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“They can make me do anything, Ben, can’t they? Anything.”

Stacy Summary: The article I posted earlier in the comments from Newsmax has now been removed from their site.  [MediaMatters has it here, thanks @Youri]

Coup headlines

The article was written by John L. Perry, who served on the White House staffs of LBJ and Carter.  Perry called for a ‘bloodless’ coup in the US.  It would be ‘non-violent’ he said because the US is not a banana republic.  And he claims to have inside knowledge that this is what certain military people are presently thinking.

Military intervention is what Obama’s exponentially accelerating agenda for “fundamental change” toward a Marxist state is inviting upon America. A coup is not an ideal option, but Obama’s radical ideal is not acceptable or reversible.

Of course, the reality is that Obama has not actually changed much policy from what Bush had introduced, including a doubling of the deficit, handing trillions to bankers with zero regulation and promise, in fact, of further ‘de-regulation’, an expansion of military adventures and of the police state, etc.  The only issue that is slightly different is how they market their hand outs to health insurance companies guised as health care ‘reform.’  Obama has his $1 trillion over ten years for mandatory insurance, Bush had his ‘Medicare’ reform with a price tag at least twice that.

So, if Obama is so like Bush, then why the hysteria now?

I think the increasing number of shrill and panicked charges and wild conspiracies about an ‘illegitimate’ president and now (deleted) op-eds for coup is looking more and more like a page out of the neo-con / Military Industrial Complex handbook.   It’s exactly the process they use against other third world leaders (and let’s face it, the US is now fast on the way to becoming one ).   I often hear shrieks of Obama being surrounded by ‘radical leftists’ and ‘Marxists’ – the very same propaganda codewords used by the military industrial complex when paving the way for popular support in overthrowing Latin American leaders (think Aristide or Zelaya). Clearly, much of the US population is almost Manchurian in responding to such codewords.

And to the shouters in the town hall ‘radical leftist’ probably means one thing, but, in truth, Obama is surrounded by Goldman Sachs bankers.  While Goldman is demonstrably for redistribution of wealth, I hardly think their kind of redistribution qualifies as ‘leftist.’   So while shouters and screechers don’t need evidence just codewords, I have to ask what are the powerful people behind the scenes really thinking?  Of course, the MIC gets only about $1 trillion per year, but was always the favoured industry . . . up until Clinton paved the way for a Goldman take over. Maybe the MIC doesn’t like them getting $1.5 trillion? Who knows?  But I’m sure it has a lot to do with the conversation about to take place tomorrow with Iran.  A few extreme shrills want war and know that time and conversation will allow for evidence and reason to trump emotion and hysteria.

The shouters and screechers would probably welcome a coup (just as in Honduras where a large percentage of the population is for the Micheletti coup) and perhaps think the military will be on the side of their 50% and will only bash and incarcerate the other 50% of the population.

This is what happens when you no longer have a republic, but only a mere democracy.

They can make the population support anything.  Anything.

[1064] The Truth About Markets – 30 September 2009

Stacy Summary: TAM for RDU 98.5 Christchurch

For more download and listening options, visit Archive dot org

Two island nations, one yen carry trade collapse

Stacy Summary:   Both sides of this carry trade gamble have gone bust. Interesting to see how the population itself is responding differently with each.

The crisis engulfing the world’s second economy is remarkale.  Profits fell 53pc in the second quarter. Total cash earnings have dropped 7.1pc this year. Tax revenues have plunged 27pc. While the economy is no longer in recession, GDP has shrunk by 8pc from its peak and exports are down 36pc (in yen).

One of the main factors behind Iceland’s financial implosion – an extreme microcosm for the problems in the rest of the world – is the secrecy, interconnection and conflicts of interest in its public life.  That the major shareholders of the banks also owned much of the non-state media undoubtedly helped to perpetuate many myths about Iceland’s economic strength.

[Video] Max Keiser on the Roman Polanski story

Stacy Summary: Here are clips from tonight’s France24 with Max Keiser as the founder of HSX and Pirate Myfilm.  Their live stream cuts out every 10-12 minutes so it cuts out a few times. Anyway Max makes some great comments in the second half about the Polanski story as a distraction from the global financial crime wave.

Illinois police station loses 5 cars to the repo man

Stacy Summary: Hat tip to @WL for this story.  I believe I did warn that the high cost of America’s insane wars on everything were going to be impossible to maintain in a Depression in which nearly 20% of the population doesn’t even have a job.  It’s also in this context (as pointed out on France 24) that the Polanski story looks crazy when California is having to release tens of thousands of prisoners they can’t even afford now. 

“God willing, we’re going to protect these people and we’re gonna continue with what we got. We’re used to struggling. We’re used to struggling,” said Sheriff David Barkett with a laugh.

The situation got so bad this month that the bank repossessed five of his seven cruisers. Four of them sit in the bank parking lot now, shorn of their emergency lights, antennas and seals. In addition to losing his cruisers, the sheriff lost three-fourths of his staff, most of them deputies,
to budget cuts. At its peak, the staff had 29 full and part timers. Now there are five.

Glenn Greenwald & Arianna Huffington on Iran [Updated]

Stacy Summary: Okay, your thoughts?

And Ron Paul:

Icelanders plan two week debt repayment strike starting Thursday

Stacy Summary:  I think Michael Hudson’s ideas are trickling down.  Things sound bad right now, but apparently it doesn’t get really bad til next year when full frontal assault by IMF austerity conditions.

Anger among ordinary households has led to plans for a two-week repayment strike starting on Thursday. It has been organised by the Icelandic Home Coalition, a new grassroots movement.

Anger is in large part focused on a belief that ordinary working people, who never sought to take huge financial risks, have been forced to pick up the tab for an elite band of aggressive business tycoons, a few of whom may have been fortunate enough to salt away some of the spoils of their own recklessness before their luck turned.

Navigating moral relevance and doublethink

Stacy Summary:  Noticed a few blog entries about how sometimes right is wrong and wrong is right, and then often good is bad and bad is good and it all just gets so confusing.  (We get mention in first link below!  Woohoo!)

Dollar eclipsed, declining & dead . . . buy now!

Stacy Summary:  So many headlines declaring the dollar ‘dead’ is a classic contrarian indicator.  Be warned and be ready for a fierce dollar rally on this.

“You cannot be dependent upon these countries for three to four trillion dollars of your debt and think that they’re going to be passive observers of whatever you do.”

Hollywood Accounting: buying at multiple of ego, not revenue

Stacy Summary:  Hat tip to @maxkeiser.  Great article with lots of quotes that remind me of my own time working in the mirage business.   The article points out that media conglomerates have marked down $200 billion in value since 2000!   That’s entering subprime territory!!   Enter Pirate MyFilm – @maxkeiser can discuss that more in the comments.

“They convince people that there is something magical and special about managing the creative process,” Mr. Knee said over lunch. “Moguls are fun — they do mogul-y things like big deals and make grand pronouncements, but they are not usually a good thing when you stand back and look from a value perspective.”

Martial law, nuclear stakes and a Tequila with God

Stacy Summary:  Afternoon y’all.   My nearly weekly update on the PMF front.  But first a look at what’s happening on the geopolitical front:  Martial law has been declared in Honduras.  Little outrage over a non signatory to NPT ‘raising nuclear stakes.’    And a smoking gun on Fed gold market manipulation.  Right, with that, here are some highlights from this week’s action on PMF.

Financial balance of terror and unprotected audits

Stacy Summary:  Mornin’ y’all.  Thanks for all the great video links in the Sunday Video Club.  Will definitely have to keep that club going.  So, what’s happening in your neck of the woods?

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