[OTE5] On the Edge with Max Keiser – A win, win for bankers

Stacy Summary: The second half of On the Edge with Max Keiser. (First half up later today, so keep checking back!) Max interviews Rick Ackerman.

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  1. Frank Hope says:

    Any more news on the Japanese caught in Italy with US bonds? A blogger called CynicusEconomicus has an excellent post on the subject.


    He speculates that Japan was secretly planning to dump US bonds. Does Max have any information that might cause him to support this speculation. Already the press is floating stories that the bonds are probably forgeries, but this just opens a whole ‘nother can of worms. Mostly the press has just been avoiding this story.

    How about it Max and Stacy. Could you dig more into this story? I’m dying to hear Max’s take on what this is all about.

  2. Mike/Liverpool says:

    I agree with most of that, the Lake of Cash is held by a Dam right now. Only if “Someone” blows the Dam will we see hyper inflation.


  3. Matt says:

    I would like to request that Max and Stacy analyse yesterday’s development at the West Bromwich building society — is it a genuine solution, or more denial? If all the other b.soc’s follow this example, what will be the end result?

    Here is a link for people who do not know:

  4. William says:

    Rick sounds like a dick! I don’t know how Max kept it together without laughing. I agree that people don’t know what money is; however, paper currency is not money!

    Don’t be a Dick!

    Buy Gold!

  5. Mike/Liverpool says:

    Dear Max
    Whats your take in the elections in Iran?

  6. jterror says:

    Some weekend reading if interested

    Elizabeth Warren – All TARP’d out.

    25 People Most To Blame for the Crisis – But where’s Ben?!

    I get the sense that they are going to need to re-do this list post-2nd V in the W.

  7. Mick Reiss says:

    Max, I’m disappointed in you. Why are you interviewing a snake oil salesman on your (otherwise great) show?

  8. alister says:

    you know everyone’s talking the china trap now but i’m beginning to think japan is in more of a trap vis a vis the $

  9. Mike/Liverpool says:

    China doesn’t give a stuff!
    half a Trillion?………for the Planet Earth…without firing a shot…BARGIN PRICE !

  10. Mini US says:

    Thanks Max and Stacey.
    Finding out about manipulation is very informative to the people on the outside, so to speak.
    I know people here who get home from work and just do what their market software tells them to do with no idea about the companies they invest in. They KNOW they have no control so they just follow the software. How many ‘traders’ are doing that I wonder rhetorically.
    According to Peter Schiff, the only way to try to repay the debt the US Govt is accumulating is by 1. Doing deals with creditors, 2. Higher taxes or 3. Inflation. I imagine all three will be attempted at some stage.
    Does anyone know how that 30 year Bond auction went on Thursday? Who is buying them, the usual suspects of the US Govt themselves?

  11. Tony Danes says:

    Good guest Technicians are good analyst because they deal with what is not with what might or worse what should be. Max good for you for having guests that don’ always agree with you even though Mr Ackerman and you agree about 3/4’s of the time.

  12. alister says:

    OH MY GOD!

    “CAFE and restaurant patrons could soon be eating in silence, after a proposal by Australia’s largest record labels to increase the cost of background music by up to 2000 times.”


    it’s just so retarded you have to laugh

  13. Mini US says:

    Live music may make a comeback instead of the same old music we have been hearing for years, lets get some new live acts back in pubs and cafes.

  14. alister says:

    amen brother
    my dad owns a cafe and if this passes ill tell him to buy some bongo drumbs and shakers and put an ad in the local for a bum musucian to come play all day hahaha./ so long as you make them dress properly, would probably even be better than the rubbish thats noramlyl on the commerical radio station

  15. Phil says:

    @Rick Ackermann … “Markets are clearly completely and totally manipulated”

    100% correct.

    Not just the Big players , but also all the way down to the smallest Pennystock.

    Thankyou Rick …. ’nuff said !

  16. alister says:

    think about it , in aus waiters make money via employers not customers so you could let the homeless keep the days tips and chuck in a free lunch …….
    could actally b quite cool if you found someone who had a clue
    very bohemian very chic eh eh the trendies would ove it

  17. Ingvend Storrs says:

    Place the entire show at once. I get tired of chasing pieces of interviews.

