Hollywood Accounting: buying at multiple of ego, not revenue

Stacy Summary:  Hat tip to @maxkeiser.  Great article with lots of quotes that remind me of my own time working in the mirage business.   The article points out that media conglomerates have marked down $200 billion in value since 2000!   That’s entering subprime territory!!   Enter Pirate MyFilm – @maxkeiser can discuss that more in the comments.

“They convince people that there is something magical and special about managing the creative process,” Mr. Knee said over lunch. “Moguls are fun — they do mogul-y things like big deals and make grand pronouncements, but they are not usually a good thing when you stand back and look from a value perspective.”

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  1. steve says:

    “Success is the ability to go from one failure to another with no loss of enthusiasm.” – – -Winston Churchill

  2. stacyherbert says:

    @steve – lol! that sure sounds like Hollywood! I’ve also seen many fail upwards in life, but never so much as in the movie business. It’s awe inspiring to see up close.

  3. stacyherbert says:

    Funny piece (in a gallows humor kind of way) at BoingBoing, be warned, however, graphic language:


  4. Mike2liverpool says:

    BTW Max, a client ships in glass fittings from Oz has just asked me if i can make because the Oz $ is leaving the £ for DEAD!

  5. Danny says:


    Panama agrees to host two U.S. naval bases

    Obama’s empire by Catherine Lutz

    1,500 U.S soldiers to join military exercise in Cambodia next year

  6. gonzomarx says:

    Cash4Gold Drops Consumerist From Lawsuit

    I’m sure Murdoch will have no trouble convincing other Moguls to build pay walls for their content. We’ll see how much the MSM is really worth.
    what if you built a wall and no one paid?

  7. Phil says:

    Mike/Liverpool .. yes I have seen it !

    …”I have a secret understanding in writing with the Bundesbank that Germany will not buy gold, either from the market or from another government, at a price above the official price.”…

    So no worries ..we can always buy Gold cheaply in Germany !

  8. marietta says:

    Over at Anti-Neocon they are discussing Pirate My Film:
    I posted over there in support, trying to drum up a little business. Maybe if others did the same we could move some of the projects along.

  9. Youri Carma says:

    Bundesbank won’t sell gold in first year of new sales agreement http://tinyurl.com/yd8a7wp

  10. WL says:

    Look out Boeing and Airbus, China building passenger planes


  11. FranSix says:

    @IMF Gold Sales

    When price declines occur on the LBMA, its a matter of selling a relatively small quantity of physical gold from a large pool of bullion in order to acquire a much larger quantity of physical, but you have to wait for delivery.

    Physical gold traded on the LBMA is in the order of one year’s mine supply every four days, and generates ~$60B/day in liquidity.

    A large concession of 12 million ounces such as the IMF gold will probably expand the cartel pool and expand the liquidity of the gold market by one and a half times, bringing the the size of the gold cartel to over a week’s worth of trade on the gold markets. So I think higher prices are in order.

    Hoarding of the gold by central banks have reduced the liquidity of this market, and thus affects the lease rates on which a massive derivatives pyramid relies. So the essential here is to re-bubble the economy and the commercial banking sector with fresh supply that was previously unavailable. Never mind this gold is actually owned by somebody, or probably will be leased 10X over.

    The IMF is engaged in exactly the same kind of desperate short term move for political expediency as central banks have in the past, but they are by now well behind the curve. It appears to me that the bullion banks have learned to appreciate the talismanic attractions of the barbarous relic.

    Weekly Analogous Chart (requires membership to stockcharts.com to see annotations)


  12. Phil says:

    Someone posted this link IIRC:

    New Music Video, Federal Reserve FRAUD :

    Nice finishing line …
    Federal Reserve Accounting Unit Dollar

  13. alister says:

    omg just posted the most hyper-ventilating over the top promo for piratemyfilm on that ‘anti-neocon’ wbsite, haha

  14. alister says:


    In Australia, “You could work every day of your life, for two lifetimes, and still earn less than what Australia’s top executives are paid in one year, figures show.”



