so hot button that it then becomes a “third rail” issue and is relegated to a back burner is IMO most distressing…as the most serious global problems never reach the threshhold where a solution gets any attention…how do we join in with a real grass roots movement to gain support as one planetary people…or is this the standard method that billionaires use to stifle the free flow of thoughts and solutions we all hope for and seek??

  23. Chalcedonite says:

    @Dan Opposed to liberty? never! What ever made you think that?

  24. Chalcedonite says:

    … but I am no Snoot.

  25. Tony S. says:

    Not exactly Max’s best performance. Talking around the subject and mixing bank crimes with an abuse of a 13 year old. We all know how much pressure certain groups in Hollywood can put on a person, the poor girl is the victim, not Polanski.

  26. Youri carma says:


    Great stuff this vid! Jim Rickards realy lifts the veil here of what Gethner and brotherhood in crimes are realy doing.


    Love this FAKE semi docu or what is it. It realy got me inspired. There is a color long version on youtube also here part 1 of 9 somtin to watch on a lazy sunday after noon on my room.

    My inspiration:

    – Max expressed hatred of what America has become but true deep hatred can only come from true deep love.

    – I wanted to see much of the world. Instead the world saw me.

    – Today it’s gonna be a diffirent day, like any day.

    @Dan Valley

    Stripping for a good cause has become a Hype. They do it everywhere also in England and Holland.

    Indeed before this interview with Niall Ferguson there was a interview that made sense. Here he”s talking bollox and feel about him like you do. I mean crazy people – congress? But this is also the sign of the times. No real debate, no real issus on the table only fake and calling each other names. People got so dumbed down and getting duped but feel good cause somebody is being called “a name”.

  27. WL says:


    I already posted that vid. It lead me to explore Triffins dilemma. The ultimate Paradox of a single nation as a global reserve. The US deficit must grow in relation to the worlds economy. Eventually it becomes unsustainable. It really puts the the recent collapse and the end of the US dollar as the reserve currency in perspective.


  28. frances snoot says:

    David Icke’s forum discussion of the Polanski arrest:

  29. Youri carma says:


    TnX! I allready put this “Triffin Dilemma” in my “To do/must study” list and made a seperate file on it.

  30. Youri carma says:

    About Roman Polanski

    Never noticed before he looks so much like Danny Kaye

    What about Woody Allen going with his own daughter? Cahrly Chaplin liked young woman too.

    Americans have gone roque Polanski allready settled the case with her so….

  31. frances snoot says:

    I didn’t know you condoned Satanic perversion on the order of Polanski.

    Shoot, surprises all around.

    And the issue was rape, not just molestation.

  32. Veritas says:

    I think Max reasoned things pretty well. He showed the major benefit of being if you will an internationally-minded person, namely of not being beholden to any one country’s ridiculous agendas and aberrant culture, which limit thinking.

  33. HAD says:

    Go to http://www.captainsherlock.com and learn what may be aback of the proposed Polanski rendition. Precisely nothing is what it appears to be.

  34. Jesus H! Do some of you even Bother to Research before posting your uninformed opinions???

    Polanski did not KNOW she was 13 – regardless of your Beloved Wikipedia bullshit – and Jack Nicholson ALSO had sex with her. Why wasn’t Jacko prosecuted?

    Taking ‘ludes in the 70’s wasn’t exactly some fucking arcane ritual either, I took them many times back then – along with a LOT of other shit.

    When Polanski was confronted with the charge he turned himself over and confessed, agreed to a plea bargain.

    When his lawyers discovered the judge was NOT going to go along with the prosecutions’ sentencing recommendation – which is usually followed 99.999999% of the time – and was determined to throw the book at him, Polanski skipped. As i would have in the same situation.

    Some of you guys need to spend more time worrying about REAL criminals, like Obama, Bush, Cheney, Clinton, NetanYahoo, Sharon, Blair, and ALL of Wall Street, rather than fretting over a drug-alcohol-sex photo shoot from the mid 70’s.

