Dollar and gold go head to head for ‘reserve currency’ title ** [Updated] **

Stacy Summary:  Place your bets in the comments section.  Gold or dollar?  Which will win the title fight?


36 comments on “Dollar and gold go head to head for ‘reserve currency’ title ** [Updated] **
  1. Mother Earth says:

    Yeey, got my Perth silver!

    @Max & Stacey, when do you expect an exodus from the Comex due to its imminent default?

    Rein ne vas plus, fait vos jeux a

  2. Danny says:

    @ Mother Earth

    You get the koala 1 ounce silvers? I got a bunch too, they’re gorgeous

  3. marcus says:

    my 2 cents worth /,dow priced in gold is down approx 80 % since 2000,[still no where near bottom, dow likely major low in year 2016 ] according to ‘perceived wisdom’ of long wave economics and dow and dollar always follow gold eventually ?, [guess we will have to wait and see ?]short term against all the odds dollar to magically rally [fithwave up] to mid – high eighties ?, gold to go much, much lower $200 lower over next few months , if it does not break $1010 ,silver also bearish ,[ i looked at charts for silver in the 1920’s and great depression ,silver not a buy until bottom in 1932 ? ] silver low $8 or $9 , i love all these whacky predictions based upon astrology /sun spots cycles etc , seems just as reliable as anything else ? hmmm………where’s edgar cayce ?

  4. Mother Earth says:

    @Danny I got a 1 kilo 2009 Koala, less detailed than the one ounces and some bullion..Because it was part numismatics no vat on the bullion 😉 Silver has vat in holland, gold doesn’t

    Intrade has bets on gold as well, and hubdub has a number of them..I can announce I just got a new domain to house the gold bets of milligrambank..just for fun..

    Dutch news: Some banks that enticed people to invest in leased shares with high risk and lots of commision will have to compensate for some of the losses..

  5. Phil says:

    @ME … PPT busy again …

    Follow the colours : Blue Red Green for last 3 days.

  6. Photoception says:

    [on the 1.2 trillion dollars created by the Fed. Sept 08-Jan 09]

    “It was lent to foreign central banks that lent dollars to their banks, to take pressure off the US Dollar Market.”

    -Donald Kohn Fed Vice Chairman

  7. [email protected] says:

    dear ones: I previously viewed Adrian Salbulchi’s videos which suggested a two-tiered gold backed system: one inter/intra bank traded as bullion with a computer chip valued at some extreme price; and the other as a commodity traded at the COMEX price for the general public….Any thoughts??

  8. alister says:

    ‘Reserve Bank of Australia link to Saddam regime’

  9. Mike/Liverpool says:

    “They” are not going to allow Gold over $1,000……..its done it once in the past, but “They” have now drawn the line.

    Not sure how you over power “They”?

  10. stacyherbert says:

    @Mike2liverpool – you are so impatient! “They” can’t fight the market forever. If “they” could house prices would still be rising, the Dow would be at 20,000 and Nasdaq would be at 8,000.

  11. marcus says:

    interesting yesterdays story about ‘missing gold in canada ‘,the ‘web bots project ‘ had a hit to do with previous published alta reports to expect stories in media of ‘missing gold’ and to expect more such stories in the future etc …..i guess we can take such stories with as much ‘ sugar’ or ‘salt’ as we like ? but interesting just the same .. as for microchips and gold ?, i guess anythings possible,even with gold ?, they can have their gold, it won’t save them..

  12. Phil says:

    @stacyherbert … “DJIA 20,000”

    I remember those guest on CNBC shouting ….

    DJIA 20,000
    Apple 600
    Google 1,000

    … while the DJIA was at 14,000.

    On the same day I was telling everyone than 7000 is the realistic position for the DJIA …. before the HyperDebt of Subprime started being discussed.

    OTOH, they may be right about those numbers , when you factor-in a future US$ devaluation !

  13. Dan says:

    How do you think the imf gold sale will effect the price?

  14. juergenwahl says:

    Please see:

    From late 08Nov to the present, gold handily outperformed the buck. However, while the GLD:UUP ratio seems to be retreating at its upper volatility asymptote, the trend for the yellow metal, vis-à-vis the dollar, is still pointing upwards.