  15. gonzomarx says:

    A glossary of terms in foreign affairs
    “It’s helpful to keep track of the relevant terms — ones just from the events of the last week alone — to maximize clarity as we debate our imperial responsibilities”


  16. Phil says:


    … So, let’s recap.

    At the least, Israel would be dealing with a three to four-front war, which it would have little chance of winning alone. With the US and Britain also involved (should that be the case), the conflict would spiral beyond what military planners would be able to control and contain. The radioactive fallout from an attack on the reactors would be just as deadly to Israel as if Israel were to nuke itself….


    Interesting (short) article … suggest reading it !

    The scenario discussed is not new .. but interesting to see it being discussed again … especially in light of DB closing their Double-Long Oil ETF ! IIRC !
    Just imagine that someone would have bought Call Options on a Doubel Long ETF … almost suicidal (for DB) methinks !

  17. Hi Y’all

    After a Venice run and Roma fling Greetings from Maffia Headquarters Palermo: Where concrete proposals proof for eternity and a barrel of acid takes care of business..Maybe I find a nice titbit in the newspapers, if I don’t suffocate from the air refreshener the hindi lady just sprayed i my internet booth..

    I learned: To find a nice 25 euro hotel and where to get a pizza diavola and a beer for under 5 euro 🙂

    Once you forget the industrial entrance and your lungs have voluntarily expulsed themselves from your body without leaving a note (warning, no exhaust cathalyst mandatory here) the city actualy has nice old quarters.

  18. Clean Slate says:

    Videos for your amusement and edification:

    Gordon Brown-Elephant in the Room

    F*ck the Fed

  19. alister says:

    [Bloomberg reports] Goldman on the Offensive


  20. I have a better idea than Pirate My Film: Audit My Transnational Parasite Corporation (AMTPC) – based upon whistle-blowers’ leaked info on various parasite corporations. The money raised would go to paying their legal fees and keeping them out of Gitmo and, afterwards taking a cut in the class-action lawsuits. Obviously this would be a long term investment, 5-15 years, or so if they contested, but the pay-offs would be exponential in out of court settlements.

    Most people don’t – CAN’T – sue a corporation because they simply cannot AFFORD to. But if you have 5 or 10 thousand people willing to lay down $100 each…then, that’s a game changer.

    Corporations will commit 10 to 100 to 1000 times the resources that a private individual could and, thus, almost always Win. But, faced with the prospect of the individual engaging REAL lawyers and a built-in base of vocal supporters, then it becomes a mathematical equation for the corporate entity, i.e. it will cost them MORE in legal fees than to simply settle out of court.

    BUT, the REALLY GREAT part of this is that only the DIRECT “plaintiffs” are legally contracted to “agree to not discuss the terms of the settlement”….but INVESTORS in the “action” Would not, and Could not be, legally or technically, a party to such a commitment.

    I think it’s a no-brainer. And easy money from vermin who DESERVE to get taken to the cleaners.

  21. gonzomarx says:

    with regards to a military solution to Iran i would think that airstrikes on the nuclear sites would be the likely strategy e.g. Israel on Syria last year.

  22. Youri Carma says:

    Riyadh ‘offers airspace’ for Israel attack on Iran

    US giant bunker-buster bomb project rushed since Iran’s Qom site discovered http://www2.debka.com/headline.php?hid=6280

  23. alister says:

    gonzo, with respect, i dont think shit is that simple

  24. mark/berlin says:

    from Democracy Now:

    Author Arundhati Roy on the Human Costs of India’s Economic Growth, the View of Obama from New Delhi, and Escalating US Attacks in Af-Pak


  25. Right. Saud is going to allow Israel fly-over rights and Inflame it’s southern Oil-Rich SHI’IA province??? I don’t think so.

    The house of Saud has one purpose and one purpose only: remaining in power, buying private Airbus’s, blowing millions in Monaco casinos, and snorting coke from European models’ belly-buttons. You think they will jeopardize all that for freaking Israel???

    No way.

