[Video] Max Keiser takes offense to Goldman Sachs oligarchy

Stacy Summary:  Okay, perhaps the title of this entry is too understated?  Perhaps you have your own suggestions for what I should title it?

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140 comments on “[Video] Max Keiser takes offense to Goldman Sachs oligarchy
  1. pg says:

    wow, great show! pg

  2. Tarus says:

    Max I know we’re Alpha-males here and all…but sh*t man, I love ya! You’re so damn funny! There is no one like you & you say the things that need to be said. You get a chance, come to Miami. I’ll buy the drinks on my quickly diminishing income! Cheers!

  3. Randy Smith says:

    What about useing Hemp, The tree of life. Food ,clouthing, rope canvas, and paper for printing the Bible and money. Hemp was america #1 cash crop untill the FED RESVERE took control and outlawed HEMP.

  4. Hugo says:

    Excellent job Max, even plugged WTC #7 demolition!
    This other economist is a shill for the NWO!

  5. Daniel S says:

    At 1:05 mice are Rising Up on the TV behind Max. True story!

  6. James of Seattle says:

    Fantastic, Mr. K. — Right on everything as usual, with that French finance prof wrong on just about every point. I think that old economist, Triffin, was correct about gold being a problem as the underlying foundation of a currency, local or global, and suspect Keynes idea about a basket of underlying resources or commodities appears more logical.

    The only close point between the giant Keiser and that prof: the ties, he had a great tie, but I give yours the edge, Mr. K.

    As usua, Max Keiser….ON THE EDGE!

  7. Tom says:

    The takeaway from this discussion is the dollar is done as the world reserve currency. The French professor represents the changing world tone. Very soon the dollar will be replaced. A fiat money basket is an interim solution. The ultimate winner will be gold. Max will get his wish in a roundabout way. Great job, Max. I’m not sure how was for entertainment value but it was a hoot.

  8. Dan Cunninghamc says:

    Every Congressman should have their feet held to the fire in this video clip.

  9. Jeannon Kralj says:

    Thank you, Max Kaiser, for telling like it is. I say bravo to you. So refreshing and honest in our world of nontransparency and nonaccountability.

    Your style is wonderful. Truth has never been so wonderfully entertaining.

    Now, I am going to refer everybody I know to those videos of you with that French academic.

  10. Rob Clay says:

    Max, Max, Max

    You Rock ! Thank you so much for stating the truth. Goldman Sachs is number one at ruining the entire planet. Blatant in your face criminals with a teflon coating. Oh yes, with full Government support,full time.

    Heres to you Mr Keiser ! + 10

  11. ilove_cristinakirchner says:

    Uh. I think you confused Obama with Osama when you were saying something like, “The Goldman Sachs financial terrorists have killed more people than Obama.” I knew what you meant but some of the Obama hater types in the ytube-o-sphere might have missed it.

  12. Joe says:

    I love Max Keiser and his style of reporting, he does not stick to the mundane type of media language. The guy talks street language that the ordinary man can understand and relate to. I can listen to him talk all day instead of those silly talking excuses we have as main stream media talking heads. I do not listen to none of them anymore. I listen to Max Keiser, Gerald Celente, Peter Schiff. etc.

  13. Michael says:

    Max, It’s great to hear the truth in the media, because its rare! Goldman Sachs are scum and criminals, but it seems the whole world is going this way. The white house is full of criminals. The whole thing will collapse within 6 months as you said. And tower 7 went down with no cause, yeah they bought that hook ,line ,and sinker, Americans are afraid to speak up and their lack of voice will be there downfall. I would love to see it different but it needs to collapse and then we may stand a chance to rebuild a sustainable future

  14. yt cai says:


    Max Keiser Kicks Sachs in the Keister
    (TARP money falls out)

  15. christopher garrett grimes says:


  16. Tim says:


    Great to hear someone actually speaking the truth.

    Well done Mr Keiser.

  17. You tell ’em Max!! I love your passion – thank you for being so brave and so articulate and not standing down like everybody else………

  18. John Day says:

    More excellent work, Max. I think the fact that you present things in a shrill fashion lets those who will, discount what you say, but it is the pass to allow you to say it at all.
    WTC #7 ,indeed. I’m amazed at how intelligent people will refuse to admit what they see with their own eyes, because I can’t tell them what happened to the people on the planes. Otherwise logical and intelligent people…

  19. ZP says:

    I once had an english composition instructor who wrote an inspired piece called “Behind Barbie’s Skirts” It was a Dorian Gray narrative which told the story about how Mattel’s hedonistic work culture consumed the souls of office workers through long hours on the job supported by drug use so Barbie could keep her youthful appearance through the ages and Mattel could maintain their bottom line.