    Both the gold and dollar markets are subject to so much government meddling that long-term, asymptotic trading is one of the best ways to safely approach them – and even then, “the best laid plans of mice and men gang aft agley!”

  15. stacyherbert says:

    @Dan – it’s already been priced in. Also, if the contributor nations fail to deliver this alleged gold for IMF to sell . . . could send it higher.

  16. Re: TANKERS

    Some interesting news on that front…

    The Single bottom tankers are being taken out of commission
    (Single-bottom means that there is no barrier between the cargo and the water except for one plate, albeit THICK, of steel)

    the apparent ORDERS for the new Double-bottom tankers have been canceled or put on hold…
    (I’m trying to track down some more info regarding that… I believe the South Koreans had the contract)

    This means there’s going to be nowhere to STORE THE OIL.

    So either oil consumption needs to go up, or the wells are going to have to be shut down…

    unless they have a LOT of barrels to store it

    $85/bbl by the end of the year????
    that will depend on the delusion of the market,
    and the reality of consumption…

    As for the Bitumen diggers in Alberta,
    my understanding is that oil needs to be at least $70/bbl for most of the juniors to produce…
    But Suncor and Petro-Can shareholders voted on the merger yesterday with an overwhelming YES…
    that will be the biggest oil pig in Canada now…

  17. marcus says:

    goodnight everybody ,downing street ,sound track

  18. Phil says:

    @Gold price – inflation adjusted

    Just FYI …

    In mid. 1986 , any German bank would pay you ca. 80,000 DMs per Kg. of Gold.
    That’s ca. 40,000 Euros per Kilogram.

    Something to think about !

    The peak price was in ca. 1982 during the Iran/Iraq war.

  19. Mike/Liverpool says:

    Can’t wait to see The meeting of the German leader with Obama:-


    “Did you bring the GOLD!?”

  20. Mother Earth says:

    Is Kitco down (price tracking image on the right) for everyone?

  21. Tim Gandee says:

    Gold/Silver should win this fight in the long run. Physical possession calls by Germany and Saudi Arabia, if assumed to be true, will be horribly detrimental to the US’s ability to suppress the prices for too much longer. The QE needs of the Fed are being far under-estimated in the US press, so further announcements of QUARTERLY $1 Trillion debt monetization in the future will surely shake even the staunchest “green shoot” advocates.

    Dr. Congressman Ron Paul’s bill to audit the Federal Reserve nearly has 50% of the House in co-sponsors and while this happens, more and more media coverage is starting to point the finger at the Federal Reserve. Since most in America have never questioned this system, a mere mention of the Federal Reserve in the press may be just enough to spur even the groggiest of the sleeping to look into the Federal Reserve and its system. When the truth is known, they will flee all US domestic paper stocks, CDs, and Bonds just as I did when I took the red pill. This will drive up the educational wealth of the US populous enough to no longer trust the fiat-devil US currency beyond daily transactions.

    Combine that with the absolute truth that price inflation will rear its ugly head in the near term future and more “old-money” institutions announcing their purchases, and the ones still asleep will push for gold. Keep in mind most of the gold movement that has taken place has been pushed by a very small, albeit intelligent, group of investors and while asset price deflation has been taking place.

    I placed my bet on gold, however I am still leveraged to the gills in debt. No longer dependent on the debt and can service it, but it will be a solid 4 years before I pay off the entire house, couple of credit cards, and a car. Thankfully I can still do so before the next wave of derivative meltdowns comes with the Alt-A and Option Only ARMS resets due to the long end of the Treasury curve moving its way up with the QE death march of the Fed.

    Patience will have to play on this bet though.

    But what do I know, I am just a newborn libertarian with a horrible Republican hangover.

  22. Phil says:

    @Mike .. “Did you bring the GOLD!?”

    LOL … that seems to be joke of the day !
    Seen it already about 10 times.

    Just shows what’s on people’s minds !
    Like … “what exactly” is Ft. Knox guarding ?

  23. anything but green says:

    Peak Oil is a scam that you can easily verify.

    Clean energy is suppressed:

    Check out Rockefeller’s Club of Rome’s and the green agenda.

  24. I believe the gold market is heavily influenced; there may be significant incentive for some parties to maintain gold prices, stock prices, and the UST bond market.

  25. Mother Earth says:

    @stacey Merci Beaucoup! Kitco may be overloaded..its on and off.

