Martial law, nuclear stakes and a Tequila with God

Stacy Summary:  Afternoon y’all.   My nearly weekly update on the PMF front.  But first a look at what’s happening on the geopolitical front:  Martial law has been declared in Honduras.  Little outrage over a non signatory to NPT ‘raising nuclear stakes.’    And a smoking gun on Fed gold market manipulation.  Right, with that, here are some highlights from this week’s action on PMF.

8 comments on “Martial law, nuclear stakes and a Tequila with God
  1. max keiser says:

    why PMF will triumph against the moguls

    NYT: The Moguls of Mirage, Now Muted

  2. marietta says:

    Over at Anti-Neocon they are discussing Pirate My Film:
    I posted over there in support, trying to drum up a little business. Maybe if others did the same we could move some of the projects along.

  3. Pakistan actually has about double the warheads that India does.

    Contrary to popular belief, nuclear weapons proliferation should be ENCOURAGED – especially among the Asian, African, and South American countries.

    The net total effect of say, Venezuela or Argentina or Indonesia having several hundred MIRV ICBMs would not be a “security threat”, rather it would Diminish, perhaps even ELIMINATE, the threat of nuclear by aggressor nations – i.e. USA, UK, Israel.

    Would the US launch a first strike against Russia and/or China while Venezuela was sitting on 500 Topol-M’s? I don’t think so.

    ONLY when Everyone is armed to the teeth can there be real engagement on nuclear weapon eradication: if only 7 or 8 countries have nuclear weapons then the other 190 countries are in peril, and are, essentially, Blackmailed by the status quo.

    If I were the leader of even the freaking Maldives, I’d be pursuing nukes 24/7.

    This is just basic and obvious shit.

  4. Warren says:

    “ousted president Manuel Zelaya urges supporters to march”

    When is Max going to urge us to march?

  5. “When is Max going to urge us to march?”

    That is not Max’s job, it’s YOUR job – i mean, if you want to.

    Do what you feel, don’t wait for Max or some other guru to tell you what to do. If you feel like doing something, then just do it.

  6. Max Power says:

    It seems that nature does nothing by halves in this vast continent.

    If it’s not drought and dust storms ravaging the country, it’s bushfires and flooding rains.

    But in central Australia, nature’s soft hand is still at play.

    In this desert country, the warmer spring weather is usually a precursor to a stifling summer to come, but this year it’s very different.

    Parts of the desert are a splash of yellow and pink from wildflowers that have taken hold in the cracking mud where floodwaters have receded.

    And vast areas of the Simpson Desert, north of Lake Eyre, are lush and green where the Eyre Creek has spread its banks wide through the sand dunes.

    It’s a dramatic transformation seldom witnessed in the arid heart of the country.

    A film crew, with reporter Paul Lockyer and camera operator Erik Havnen, made a trip to central Australia in the ABC helicopter in May to witness the transformation of the outback from the floodwaters meandering their way south from summer storms in northern Australia.

  7. Bill Stewart says:

    Interesting internal user interface at PMF — still deeply riddled with design and logic flaws. I have done tech support — and computer programming, so I will try and give your coding boffins some feedback.

    When in doubt, keep it as simple as possible … somthing like every 10 lines of code invites one bug.

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