Anyone have 140 characters for Honduras? [UPDATED]

Stacy Summary:  I love this picture.  There are more available here

Protests in Honduras

Protests in Honduras

Update: Democracy Now! covered the story here. It appears to be the only news provider that covered the story and is well worth watching.

70 comments on “Anyone have 140 characters for Honduras? [UPDATED]
  1. Mike2liverpool says:

    I wondered when America would get back to sorting the “back yard”. If i were ANY people around there, i worry about America …………..My advice would be for them to strike back hard ………..Threaten a Vietham.

  2. Caroline says:

    how brave these protesters are.

  3. Mother Earth says:

    Jeez! What color now !?

    Quick interpretation: US has lots of guns, provides them to Honduras miltary in return for ousting Chavez ally in order to weaken BRIC and edge closer to oil reserves.

    @Stacey If you go to Iran, can I be the director 😉

    Made a short history of the dutch ‘Bum revolt’ as sunday afternoon project…

  4. Mother Earth says:

    @max what do you make of this news, Russia exiling all casinos..

  5. Don says:

    This will be a fatal flaw in the US’s meddling, as now all eyes in Central and South America will be opened to the truth about how the US has been infiltrating their politics and their rights.

    The arrogance of the oli’s is uncanny, they must believe that we all asleep all of the time.
    To the spooks, oli’s and controlling people:
    Keep it up assholes. Your day will dawn.
    You have created more than enough jail cells
    to hold all of you criminals!
    XOXO Don

  6. M says:


    Anyone here into agriculture?
    This here sounds rather terrible…

  7. Youri Carma says:

    Passing President Obama’s “cap and trade” energy program would cost the average Oklahoma family $3,200 a year, Sen. Jim Inhofe said.

  8. Phil says:

    Interesting take on Great ( or was Great ) Britain …

    Here is Zeno451 being rather scathing about the UK…

    Re: These popular precious-metals ETFs are radically changing the investment landscape. They have created conduits for massive of stock-market capital

    He mentions these two articles :

    Brown is showing his desperation by stuffing bankers’ mouths with silver

    S&P warning shows Britain is out of credit


    BTW .. I agree 100% with his last statement , that Public Sector Pensions are way too high !
    Whether the Govt. will have the guts to do something about it, I doubt it very much !

  9. frances snoot says:

    Here is a link from Naked Capitalist site I thought you’d find interesting regarding copyrights and linking online:

  10. Youri Carma says:

    RAPPORT PDF Shell its future looks set to be “more energy, more CO2”

  11. Youri Carma says:

    RED ALERT: The Total Takeover Of America Enters Its Final Phase: Paul Joseph Watson | Full frontal assault ..

    So, let’s just say it’s show and tell time for the economy and corporate America!

  12. Youri Carma says:

    Mounting US jobless claims force states to borrow

    Central banks seek rankings for financial products

  13. Phil says:

    @Youri Carma … ” RED ALERT: The Total Takeover Of America Enters….”

    I suppose if EVERYONE used Anonymizers, “they” wouldn’t have a computer big enough to track everybody !
    BTW .. I presume “prosecution of hate crimes” means you have to “love your Govt.” or what ?

    Maybe we’ll soon be having “Pirate” Internet Ships parked off-shore in international waters … remember Radio Caroline ?

  14. klaos says:

    Chavez threatens military action over Honduras coup

  15. Youri Carma says:

    China’s banks are an accident waiting to happen to every one of us

  16. ispice says:

    “Anyone here into agriculture?”

    We all are, just different levels of awareness.

    Nasty rust mold, a pin to the green revolutions bubble.

  17. Mother Earth says:

    @Max & Stacey Is Jim Willie on your Guest list? He has a good idea of China’s strategy to back up hedge funds in order to break US manipulations..

    About UG99

  18. stacyherbert says:

    @Mother Earth – excellent idea, as always; yes, we had thought of him but it’s so hard when we only do one show a week! We really need two or three; we are trying hard via AP to set this up with other broadcasters to expand the range and also the number of shows we can do per week

    @all – Thanks for all the good links. So much to read. Right, you may see some of them in a headline post later, or talked about in our On the Edge this week. We record it tomorrow rather than Wednesday as per our usual schedule.