  18. Bob says:

    Quantative Easing: This is just a form of words-to put it politely- for the U.S cannot carry out that maoeuvre with the private bank known as the Federal Reserve , issung the `currency`. All the U.S can do is issue debt : for when the U.S Treasury gives a $1 Bill of Credit to the Fed for issueance; that ` Bill must be accompanied by a Bond to cover the Face Ammount. However, Bonds carry interest . In this case lets say that the vig` is 3.333% simple over 30 years, that means that particular transaction can only be settled with $2 . But as we know, there is only $1 circulation This is where the U.S Constitution comes in to play . For the only way that debt can lawfully paid is with a U.S Bond. Thanks to FDR welshing on the Gold Contact (see HJR192) and Kennedy ,.Demonatising silver , just before he was shot . I ask myself : Did the ubiquitous(they) make sure he signed that document before he was despatched to/in Dallas? Love the show: but the schedule is a little erratic? Best regards from`the smoke .Bob

  19. stacyherbert says:

    @Frank Hope – We spoke about this on the show tonight. There’s a lot there to speculate on that’s for sure. I don’t see why Japan would take the bonds through Italy. What do you think about our own speculation on the possible explanations?

  20. max keiser says:

    It appears as thought PTV chopped about 2 minutes of the show out starting at :38… we will try to get you that footage tomorrow sometime.

  21. Youri Carma says:

    Good show yankz=pirates=swedisch too!

    Fraudsters eye huge stimulus pie, consultant says http://tinyurl.com/mror3r

    JPMorgan’s future in hedge funds http://tinyurl.com/lf3gxr

    More Good News: A Bear Market for Ponzis http://tinyurl.com/m7mhvf

  22. Youri Carma says:

    Had forgotten about this one:
    Paulson’s $28 billion company used borrowed assets to bet (shorting) against housing prices http://tinyurl.com/knp3bg

  23. Youri Carma says:

    Decision? What a Cliffhanger!

  24. Phil says:

    Financial Pearl Harbour ?

    The Saga Of The Bearer Bonds

    Geschmuggelte Anleihen sind wohl echt
    ( Smuggled are in fact real )

    Denninger comparing this to Pearl Harbour !
    ( you never know )

    Tuesday, March 31, 2009
    China ‘Kill Weapon’ Aimed at US Aircraft Carriers

    Looks like Super-Carriers were maybe not such a good idea !

  25. dumb.ass says:

    Max, you speak of efficient bond markets.

    What if effiency is not the modus operedi?

    Yes, tinfoil hat required!

    Who controls the bond markets, and to what purpose?

  26. [email protected] says:

    @Max: the false bottom suitcase trick/scam….reminds me of better days of yore…There’s definitely something not quite Kosher about the discovery and means of transport–Ordinary customs check? Public commercial flights???-I would imagine if I was the courier of $134.5 b in bonds I might have the extra loot to hire a Leer or G-5….but the false bottom suitcase is very suspicious and I find your explanation that even if they are legit, the shortfall in accounting somewhere might be the correct explanation…Now if they are counterfeit..well that’s another matter…and a possible market manipulation foiled in the process. As they say: “more at 10″…or as Donald Rumsfeld has said ” known unknowns..etc…”
    What i find is that we seem to have a parallel universe where the non-members of the CLUB ( ala George Carlin: “you and me” ) and the CLUB members are living separate lives…we have truly transgressed the Rubicon…where we have usurped the principle that man is not above the law…and that a few well placed individuals ARE ABOVE THE LAW and continue to create the world that they benefit by….I continue to emphacize that the entire global fiat currency once dominated by the Anglo/America/Dutch financial centers are losing their potency as masters of the universe( and if cornered will most assuredly react like the brutal animals that they are for self preservation) …IMHO the BRIC countries ( as a group or only one at a time ) will rapidly over the next few years replace the dollar as the reserve currency; and as J. William Engdahl has recently posted may dominate the stage.


    If we allow many more creative accounting engineering manipulations like allowing the each country’s GDP to approach 200% of government debt before any bond rating agency speaks up and lowers that country’s rating. Or maneuvering into the IMF strongbox allowing the SDR’s to replace the dollar; well it’s all up for grabs and the world I leave my children is way beyond any devastating war I could have ever imagined…look forward to more Max and Stacy, as always, [email protected]

  27. Youri Carma says:

    China plans to buy 2,619 tons of gold, tripling its reserves http://tinyurl.com/mx2dgt

  28. I caught the show on Fri 11.30 Pm Press TV.
    Very interesting. I suppose the depth of debate was problematic
    as time allowed.
    It is healthy to hear the starting point of a deflationist.
    Inflation will only be a concern when they see it on a graph, a part from money inflation, and oil now, food prices, and the amount of lies told by the Fed, Obama and Brown.

