[OTE7] On the Edge with Max Keiser – 26 June 2009

Stacy Summary: With guest, Catherine Austin Fitts

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  1. [email protected] says:

    Simply excellent!!!!

  2. Mike/Liverpool says:

    Don’t worry
    If Obama & the Wall st crew get a 2nd term, it looks cool:-

  3. Kaiser Keiser,

    You are like Economic LSD
    opening the mind and packing the info like PKZIP (or Winzip, Winrar, etc.)

    I need to watch this again (for the 3rd time)…
    just so I can catch all the info…

    RE: the NIP-WOP $134Billion Bond Bungle…

    It seems that story has disappeared…
    Last I heard the Japanese perpetrators were released…
    Berlusconi hasn’t taken his CUT of the bonds,
    but if they were fake, then where are the crooks???

    WHAT DA FUCK?!?!?!!
    Is Michael Jackson involved?


  4. Tofu Charlie says:

    Here’s a little promo poster for Truth About Markets…


  5. @Tofu Charlie…

    Nice pics…
    and you’re actually trying to cash-in on that with mugs and T-shirts?

    I like the sarcasm, though…
    I can appreciate that…
    Don’t know if THEY can, but that’ll be determined, no?

  6. Tofu Charlie says:

    @ GB — Really? I just wanted to capture the great dynamic where Max rants and raves and Stacy is the “straight man”. No cups or mugs, but I’ve been thinking about M&S as comic-book characters, like Robert and Aline Crumb in their comics about their life in rural France…

  7. @Tofu Charlie…

    If you’re not capitalizing on the merch,
    then someone else is…
    there was an ad at the side for Mugs and Shirts and Framed Portraits…

    Robert Crumb…
    PERFECT analogy…

    Shit, M&S would make for a good Crumb Comic…
    But is he even still in business?
    After his departure from the States, he seems to have disappeared…

  8. ItalicBold says:

    Excellent, thoroughly enjoyed!

    Thanks Max & Stacy

  9. Frank Hope says:

    That was amazing. Thanks Max and Stacy. You mentioned naked short selling which is also known as phantom shares. I want to let you know about an article I wrote on this subject.

    The Phantoms of the Stock Market

  10. Dale Sarna says:

    Italy bonds makes CNBC


    This story is FULL of holes. I hope no one believes it. Great job Max and Stacey for being on of the first to talk about this.


  11. [email protected] says:

    Dear folks: here’s another WSJ forum for October…Will it be before or after the proposed Bank Holiday???


  12. Bill Stewart says:

    In your previous link, what do the charts in:

    “ZeroHedge: RIP USD market volume”

    mean — and how are you supposed to interpret them?

    As I have had more science and engineering classes than 95% of the North American populous it should be obvious to me what the charts mean — but it is not.

    I don’t see a new internet being imposed any time soon, failures due to Jackson and Ferra croaking on the same day not withstanding — we have IP6 in process of replacing IP4.

    IP6 fixes most of IP4’s problems but somehow they dropped the ‘hop count’ feature in version 1.0 of the protocol, hopefully in 2.0 this will be fixed.

    The US internet may be in bad shape due to too much centralization and lack of widespread caching services for http and other file retrieval protocols.

  13. Tofu Charlie says:

    @ GB — Okay, I’ve tweaked it slightly…


    Crumb is still publishing, finishing off his illustrated Book of Genesis, being released this year.

  14. @Bill Stewart
    (From the article)
    Buyers don’t want to buy on valuations and true perceptions of economic reality, sellers have no reason to sell.

    No one is buying, and no one wants to sell down…
    You’ll see that on the Penny Stocks a lot…
    Unusually high volumes one day, then NOTHING…
    I believe it’s commonly referred to as “liquidity”
    in the case of the USD, no one gives a shit…
    they are looking for the next best thing…
    From the perspective of COMMODITIES this is GOOD…
    when the dollar goes down, Metals and other Commodities (i.e. FOOD-stuff) goes UP…
    this is because the US Dollar is still the reserve currency for commerce (i.e. you can’t buy shit without using yankee bucks)

    @Tofu Charlie
    Good to hear that Crumb is still active…
    I’ll try to track down that work if I have the disposable finances to support such a venture…
    I’m a FREAK BROS. fan myself…
    similar style, different subject… 😉


  15. Mr Supergeek says:

    Yeah I thought it was the best ‘OTE’ show so far…..
    great guest, I think the people who like Max have real experience of working in financial system seem to make the best guests….yeah…good chemistry…both very grounded…
    PS..sorry to be picky but you sequenced the youtube clips in wrong order..1/2/4/3 but still, cheers as always.
    That’s All Y’all
    much appreciated.