    Can’t wait to talk to Paul Craig Roberts again. Send any questions you might have. Especially about the economy, finance, markets, labor . ..

  19. Phil says:

    Off Topic as usual , but interesting IMO …

    GenPets :

    The Truth Alone Will Not Set You Free .. ( page 2 )

    A small taste …
    … ” These corporate forces, schooled by Woodrow Wilson’s vast Committee for Public Information, which sold World War I to the public, learned how to skillfully mobilize and manipulate the emotional responses of the public. The control of the airwaves and domination through corporate advertising of most publications restricted news to reporting facts, to “objectivity and balance,” while the real power to persuade and dominate a public remained under corporate and governmental control. “…


  20. gonzomarx says:

    meanwhile in Russia
    Putin Exiles ALL casinos

  21. Mother Earth says:

    @Stacey Yes, you’d be positioned well to be an ‘infohub’ and these experts also need channels to broadcast. Have you heard Peter Schiff complain about lack of invitations to speak? Are you going to Iran ? 😉

  22. Phil says:

    Der Privateer ( gibt einen globalen Alarm aus:

    ( In English )

    … “A Global Privateer Financial Appreciation:
    What the ECB did back in December 2007 was a reaction to financial events which made the world’s
    international payments system seize up. The ECB hammered 348 Billion ($US 485 Billion) straight into
    the European payments system so that all the other financial participants could make or receive payments.
    This was a “one-off”! But now, the ECB has done it, again – on a scale which vastly exceeds what it did
    back in December 2007. This is not a “one-off”. This time, it is supplying unlimited funds for a year!

    Measuring Possible Magnitudes:
    ” …

    … “The European payment system will therefore survive – for at least another year.
    But, if the crisis foreseen by the ECB is a debt default by a big government, then the global final outcome
    becomes extremely doubtful. “…

  23. Phil says:

    OT: Does anyone else here use Opera ?

    Just a tip in case you don’t !

    I used to use FF over 4 years ago … but since using Opera, I will never go back.
    FF is very good of course, but Opera’s functionality and user friendliness is just amazing.

    I can mark any text and translate to any langugae using the RH-Mouse Menu.
    Or.. I can just mark some text and tell Opera to “speak” !
    Loads of other examples as well.

  24. Mother Earth says:

    Have they listen to Max ? Russia banning casino’s and China banning virtual currency exchange to move in the exact opposite way Max envisioned for the US?

  25. gonzomarx says:

    Now it doesn’t pay to go to collage

    that’s how fucked the economy is!!

  26. stacyherbert says:

    @Mother Earth – yes, I saw that China currency story; we may cover it tomorrow if possible, always hard to tell ahead of time

  27. gonzomarx says:

    Court lets stand Saudi immunity in 9/11 case

    and the people with the most questions to answer walk.

  28. Youri Carma says:


    Questions for Paul Graig Roberts:

    – How big is the Total (estimated) World Trade in goods for goods so for example oil for rice in dollars.

    – How big is the total (not only OTC) (estimated) amount of derivatives in the system right now?

    – Would the Tulip Mania have been the best answer for this derivative based banking crises meaning a “Call Force Majeure” for all existing derivatives in the system as main solution?

    – Can “Call Force Majeure” still be the best solution to this derivative problem?

    – What is the thing you regret the most or have second thoughts about now when looking back at your Reagan period and your role in that?

  29. Youri Carma says:

    FACTBOX: Key facts about Honduras, hit by coup

  30. steve says:

    If there was any hope that change would come to American foreign policy it died today. Same old America. Submit to American corporate power or the CIA will have your ass. Now they have another base from which to subvert freedom and democracy. All the while claiming to support freedom and democracy. I am so tired of this. Obama is just the same as the rest. If there was any doubt about who controlled America it should now be very clear to all….the corporate elite. Obama will play along because he must. Sad, so sad.