  29. Youri Carma says:

    Bolockz I tell you: Deflation –>Inflation –> Deflation

  30. Ugh_just_Ugh says:

    @Richard.. Where did you see that the smugglers flew? I ask because, as I mentioned in regards to the anti-arms activists on the Air France flight, flying is bad (Larry McDonald, Michael Connell, Wellstone…) when you could be on one of ‘those’ lists. I did try to find it myself to no avail.

  31. Ugh_just_Ugh says:

    Anyone with more on this angle? A couple of people are going with Max’s theory and I wonder if this affects that there either way.
    “And some commentators are starting to link the story to reports in US press dating back to 30 March.

    On that date the US Treasury Department announced that it had about US$ 134.5 billion left in its financial-rescue fund, the Troubled Asset Relief Program (TARP), whose purpose is to purchase assets and equity to buttress companies in trouble. The existence of such means that the Obama administration may not have to go to Congress for additional funds, something which is especially important since many lawmakers have vowed to oppose any requests for more money.”…

  32. snoop diddy says:

    ‘no hyperinflation unless it is willfully triggered’ Akerman.

    Sounds a bit like he thinks the Fed knows what it’s doing, does that meanhe thinks they pressed a button and willfully triggered the crash?

    Deflation? Inflation? in the end it doesnt matter, what matters is the effect on society of banksters ripping off the system to such a degree.

    “There will be deflation in everything you own and inflation in everything you use” … Clyde Harrison

  33. [email protected] says:

    @Ugh_just_Ugh: Actually no, I merely assumed they were crossing a border and even though it only named Italian police, I guess I extrapolated too much and imagined an airport arrival with customs finding the false bottom..my bad…why else would Italian police be sniffing around a suitcase?? Drug interdiction on the highway? As for Max’s take on this…IMO it’s too soon to tell. There is a website http://www.worldreports.org where a Leo Wanta was said to have committed “a covert economic operation” at the direction of Ronald Reagan, which the web owner suggests caused the downfall of the Soviet gov’t. and the bankruptcy of the ruble @ the end of the Soviet era…The amount was said to be in the trillions of $…and the repatriation of that money is ongoing; and has been prevented by a cabal of current and former government officials. Thus the Clinton era economic team in place @ the WH.

  34. Mini US says:

    Can anyone help me understand why Gold tanked after the 70’s meteoric rise. My economic history is a bit shaky. This may help investors who are looking to invest in it. There seems to be many, many theories about gold – Hedge for deflation, hedge for inflation, hedge against wobbly currencies. Sounds like they are hedging their bets on what it is good for. D’oh!
    It sounds exciting “Breakout after long term price suppression”.
    This is fascinating.

  35. I am no goldbug mostly because of my low income but when
    you look at the arguments presented by the inflationists, there is a strong sense of the fundamentals. While the technical analysis is based on the real time movements of the dots that mainly show the deflation of the bubble. It looks to me that we have a series of bubbles, that cannot be reflated as they have no real basis in the fundamentals.
    If Michael Hudson is correct and I believe he is,

    There is a ground shaking fundamental at work in the world economy. The inflationary pressure on debt ridden, over spending economies is mounting at an ever increasing pace.

    No technical market manipulation will be able to hold these pressures down long.

    I find it hard to change my mind on this conclusion.
    And as Ron Paul says inflation is a tax. Price inflation will hurt the poorest most.

  36. Ugh_just_Ugh says:

    I’ll hazard a guess that whatever is the story, it will have an impact on our future. It is still not being picked up in the msm and that makes me sweat a bit. It’s those known, knowns and those unknown unknowns… courtesy of the boondocks and samuel l. jackson riffing his pulp fiction speech…


  37. Ugh_just_Ugh says:

    This link has the full riff I posted above… the added twenty seconds round it out to hammer the comedy home a bit more… we all can use some more humor. Max could do a show called Waterboard Weekly…the News About Pirates?


  38. Eric says:

    I don’t see how the debt is too great to “just inflate away”.

    Exhibit A:
    (100 billion note)

  39. snoop diddy says:

    interesting to see US conservatives on twitter d/loading live stream from AJEnglish because the US MSM has barely covered the Iran election protests.

  40. bzmoore says:

    Re:Michael Hudson Wow………financial….WW3
    The Wall Street chickens come to roost or it’s payback time on a global scale.

    Seriously folks it is not a good thing when the bully of the world is kept out of meetings which determine the next 100 years, or maybe it is a good thing.

