Max Keiser: How the Gulag Casino Economy works

I was a guest of Alex Jones on infowars last week and Alex mentioned my ideas concerning the emergence of ‘casino gulag state’ and a ‘casino gulag economy.’ I wanted to flesh that concept out a bit. Admittedly, some of my forwarding looking finance and economics ideas might look like I am contorting reality a bit, but not if you put yourself in the position of looking out from inside the financial engineering minds of the world’s investment banks and technology innovators. In a fractional reserve managed, fiat currency based global economy ‘money’ is as plastic and amorphous as any medium and can take any form that suits the interests of the powerful at the expense of the just.

The Casino Gulag model works as follows:

First, the huge debts incurred by consumers around the world and most particularly in the US and UK will continue to increase in size. The price of credit (interest rates) will never rise enough to change the behaviour of debt addicts plus, the Federal Government will, vis a vis the ongoing bailouts and restructuring of the public and private markets, transfer tens of trillions of dollars of unfunded pension and Medicare/Medicaid liabilities – that are now hidden from view due to ‘off the books accounting’ – onto the public’s balance sheet by selling these debts to America’s biggest creditors; China, Japan, and the Mid East countries.

America will be surprised to wake up one day and find that each one of them owes these creditors hundreds of thousands of dollars on top of the hundreds of thousans they alrady owe on mortgages, credit cards and cars.  Aiding in this ‘bait and switch’ will be the religious supremacists in America who will push a revisionist message transforming the meaning of the concept of ‘original sin’ to be interpreted as ‘original debt’ meaning that to be born into debt is to be disabused of any doubt of God’s (read: Visa’s) existence.

America already has the biggest and fastest growing prison population in the world and these prisons, like America’s various wars of convenience, are hugely profitable for the private prison operators here and abroad. Why not extend the prison brand and lifestyle beyond rap music and lopsided baseball caps to include all the amenities of the casino industry?

How?  The growing prison population; expanding due to law changes that will criminalize all late payments, will be given cheap online accounts and free gifts of dollars from the government to speculate on online casinos sponsored by the Golden Nugget and Goldman Sachs.

‘Justice’ will be in the hands of the prisoner who will not be collecting their winnings in the form of cash, but in seconds, days, and weeks lopped off their prison sentences. Losses will result in prison term extensions. ‘Justice’ itself will be taken public on NASDAQ; ticker symbol, JSTC.

The return of time for dollars, per this model, will be very profitable for the Golden Nugget-Goldman Sachs axis of prison gulag debt slave underwriters on Wall St.

Additionally, a gulag-casino reality TV show that features debt slaves winning their freedom with winning bets can add to the bottom line. As long as the MSM and gulag-casino operators push the idea that everyone in prison has a ‘fair’ chance of gambling their way out of prison, Americans will never question the underlying premise that the only way this works; the only way this model ‘grows’ the economy is to incarcerate everyone will never be questioned.

135 comments on “Max Keiser: How the Gulag Casino Economy works
  1. frances snoot says:

    By the pricking of my thumbs, something wicked this way comes:

  2. Mike says:

    Another problem with shorting this market you need other traders to short. I think anybody that was partial to shorting has no shorts to shorts after that run up.

  3. Youri Carma says:

    First everybody turned jobless by these shameless banksters now the Gulag can take it’s place. In America it will be Obamas National Security Force in the UK.

    Jobless to work for their benefit

  4. Youri Carma says:

    News on Sergey Aleynikov in the GS High Velocity trading case:

    Goldman must yield info in trade secret case: judge

  5. vagabond says:

    @Brian Dublin, clam down ,you’ re getting all excited and nervous there , we just had some poor soul lose it and destroy their neighbours house with a bobcat , [ wouldn’t want that to happen where you are ? ] though i suppose it’s one way of taking on and demolishing the banking system .,25197,25913414-12377,00.html

  6. james says:

    Come on Max, don’t give them any more ideas.

