Financial balance of terror and unprotected audits

Stacy Summary:  Mornin’ y’all.  Thanks for all the great video links in the Sunday Video Club.  Will definitely have to keep that club going.  So, what’s happening in your neck of the woods?

68 comments on “Financial balance of terror and unprotected audits
  1. Mike2liverpool says:

    Oh Hum
    No TOB for me today 🙁

  2. Phil says:

    @Mike/Liverpool … only another 14 years !

    All about defending the US$ using Gold !!

    “Federal Reserve needs to cut US Dollar in half over next 14 years”

  3. stacyherbert says:

    The land of the macabre:

    To all Europeans here, try to imagine this scene anywhere in Europe.

  4. Mongo says:

    oh noes!

    Right-wing conspiracy against Obama says Bill “I did not have… sexual relations with that woman” Clinton

  5. gonzomarx says:

    hey! remember these guys?

    Scott Ritter
    Keeping Iran honest – Iran’s secret nuclear plant will spark a new round of IAEA inspections and lead to a period of even greater transparency

    Blix warns that tough tactics could benefit Iran’s hardliners

    Scott makes some excellent points to bear in mind amongst all the latest Iran brouhaha.

    Sanctions run the risk of strengthening the regime there imposed on by allowing it to crush dissent and blame it’s policy failures on them also makes the people more reliant on the state as well as making life hell for the people as shown by Iraq under Saddam and Albright’s quote that 500,000 dead where worth it
    ( )
    Two months ago the West was all loved up for the Iranian middle class what happen to that? Let’s see if it’s remembered as we march to wards sanctions.

    A new report claims the media is to blame for the UK public’s lack of concern over poverty in their own country

    G20 agrees to look at currency deal tax to aid poor
    yeah good luck with that

    Emerging economies battle for more voting rights at IMF

  6. Phil says:

    @Stacy .. yes, nice article from ZH …

    absent manipulation, I think this would have been THE breakout above $1000 that everybody had been waiting for so long

    … as with any technical indicator, nothing is 100% guaranteed, but the golden cross usually signals a sustained phase of price rise

    … 3. Gold will rise and oil will fall

    My money is on the third outcome, and at some point on the second (when the helicopters really get going), but we shall see.

    … (what is meant is the dollar index or DXY really – a flawed and misleading indicator since it only measures relative rates of currency debasement)

    OTOH, the physical Gold market is in US$-size pretty small compared to the amount of Fiat-Money availble via the FED/USGovt.
    OK .. you may now say “Yes, that’s the whole point – Gold ist too cheap.
    But … JPM can throw all the Gold T/A out the window using it’s petty Fiat-Cash box any time it likes – which is what it has been doing for years IMO.
    OTOH, one cannot ignore the fact that the Gold price has risen 4x since ca. 200 … i.e. a gradual (longer-term) Fiat-Currency devaluation.

    The WW Market – as a whole – is bigger than any “one” central bank .. but the Gold market is still in comparison very small ; which makes it so easy to manipulate.

    The ZH article mentions that a geopolitical event might cause Gold to spike.
    The CNBC Talking Heads say Gold will probably stay around 1000$s for the next 4 years or so.

    BTW … that is why I want the FED audited and erased !

    PS: sorry for a bit of a ramble and disorganized !

  7. gonzomarx says:

    And the winners of the most Respected People on the right.
    A poll taken from the votes of 40-50 Right-Of-Centre Bloggers for 2009 with their votes next to their names….
    in reverse order are…..
    Drum roll please……

    23) John Stossel 4
    23) Mitt Romney 4
    23) Daniel Hannan 4
    23) John Bolton 4
    16) Fred Thompson 5
    16) Antonin Scalia 5
    16) Glenn Reynolds 5
    16) Bobby Jindal 5
    16) George W. Bush 5
    16) Sean Hannity 5
    16) Tom Coburn 5
    14) Victor Davis Hanson 6
    14) Dick Cheney 6
    12) Ed Morrissey 7
    12) Ann Coulter 7
    10) Jonah Goldberg 8
    10) Newt Gingrich 8
    9) Jim DeMint 9
    7) Mark Levin 10
    7) Glenn Beck 10
    6) Charles Krauthammer 11
    5) Mark Steyn 14
    4) Michelle Malkin 15
    3) Thomas Sowell 17
    2) Sarah Palin 20
    1) Rush Limbaugh 24

    the least respected in the same poll by the right blogosphere……
    in reverse order are