  26. [email protected] says:

    @stacey: Since no one has responded to my 7:04am post am I to take it that the suggestion by A. Baldulchi is in left field???

  27. [email protected] says:

    @Stacy: correction that is “Stacy’ sin e….and Adrian Salbulchi…my error

  28. Veritas says:

    Reverend Billy of the Church of Stop Shopping is running for …
    Mayor of NY City?

  29. 05 jun 09
    Max and Stacey:

    RE “The New Feudalism”, there are 6Billion of we the people, we who share values and desire an enriching life – and there are ~13 elite families who essentially control the wealth and resources. This is about to change in a dramatic way.

    Everything addressed in this article derives from the elite’s war-disaster capitalism machine. They are the only ones profiting by their genocidal policies. We are about to stop them, with the mind revolution. We’re deciding to just stop, to cut them off.

    The 13 families include perhaps 10,000 elite leutenants and no more than a million or so minions. They control, or controlled, the financial/economic system, main stream media (MSM), and governments/militaries. As we resume our control over our planet and idioenvirons (your personal house, yard, car, job, air, water, food), their control over us diminishes.

    I urge a total re-examination of our precepts; as people, as spiritual beings, as members of our communities, and what, if any, allegiances to “governments”. As the Empire America collapses, we have the opportunity to turn things our way. Please examine the basis for zero point energy, growing your own food, and rejecting the global elite banking-genocide model of human existence. It’s designed with only one objective. I urge we the people design our own system with many enriching objectives.

    It’s time for us to learn to live in harmony. With everything.
    – george mcclure
    Nashville TN

  30. Rebecca says:

    My best guess is with Germany demanding gold from Fort Knox, the white house panic over that, the recent $20 climb/decline of gold in one day, the states are going to lead us into a hyperinflationary predicament. EVERY CENTAL BANK SLAVE UNIT will be overwhelmed with inflation when this puppy blows.

    I’m from Canada, and we are not able to decrease our Bank of Canada interest rates below the current price of 0.25%! Our currency is about to blow thru the roof due to our oil/mineral commodity based currency when “they” blow the greenback.

    Answer: Silver and gold should be the big winner here. But then, everything else is going up in price too. Here in Alberta, our food banks are experiencing on average 16,000 clients per month.

  31. [email protected] says:

    @george mcclure: well said….now to convince ( awaken??) the other 6.799999 b population to have the same epiphany….IMHO Max & Stacy provide this site ( and their other broadcasts) for just such a possibility…I refer once more to the former British TV series MaxHeadroom ( sorry Max.) and the pirate shortwave mohawk hair styled broadcaster who “spread the news( truth)”….

  32. sharon says:

    @ Stacy….“They” can’t fight the market forever. If “they” could house prices would still be rising, the Dow would be at 20,000 and Nasdaq would be at 8,000.

    So you don’t think that was by design? My understanding is that they extend the credit and encourage people to go further into debt by lowering interest rates and bombarding people with offers of loans, credit cards, etc. and then manipulate the markets to crash….they still win.

  33. Joe says:

    The US military is the only thing keeping the dollar going.
    If the US is unsuccessful in Pakistan and Afghanistan, it will be difficult for them to maintain dollar hegemony over the east.

    I got a little silver
    Sold my 30 year bonds
    Got a 20 gage.

    Check out:

  34. sharon says:

    @ George,
    Re: will we win?
    I guess it depends what’s in the chemtrails and whether they’ll get away with mandatory vaccinations for swine flu or they may just release a more fatal version some time this year. As you say, these are genocidal bastards we’re dealing with and they won’t let go of their power without a fight. At the moment they control the govs., the military and the press. So if the police and military are set up on us or we end up consuming some of their toxic chemicals (those being sprayed on us or those in our food or those in the water or those in the vaccinations) then it’ll be a tough fight.

  35. Mini US says:

    Don’t worry folks.
    Gold and Silver will probably go nuts once Govts around the world remove their guarentees on savings. The Aus Govt says that this will just happen with time as things get better. You think we will trust money then! The only way Govt can guarentee savings is because…..there aren’t any!

    I wasn’t gonna say this because I remember when I was told Santa didn’t exist. Its ok, nothing you see on TV is real everyone. Stacey is probably in the next room with a feed from the same vision source as Max.

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