  26. Youri Carma says:

    According to the Los Angeles Sunday Times newspaper dated May 24, 2009, a meeting of some of the world’s richest billionaires took place in Manhattan on May 5, 2009. (See addendum #1). These “elite” reached a uniform consensus during this meeting – that OVERPOPULATION is the single greatest threat facing Planet Earth.

    Mr. George Soros, international banker and agent of the Rothschild family, was also in attendance, and actually led much of the discussion, it was reported. For a biography and curriculum vitae of this warped individual and his vision for mass sterilization/depopulation of the planet.


  27. @Youri Carma, here is what i wrote the other day:

    Social Security and MediCare are no problem though: you just “vaccinate” the population with a phony “swine flu” false flag with a “vaccine” designed to kill old people. When the blue-haired herd starts dropping like prairie bison you just say, “the virus has mutated, we did all we could”. No old people = no entitlement problem.

    Since American’s are obsessed with their new Hopey McChange president, they’ll buy any lie.

    As I see it this “vaccine” can have only two possible purposes,

    1. Kill old people with ingredients that target the respiratory system, or

    2. It contains a psychotropic agent that induces complacency, like those used on mental patients

    In all sincerity, if you value your life in the least, Do Not Take This Vaccine”

  28. Dedo says:

    @Youri,……..correct me if I’m wrong,…..but me thinks there’s been a global currency for quite a while,…
    : )

  29. alister says:

    dedo y r u linking to videos of people shooting guns?

  30. Dedo says:

    @alistar,…..I didn’t imply it was cool,…..I was trying to make the point that “countries” and their followers ,when dressed up in special clothes, use them as barter.
    Try and keep up,…or sit and ponder before you react maybe!

  31. alister says:

    apologies dedo,

    the metaphor was not obvious for me

  32. Mike/Liverpool says:

    14 year oldGirl dies after taking Vaccine

  33. frances snoot says:

    Which is a stronger barter: words or guns?

  34. Youri Carma says:

    @[email protected] Kuryakin

    React on you guys later, bit tired for writing thoughtfull comments now.

  35. chalcedonite says:

    I have been reading through old textbooks…. I know, I know, but they can be very interesting at times.

    This is how children used to learn about money:



    Federal money is the coin of the United States, (established by Congress in 1786.) The Gold coins are the Eagle, Half Eagle, and Quarter Eagle. The Silver coins are the Dollar, Half Dollar, Quarter Dollar, Dime, and Half Dime. The Copper coins are the Cent, and Half Cent: Mill is only imaginary coin. The denominations (of Federal Money) are Eagles, Dollars, Dimes, Gents, and Mills.

    10 mills are equal in value to 1 cent.
    10 cents ” ” 1 dime.

    10 dimes ” ” 1 dollar.

    10 dollars ” ” 1 eagle.

    Note.—See Table, page 38, containing the names and standard weight of the different coins of the United States of America.

    In commerce and in reading, Federal Money, eagles and dimes are not named, Eagles being read tens, &c. of dollars; and dimes, tens of cents. Dollars occupy the place of units, and are separated from cents by a decimal point, showing that all the figures on the left hand of the point or period express dollars, and the two first figures at the right hand express cents, and the third mills; there must be two places of figures for cents; therefore, if the cents be less than 10, a cipher must be prefixed on the left hand of the figure which expresses them. Thus, $4.25 to be read 4 dollars and 25 cents; and $75.065, is read 75 dollars, 6 cents, and 5 mills. This character, $, placed to the left hand of a number, shows the number to express dollars, or a decimal of a dollar if there be a decimal point on the left of the number given: thus $12, reads twelve dollars, and $.12 reads twelve hundreds of a dollar, or twelve cents. In compliance with custom, I have, in many places in this compend, expressed cents, thus, 6 cents, or 125 cents: this is not strictly correct.

  36. Dedo says:

    @Frances,……I would say guns,…..doesn’t matter the symbol?,……am I right, am I am I,…..please miss snoot ,..tell me do : )

  37. frances snoot says:

    Snoot says guns don’t create hope but despair, but the hope created by words is a farther reaching despair.