  16. klaos says:

    cap n trade passed the house.

    the planets FKD
    its your fault
    its getting worse
    have a nice weekend

  17. Oh Hell,

    Cap’n’Trade passed?

    I guess the great BC Carbon Tax Ponzi is going WORLD WIDE now….

    what a shocker…

    yet at the same time,
    WHO GIVES A FUCK?!?!?!

    There are two possible outcomes,
    (of course I won’t discount all the Grey-area scenarios)
    the Worship of Fiat Currency will die (like it should)
    or we will all become passive slaves to an Oligarchical Fear-based order….

    Kind of like George W Bush, without the profits…

  18. geopol says:

    It’s off point but what the hell.

    The congress tonight passed the cap and trade bill.The American people have consulted with Congress, 535 commoditized temple monkeys pawing through the ruins of America in search of bribes. The bicameral whorehouse on Capitol Hill works like a vending machine. You put coins in the slot, select your law, and the desired legislation slides out. Written for lobbyist by lobbyist with severe contempt for the American IDIOTS.


    For those of you who are single men move abroad, for those that are not, some serious soul searching needs to be done or head for the FEMA camps with your wife and kids

  19. Dan says:

    Max, loan me your brain for day or two please. I want to see the world clearly for a brief span.

    ‘On the Edge” lived up to its namesake once again.

  20. frances snoot says:


    Cristina Romer says Obama Health Plan or Sovereign Default US.

    Sorry to interrupt the wonderful interview. Thought this was interesting, though.

  21. frances snoot says:


    Cap and Trade passed the HOUSE, not the Senate. It is not likely to pass the senate in it’s present form some sources say. (ha ha, I’m pretending I’m Bloomberg)
    here’s a title to vie with Bloomberg’s stranger ones from me’
    Cap and Trade Darts Fail to Meet Mark in Senate

  22. Lyndon LaRouche is a Dotard on REPEAT…


    Mild entertainment for Italian Journalists at best…

    the only thing he has going for him is his FASCIST YOUTH BRIGADE that spouts his rhetoric like Parrots…

    and the 4th Generation Nuclear Reactor propaganda….
    (which I, oddly enough, support)

  23. frances snoot says:

    It was a link that kept you from reading the entire droll document by Ms. Romer, Guiseppe. I agree with you about LaRouche, except once in a while I like his invigored passion! Thought his observation about her sovereign default threat was interesting. sorry:(

  24. @Frances Snoot

    I tried Google’ing the “phrase” you sent but found nothing…

    do you have a better link????
    I am interested….

    And yes, I do agree about LaRouche’s passion…
    but I sort of get the same tingling sensation from listening to Octogenarians telling me about WWII or the Chrome-plated 50’s

  25. frances snoot says:

    Here is Cristina Romer at her blusterly betsy best:

    And here is Mr. L riled up with passionate vigor:

    And I’m not agreeing or disagreeing about health care: I don’t mean to be a know-it-all! MotherEarth had some really good points for the other side, as did Stacy. What I worry over daily is sovereign default. I can’t see anyway out, and I wonder if the latest info on the IMF hinting about a dollar devaluation means that the US is in the Iceland pot and the heat is just starting to cook.