  35. frances snoot says:

    Jesus H! Do some of you even Bother to Research before posting your uninformed opinions???

    Sex with a minor age 13 is not considered consensual but statutory rape. If you do not like the laws in America, Ilya, don’t come here.

  36. Jennifer says:

    Since the US was unable to prosecute Polanski 31 years ago, owing to its corrupt and incompetent judicial system, there is really no justification for the absurd and costly proceedings that are currently underway to lynch him now. MK makes several valid points here – chief among them the hypocrisy of a nation whose leadership condoned (for its own sick pleasure) the sodomization of underage detainees in its custody, not to mention its own unwillingness to prosecute these war criminals. Its eagerness to pursue this decades long case, against the wishes of the victim and despite the fact that the 76 year old Polanski poses no threat to society whatsoever is puzzling to say the least. Since this case is presumably about the wrong that was inflicted upon a helpless, underage girl, why then, are her wishes as an adult woman not taken into consideration? I imagine the experience of all this unwanted attention is like being publicly gang raped, and worse than the original ordeal. Why then, do we insist on infantilizing her in this brutally condescending manner? It’s no different, really, than the way we use “women’s rights” as an excuse to slaughter Muslim populations overseas.

  37. frances snoot says:

    It is apparent that justice is not being served here, but the question of whether or not a man should serve time for a crime committed against an innocent girl should not be confused with Muslims, nude photos, Jack Nicholson, hippies, puritan ethics, or callous American war crimes.

    Shall we claim that no one should serve time for crimes because of a corrupt state machine? Is France or Switzerland exempt from state corruption? Has America served as a lone profligate in war crimes?

    Justice serves as a silent witness.

  38. frances snoot says:

    For Max Keiser:


    Severed heads
    Bobble in rows
    Gestating arms
    Ribbed with tape
    Circle the hours
    A writhing ring

    The flash of the wit
    The angst of the drop
    The sight of the gap
    Flash flesh against
    A myriad of color

    Not to attain
    But to desire
    Never to hold
    But to want
    Bullet words
    Tested sure
    And molten hot

    Remembering lost
    Days forged
    Till hardened flesh
    Becomes steel
    Till the floor becomes the sky
    And the sun never quickens

  39. Upper US says:

    Justice delayed is Justice denied. Maybe Wall St will create a derivative for “diddling toddelers” (whom I call pedophiles) where European nations, Clerics, Arabs, and all the other pedophiles that disguise themselves as artists or untouchables, elitists will trade gold (enter your favorite commodity here) for get out of jail free cards. You know, now the Pedophilia is an acceptable more among you perverts.

  40. Supergeek says:

    I agree about your point about justice…I do think there is something that stinks about this case a lot more than one man’s actions alone…I am not sticking up for polanski actions…and that what about jack nicholson line is meaningless…as the father of a 13 year old girl…I think anybody who thinks he couldn’t tell difference is..well it’s less than feeble…I’m not comparing my daughter to this girl..but at 13 boys or girls are just children…really..and oh yeah the 70’s pop stars and film stars were getting off on something a lot worse than drugs!!!

  41. Supergeek says:

    @up ur u.s.
    what’s that rubbish about europeans, arabs etc…look unless you want to extend your list to include americans…you are not really making any sense…ask jack nicholson…didn’t he and some other americans have the girl first.

  42. frances snoot says:

    I felt badly about laying it so hard on Max, so I wrote that about traders. They SEE things differently than poet-people do. BUT children need to be protected period.

    The worst thing I read was in the Telegraph article about the man who said Polanski only made a youthful mistake. Young people should be accountable for their actions!

  43. While we’re at it, let’s raid the next satanic meeting of the Bohemian Grove crowd – you know? That yearly bbq-cum-child rape festival of the elites where they gangbang pre-teens and, for shits and giggles, Sacrifice a few of your babies at the foot of a towering concrete owl?