  38. Dedo says:

    @alister,……Don’t apologize ,..now I feel bad for reacting to your reaction,….booo hoo,.: )

  39. frances snoot says:

    The only right answer is not to barter but to give.

  40. frances snoot says:

    Isn’t it pathetic? The world government and we never get to see the leaders!

  41. Supergeek says:

    cheers for that link mike…my partner was about to sign the form for our daughter tonight…we have just decided as a family will take a little more time and think about our decision .

  42. Dedo says:

    @Frances,……quite clever really,….to own and run the planet,..and go about your business unbridled.

  43. frances snoot says:

    Lie about it somehow so the authoritahs don’t think you are acting on your own volition. (Best bet is a doctor friend or one that can be bought) Here’s some reading from Prison Planet Forum archives:

  44. Youri Carma says:

    FDIC considers calling for bank advances http://tinyurl.com/ybd75cf

  45. Supergeek says:

    cheers I appreciate your concern…I have to say luckily it isn’t compulsory… we do have a very old family friend who is a practising GP so yeah…that would be possible and it is always cool to be covered…my daughter is 13 and a the moment isn’t the least bit interested in boys or sex…so really there is no need to rush any decision…will wait and see how this all pans out…as with a lot of things in life timing can be everything…the look on her face when she read mikes post over my shoulder…phew…lucky what a close shave!

  46. Supergeek says:

    looks like I’m not the only one reading too much into events right now…I don’t know who is being weirder me or the papers…my bear dream would look a whole lot cooler right now if I hadn’t made up part 2 and 3…buenos noche.

  47. Youri Carma says:

    Masonic handshake at G20 meeting http://tinyurl.com/yaqzmor

  48. Tony says:

    Another dead hedge fund executive.

    Fell off an escalator…



  49. Youri Carma says:

    Gold helps Albemarle on record run http://tinyurl.com/y9dap5y

  50. advocate001 says:

    Despite losing billions, the NYTimes nor Sammy Zell will never relinquish their stranglehold on the rags. Why? They will abide whatever Obama and his cronies (Axelrod, Ram emmanuel, larry Summers, Geitner, Rubin, Blankfein, BenMosche, Cass sumstein,etc) deem to be in thier interests. Zell and the Nytimes will continue to receive taxpayor monies and tax abatements.

  51. harry_w says:


    Gulp. It’s the longest financial suicide in history.

  52. Mike/Liverpool says:

    Harry, i wish they just cut the £ lose and let it drop!…………..Mind you it has gone 7% in 10 days,so not bad.

    Hey Max
    Which have done more to crash the America empire, Greenspan or Che Guevara?

  53. Max Power says:

    The whole state of California, if this is any hint — must be either corruptly or incompatantly run. The LA region is overpopulated and SF is probably not much better. In any case, these people could have at least consulted with NSW and VIC AU cities on how to implement water restrictions. Yet, my hunch is that these 4th generation nepots can’t even find Australia on a world map.

    RISKS-LIST: Risks-Forum Digest Friday 25 September 2009 Volume 25 : Issue 79


    Peter G. Neumann, moderator, chmn ACM Committee on Computers and Public Policy

    The city of Los Angeles, California has run into a rather curious set of unintended consequence of lawn watering restrictions imposed as a conservation measure. A couple years of drought has strained the water resources of the city. So, to reduce water consumption, the city restricted lawn watering to just two days per week: Mondays and Thursdays. Unexpectedly, this may have led to a dramatic increase in the number of water main breaks, 34 since September 1st. For comparison, the numbers for September 2008, 2007 and 2006 were 21, 17 and 13. There is some suspicion that pressure shocks from the much larger swings in usage and pressure overtax the aging infrastructure.

    I suppose the law of unintended consequences is always operating, and this one seems to have caught everyone by surprise: “The rationing began in June, shortly before they noticed an uptick in major blowouts. There were 24 blowouts in July and 31 in August, increases from the same months last year.”

    More details from the Los Angeles Times:

    [Nice lesson there. Put all your watery eggs in one leaky basket.]