  26. frances snoot says:

    I get positively heated up by the octo’s socks: you know, the ones that keep the veins from sticking out. Wonder if Mr. L has some? And the tan generic shoes from catalogs that lace up tight…and…

  27. Danny says:

    Been travelling around Ireland for a week on my holidays, the broadband connection is so bad i wasn’t able to keep up on events. But I’m in Cavan tonight; just in time for OTE. Really enjoyed it but a bit disappointed gold wasn’t discussed. I shouldn’t complain, you two are great. My appreciation has gone beyond a mere electronic ‘thanks’. You both have really altered my thinking and direction of thought, which has rubbed off on my less inquizical friends. We’re planning on heading to see Ireland v France in the six nations (rugby) next february in Paris, I owe you max a shot of wild turkey and you stacy a new pink sweater. 🙂
    Getting a t-shirt made– ‘Our Enemy Is Goldman Sachs’ too.
    @david– My ‘díomá’ with Atha Cliatha keeps growing…€5.35 for a bulmers!!

  28. Danny says:

    Been travelling around Ireland for a week on my holidays, the broadband connection is so bad i wasn’t able to keep up on events. But I’m in Cavan tonight; just in time for OTE. Really enjoyed it but a bit disappointed gold wasn’t discussed. I shouldn’t complain, you two are great. My appreciation has gone beyond a mere electronic ‘thanks’. You both have really altered my thinking and direction of thought, which has rubbed off on my less inquizical friends. We’re planning on heading to see Ireland v France in the six nations (rugby) next february in Paris, I owe you max a shot of wild turkey and you stacy a new pink sweater. 🙂

    Getting a t-shirt made– ‘Our Enemy Is Goldman Sachs’ too.

    @david– My ‘díomá’ with Atha Cliatha keeps growing…€5.35 for a bulmers!!

  29. anything but green says:

    Doesn’t Catherine Austin Fitts have anything to say (off camera) about the Sage from Omaha and cola “by-products”?

    Why do you quote the “wise” man when you surely know what underpins his empire?

    Remember all those WTC tenants and other involved players conveniently attending his charity golf game that fateful morning?

    Remember the most prominent player behind the Franklin Scandal?

    Why do these phonies have to return their ill-gotten gains (recently in the form of depopulation philanthropy)?

  30. alister says:

    this episode rolled really well i thought…thx guys

  31. @Frances Snoot (and whoever else gives shit)

    I’ve read through the first 1/3rd of the PDF…

    the USA wants Canadian health-care….

    let me give you a bit of info in that regard….

    For the past 10-15 years,
    I’ve watched several doctors (and specialists)
    get their American Licenses to practice
    in the States…
    becuz they knew it was a gold mine

    The problem is clearly GREED

    people want to work for 5 years and then retire…

    it is a sad testament to human intelligence, really….
    The hippocratic oath seems to be just a side-issue….
    not a BELIEF…
    not a PHILOSOPHY…

    it’s all about the buck…

    But if the USA adapts to such a model,
    then people (i.e. YOU) would be able to live
    without fear of medical expenses that rival a house loan in California at its peak….

    the wait-lines are longer, but that is becuz people have access.

    you need more enlightened youth taking up the medical practice instead of raping other countries for their intellectual wealth…
    or getting jobs at Mall-Wart

    In BC, we were importing Phillipina Nurses becuz of our shortage…
    and yet, at the same time, the BC Health Services wouldn’t recognize their credentials….

    It’s a ridiculous Cluster-Fuck….

    The Medical Profession needs to be paid appropriately,
    not fantastically….

    it will happen but not without great pain in the short-term….

  32. Tofu Charlie says:

    Bernanke answers a question from Rep. Duncan about auditing the fed:


  33. frances snoot says:

    if it is a ‘negative reserve system’ as Max indicates, savers would be wiped out

  34. frances snoot says:

    Thank-you Guiseppe!!! I am open ears.

  35. kim jong il says:

    good evening comrades…hahahahha…kim feeling good tonight…hahahha…really good…got very important message…very important…terror will strike…yes, yes my comrades…fat, stupid americans finally awakening…hahahhaha…finally!..hahahha…goldman sachs clan…we coming for you…hahahha…oh yes, we coming strong for you…hahahahha…you no ruin people no longer…no no no….hahhahha…when we get you…hahahhaha…we eviscerate you all…hahahha…not some…all. all you yankee motherfuckers….we make wineskins out of your bowels…hahhahha…you no think we pissed?…oh yes, oh yes…we very pissed, and you very fucked…hahhahhaaa…we coming for you goldman, oh yes…we coming for you…better sleep with eyes open, you no good, robbing yankee cocksukers…hahahha…we coming for you strong.