  31. Max Power says:

    The worldwide “wheat” reserves that used to be in the 60 to 90 day range in the 1990s have shrunk to about 15 days.

    I don’t know who does the charting for this, but I believe it has been tracked since 1940.

    Saudi Arabia and the US have aquifers that have been oversubscribed with mainly wheat production — these aquifers will have to cease agricultural operations between 2 …10 years from now in these areas.

    In my podcasts subscriptions I have RNZ and Radio National (Australia) Rural news radio programmes.

    In the American Imperialist lands, there is no such thing as agricultural broadcasting on normal MW / FM or TV. The Agricultural broadcast is unknown. Canada still has “La Semine Verte (Green Week)” and “Land and Sea” on CBC-SRC.

    If you were to waterboard 90% of Americans with Agricultural interrogations (like where their meat and veg come from, remember that waterboarding is mandatory in America) — it might take thousands of hours and hundreds of interrogations before you found anyone that had any idea.


    Anyone here into agriculture?

    This here sounds rather terrible…

  32. Youri Carma says:

    Facebook hires former Genentech exec as CFO: Facebook bolstered its management ranks by announcing the selection.. (The Financial Times)

    Facebook hires former Genentech exec as CFO (ZDnet)

  33. Max Power says:

    Not that it is any of my biz, but who do you use to send your video program to Iran?

    I was under the impression that a lot of EBU members (primary and secondary) allow for FTP or SFTP transfers of content.

    I am in the telecom biz, if you wish to view my screensaver:

    (800×600, Win XP / 2000 / Vista)

  34. Michael Le Couteur, MSCD ret'd says:

    Buddy, can you spare 15.3 million?

    15.3 million missing from the Canadian Mint.

    And it just gets better and better. Funny how the CBC and the Globe and Mail have said nothing and the CTV have this story buried in the back somewhere. I cannot speak for television as I do not watch it. I guess my supposed unbiased (rotflmao) news up here in the Great White North do not see this as a problem. C’mon, what are we whining about. It was only 15.3 million after all.

  35. Jennifer says:

    Clueless, raggedy-ass peasants risking life and limb to reinstate their unlawful, tyrannical pinko president vs Tehran’s well-heeled twittering hordes. We The Media report from the front lines of social networking sites to bring you Fair and Balanced™ coverage of Iran’s color coded, hand held gadget-driven revolution. The images shown here of Honduran demonstrators staring down the barrels of automatic assault weapons pointed in their faces should not be interpreted as an angry citizenry demanding the return to power of their illegally ousted President, but merely evidence that some people are too stupid to realize what’s good for them. And now back to our regularly scheduled program, cobbled together from the tweets of someone called ‘Iranguy86’ and the bass player of Fall Out Boy. Coming up next, a San Jose woman finds Michael Jackson’s face imprinted in the grilled cheese of her Sloppy-Joe.


    Considering Canada has been looking at a DROUGHT,
    and FUNGUS needs HUMIDITY to grow,
    I don’t see that as the big problem this season

    I think Copper Sulfides, are used to battle fungus usually…

    i could be wrong though
    Perhaps it is an engineered fungus like that one the STUPID FUCKING SECRET FORCES of America developed to “eradicate” Coca plants in South America

    I blame it on Karma and Murphy’s Law

  37. Codex Alimentarius, anybody?

    Only a handful of months before it becomes GLOBAL LAW
    (or at least globally “encouraged”)

  38. 12 years to generate a new variant of wheat?


    I’ve grown certain “herbs of dubious legality”
    where I could turn over 4 generations in a year (EASILY)
    if they would actually try to GROW the shit in a lab, and breed the genetics required,
    instead of wasting time in the field (one or two generations at best per year), then they could turn over a new fungus resistant crop in less than 2 years

    what utter BUNK

    I hate MSM
    asshole propagandists
    (or maybe they are just THAT ignorant????)