    What did they say in the fifties, duck and cover?
    Friends time to bend over and kiss your ass good bye.

  41. Discovered 1930s Notes and Bonds
    July 2005

    The Federal Reserve is aware of several scams involving high denomination Federal Reserve notes and bonds, often in denominations of 100 million or 500 million dollars, dating back to the 1930s, usually 1934. In each of these schemes, fraudulent instruments are claimed to be part of a long-lost supply of recently discovered Federal Reserve notes or bonds.

    Fraudsters often falsely claim that the purported Federal Reserve notes or bonds that they hold are somehow very special and are not known to the public because they are so secret. Fraudsters have attempted to sell these worthless instruments, or to redeem or exchange them at banks and other financial institutions, or to secure loans or obtain lines of credit using the fictitious instruments as collateral.

    The Federal Reserve has never issued any bonds or notes with coupons attached. The Federal Reserve Bank of New York is not aware of any currency or debt stockpile of large denomination Federal Reserve notes from the 1930s and warns that any institution that pays out on such a claim does so at its own risk.

    It should also be noted that the largest denomination of currency ever printed by the Bureau of Engraving and Printing was the $100,000 Series 1934 Gold Certificate featuring the portrait of President Wilson. These notes were printed from December 18, 1934, through January 9, 1935, and were issued by the Treasurer of the United States to Federal Reserve Banks only against an equal amount of gold bullion held by the Treasury Department. The notes were used only for official transactions between Federal Reserve Banks and were not circulated among the general public.

  42. Karen Nyhus says:

    not a reply to this post per se – you gotta listen to tonight’s (6/13/09) “This American Life” (NPR radio show, available on the web). It’s a retrospective on what happened and why. Good investigation; focus on ratings agencies. fwiw.

  43. Mother Earth says:

    Delicious first part..’DUH!’, very funny. Its nice do have Max Keiser doning the act of being a ‘mad man’ kept back by Stacey, him firing of reasons to explode, stacy going ‘please don’t start breaking faces!!’ 😉

    I don’t think China is the type of country to do sabre rattling..

    In the end Rick says ‘we have to make a decision..’ then Max closes the show.. What did Rick say next?

  44. Mini US says:

    @ Paul Anderson.
    Thanks for that article and your views.
    I guess the rest of the world must be close to being ‘FED up’ with the USA.
    Time to cut their losses and move on.

  45. Mini US says:

    @Mother Earth.
    “Its nice do have Max Keiser doning the act of being a ‘mad man’ kept back by Stacey, him firing of reasons to explode…”
    So you think its an act?
    Mad Mad Mad Mad Mad Mad……

  46. stacyherbert says:

    @[email protected] – if you have ever driven around Italy, the Finance Police are EVERYWHERE. If you have large quantities of cash for which you can not explain the origin, they take it (or 40% of it) and they arrest you. They exist because of the mafia.

    @MiniUS – gold fell so deep in early 80’s because of Paul Volcker. He went to war with gold. Raised interest rates to 20%. And also the oil embargo ended so oil prices fell. I doubt Bernanke could raise rates to 20% these days that’s for sure!

  47. Mother Earth says:

    @Stacey Ever heard of Donald Kalff? He is a dutch investor that has written books on the dangers of the US shareholder based businessmodel, predicting a catastophe already in 2004..He promotes a fundamental rethink of company structure and the responsibilities of f.i. the board of directors. Maybe he is a good guest to give a european perspective?

    Books title:’Independence for Europe, the endo of the US businessmodel’, ‘Modern kapitalism’.

    I added Ackermans prediction to mygoldprediction, thanks for asking the question..

    Can state street repay the tarp funds because they got the fees for these manipulative transactions?


    Do you think it would be a crime/possible to use linkedin to pretend you work at state street and find the trader in question?

  48. Phil says:

    @ITALY CONFISCATES: $134.5 BILLION in U.S. Government Bonds In Japanese Businessmen’s Briefcases

    I found this “Coincidence Theory” this morning …

    “Treasury Has $134.5 Billion Left in TARP MARCH 30, 2009”

    “when Japanese investors purchased $134.5 billion of U.S. government debt”


    … “Something stinks, so keep your eye on this one. The amount involved is MASSIVE, the city where they were seized is a financial gateway to Switzerland, and you’d have to have giant balls to try and fake out the Swiss with counterfeits in this way. Not that you could. Pressure is mounting in Congress for an (unprecedented) audit of the Federal Reserve. Our government obviously knows about this catch by the Italians…but it seems they, and our media, don’t want you to.”….