  36. @Kim Jong il


  37. WOOPS

    @Kim Jong il


  38. Youri Carma says:


    Gore Denies that Ken Lay, Goldman Sachs CEOs Helped Develop C02 Trading ‘Scheme’ http://tinyurl.com/cwroeu

    BlackRock Confirms Goldman Q1 Profit Was Non-Recurring And A Result Of AIG Unwinds http://tinyurl.com/cy66l7

    Goldman Sachs and Societe Generale extracted $11.4 billion from AIG before the insurer’s collapse http://tinyurl.com/llf83m

    Goldman Pays to End State Inquiry Into Loans http://tinyurl.com/qupyem

    Goldman Targeted by Investor Complaints of Naked Short-Selling http://tinyurl.com/5vz8kp

    Goldman Sachs hires law firm to shut blogger’s site http://tinyurl.com/d6wfg7

    Goldman Sachs Employees Get Biggest Bonuses Ever http://tinyurl.com/p8p9ro

    Are Goldman’s computers painting the tape in the last twenty minutes of each day? http://tinyurl.com/nvrgzy

    Jack Bauer can’t stop ‘The Goldman Conspiracy’ http://tinyurl.com/rykary

    Goldman Sachs http://tinyurl.com/n6osnu

  39. Neo-Feudal Casino Gulag Plantation Economy Minion says:

    yeah Max said Casino Gulag!!!!

    I love it, don’t forget about the plantation class economy that is unfolding rapidly for the former middle-class….

  40. Excellent show!!
    I found this interseting site after hearing some economists say that the Austrians were considered “fringe”…


  41. frances snoot says:

    @Stacy: A SECURITY is a tradeable financial instrument, like a bond or a share of stock http://www.oswego.edu/~dighe/cecch3.htm

    …sdr denominated tradeable financial instrument are securities…the imf is planning on continuing the practice of securitization of debt instrument but denominating the instruments in sdr ratio to a basket of currency including yuan…

    but these probably won’t be the only ‘instruments’ the imf will deal in…my guess is the exotic instruments planned are every banker’s wet dream…

    fits in with the cashless society blip in On the Edge…guess Wall Street would be toast, no wonder the boys are rallying about Ben…”Gentle Ben”…the institution you know

  42. Youri Carma says:

    Good informative show Folks!

    Japan may start mulling the most radical monetary policy of all, or consider introducing a new currency altogether. Japan could abolish cash to fight deflation http://tinyurl.com/nrctb4

    Observers have noticed a correlation between Beijing’s efforts to stimulate its economy and the amount now being bet. Chinese bailout cash heads to Macau’s casinos http://tinyurl.com/m3l3ho

    (P.S. maybe a better pic of Stacy in the still is more prudent)

  43. Mr Supergeek says:

    I dunno if Stacy needs a new pic, but when I clicked on the link above for the cool poster it was gone, shame….I really liked the little white leather bomber jacket….kinda reminded me of destiny angel from ‘captain scarlet’ (the french one) now that was a puppet show….


  44. AM says:


    Anyone ever thought about the 2,3 trillion that was missing from the pentagon never found because building 7 was brought down on 9/11, the 134,5 billion dollar bonds could be from there.
    It is still unknown what happend with the money; 2,3 trillion!

  45. Tofu Charlie says:

    @Mr Supergeek — sorry the URL for the TAM promo poster changed when I put the second one up. Here it is again:


  46. Phil says:

    ***** 5 Stars *****

    Great show .. great guests.
    Please get Catherine onto the show more regularly !

    The Americans should employ Max , Catherine and Markopolis to redesign the system !
    The first step would be to jail all the scumbag Banksters , make sure they get “hard labour in Siberia” … and ensure that those types can NEVER get back into the system. again.
    LOL .. I feel better now !

  47. Mother Earth says:

    @Max Laissez-fair pronouncement tip for english speakers: less-say-fair 😉

    I knew Max and Chatherine would be awsome, good questions, good answers, not enough time!

