[OTE9] On the Edge with Max Keiser – 10 July 2009 – [UPDATED]


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  1. stacyherbert says:

    @Youri – um, that is scary!

  2. bill wadell says:

    Funny you mention Alex. I had learned of alex long before he was linking up with Max. Also, prior to seeing his site for the first time I had already researched the truth. Alex is very much on track and i agree with his anger. The entire population of the world should be angry. These people controlling the money supply are blantant mafia criminals needing to be executed by all societies of the world.

  3. jon in montana says:

    as max keeps saying. The foxes own the henhouse. Were in a world or hurt folks. I don’t understand the greed involved. These wallstreeters are allready super rich. Yet they have to get every cent more they can get.

    I believe its more to make the masses poor than for the rich to get richer. Hard to get richer than they already are. Thanks max and stacy. Great stuff as usaul.

  4. @jon in montana

    I agree with you. The world is in for a lot of hurt. Having said that, the world has been hurting for a very long time. The big difference now is the capitalists are now subjecting the ‘first world’ to the same economic brutality that the rest of the world has endured since the end of WW2.

    I used to think the problem was greed, but I think it goes much deeper than that. It is the fact that capitalism is fundamentally flawed that rewards antisocial (and anti-socialist) behaviour. Big fish eat the little ones, and ultimately you are left with monopoly state capitalism. Ironically the USSR was not socialist, but rather state capitalist, hence why if you scrape away the facade of ideology you will find that the USA at present is not far removed from the former USSR or present day Russia.

    Anyhow, what I am getting at is: the problem is the system. The system is based on greed and exploitation for day one. Change is not going to happen because one of the Rothschilds develops a social conscience. The rules of the game need to be changed from the core at the grass roots level.

  5. Don says:

    @Freudian and Joe in Montana

    All this insanity has been going on a lot longer than WW2 consider all the colonialism of the planet. First Britain and others colonized with invading as a “friend”, then by force to maintain their grip and ensure that the theft for the monarchies would continue. Then the US began its colonization of the minds of the world’s masses through television, movies and commercial adds.

    I remember some years ago while traveling in South America. i was in Venezuela walking through the market to see all the latest “knock off” goods and watched a guy wearing knock off Levi’s, a knock off Polo shirt trying to hold his pack of Marlboro cigarettes in one hand while smoking and making drinking a Coca Cola in the other hand. Oh yeah! he was also wear some knock off Ray Ban sun glasses. The point he was trying to make was the he was cool, or more alive, or more human because he had all these symbols and logos that he saw the rich and famous wearing on the t.v.

    This same “phenomena” has wreaked havoc on cultures all across the planet. I use to jokingly call it “Planet America” as each losses more and more of it’s identity, so too goes the knowledge of thousands of years of that cultures evolution to adapt to it’s environment. Early anthropologist observed this behavior while studying remote tribes and it raised a serious question for anthropologist. “Do you give to the natives any outside goods what so ever, or not?” Unfortunately, the anthropologist became the “front man” for the global elite, later to be used to inundate the locals into accepting the big rigs and bulldozers that were in route to destroy their paradise.

    Believing that they would have high paying jobs that would allow them to partake of the “white man’s” treasures too, many indigenous stood by and even helped the destruction of their cultures. Like a deer in the head lights of a high speed train. Never knew what hit them.


  6. Tony says:

    I always enjoy visiting Canadian cities and think it is a wonderful place. However, I do notice a lot of negative comments about the organized crime presence in Canada in the Toronto Star.

    Back on topic, I really enjoy listening to Webster Tarpey’s weekly show which you can find here.

    I would love to see Max, Catherine Fitts, and Tarpley together for one show.

  7. bernie says:

    Just saw your 3 part jul .10, 2009 videos…..

    May I suggest you advocate a 3% sales tax on
    every buy & sell that occurs on the stock market?????

    Immediately goldman sachs would stop their manupilation???


  8. Phil says:

    @bernie … good idea, except I’m sure GS would find a another “Congress concession” to get ’round it !

    jberni1 ? .. by any chance ?

  9. NicAbbo77 says:

    @ youri carma ….. CO2 Hoax

    I was studing the effects of CO2 when doing reading Biology nearly 30 years ago – long before CO2 became a polictical subject. What “CO2 Hoax”? The effects of increased CO2 on the atmosphere and global temperatures is devastating. It studied it myself, but I’ll never convinve you, as you want cheap oil. Well Oil has peaked, so I’m having the last laugh.

    I fear the bandwagon that is rapidly gaining pace of the “no such thing as greenhouse effect” brigade. It so bleedin’ obvious that this “anti-global warming” BS comes from the fossil fuel industry, whilst they put up a front of being “green”.

    It’s so convenient for everyone to just say – “oh it’s BS, there is no such thing, I’ll carrying on driving my 4×4”. Of course everyone is getting on the bandwagon.

    We should all be living in highly insulated homes with solar panels and sticking up our middle fingers to the fossile fuel pushers. But no, addiction to oil is far easier.

    It’ll all end in tears for humanity – nature always wins in the long run.

  10. gkbas says:

    ‘What “CO2 Hoax”? The effects of increased CO2 on the atmosphere and global temperatures is devastating. It studied it myself, but I’ll never convinve you, as you want cheap oil. Well Oil has peaked, so I’m having the last laugh.’

    Anthropological global warming is over-politicized. No conclusive proof of anthropological global warming is there, since computer models are just not sufficient. Science authoritarianism is a religion. (check out the BBC series Heretics). Cosmic rays create clouds, valid theory based on real physics and lack of solar activity, not accounted for by current models of ‘mainstream’ climate change. Lack of solar activity lately ( low sun spots and low Not solar wind vs cosmic rays), and now we have mild summers.

    Mainstream science is funded by those with the most money.
    Peak oil is another issue, but regardless of anthropoligcal global warming or not, we need to stop being wasteful. I just hate brainwashing.

  11. Veritas says:

    Just a comment, in some small towns you see “market peonage” in the housing.

    Landlords know very well how much the town’s wage slaves are making e.g. $8 an hour, so the landlords conspire to raise rents to just what the wage slaves can pay after housing and food.

    It’s not just Goldman Sachs.