    Nixon, despite his many faults, at least acknowledged this sick affair as a “bunch of fags running around naked”. That’s probably why they sacrificed his ass a year later.

    Prosecute THOSE vermin first, THEN come back to me about Polanski.

  44. frances snoot says:

    Justice isn’t like socialism. Each case is tried individually. The fact that justice does not apply equally in a corrupt world order does not excuse the necessity of justice meted by individual case. Your logic would lead us to empty the prisons. Is this your intent?

  45. @frances
    “Your logic would lead us to empty the prisons. Is this your intent?”

    No.But you need to prosecute the most vile cases First. Otherwise the system is simply a farce. Ken Lay’s Costa Rican tan or Idi Amin’s retirement to kingly quarters in Saudi Arabia attest to that.

    Anyway, this whole Polanski affair smells like a “whorehouse at low tide.”

    You know, the US pissed off Castro a few decades ago by encouraging treason within Cuba and allowing Cuban criminals safe haven….so Castro just EMPTIED his jails and sent them to the US…”you want criminals? Here ya go!”

    Which explains why Miami and southern Florida is such a shithole today.

    Either you have laws that are enforced equally or you don’t.
    There is no gray area.

  46. frances snoot says:

    Try visiting south Florida before you knock it! (I thought I saw a link that said Hitler is hiding out in Miami)

    Whorehouse at low tide! LOL…yes, it is stinky. Let’s leave it at it would be nice to have a world in which some people were not more equal than others but realistically it will always be so because the world is inhabited with humans who insist the only way to see things is to walk on top of each other.

  47. annie says:

    C,mon, Max. At the end of the day he raped a 13 year old girl which isn’t okay no matter what you think about the U.S. He had an opportunity to have the charges dropped not long ago if he would simply man up and go back to California to do so. But Polanski is part of the oligarchy you rail against. Rules are for the average person and he is, by virtue of his “artiste standing” simply not average, right?

    The guy is a rapist. SHE WAS 13. She maintains, even today, that she never gave consent and wants the charges dismissed only because of the havoc to her life every time it comes up – not because she buys into the nonsense that Polanski and his supporters spout that somehow she was not really a victim at all.

    End of the day? This is another example of how the rules are different for the rich, famous and well-connected and how little females are valued anywhere in the world.

  48. harry_w says:

    @ Max,

    It’s only misdirection if you follow it. Personally, I’ve never been particularly interested in ‘true crime’, especially celebrity true crime. It often seems driven by a peculiar kind of puritan voyeurism.

    Anyway, intoxicating minors to rape them is not usually considered a crime of conscience, so let Polanski face the law.

    If it’s not simply a case of ritual denunciation, then the rapists on the US-UK payroll at work in their torture centres around the world should also face charges, alongside those who employed them to make sexual assault part of their standard operating procedures.

    I do take Max’s the point that US prisons are viewed as rape centres themselves.

    True crime, it’s always so grubby.

  49. Supergeek says:

    @ill yeah
    suprise suprise..you came back with some ‘what about them’ BS again..,bringing up bohemian grove..is even more removed from reality than your previous comments…and also your weak defence of polanski’s actions ie: he didn’t know her age… you wouldn’t don’t try to defend someone in court with that crap…what if you found out girl was younger than 13…ultimately…when you sleep with someone it is your responsibility to know their age…yeah, yeah but nevermind that your honour…I want you to look at this video of devil worshippers I saw on youtube!!!

  50. frances snoot says:

    What Harry had to say about puritan voyeurism is quite compelling, but it would not really absolve the criminal who most probably would prefer to suffer in this life rather than the next. Really, justice can never be served except through love.

  51. @Supergeek,

    What exactly is your malfunction, dude?

    NOTHING that I have written on this site cannot be easily Confirmed with a simple search.