  54. Tofu Charlie says:

    US & UK Intelligence support Chechen insurgency? Chechen President / puppet-leader speaks out.


  55. Dear Friend of Liberty,

    What unprecedented anti-Fed days these have been! We had our Audit the Fed Congressional hearing, in which the central bank – for the first time in 96 years – was put on the defensive. End the Fed was chosen as a Main Selection of the Conservative Book Club; this book, the first anti-central banking bestseller in American history, debuted at #2 on Amazon.com and #6 on the New York Times and Wall Street Journal bestseller lists.

    End The Fed – which the Mises Institute’s Lew Rockwell calls “readable and persuasive beyond belief” – can climb up the NYT and WSJ lists week by week, eventually reaching #1, with your help. Please get a copy for yourself. Then encourage friends and family members to do the same. Spread the word. One businessman bought copies for all his 23 employees. Others have given them to students, a favorite use of mine. You can order the book right now at the link below:


    Since 1913, the Fed has had it all its own way: booms and busts, dollar depreciation, redistribution to the government and the big banks from the middle and working classes. But just as Andrew Jackson abolished the predecessor of the Fed, we too can knock over this dangerous institution. End The Fed teaches all the fascinating history, and tells us what we can do for the future. I tried to make it easy for everyone to understand, and convincing for those who already do. It gives the constitutional, economic, moral, and libertarian arguments against what Jackson called “the Monster.”

    Ever seen the Fed’s marble palace in Washington, DC, on Constitution Avenue (of all streets!)? That bunch sure knows how to live. I’ve long had a dream of being the auctioneer when the Fed is sold off for private offices, or maybe a Museum of Sound Money! Help me dull its scissors and then break them, so the Fed can’t cut down our dollar’s value. Indeed, I believe that people ought to be ashamed to work at such a place; an institution that has done so much damage to American prosperity and freedom, as well as to the freedom and prosperity of the whole world. For example, I want no more bowing and scraping to the Fed chairman when he goes to Capitol Hill to peddle his nonsense. He is just a bureaucrat, albeit a disastrous one.

    And, if you are in New York City or nearby, I will be signing copies of End The Fed at the Borders right in the heart of the financial district (100 Broadway) at noon on Tuesday, Sept 29th. And if you can’t make that, I will be discussing the book on The Daily Show With Jon Stewart later that night

    Together, you and I can change things. Indeed, we must. For all our futures, nothing is as important as cutting the Fed down to size. Join me: let’s End the Fed.

    Congressman Ron Paul

  56. Daniel S says:

    Supergeek, the benefits of vaccines are questionable, the harm of mercury, definite, and the trust you should have in the medical monopolists, zero. You might read the first few chapters of Drug War by Dan Russell to learn how the system was founded. (by murdering Mid-wives and medicine men under the banner of the Witch hunts because Mid-wives were delivering babies more safely with fewer complications and at far lower cost. They literally killed their competition.)

  57. Mep says:

    Are you all aware of this:

    UK to ban annual banker bonuses: http://www.businessweek.com/ap/financialnews/D9B0DEKG0.htm


    Sounds like a smart move by the UK!

  58. Max Power says:

    Social Security and MediCare are no problem though: you just “vaccinate” the population with a phony “swine flu” false flag with a “vaccine” designed to kill old people. When the blue-haired herd starts dropping like prairie bison you just say, “the virus has mutated, we did all we could”. No old people = no entitlement problem.

    The odds for hyperinflation being the method to totally wipe out all post-1939 US retirees money is around 97% and a decade of high inflation and devaluation of the USD to near Ruble parity are hovering around 95%.

    Of course if the agricultural loans dry up Americans will be forced to kill each other for food as almost 0% of the population knows how to farm (aka industrial agriculture in general). Americas last yeoman farmers vanished with the passing of WWII.

    I have a running saying (updated from a 1970s variation of a 1920s or 1930s saying):

    That and 35 Quintillion Quintillion Dollars will get you a cup of coffee.

    — As Russian / French / German uses the Long Scale


    some aspects of the translation may be lost.