    Spring Wheat takes 20-25 weeks to go full-cycle…

    If you screw around with the light cycle
    you could cut that down by 25-50%
    it depends on the requirement for “flowering” (i.e. seed generation)

    it depends on HOW MUCH DARKNESS the plant needs to go into the “flowering” cycle…
    and of course how much Minimal Light is required to sustain the basic Chlorophyll conversion (I’m sure there is a better definition for that, but I’ve been drinking beer)….
    but the darkness is more important…

    now logic dictates that wheat doesn’t need more than 12 hours of darkness to flower….
    so what is the minimal amount of light required???

    I need to do more research (the info is plentiful)

    You are allowed to fuck with nature…
    there is no LAW that says you have to do it on a 24hr light schedule…

  40. Tofu Charlie says:

    Egad… look at this paper released recently by The Brookings Institute…

    “Which Path to Persia — Options for a New American Strategy toward Iran”


    The Question of a Provocation

    As noted above, in the section on the time frame for an invasion, whether the United States decides to invade Iran with or without a provocation is a critical consideration. With provocation, the international diplomatic and domestic political requirements of an invasion would be mitigated, and the more outrageous the Iranian provocation (and the less that the United States is seen to be goading Iran), the more these challenges would be diminished. In the absence of a sufficiently horrific provocation, meeting these requirements would be daunting…


  41. anything but green says:

    Scott from Oregon

    Who do you think is behind the Gaia concept, environmentalism, etc.?

    Did you know Al Gore’s daughter married Jacob Schiff’s granddaughter?

    Here is a video made decades ago, warning us about what is slowly becoming obvious, although clearly not to Max and Stacy:

  42. Fuck Iran….

    “I’ve got my own life to live….
    I’m the one that’s gonna die when it’s time for me to die
    so let me live my life
    the way I want to….
    sing on brother
    play on drummer…”
    -Jimi (Marshall) Hendrix

    Let Iran blow itself up
    don’t interfere…
    especially if it has nothing do with your hunger…
    your poverty
    your sanity
    If they want to make it a Glass Parking Lot,
    so be it…
    you can”t save them with TWITTER

  43. Mother Earth says:

    Gold is so going up. This time i think there is no trick left to stop it.

    Carbon trade is a scam trade. It should ony be applied to emitters, not to renewable energy or savings. Here’s why :

  44. Mother Earth says:

    Sorry to spam, but Schiff talks about swiss and other banks around the world shunning american money, how smart it is to keep your money in the US and the fact that leaving the US is made increasingly difficult..

  45. Mother Earth
    You have offended American Spam laws

    149 years in Madoff’s cell
    is your reward
    (just so he can spend one year in jealousy)

    HAR HAR!!!

    Gold is not going to crack $1000 in 2009
    (of course, October is still a few months away)
    after all
    it is a strategically controlled commodity….
    what affects its price?
    (Kitco say $944.10 as I write this… up $6.80)

  46. Mother Earth says:

    @signor donutti

    Going against Marc Faber is risky..

    The taxhaven war comes on top of all the other stuff. The US is making it seem it is a bad place to have you money. What happens if people move their gold to London or Switzerland, now the arch enemy of the US?

  47. Phil says:

    @ME .. “US Citizens … up to 10 years after leaving”

    Hi Mother Earth,
    I agree … it is absolutely disgusting IMO that a Govt. treats “anyone” like that. It also looks to me like if they can’t ram patriotism down the (so called) patriots’ throats, then they’ll shove it up their ….. !
    Remember that old game called “Sim City”, where if you raised taxes too high, all the citizens run away ?..
    … really cute to see all those little figures leaving the cities screaming !
    Also, that old Patrick McGoohen ( R.I.P.) series “The Prisoner” comes to mind.
    Maybe all “workers” should go back to “localization” and bartering between villages and see how long the Federal Govt. survives with no money.
    Oops, I suppose that was a “hate post” … is it law yet ?

    BTW .. just for information :
    I Brit (finance) guy I know is now living in Transylvania.
    He runs a website from there.
    He called me yesterday and told me his electricity bill is ca. 20 Euros per month, food is cheap – roughly 1/5th. of German prices.