    If Chatherine is correct the ‘Geuzen’ scenario may play out, meaning the revolt will come from the lower tier richest people that have been victimized like the workers, but have the means and balls to take action. ‘Geus, Geuzen’, the insulting name the dutch noblemen adopted in their eventually succesful revolt against the spanish occupation..

    @Stacey why not mix in you sitting in a nice location providing your answers, tape max first, then do the answers in an interesting place..more dynamic, and of course better for your star power 😉

    @GB from the Zero Wing Game intro..

    Captain: What happen?
    Mechanic: Somebody set up us the bomb.
    Operator: We get signal.
    Captain: What!
    Operator: Main screen turn on.
    Captain: It’s You!!
    Cats: How are you gentlemen!!
    Cats: All your base are belong to us.
    Cats: You are on the way to destruction.
    Captain: What you say!!
    Cats: You have no chance to survive make your time.

    French : Jozeph poche avec beignettes?
    Dutch : John zak met donuts..
    Greman : Johan beutel mit berliner

  48. Phil says:

    CNN: Bernanke Threatens Economic Collapse If Fed Audited



    “My concern about the legislation is that the GAO is auditing not only the operational aspects of our programs and details of the programs, but is making judgments about our policy decisions that would effectively be a takeover of monetary policy by the Congress, a repudiation of the independence of the Federal Reserve, which would be highly destructive to the stability of the financial system, the dollar and our national economic situation.”

    Well, he has basically JUST ADMITTED that the system is the centre of fraud …
    … a bit like the Japanese Bonds … Fraudulent or Real … it’s the same thing !

  49. ItalicBold says:

    Front page of ft.com today:


    “This will surprise those familiar with his role in organising the loan that funded the UK government’s bail-out of British slave owners when colonial slavery was abolished in the 1830s. It was the biggest bail-out of an industry as a percentage of annual government expenditure – dwarfing last year’s rescue of the banking sector.”

  50. Phil says:

    @ItalicBold .. WOW … FRONT PAGE NEWS

    Nice find !

    Again, seems that the Telegraph ( in particular ) is finding material to cause “revolution” … and of course there is good reason for a financial revolution IMO !

    OTOH, you only have to read Jekyll Island to understand that the “face” these people present to the public is completely different to reality.
    … just like the Bailout Trillions “to rescue the economy” !
    LOL !

    … ” The chief archivist of the Rothschild family papers, Melanie Aspey, reacted with disbelief when first told of the contents of the records, saying she had never seen such links before. “…

    … ” Rothschild said Nathan Mayer Rothschild had been a prominent civil liberties campaigner with many like-minded associates and “against this background, these allegations appear inconsistent and misrepresent the ethos of the man and his business”. ” …

  51. Palantíri says:

    Oooh I want to hear more…..!

    There should be a second karmabanque radio show where you have guests like Catherine Austin Fitts for the whole hour, I enjoyed very much the interview and want to hear more! and that goes for the former guests as well. Time is short on On The Edge so an extended interview is most welcome.

  52. Dedo says:

    @Mike,….The disparity between tax revenue and welfare costs was identified by Andrew,..”really”!!
    (Good job someone’s keeping an eye on the finances or we’d be in the shit!)

  53. Dedo says:


  54. Phil says:

    U.S. Considers Massive Swine Flu Vaccination Program

    … ” FRIDAY, June 26 (HealthDay News) — U.S. health officials said Friday that they are considering a swine flu immunization campaign that could involve an unprecedented 600 million doses of vaccine.

    Still to be worked out is finding enough health-care workers to administer all those shots, and determining ways to record side effects if the vaccine is given at the same time as the seasonal flu vaccine. That could make it difficult to figure out which vaccine was causing the side effects, the Associated Press reported.

    Meeting at a national vaccine advisory committee session in Atlanta, officials from the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention said the swine flu campaign could dwarf the roughly 115 million doses of seasonal flu vaccine and the 150 million doses of childhood vaccines distributed each year, the news service said.