    Do I, as opposed to everyone else here, have to document and footnote all of my conclusions? No problemo, I can do that if you like. Just ask.

  52. “Try visiting south Florida before you knock it!”

    Been there, done that. In my opinion it’s a cesspool, inside of a dung heap, surrounded by corruption that makes the Daley feudalistic Cult-whore “shoulders of America” Chicago look like amateurs.

    Florida might as well be called the world’s official anti-Cuba refuge and home to more private drug airports than the rest of the world combined.

    Add in the insane rantings of uber-swine Connie Mack (hugely popular scumbag there) and you have basically a Narco-State servicing America’s need for blow and transvestites.

  53. frances snoot says:

    NOTHING that I have written on this site cannot be easily Confirmed with a simple search.

    Um, like, Ilya, man you have not visited South Florida except, dude, in a mental wheelchair. man.

  54. Supergeek says:

    to say you didn’t know someones age…is not an adequate defence when you rape and sodomize a 13 year old…do you understand…he was the one who carried the burden of responsibility to find out her age…ignorance isn’t a defence…if you have broken the law…I can’t make it any simpler for you…and you…aint saying nothing…let’s face it, if you was gonna say something that was relevant…you would have said it by now…so instead of whining ‘what’s exactly is your malfunction dude’ like you’re a 13 year old victim that has been raped..from behind..act like an adult and either do something…and take responsibility for what you post, or let it go and move past it!!!

  55. You don’t understand my position at all! I am NOT defending Polanski, if he’s guilty then imprison his ass, I have no problem with that. But he was NOT given a fair trial, that is the issue.

    In fact, I would prefer the Cuban solution to rape: capital punishment, equivalent to premeditated murder. Guess how many rapes occur in Cuba? Clue: you can count them on one hand.

    But the US has NO problem with rape and sexual slavery: it’s client states, Israel and Kosovo are the world’s foremost transshipment hubs for sex slaves and stolen organs (mostly young Palestinian men) trade.

    Why don”t you get riled up about that instead of Nancy Gracing about Polanski?

  56. Supergeek says:

    @ill ya
    SCUMBAG…you make excuses for child RAPE!!

  57. Sean says:


    His defense lawyers forced this to happen by claiming in court last month that the US has never tried to extradite him.

  58. frances snoot says:

    Do you think the deal was for Polanski to get arrested for some political or social agenda? That the defense was the catalyst is an interesting view.

    If so it would play into Max’s ire about the case being a springboard to attack America. But how so?

  59. soband1 says:

    Im Polish living in UK I personally think that he should pay for his behaviour as a man who basically gave drugs to this young girl and had an intercourse!i dont know more details about his trial as it was 30 years ago!but he is guilty and if any of us did anything like that we would be admiring world from behind the bars!but he is an artist etc…bollocks!

  60. Jennifer says:

    Ilya K:

    Couldn’t agree more. Where is American outrage over Israel’s illegal organ trade, its illegal settlements, the growing civilian death toll in Gaza, Afghanistan, Iraq, etc. Not to mention the horrors inflicted upon its own uninsured, impoverished citizenry?

  61. frances snoot says:

    I wouldn’t get too desperate about American hegemony seeing as the G20 base of power has somehow ‘migrated’ to an EU/Basel base with perhaps Tony Blair sitting at head. The recent Iranian nuclear negotions were undertaken by the UN Security council (UK,US,France,China,Russia Federation +Germany), and the EU. Where is the seat of power?

    “Held at the isolated Villa Le Saugy, an 18th-century building in the countryside here, Thursday’s meeting brought together Iran, the five members of the United Nations Security Council, Germany and the European Union for what one senior American official called the beginning of an “extraordinarily difficult process.””

    Afghanistan, Iraq are humanitarian conflicts MANDATED by the UN (Iraq Post Bush):


    US troops now operate solely under the jurisdiction of NATO.


    Welcome to the real world, Jennifer.

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