    The original saying (that I know) uses 35c aka 0.35 USD.

    I assume it comes from 5c aka 0.05 USD.

    Max Keiser should use this expression in one of his shows or interviews, but the long scale numbers are beyond his comprehension.

    Even I don’t know how many zeros are involved with this saying but the point is … it matters not.

  59. deng feng says:

    what do these comments have to do with the control and financial failure of large media?

  60. dan valley says:

    @ max power…almost 0% of the population knows how to farm…..you forget about the amish my friend thier ranks have been growing in the past few yrs.

  61. Mep says:

    Huffington Post is reporting that the FDIC is going to ask banks for $36 billion in prepaid insurance fees:


  62. Max Power says:

    almost 0% of the population knows how to farm…..you forget about the Amish my friend their ranks have been growing in the past few yrs.

    According to the US census data, under 2% of the US population farms in any shape or form. I don’t know if they include Fishermen or Ranchers in this.

    In the 1860s to 1880s about 60% of the US population farmed either full or part time — so note the vast demographic shift.

    There are no agricultural broadcasts in the USA, and the K-13 education system no longer teaches people how to farm … thus the pessimism.

    The Amish “statistically” believe in breeding [unlike the rest of the US population that is not Hispanic or of Arab-Islamic persuasion].

  63. dan valley says:

    @ max….but the knowledge is there is all im saying…waiting to be tapped once it all hits the fan.

  64. dan valley says:

    I myself am looking into farm land back in pennsyltucky….its become quite cheap in recent yrs. The future will belong to the farmers and engineers as wallstreet returns to the wasteland of idiot sons it was in the 40s and 50s.

  65. Mini US says:

    Seems governments are fighting over who has the weakest currency.
    Its me, no its me, uh uh its definitely me.


  66. http://www.lewrockwell.com/spl/vidal-mcveigh.html

    The “meaning of “Timothy McVeigh” by Al Gore…

    Written in 2001…

  67. Ooops! I meant Gore Vidal…

  68. alister says:

    @ tofu charplie

    thx friend, im in the middle of writing an essay on the two wars in teh 1990s 🙂

  69. Supergeek says:

    @Daniel S
    thanks for your comments…the midwife thing…yeah, that was something I was aware of…the difficulty is these decisions are a lot easier to make when you are only responsible for your own health please don’t misread my comments as being critical of you in anyway….but as you probably know life is rarely as simple as our arguments or opinions and sometimes IMO the best we can ever do is to make decisions based on the info and facts in hand at any one time and hope we have enough freedom to choose when we do make those decisions…maybe this good time to some one of my own experiences with the NHS…as well as keeping me and lots my family alive with numerous operations and drugs when really needed (for which I am eternally grateful to UK/NHS) the NHS also resonsible for nearky killing my daughter when she was born…which involved a misdiagnosis from a midwife to begin with…which resulted in my newly born daughter nearly dying from dehydration…which led us to hospital where she was placed on a drip which saved her life…even if the midwife had spotted the problem earlier we still probably would have needed the help of a hospital…but when in the hospital…we were told that though they werent sure about the cause of her weight loss and dehydration…the top paediatrician in england…no less! felt my daughter should take antibiotics for the first 6 years of her life just in case! My partner and I agreed to tell the doctors where they could stick the medicine and the diagnosis…13 years later we have a perfectly healthy very strong daughter …who has only had one cold in her life and other than that has never been ill for even one day…I am a believer in good food and loys of love but as I said before it’s always good to be covered and it’s always good to be able to choose…and as far as the NHS is concerned I’ll never forget but I don’t hold any grudges…my tip fora healthy…good food exercise and lots of love.

  70. Supergeek says:

    sorry for rambling on…but I just got up!

  71. House prices about to soar, says Reserve Bank official


    AUSTRALIA’S housing market is about to take off, the RBA says, and rising prices and interest rates could hit affordability hard.

    The RBA’s Tony Richards issued the warning at the Committee for Economic Development of Australia’s housing forum today, and said that the nation was still not building enough houses to keep up with levels of demand that were driven by population growth.