    Officials have not yet decided whether to start a swine flu vaccination program, or whether all Americans would get the shots, beginning in the fall. The timing depends on how fast a vaccine can be produced and tested; as many as 60 million doses could be ready by September. But a widespread vaccination campaign is likely, the AP said. ” …


  55. Mike says:


    “Several House members expressed concern about the market to be created in carbon allowances, saying it posed the same risks as those in markets in other kinds of derivatives. Regulation of such markets would be divided among the Environmental Protection Agency, the Commodity Futures Trading Commission and the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission.”

    my mind refuses to envision the future development of this scenario… needs the mind grapes of MAX!

  56. frances snoot says:

    Here’s a link to show who is backing the funding for the IMF from our deficit government coffers (Hint: the names are familiar):

  57. Youri Carma says:

    GOLDMAN SACHS GANGSTERS PARADISE http://tinyurl.com/oscznd

  58. sharon says:

    Excellent show. Much better than previous shows – they were also good but this one has more of a professionalism about it, Max seems to be more settled and the background is better quality. Onwards and upwards.

  59. sharon says:

    @ italic bold
    Re: those that profitted from slavery, including Rothschild.
    Brilliant link to a great article.
    Notice how all the big boys who were previously involved in slavery or profitted from it continue to be the big boys now. A Clearly we could say that they’re success today is due in part or whole to the links with slavery and as such ALL of their wealth should be confiscated and handed over to families of former slaves. It is outrageous that they are simply allowed to continue, I don’t care how much they apologise or hand over some token amount as some sort of gesture. The fact is their businesses were in some way built by their involvment in slavery and as a matter of morality and decency these businesses should now be closed down!!!

  60. sharon says:

    Cont’d…Besides which they are still profitting from slavery today. Even worse they are responsible from millions of deaths worldwide, especially in Africa and the Middle East and as we all know they now plan to make slaves out of the rest of us. So them apologising now is a bloody piss take!

  61. sharon says:

    @ mike2liverpool,
    Re: Telegraph article – benefits pay outs more that tax receipts. OK, this seems very simple to me. The Rothschild family have sucked Britain dry so why don’t we just take all their money and property, send them all off to some awful part of the world where they can be caged and flogged and obviously we then take back the Bank of England which will in turn free the Amercican people from their ties to the Federal Reserve. Everybody’s happy!

  62. anything but green says:

    Ha-ha! Look at the May 7 statement.
    Would “about $130 billion” mean $134.5 billion?

    U.S. banks need total capital of about $130 billion: Goldman http://tinyurl.com/r5e2dp

  63. BettyBleu says:

    That was a great show, Max & Stacy. I agree with @Sharon’s comments. That’s great you’re having Paul Craig Roberts on, too. Also, I said this before, other guest suggestions: Matt Taibbi and Tyler Durden would also be great. Keep up the great work — many more people are becoming aware from the work that you, Catherine Austin Fitts, and others are doing.

  64. sg says:

    I am not sure I get it all…but what I do get is we are really seriously in trouble, and in for a terrible time.

    I so wish I had studied harder in school as it does pay off.

    Revolution…..I am so ready.. Our govt. is stealing from us, they are allowing others to do the same.. I am waiting for the last 95% of Americans to wake up….we need them in this fight.

    I picture in my mind’s eye, what is happening in Iran right now, is what will be America soon….scary thougts..scary times. I am ready for the fight for freedom.

  65. Nordbo says:

    I liked it. Very good.

  66. refred dot corn says:

    Can u guys post an audio of the edge show so i can listen to it on my ipod???

  67. kim jong il says:

    i am really surprised that no one has assassinated paulson.

  68. Freudianslit says:

    Any chance of getting Professor Steve Keen on to your show? Here is a joint interview on Australian TV with Peter Schiff (they essentially shared the same views, apart from Peter being more optimistic about Australia’s future): http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9qOCcAu_vlc&feature=related

  69. Bob says:

    Lot a real bank robberies going on now in the States but these guys will go to jail when they are caught. The bankers rob their own banks and make the slaves pay off the losses. What a beautiful scam wish I could get in on it. Beats a ponzi scheme hands down. You just re-lend the money to the folks and their dependents so they pay you three times for the money they gave you . Only governments and lawyers can learn to turn the tables that way. American people will never wake up.

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