  7. Mr Supergeek says:

    @yerry berry
    Was it you who posted the ‘tribute to apollo’ link? It is just dawning on me that there may have been something interesting in that press conference by the astronauts…..why didn’t you just say the interesting bit was about 57 mins in, it was slow I fell asleep after about….45 I’m realising it was ‘that’ clip that I had been reading about for years..tribute to the moon landings..huh..Youri….Kiss my asstronaut!

  8. jon in montana says:

    as more and more people loose jobs and homes and live on the streets its gonna get interesting.

    Well at least the super rich banksters are doing really well with their insider goverment bailouts.

  9. Youri Carma says:

    OF THE NOBEL PRIZE IN ECONOMICS JOE STIGLITZ: IMF same exact four-step program.

    IMF same exact four-step program.
    1 Privatization ‘Briberization.’
    2 IMF/World Bank capital market deregulation allows investment capital to flow in and out the “Hot Money” cycle.
    3 Market-Based Pricing, a fancy term for raising prices on food, water and cooking gas
    4 IMF and World Bank call their “poverty reduction strategy”: Free Trade- “The IMF riot.”

  10. Coby says:

    I also get the impression that the IMF is lurking in the background somewhere doing the exact same thing that is happening in the current banking system but on a larger scale.

  11. Youri Carma says:

    We Now Have A Total Gangster Government

  12. Mr Supergeek says:

    As always Max don’t go changing…Listen Y’All I really like Max the way he is but c’mon…hands up..did anybody other than Max think he was gonna get invited on Bill Maher…(sorry IMHO max!)Look I quickly came to terms with glen beck and his awesome ‘GS’performance because even when you don’t agree with or like someone you have admit when they good at what they do…which also reminds me I was listening to ‘LBC’…boring old talk radio the other night and usually they never discuss things like uk’s involvement ‘tortue’ hey but not anymore….so I listened then the next show came on and they talked about…being able to tell what you have typed on your computer by monitoring your power supply with the right equipment..and this was on the same day I sat at a bus stop and listened to a junkie and a wino discussing the ‘real criminalsi n the city’ NWO and how the royal family are germans….It’s kinda like I heard someone say last year “economics is the new football”…..I’ve just turned on resonance radio…and it’s just hours of birdsong…tweet tweet…yeah I kid you not…gonna flick back to MSM…’theres something happenig here, what it is aint exactly clear’….etc etc.

  13. Coby says:

    @Youri Carma…Great article on the IMF. Taking a deeper look into what is happening in the banking system it becomes apparent that there is a hidden power shift from US and European dominance to world dominance. The rules and goals of the elites are not changing. There will still be secrecy in the system and money made from dept.

  14. m says:

    ‘caligula capitalism’ is my favorite
    along with orgy of bankers
    max&stace will never be on charlie rose
    the world does not wait for apologists
    their angst-ridden (to some non-sequiter) rants are a blessin’ in drag, they’re bringing the rocky horror picture show to the bloomberg generation, this is a good thing
    it may be offensive to those now in the know of what they have to lose, but to most, it merely sums up what they know they never had, none the less it raises exposure
    The MSM would still be calling the $12 (60,120?) trill exposure to the taxed a conspiracy theory if it weren’t for ‘The truth About Markets’. Competition does have it’s perks for the gene pool, no matter it’s filth!


  15. alister says:


    you’re quite the researcher!

  16. PaxAmerican says:


    The only thing, though, is that this society is coming down. The casinos are going to have to take dried squirrel meat, as the coming mess may make the fall of the USSR look mild.

  17. Phil says:

    @Youri … ” IMF & WB ”

    BIG Thanks…
    … I hadn’t seen that article before ( re: Guardian in April )

    It basically confirms most of the things mentioned in , for example : “Jekyll Island” and “Confessions of an Economic Hit Man” .
    … and that most of our “top” politicians are just (corrupt) puppets in their hands.

  18. Phil says:

    @Max .. Next Bubble : “Bingo Sales on the Internet”

    Max .. right again !
    Hats off !