    Mr Richards also warned policymakers in Canberra that governments needed to do more to stop “undesirably strong growth” in housing prices as the economy improved.

    “It is looking increasingly clear that Australia has avoided the large falls in housing prices seen in some other countries over the past two years or so,” he said today.

  72. Phil says:

    German article from Thomas Mehner published by “Kopp Verlag” …

    Whether he’s just a panic maker ?

    Gefahr für Ihr Geld – Arbeiten die USA heimlich an der Etablierung einer neuen Währung?

    … Your money is in danger – is the USA working on establishing a new currency…


    Here are some extracts using Google-Translator + my edits in English :

    [[ Exactly this scenario has been confirmed to me now ]]

    [[ I don’t want to spread any panic here, but believe that the general public need to know to what was may to expect. Which consists of replacing the dollar resulting scenario is likely to lead to the collapse of the Western monetary system, including the decline of the euro. My informant told me that the new U.S. currency is already in the pipeline ( “… in production”) and that had the U.S. establishment in his campaign only to its own advantage in mind, but does not take into account the interests of foreign nations. We have confidence in the realization of the “coup offer” on its own military strength (nuclear weapons) and the cowardice or incompetence of other nations, the United States to stand up.

    [[ Also, the number of expected deaths was mentioned to me, but the numbers are so high that even I refuse to discuss them here in public. ]]

    [[ And remember, please always remember: The bill for a crisis has always been paid for by the ordinary consumer ]]

    What do I think ?
    Well, the scenario he describes is probable and actually overdue IMO.
    The question really is “when” .. is it sooner or much later ?
    A probable catalyst factor IMO will be the “handling” of Iran by the US / Israel … whether this will be used as the World’s next 9/11 ? … as Gerald Celente would say : “These people will stop at nothing” !

  73. Youri Carma says:

    Hitler may have literally lived “Next Door” – Buenos Aires

    Hitler May Not Have Shot Self: Russia’s Physical “Proof” Refuted…

  74. Supergeek says:

    shit…or hitler was a woman…that would explain a lot!
    Hitler he only had one ball the other is in the the albert
    ….wait…original style….rewind.

    “Göring has only got one ball
    Hitler’s [are] so very small
    Himmler’s so very similar
    And Goebbles has no balls at all”

    I think we are gonna have to rewrite this classic!

  75. Youri Carma says:

    Swine Flu Vaccine Makers Won’t Take It – Why Should You?

  76. Youri Carma says:

    NYT: Sen. Kerry: ‘I don’t know what ‘cap and trade’ means..” http://tinyurl.com/y9k6a3f

  77. Youri Carma says:


    Japanese consumer prices posted their sharpest decline last month since records began in the early 1970s, fuelling fears that persistent deflation could weaken the country’s nascent recovery.

    Core consumer prices excluding fresh food, which have been falling since March, dropped 2.4 per cent in August from a year ago, compared with a 2.2 per cent decline in July, according to figures from the Statistics Bureau.

    So called “core-core” consumer prices, which exclude fresh food and energy prices, fell 0.9 per cent in August, unchanged from July’s rate.
    “The sharp decline in global oil prices over the past year, coupled with the appreciation of the currency over the same time, has dragged the energy component of the headline inflation measure sharply lower,” said Matt Robinson, economist at Moody’s Economy.com.

    “On the demand side, consumer spending remains weak. The unemployment rate has risen to its highest level on record, subduing household consumption and eradicating any semblance of demand-side inflation pressures.”

    While most developed economies in the world are expected to battle with inflation in the coming months, deflation in Japan is likely to persist into 2010 because of weak consumer demand, excess capacity and the strength of the yen, according to David Cohen at Action Economics in Singapore.

    From: Japanese consumer prices fall at record rate http://bit.ly/4pJzwW

  78. Daniel S says:

    Supergeek, the Midwife you referred to was a post witch hunt Midwife though. The word is the same, the knowledge base and treatment are not. That problem comes up a lot these days. The meaning of language has been hijacked and the thoughts and discourse along with them.

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