    “Not a peep yet from U.S. mainstream media”

    Nuff said !

  49. [email protected] says:

    @Stacy: Thanx for the clarification.And yes I haven’t driven in Italy since the Summer of 1971, when I was double parked in front of a laudermat and as I sitting on the grass waiting for my laundry to dry, was approached by an Italian policeman dressed in his whites and didn’t see the “keep off the grass” sign I was violating; immediately a yelling match in broken Italian/Spanish erupted attempting to prevent a summons for what I thought was for doubleparking instead of being on the grass. So they just searched these guys’ suitcase on the street?? Is that what you’re [email protected]

  50. [email protected] says:

    @Stacy aand @Phil: due to time lag…I just read Phil’s entry…and http posting…enterred before my comments; all in all not very good courier work. As always: “more on the 10 oclock news” to come or not…

  51. Tol says:

    The rumour goes that it is a North Korean spy set-up.

    Much cleaner than H-bombs 😉


  52. Mother Earth says:

    In our dutch financial times (finacieel dagblad) it is reported that
    IBTimes (germany) claims there are no official billion dollar Kennedy bonds, only 500 million usd denominated. So it is clear these are forgeries. Also the expitaton on these bonds is 30 years, so they may be worthless…

  53. Phil says:

    @Sharon & All

    Interesting article from 2006 …

    Clash of the Titans – One move from Checkmate

    @All traders
    Broad Market Index (Week of June 15-19, 2009)

    Best viewed in Fullscreen mode


  54. [email protected] says:

    As a sidelight the Ken Lewis C-Span congressional hearing testimony is found in an article that was posted on http://www.solari.com :


    An interesting tidbit is a Bush era executive directive which gave the DCI power to allow corporate heads to hide specific data from the public if it involved national security…that gives Mr. Lewis a way out of his comments later denied by Paulson and Bernanke that they coerced him to accept the Meryl-Lynch deal…Congr. Kucinich beats on Lewis that the real problem was BofA’s balance sheets and not ML’s that was the root of all problems.

  55. Mark Bailey says:

    Like Rick, I too always assumed markets were rigged, but does it matter? So long as you can spot the pattern in the data, who cares whether it is God, Aliens or Goldman Sachs who control the markets. Some bastards will always rig the system to get rich, you’ve just got to know who the bastards are and watch them carefully.

    However it would be wonderful if we could live in an open honest transparent world where the rule of law is respected, unfortunately the rich elite wont allow this.

  56. Mother Earth says:

    @Mark Bailey

    So you want to be like the betting dogs running after the fake hare so long as it pleases the organizers for the race to last?

  57. James says:

    Ahh the program needs a special edition. Im thinkin a special oligarch edition directed directly at the oligarchs. With ideas on mass mind manipulation how to get away with fraud and how to avoid jailtime by ways in which you can make the illegal legal. I advise getting Queen of england on as a guest.

  58. Phil says:

    @ME … ” betting dogs running after the fake hare ”

    Well said !

    Although, I agree that it’s stil worth “trying to ” to make paper-money , in order to buy up what’s left of “physical Gold”.

    BTW .. that’s probably what the BigBoys are doing right now !

  59. Youri Carma says:

    @[email protected]

    I try to kill the grass in my backyard for years but the grass just keeps on winning every time after my “agent orange” attacks.

    In Italy it’s a completely digffient ball game though, too much sun, little water, bad soil. No wonder the need the police to guard the little poor grass. Also because they like soccer much I think.

  60. Youri Carma says:

    Addax Petroleum gets C$8.83 bln bid from (China) Sinopec: report

  61. marcus says:

    i am sorry , i thought this site was the Young Republicans / Tory Dating site ?, excuse me ,but can anyone help me please ……..?

  62. marcus says:

    for anyone interested karl denniger gives his very well considered response to thoughts on u.s. dollar ,gold and silver ,…..? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5Xt4H0lQrmM

  63. Dustin says:

    The UK is in best shape in europe apparently


    the recovery hype in the UK is really picking up. mostl likly means things are going to get bad lol

  64. Youri Carma says:

    Many people (Including Peter Schiff) say oil rising to end of the year. I am very skeptical about that In fact I think it will get lower.

    Very curious what will happen.

  65. Phil says:

    @Dustin … “The UK is in best shape in europe apparently”

    Don’t give Mike2Liverpool a heart attack .. pleeaase !

    (Nobel Prize) Krugman is probably feeling “socially respsonsible” by saying that !