  19. Mr Supergeek says:

    Can you please not just post links by themselves… try to leave a brief discription with them…otherwise stacy gets annoyed…cheers.

  20. Mike2liverpool says:

    Morning Gang!
    Watch the £, am told its could head lower today.

  21. Phil says:

    DENNINGER – RANTING bigtime this morning :


  22. Mr Supergeek says:

    ‘Keep waiting for people to “wake up” while you yourselves are asleep. Keep financing your enemies. Keep complaining, predicting, and arguing about said predictions, the status of events and alternate “visions” After all, there is no need to do anything in the real world to effect change in it. Pixels can do it all’

    Wow…you really hit the nail on the head… they say “spit don’t make babies”I don’t think spending too much time sitting over a keyboard getting ‘angry’ is even comparable to being a wanker, it’s more like having a wet dream…and not even a good one..more like one where you wake up before the wetness…but then again we do need somewhere to formulate a plan or exchange info….trouble is some people become so confused with all the information out there they become unable to act..for fear of making the wrong decision…so when people like Max.. come up with constructive ideas like karmabanque…people are still apathetic….so as always…mucho respect to Max and Stacy….for this space all the real work they are doing…and coz they keep on, keeping on… they are also very patient with us lot….so to Max and Stacy…Daniel.S..(Mep if she’s reading)…and everyone else enjoy your holidays and come back recharged if you can….coz the fun has just begun.

  23. Seb says:

    Max, check out this article on how to perpetrate this type of financial scam on the people.
    “The Royal Scam”

  24. dear max. thank you for using your voice of reason in these perilous times.

  25. Iran says:

    and what a great choice we have here, in Iran:
    A gulag with a casino or a gulag without one.
    hmmm, I can’t decide….
    Just another point regarding a previous post here, we didn’t need “tweeter” or “facebook” in Tehran – I never used them and I am very disappointed by the western “left” analyzes.
    The only one who did get is was Zizek.

  26. dan valley says:

    Just a quick comment on the Alex Jones interview…for what its worth.
    His style of interview is terrible to say the least….I mean just watching him doodle like a high school delinquient during history while max is laying it all out there……and just as max or any of his guests are coming to the crucial point of it jones blurts out some sensationalism like Fema Camps!!! or Nazi!!! and it usually has nothing to do with what has been said prior….it like he has tourettes …serious,I expect him to start clucking like a chicken coupled with a spaztic head jerk soon

  27. Chris says:

    In the gulag casino,Max has envisioned such an increase in debts that children will be in debt at birth. Perhaps we’ll also see cases like this one in which a childless man was imprisoned for not paying $10,000+ in child support payments!

  28. Dedo says:

    @dan valley,……lol, I agree, the man’s a liability and as for his fans,……(birds of a feather flock togeather) cluck cluck!

  29. DKM says:

    Withering commentary and hilarious at the same time. Don’t stop Max. You have no match.

  30. PaxAmerican says:

    Dan and Dedo,

    Part of what makes Max worth listening to is that he’s over-the-top, and this is similar to Jones. After all, the financial terrorists aren’t planning to stop with just a few trillion stolen, are they? Won’t they need a way of keeping the masses down when they realize their future is a gulag casino?

    In any case, Max clearly avoids the other stuff, such as eugenics or war as a scam, so you don’t have to listen to those who you feel are crazy.

  31. RT Carpenter says:

    I recently discovered your existence. Thanks for taking on the triple-dipping Goldman Sachs. These guys have accomplished in a few months the same take as Bernie Madoff did over many years. But this smells like a RICO conspiracy, with Paulson on thin cover at Treasury. Who has the authority and balls to bring the indictments? We have found the true “Axis of Evil” and it is Wall Street/Treasury/Fed. The NYT ran a front page report on this scam Aug 9th. Unfortunately, the bastards bankrupting our beloved America have the cover of these idiotic “townhall meetings”. Please, please don’t let this die. I grew up a boy scout and served twice in Viet Nam–so my patriotic blood is boiling over this gigantic swindle!

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