    19) Bill O’Reily (6)
    19) Peggy Noonan (6)
    16) Mark Sanford (7)
    16) Mike Huckabee (7)
    16) Charlie Crist (7)
    14) Colin Powell (11)
    14) Arnold Schwarzenegger (11)
    12) Kathleen Parker (12)
    12) Andrew Sullivan (12)
    10) Meghan McCain (14)
    10) Ron Paul (14)
    9) Michael Savage (15)
    6) Pat Buchanan (16)
    6) Charles Johnson (16)
    6) Susan Collins (16)
    5) David Brooks (17)
    3) Lindsey Graham (19)
    3) David Frum (19)
    2) John McCain (22)
    1) Olympia Snowe (26)

    thanks you for tuning in and see you next year

  8. harry_w says:

    @ Mike2liverpool,

    The FT preaching the benefits of devaluation:

    The upside of sterling’s slideFinancial Times, 25 Sep 2009

    They didn’t quite say ‘a thing of beauty’, and I must admit, my stomach took it as a thing of upset.

  9. Phil says:

    Historic! 700,000 ‘pink slips’ to Congress – in 3 days!
    Goal of 5 million likely be exceeded, say organizers of grass-roots campaign

  10. Supergeek says:

    yeah…cool link, similarly…I posted this link previously…22-09-09…it did seem like a bit of a piss take…I mean those charities like ‘medecins sans frontiers’ and stuff, should all be out helping the Third World…unless…We Are All…no, no…I’m not gonna say it!

    ‘The brutal truth about America’s healthcare’

  11. Danny says:

    Petrol bomb thrown at Dept of Finance

    Is anybody else hearing the propaganda on the radio about Iran and their missile launch? it’s relentless. Iran fears an attack so they are warning people not to attack them. These shills on the radio keep repeating the same bull; “Iran has secret nuclear facility”, “Iran may be capable of reaching Israel with missile”.

    No mention of their compliance with the Non-proliferation Act. I’m so sick of this bullshit war-mongering.

  12. Dedo says:

    Re: Stacy’s medical link,…bah, humbug!!
    Every time I’ve felt the need to visit a medical “practitioner”
    things have got -ten worse(money corrupts you know).
    My solution has been to stay healthy or look elsewhere for solutions.
    To date, my system is far more beneficial,….end of report.

    PS: Mind you own business and everything else will look after it self.

  13. Mike2liverpool says:

    Dr Smith:- “I just want to rule the World”
    Me:- “I just want the £ to crash!”

  14. Supergeek says:

    reminded me of this I haven’t managed to watch all of this clip yet too close to the bone…no pun intended.

  15. Dedo says:

    @Super,……..that reminds me of the time (many moons ago) when my ole mom walked in on me, while on the toilet,..she thought I was stabbin’ myself, i had to explain it was just an itch,..: )
    PS:,.Ditto with super,…you okay Youri,..missed ya!

  16. Youri Carma says:

    Money figures show there’s trouble ahead

  17. alister says:

    npt is bulldust – iran is playing funny bunnies by ‘complying’ with it — they know its their most effective possible pr campaign strategy

  18. Youri Carma says:


    TnX! much apreciated makes me feel at home.

  19. Youri Carma says:

    Disappointing economic data signal bumpy recovery

  20. Supergeek says:

    wish you hadn’t reminded me…when you grow up if you are unlucky…you get to…’stab the pig with the horny knife’ groan…I’m really sorry y’all…d3do started it!

  21. gonzomarx says:

    Big business and security – In its haste to cash-in on the security boom, the EU has outsourced its research agenda
    “It has created bodies outside the formal structure of the EU, beyond parliamentary scrutiny and democratic control. The result is a public research programme designed by lobbyists, for lobbyists, with corporations invited to shape the objectives and annual priorities, and then apply for the money on offer.”

  22. Youri Carma says:

    The Deflation Times on Scribd

  23. Youri Carma says:

    Looking Ahead

  24. Youri Carma says:

    Peter Schiff: U.S. Rally Is Doomed, Gold Will Hit $5000

  25. Supergeek says:

    yeah…youri we all need time for reflection…sometimes I’ve felt like this site or something in it is can become quite addictive! (in a good way stacy!)

    You keep saying KICK IT, QUIT IT, LAWD but did you evah try,
    “To turn your sick soul INSIDE OUT, so that the world can watch you die”

  26. Youri Carma says:

    Bernanke Is Wrong! The Economy Is Getting Worse, Not Better, Schiff Says

  27. Supergeek says:

    yeah and while I’m on the subject of addiction…I have always thought Bernanke looks like the bigeest coke head…he’s just got that frozen…look like he’s just done a massive, massive line!