    Actually , I pointed out earlier that nearly all ( or probably ALL ) of the “Euro”-countries have a Debt / ´GDP ratio of greater than 64% … the UK ( GBP ) recently “had” a ratio of 30+% and is supposed to be nearing 51% soon ; with 71% forecasted for next year IIRC.
    This would imply that the UK Economy is better placed to weather a “monetary storm” versus the “Euro” countries.
    OTOH, if the London City takes any further hits, the 71% will be reality soon IMO !


  66. [email protected] says:

    @Youri Carma: sounds like you listened to Bob Marley’s “I shot the Sheriff” tune too many times ( “…kill it before it grows…”)…leave those poor “green shoots” alone!!HA!HA!…I once rented a ranch family homestead in the northern Black Hills( SD) and when the ranch foreman came by in a old Willy’s Jeep loaded with tall canisters full of liquid and began spraying the fence line, I asked him what he was spraying, His answer: 2-4 d and 2,4-5 t ( agent orange)….powerful stuff!!!Round-Up just as bad,,,
    As for the Italian reference: I’m not that clear on where your going with the topological/soil sample report.
    If you haven’t traveled much here in America you might discover on the highway the state law enforcement has ( what we call in the trade) “wolf packs” ( interdiction teams) that are on the look out for smugglers nationwide( sometimes as in Texas they are attached to the Governor’s office)…Anyway, someone in Switzerland is not very happy today. I had a boat shoe stolen from my hiding place as I walked the beach in the early am today ( just one !!!)and I’m p***ed…

  67. Mother Earth says:

    Krugman must be smoking the corporate bong pipe, but more importantly, he and his opinions should not be in the spotlight.

    He is a high preist of the oligargy preaching the gospel of hope, inducing some to burn their money like incense at the corporate altars hoping to please the ROI gods..

    And Buchanan warns of paganism!

  68. Tol says:

    Die Welt, German news site, claims US bonds, seized in Italy, are REAL. http://is.gd/11GLY

  69. Phil says:

    @Mother Earth … ” the gospel of hope, inducing some to burn their money like incense at the corporate altars hoping to please the ROI gods..”

    LOL .. I see we have another poet here !
    Nice one !

    @Scott … “niallferguson : Even on the other side of the Atlantic, where political corruption is hardly unknown, there has been amazement at the bare-faced nature of the frauds perpetrated by some of those we elected to make, rather than break, our laws.”

    my guess is they are laughing at the British MPs for only robbing the petty cash box .. and getting caught.
    The ( Corporate and Political ) corruption in the US has far bigger dimensions IMO .. in fact, I would say “galactic proportions ” !

  70. Phil says:


    In your video, you mentioned “back dating” options.

    What happened to Apple’s Jobs ?
    Wasn’t there a case of 80 mio$’s worth of back- dated Options , i.e. like … “overlooked” as in “Oh , I didn’t notice them” ?
    IIRC, he got a small fine !

    BTW, after the announcement, AAPL’s shares immediately “climbed” !
    Crime pays obviously !

  71. marcus says:

    Max & Stacy ,..thankyou for the show !, i thought Rick Ackermans views were very insightful [would loved to have heard longer interview but realise perhaps your format does not allow for this .]you have asked for our calls for gold silver u.s dollar , what are your calls on these into august 2009 ? any chance of having Bob Prechter on your show ? anyone who saw this whole sorry mess developing , years in advance ,deserves to be heard even though people may agree /disagree passionately about such things ?,it’s always good to have a variety of views on the same topic.

  72. Youri Carma says:

    Much appreciated this Rick Ackermans! Always nice to meet some new guys at the frontline. What about this bloke? Who is he anyways? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yVLV7LxKGiI

    @[email protected]

    Well my “agent orange” write on said that it was Biological Proof Poison to spray on leaves in the dry time -> green spot will die after a view days. Plant can’t breath the toxic CO2 anymore and dies from the leaves. Poison is neutralist in the bio environment so not killing anything else.(At least that’s what it says)

    But seeds come in with the wind all the time so now I’ve got myself a grain spot. I like nature in fact I even had two very big frogs in my garden until I tidy up the garden. In fact doing the garden is killing nature so maybe I should leave it.

    Was thinking of some napalm attack on the greenspots though. Love the smell of napalm in the morning especially in my back garden – Little Nam.

  73. Tol says:

    Krugman: “Second Stimulus is in the Pipeline” http://is.gd/11IPn.

    Got Gold?