    The banksters, like Dorian Gray, have sold their souls in pursuit of a new financial hedonism; privatized profits with socialized loses. The banksters pleasure their senses and bottom lines through their debauched financial activities while our own financial picture fades into oblivion.

  20. ew keane says:

    I elect Max Keiser as Special Prosecuter of financial crimes.

    Not even the tout for the globalists could touch his inditement.

  21. Mark says:

    Financial Terrorism is right, Max.

    The country is being dismantled by the same crooks that want global governance! … As in the Roth child’s Bank of International Settlements

  22. Michiel says:

    I hope the messenger wont get shot in this case, and this message comes across to the general public.

    Cheers from the Netherlands!

  23. Mike Porter says:

    I’m shocked at what you say Max…”scum”? “robbers”?.

    Shocked because if you were here in the UK and told it like it is (and it IS like this), you’d go to jail.

    What the hell has happened to free speech here?

    Stay alive Max….it’s not just the USA that needs you.

  24. Stevo says:

    Ha Ha .. Great work Max.. who would have thought Economics could be so interesting:) Its more Economic Punk Rock really.. Max reminds me of Jello Biafra delivering his spoken word.. Stay angry Max!!!!!

  25. GingerGirl says:

    Just discovered Max. Who would have guessed the exposure of BLATENT high finance CRIMINAL ACTIVITIES which are cold-bloodedly impoverishing ALL OF US could be so dang entertaining. Max, where have you been all my life?????

  26. karaool says:

    Why all the plaudits for Max? Seems he’s just a tool for those who are trying to foist a world currency on us, and GS and its stooges are willingly playing the role of convenient scapegoats–those bonuses are simply their reward for doing so. Say goodbye to the America that, perhaps, never was, and say hello to the NWO and it’s “global” economy. You Max-fans need to realize that nothing of the magnitude of the global collapse of the world economy happens by accident–“We all got carried away by the euphoria of making billions out for nothing in our financial shell games and Ponzi schemes”–it was all intentionally and carefully engineered, folks. Max and his antics seem self-righteously pathetic in the light of the harsh reality of the loss of national hegemony and self-determination and the dawning of the new world order and gov’t.

  27. barney fife says:

    New Title for post…..”GOLDMAN SACHS IS SCUM!”..Max Keisman

  28. Dave Iles says:

    The reason that Goldman has been allowed to continue is because, they have controlling interest in the Fed.

    Both the Rockefellers and Rothschilds have major ownership of Goldman.

    What we are seeing is a hostile take-over of the planet by the top global elite to create a world government collectivist control-grid or global plantation. A plantation where we are the slaves and they rule with total control of false-front nation states governments.

    Their goal is to completely destroy the USA and reduce it to 3rd or 4th world status. Read David Rockefellers’ ,Agenda 21 program or “Project 2000”.

    The absolute burning desire of the ruling elite is to kill-off 85-90% of the world’s population and reserve a small “slave-race”, that are dumbed-down and mind controlled to serve their every command.

    Obama, is owned by these elite just as Bush, Clinton and all the traitors at the highest levels of government and the Pentagon controlled media and Hollywood.

    The only hope we have of saving our nation is by speaking-out and educating everyone we can find that will listen.

    My personal belief is that we are headed toward a million gun march on Washington D.C., (the district of criminals).

  29. VOIR DIRE says:





  30. S. Barrett says:

    Tick, Tick, Tick

  31. Jason from NY says:

    Is it me, or is the guy across from max a scumbag shill for the banking oligarchs?

    This smiling con man needs to be executed. “world governance”??? And who exactly will be governing.

    The game is up folks. These sociopaths can now display their lies, arrogance, and inability for empathy for everyone to see.

  32. Tammie says:

    Lets take them to court…. and start moving congress!!!

  33. Tammie says:

    Lets take them to court…. and start RE- moving congress!!!

  34. james says:

    great job Max. Thanks for being outspoken on our behalf.

  35. Ethan says:

    Thanks for saying it like it it.

    Max Keiser for President!

  36. Bob says:

    Max, you are the voice of the slave class for this millennium.

    Keep up the great work!

  37. Ralph says:

    Max I trust you know your CV will not be welcome at Goldman Sachs? Of course the shill opposite was covering his basis.

    PS. I love the steccato in your voice when you let them have it.

  38. Pedro A says:

    Seeing you speak so much truth for common sense issues that are ripping the soul out of this country and it seems the people are all alone. The world needs you, we the people need this truth. Thank you for that video, you made me very happy for the day and a fan. Pedro Don’t Stop! every one needs more people like you.

  39. Fabian says:

    does anyone has a a full transcription of this video, I want to upload it on my youtube channel with spanish subtitles and I want to be sure it’s a 100% accurate.

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