  28. gonzomarx says:

    The Lie Machine
    GOP operatives are running a secret campaign to kill health care reform, and it’s based on Karl Rove’s old playbook

  29. Youri Carma says:

    Moody’s hit by short selling: Investors have lifted short positions in Moody’s

  30. Mongo says:

    The car sales for september will be presented on thursday.. well well… question is… WILLITBLEND!

  31. Mongo says:

    Maybe old news but Iran is replacing USD with Euros in the country’s foreign exchange accounts…

    Wow.. so predictable that US threatens Iran now

  32. Ptah says:


    Its true… you can copy/paste the same rhetoric from the build up to the iraq war.

    We are all supposed to have forgotten about the wmd lies due to the trauma of this controlled demolition of the world economies and just accept the same bull as if we had never heard anything like it before.

  33. gonzomarx says:

    The Supreme Court may gut laws that were intended to keep corporations from dominating elections with their cash

  34. sklein says:

    Study prompts provinces to rethink flu plan

    Report suggests people who get vaccinated are more likely to catch H1N1

  35. Ah.Nix says:

    @Stacy that’s only one part of the horror about no having health coverage in the US.
    Dental cavities and infections are huge in children, and this is in areas of the US that has been fluoridated for decades with that toxic shit.
    There are more people in the US with no health care than the total population of Canada.

  36. Phil says:

    Another example of WS crap.

    This stock went from 1 Cent to 845 Cents in ca. 40 trading days

    Vermillion, Inc. (VRMLQ.PK)

    25-Sep-09 8.49 9.90 7.50 8.45 727,000 8.45
    31-Jul-09 0.01 0.02 0.01 0.02 81,900 0.02

    Just imagine how many people were scared out of the stock when it was trading at 50$ five years ago, or 10$ 1 year ago ( Ignoring the Stock Split and BK for a moment ).

    And people expect us to take all this seriously ?

  37. alister says:

    it’s ironic

    if you watch this just to listen to the music and then play a game titled ‘fall out 3’ the background music in both contexts is quite similar — rings with maxs old reagan movies theory but in music from the 30s i would say…

    Irwin Schiff – 2001 speech over 9/11 and the economy. Part 1/6

  38. Youri Carma says:

    Obama: We Need To Bail Out Newspapers Or Blogs Will Run The World

  39. Mongo says:

    @YouriCarma, that shit makes me wanna puke. Blogs add competition. The propostrous exclamation that democracy is threatened by blogs is proof of how stupid the US government is (or evil, you choose).

  40. frances snoot says:

    Latest Web/Bot addition: good info regarding resistance.

  41. gonzomarx says:

    Europeans! Last chance to save Net Neutrality in the EU, call your MEP!

  42. Coby says:

    @Youri Carma & Mongo – While Obama talks about bailing out media outlets Goldman Sachs is quietly buying media companies. Daily Kos published an article it about a few days ago

  43. frances snoot says:

    Goldman Sachs is working on behalf of rich elite. Who are they? Those are the people who are ‘buying’ the media, not Goldman Sachs puppets.

  44. Youri Carma says:

    Is CNBC For Sale?

  45. Dedo says:

    @Frances,…Interesting analysis ,…Ref: web bot link, Cliff High,….now that’s gotta be a pseudonym!

  46. Mike King says:

    Yes….. Let me tell you all about the article about the G20 meeting…….


    The entire article is complete misdirection. The only sentence with truth is this one……

    To help ensure that happens, G-20 countries agreed to give the 186-member International Monetary Fund a role assessing their efforts.

    The primary purpose of this G20 meeting was to con the rest of the “G – force” into giving the IMF more power. You must understand the IMF is the “muscle” organization of the conglomerate controlling the money supply and they are in quest of its role becoming the new global “IRS”. They are accomplishing this in stellar fashion. Establishing this position of global power will in turn greatly accellerate their goal of establishing a new global currency and controlling it.


    To establish a singular world currency through deliberate collapse and crisis. It is a one shot deal for the most powerful entity on the planet and they will let ABSOLUTELY NOTHING STAND IN THEIR WAY or allow failure from chance.
    Everything has been put into place years ago to prevent failure.
    Enough said…. research, you will find all the evidence you need to come to these undeniable facts.