  74. Phil says:

    Sunday’s Off Topic – Related to Video management etc.

    As I lay great value on “User Friendliness”, i.e. time-saving , just wanted to share these with you ….

    HandBrake .. for resizing videos easily :
    ( FREE )

    VideoReDo .. cutting / editting easily :
    ( costs 30-70$ .. worth every penny )

    XaraXtreme – For Vector Graphics … the best vector-pgm in the world IMO:
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    I’ve used the above pgms for years … after buying ( for xxx$s ) many other pgms only to be disappointed .

    There is another free pgm out there for Vide Editting called “Super” , very good, but much more fiddling to do !


  75. Youri Carma says:

    Just Reading a Dutch Photo-Video Magazine where they put “Magix Video deluxe 15 Plus” on number 1 cause of the loads of tools, extreme loads of effects and other extras and multicam-editing.

  76. Youri Carma says:

    Loads of Pluses but One Minus – Can’t export to iPod-format.

  77. Phil says:

    @Youri Carma .. “Magix Video deluxe 15 Plus”

    I have the same Version , but without the “15” !
    Their Music package was excellent BTW ( digitalizing old Vinyls ).
    And yes, AFAIK Magix just bought Xarasoft !
    No wonder …. excellent package.

    Always the same !
    I use Homesite Webeditor .. and then it was bought up by Macromedia.
    The author ( Bradbury ) now has an even better product called “TopStyle” .. HTML via CSS … excellent.

    Another excellent product for Pictures etc. is XNView ( author is again a French guy )
    I still use the Version 1.8 as I think it’s better than the later versions.

  78. Phil says:

    @Youri … iPod format

    HandBrake can !


  79. Phil says:


    Here are the “presets” you can used :


  80. Palantíri says:



    http://www.handelsblatt.com/journal/nachrichten/schmuggel-anleihen-wahrscheinlich-echt;2355175 – (google translate) the seized U.S. Treasury bonds appeared authentic, according to the authorities on Saturday … As to the authenticity of the Kennedy-Bonds is concerned, we still have doubts, but the U.S. government bonds worth some 358 million euros seem credible. They are made of filigree paper of excellent quality.

  81. Mr Supergeek says:

    Off Off topic trivia….I saw a advert on the side of a london bus recently for press tv….If presstv won’t cough up the cash for Max and Stacy to have a real guest/person in the studio maybe fans/people could send in Vid/Audio questions from mobile phones…

  82. Youri Carma says:

    @Phil Tnx! I think they can’t use Magix Video deluxe 15 Plus (Windows 2000, XP and Vista) anyways cause of Mac. Not entirely sure if they only have Mac stuff? You could do a dual boot on a Mac nowaydays cause of Intel and put a XP Pro version as second boot.

  83. Phil says:

    @Youri Carma ” Mac”

    OMG… they use a “Mac” ?

    I gave up Apple i the 80’s when I found out that they wanted 500 DMs for a printer-cable !
    ( The STD Centronics port had been slightly modified so that a normal PC cable wouldn’t work ).

    Also, I regard Jobs as the typical American salesman.
    Wosniak was the genius and Jobs stole the show IMO.

    I designed & developed a Motherboard in those days based on the MC68xxx family … same as Atari & Mac. Damn shame that IBM was using the same chip in their Mid-range System/36 .. which is why we are now stuck with X86 these days !

  84. Phil says:

    @Youri Carma ” Mac”

    Another OT .. on Apple !

    Jobs is regarded as a marketing genius by the hero-worshipping American masses.
    If he had been such, then why didn’t he make the Mac-OS “open” in 1995 before Win95 came along ?

    I’ll tell you why (IMO) …
    IMO, Apple always wanted “everything” ( like rulng the IT world ) by remaining “proprietry”. After criticising IBM for the same, it turned out that “the same” was their “aim” as well.
    If they’d done an open OS in 1995, they could be sharing 50% of Microsoft’s market today IMO !

    Sorry about so many OTs BTW !

  85. sharon says:

    @ Phil,
    Thanks for the link to the article re: crash of the Titans – very informative and answers a few questions I had regarding the rift between the US and Europe and Britain and Europe.
    What we are witnessing now is indeed the crash of the Titans, I wonder who will win. My money’s on the Nationalist Alliance of Russia, France Germany, China, Iran, etc. I think Britain is somewhere in the middle: They were given the chance to join France and Germany in the EU but have strong ties to the US and I’m not sure they’ve yet made up their minds. Moving to Europe may potentially cut their ties with Rothschild but if that’s the case then I can’t understand why Mandelson and Brown are pushing us into the EU because we know that Mandelson is a Rothschild agent. I’m still trying to figure out that part and I’ve not yet finished reading the article so maybe it will enlighten somewhat. If you know the answer please let me know.

