[Video] The Truth about Twitter

Stacy Summary: This is the Truth About Markets show you may have already listened to this past weekend. Someone else posted to Youtube with a clever title and a nice picture of a Paris cafe. Anyway, thought it would be worth posting in order to continue the conversation here.

(The remaining four parts are found in the related video sidebar if you feel like watching while listening).

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  1. anything but green says:

    Speaking of Beirut and similar escapades, here’s some essential viewing:


    When asked what she thought the object of all the shenanigans was, Kay replied that she felt “they” were trying to destroy America. Spot on!

  2. Youri Carma says:

    U.S. (Oil) policies (Kissinger) may have contributed to Iran revolution of ’79, study says – L.A.Times http://tinyurl.com/a8cnvs

  3. Veritas says:

    I called in to an NPR talk show about Bernie Madoff’s sentencing, after hearing so much that sounded familiar to me having been following the bailout situation… Victims who didn’t see it coming, the scammer’s stellar reputation and nice guy personality, his shocking betrayals, the careful manipulation of the regulators, the huge losses.

    So I pointed out the similarity between Bernie’s thievery/scamming to the $12-15 trillion in bailouts. I also mentioned Bloomberg’s FOIA request to learn what happened to $2 trillion the Fed gave to unknown parties, which was denied by the Fed. And like a good mainstream media robot, the host quickly shuffled me off the air and out of the attention of the public.

    A show about scams that didn’t mention the 1000-times larger scam was thus in itself a scam.

  4. Carpathia says:

    @Stacy – I have a book called ‘the land question’ and I recommend that you and everyone else read it. I cannot find a reference to the book on the Internet though books with similar titles pop-up. It’s a very well researched overview of how society has developed due to land (with particular focus on Europe) over the last thousand years. Serfdom and freedom and banking are covered and basically it paints a picture of how the crown keeps reinventing the system to maintain control. It can also be noted how serfdom and freedom is cyclical. I’ll see if I can get it scanned and posted.

  5. frances snoot says:

    Why is twitter an issue? The end result is that the media is harvesting the “fruit flies” productivity to enhance elite interests. Same game as usual.

    Max sounds very parochial. The hunter-gatherers are dispersing from industrial centers and using whatever tools they can to chisel bits of meat from the mastodon. Good. Let them eat meat while they may. The financial system is broken.

  6. Youri Carma says:

    There’s a lot of talk about Twitter recently probably not by internet savvies such as myself. Lot of people from mainstream media still don’t understand how wonderfull it is to swear, insult everybody on your first days on the internet chatting cause that’s how it went. You gotta Nick so from that day on you could decide who you are on the internet. Using your real name could be very dangerous except we clearly understood from the beginning except if you are in the Media business yourself than you get payed to use your own name, diffirent story.

    Twitter is nothing more than a tool to spin a lot of bogus around but also can be used as a very learningfull and usefull info tool.

    But don’t forget that the rules on Internet are very harsh, what today seems to be very hyp and progressive later can fade a way as quickly. It’s a constant renewing proces otherwise you lose. People who are in the business are often very motivated fellows cause they know they can be a top star only till the next to begin all over again.

    Salut all the Tweakerz, Crackers and all those who have helped me to be where I am today. Whitout Crackers Delight I would never have made it this far.

  7. Youri Carma says:

    Here an example of what I predicted the mainstream media would gonna do namely inventing shoots cause there aren’t any! How do you Invent shoots yourself? Example: Economy better than we expected and we expected the worst of the worst.

    Or if the freefall gets a promile point less steep into the canyon they are the first to wave their flags around, for notin.

    Home-Price Declines in 20 U.S. Cities Eased in April (Bloomberg) http://tinyurl.com/nhoeq6

    Pace of home price declines slows in April (Reuters) http://tinyurl.com/nfdofk

  8. smallz says:

    0:15 “Peter Pan hit the fan. Peter Pan hit the fan Stacy. Poor peter pan he never got to be a man. No, he never got to be a man peter pan he hit the fan. He never served in Afganistan. He should’ve stuck with his original shade of Tan. That’s what I say about Peter Pan. Then mabey peter pan wouldn’t have hit the fan if he would’ve kept his original Tan.” – Max & Stacy


    HIstory tells us that Napolean and the French DEFACED the Great Sphinx upon arrival to Africa due to it’s “African features”

    Recent history tells us that The African himself now has no problem DEFACING himself due to his “African features”.

    The mind control is deep in America.

  9. Mike says:


    who knows where this will lead-

    On twitter, Heidi Montag and Spencer Pratt are encouraging people to follow Alex Jones’ Infowars.com and Prison Planet web sites.
    on her twitter, Miley Cyrus Asks Heidi Montag “What Is Infowars?”
    Spencer Pratt tweets RED ALERT: The Total Takeover Of America Enters Its Final Phase http://ur1.ca/6h09

  10. stacyherbert says:

    @Mike – oohhh dear . . . um, who are Heidi Montag and Spencer Pratt? I’ll go google it. I’m out of certain parts of the US popculture loop I guess!

  11. Carpathia says:

    @Stacy – Yes, that’s the one. I found it in my library. I’ll have it scanned. It really shouldn’t say ‘since 1650′ as it makes reference to times of 1000-1200. My copy of the book isn’t titled like that.

  12. Neo-Fuedal Casino Gulag Plantation Economy Minion says:

    A system predicated upon fraud isn’t sustainable. A clearing and settlement system that facilitates counterfeiting and fraud, and is accountable to nobody, isn’t a clearing and settlement system. A media that only touts the party line isn’t a free press. A private cartel of banks, writing trillions of dollars of taxpayer-funded checks while refusing to tell anyone who is receiving the loot isn’t a sustainable banking system. A government that allows all the above to become the status quo, and which twists statistics in order to lie to its own citizenry as well as the rest of the world, isn’t a sustainable government

  13. 13blackcats says:

    Stacy: Someone else posted to Youtube with a clever title and a nice picture of a Paris cafe

    Cue Keiser doing the nobody loves me Schiff routine. Bindar Dundat

    Someone else posted to Youtube with a clever title and a nice picture of a Paris cafe. Anyway, thought it would be worth posting

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