  47. frances snoot says:

    Looks like the End the Fed movement was not ‘grassroots’ after all:

    ps. Substitute IMF for US Treasury in the article. Treasury has been defacto IMF for years.

  48. frances snoot says:

    We are already seeing the Mommy brigade resisters here due to draconian centralized Obama school regulations. Soccer Moms could probably take on an elite Marine unit.

    My money would be on Carmen in the blue SUV.

  49. Dedo says:

    @Mike,..I think we “get it” now,…no need to shout, I ‘ve got a headache,…: /

  50. WL says:

    Another ZH gold article The Smoking Gun

    “Zero Hedge presents the smoking gun that may provide responses to all the various open questions, courtesy of a declassified memorandum, written by none other than the then Fed Chairman, addressed to the president of the United States.”

  51. Mike King says:

    Auditing the Federal Reserve is ABSOLUTELY USELESS for one importan reason.
    They WANT

  52. Mike King says:

    Want the Federal Reserve to fail ! They want everyone to point to the federal reserve as incompetent and a primary cause of collapse…..Lie….lie…. lie……. The FR is a front man organization. They want a fall guy. They want a replacement. A global replacement. Unknown to most of the world is the fact that the same people controlling the FR will be the exact same entity to control its replacement.

  53. Mike King says:

    @Dedo……. You, Snoots and Jim all need to go to a chatroom…..far….far….away … so we dont need to read your constant, confused, idiot writting.

  54. stacyherbert says:

    @Mike King – I’m sorry but that’s enough of insulting other users and ordering them off my site. Please, no more.

  55. Phil says:

    @Mike King … ” They want a fall guy. They want a replacement. A global replacement.”

    Yes .. posted this earlier !

    BTW .. there is no reason NOT to make friends here .. we’re not as dumb as you seem to think / e.g. cool it Mike, we like your posts but be a bit kinder to others please.

  56. frances snoot says:

    I’d like to apologize as well if my remarks are rude or off-topic. Or potty-mouthy.

    I was rude to Jim, so heck, I’m sorry, eh?

    And also to extend my GRATITUDE to Mike who has directed me into a realm of literary majesty before unbeknown: CAPricious and COY, the CAP now remains my CAPTIVATION and will follow me as a small lap dog to hop onto my keyboard and CAPTURE the literary moment. So thanks, Mike King. Knowing you detest my writing makes it all worthwhile.

  57. Dedo says:

    Don’t get on at MIKEY,….he’s a sensitive guy,…..
    @Mike,…calm down buddy,…..or the ENTITY will get ya,.lol,…hahaha
    P.S: I do appreciate your posts,..most informative,..and by the by,…if you were to really “listen”(read) to our chats, posts etc,….you to, might learn a few more perspectives.
    There are many ways to live a life,…

  58. Mep says:

    @ Mongo re: “right-wing conspiracy”– don’t ask me how, but I wound up the other day on a Cuban site reading the reflections of Fidel Castro, and was surprised at how close he pays attention to what’s going on in the US. In one article, he hinted at the “right-wing conspiracy,” and I thought it was interesting to hear part of Castro’s view on it:

    @ Stacy – re: the intent of Larry Summers to have the US rely less on borrowing from creditors for our consumption… sounds to me like a good idea. One thing that I keep wondering, though, is how these morons expect anyone to resume consumption when the people in charge appear to be content with allowing the real economy to disintegrate.

  59. Mike King says:

    @Stacy Herbert…….. Yea…..ok…… that is just PERFECT stacy. Another perfect example of democracy at work.

  60. Mike King says:

    @Phil….no problem Phil…. I will leave you to enjoy Jim, Snoots and Dedo’s Excellent writting…. enjoy.

  61. Mike King says:

    @All…… has anyone here called the Pittsburg police department directly and asked the officer on the other end of the line “What the hell is going on there”?

    Just curious………. I have……… 5 times over 3 days.
    What the world needs is a lot of hostile pissed off citizens…..regardless of nationality.
    Call them ! Regardless your residence.
    So what kind of bullshit response am I going to get for posting this?

  62. Supergeek says:

    @mike and @jim
    I enjoy reading your posts…and as I said before…I love a good put down and I like a good argument…but i’d hate to see anybody bullied off the site…so as always…Y’ALL express yourselves…piss people off once in a while…but please stay with us.

  63. Mike King says:

    @dedo……good…. very good….. very typical of a women. Keep up the good pertinent writting……oh …. and kiss my ass also……sorry almost forgot to insult you.

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