  86. Phil says:


    Have you read “The Creature from Jekyll Island” yet ?
    My guess is “yes” !
    If not, it is IMO the most important and complete history of the banking system.

    That newspaper article was written in 2006.
    Amazing how many things came true as of now !

    Also, it’s a pity that the author made use of the reference “Nato Nazis” IMO …. simply because that type of statement makes it easy for people to ridicule the article, which on the whole was pretty insightful.

  87. Verilog says:

    Rick Ackerman says in this interview with Max that those who are predicting hyperinflation, such as Peter Schiff, are ‘wack jobs’ yet in the follwing article he writes;

    “However, we would like to say a few things about hyperinflation, since, on this score, we think Schiff got it right. He believes that the Fed, having explicitly committed itself to holding interest rates down by purchasing unlimited quantities of Treasury debt, has put the U.S. on a hyperinflationary course. We agree. In fact, and as we noted in an earlier commentary here, Schiff has laid out such a strong case that it is hard to see how he could be wrong.”


    He denigrates people who disagree with him as ‘bozos’ and uses coments like “did not know his ass from his elbow”

    This was the sort of abuse that Peter Schiff endured from CNBC clowns when he predicted the mess we are now in.

    Here is Schiff’s opinion on deflation vs inflation


  88. Youri Carma says:


    First mistake it isn’t deflation vs inflation since both can happen and even go hand in hand.

    I totally agree with Peter Schiff cause what he’s saying is that there is deflation in the sense of housing prices en some other area’s. Technically a lot of economist don’t want to call that deflation so that’s why Peter says “in the sense of”, you see.

    That’s why I argued the deflation ->inflation ->deflation scenario cause I think every price decline even if it is only in some areas of the economy is in fact deflation – price decline.

    But as the dollar declines eventually a lot things will become more expensive from the dollar point of view which is inflation.

  89. Wilson says:

    Hmm seems like Max didn’t agree with some of Rick’s points as you can see on Max’s face. But nonetheless it’s good to have a different opinion. I think Max sees inflation where RIck sees the opposite. I like what RIck said that if you are not on the inside trading then you are on the end of the of being swindled. I hope gold will fall some more later this month and early next month. Hopefully it will be as low as last year at $700ish so can back up the truck. Then rebound to over $1000 like Rick forecasts 🙂 But then again I’m a bit skeptical that gold will breach $1000 again this year. It seems that the critical mass has not been reached yet, just like the past few years. Many gold bugs predicted that gold will shoot to the the moon to $2000. So far that has not happened yet.

  90. Brian says:

    Max & Stacey, seems like Max isn’t sold on Ron Paul and is subtly mocking him but Stacey calms the topic… could it be Stacey is a fan of RP and Max isn’t?

    So Max & Stacey, who would you vote for?:

    A. Ron Paul

    B. Dennis Kuchinich

    Since these guys are the only real Republican and Democrat in D.C., go ahead and choose one, I’m curious.

  91. Ingvend Storrs says:

    a. Nice to see you found Blip.tv
    b. Nice Uncle Fester imitation at the beginning of the show. (Try a sedative 1/2 hr. before the show.)

    Good show. Keep drilling the syndicate, Max. (But calm down and select your words better. There’s only one adrenaline freak (AJ). We need your expertise, not emotional tirades.)

  92. Aridzonan says:

    Allegations have been made that the Chinese would not be bad mouthing the dollar if they weren’t out of dollars. That is to say the majority of their dollars are under contract to purchase commodities, industries etc. So, at some time in the near future China will buy international assets with devalued dollars. Hmmm??

    Leave it to the Chinese to call the defacto death of the dollar. Let’s say Nov / Dec this year??/

  93. Verilog says:

    @ Youri Carma

    Remember that Schiff is an exponent of the Austrian school, and therefore defines inflation as an increase in the money supply and deflation as a contraction of the money supply, so by his definition it is impossible to have both deflation and inflation.

    According to his following broadcast, Schiff says they are using deflation as an excuse to print money to ‘save ‘ us from falling consumer prices.


  94. tom alabama says:

    what did he mean we wont have hyper inflation unless it’s “willfully triggered”? How can we print up trillions of $ and not have inflation? How would hyper inflation be purposely triggered???

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