  48. @Mother Earth

    I’m going against Marc Faber???

    HOLY FUCK !!!

    I didn’t think I was more pessimistic than him…
    I do feel shame now
    (I blame it on the whisky….the beer is finished…)
    (I know I know….
    Liquor before beer, Never fear…
    Beer before Liquor, never sicker….
    but I don’t seem to get hangovers…. unless I’m in Italy)

    Gold goes to London or the Swiss…
    a piece of metal is transferred…
    transport and storage costs ….
    that would increase its intrinsic value, sure…

    I don’t recall Faber calling for gold to crack $1000 this year…
    he is a LONG RANGE forecaster like Jimmie Rogers….
    (I love them both, though… don’t get me wrong… I’m just moderately inebriated and uninhibited at the moment)

    I just feel that GOLD (and PGMs for the most part)
    are strategically controlled by the Goldman Sucks, et al, group…
    No matter how pitiful our consumerist attempts to increase demand (which pales against the Indian Jewellery industry),
    we can’t FORCE gold past $1000


    Re: Patrick McGoohan and Bartering

    I LOVE Mr.McGoohan RIP
    (I just realized, recently, he was the prison warden in “Escape from Alcatraz”… good fuckin american accent to boot)

    I’ve gotten more in my life by bartering WEED than GOLD!!!
    (Actually, I’ve never bartered gold for anything…)
    Vegetable Cultivation or Hunting is more valuable than Shiny Metals in a local “EARTH ABIDES”-like community….

    Prepare for the WORST
    so YOU can be at your BEST….

  49. Phil says:

    @Giuseppe .. ” I don’t recall Faber calling for gold to crack $1000 this year… ”

    IIRC, ca. 3 weeks ago , Faber was actually bearish on Gold.
    OTOH, maybe he wanted more .. cheaper !

  50. Mother Earth says:

    @phil Well, I have a barter site ready to go…just add money 😉

    I need a vacation, a camera, a netbook and investors for my CSP concept. Maybe I need to move to transylvania too, they have georgeous woman there..

  51. M says:

    Who posted this?

    It’s not just quantity of loans that is important, it’s quality too (as we have just learned). Chinese equity markets have rebounded smartly from their recent lows, due in large part to easy money. It may be best to take a breather. Pundits first claimed that the economic crisis would be contained in the U.S., not spreading to the faster growing emerging markets. This was a faulty premise, these emerging markets depend on the U.S. for exports. It seems highly unlikely to me that these same economies can recover without a significant recovery in the U.S.

    It’s total and utter nonsense. Why would China need the US for it’s exports? To get more dollars? Anyone really believes that they need more shitting paper in China? If they want more dollars why not steal the design and manufacture them themselves?

  52. Phil says:

    @Gordon Brown .. “‘Deceit over cuts will lead to riots’, says David Cameron”

    … ” The new measures included proposals to force all under-25s into a job or training by threatening to withdraw their benefits, and a tripling of the social housing budget. ” …

    Hey Gordon .. “what” jobs ?

  53. @M

    If China needs more Shit-house ass-wipe

    They should look to CASCADE (i think it is CAS on the TSX)

    They make outstanding (and exceptionally low-priced)
    TP out of recycled paper products….
    no need to butcher Old Growth for a White Collar Anus….
    GOOD QUALITY, TOO (low dust)

    I suspect Canada, Mexico and South America are going to become far more relevant to China
    than the United States of Amnesia (h/t to Kaiser Keiser… thanx for the Gil Scott Heron ref)

    the NA Markets have seemingly taken the summer off
    (sell in May, go away)
    I have seen it on the Canuck Markets
    Volume is practically reduced to Retail and the RBC or CIBC market Makers
    no sign of Institutions or BIG MONEY investors
    although, i see the occasional ANONYMOUS Bidder (i.e. #1 on the Level II Market-By-Order ticker) coming in to buy some shares in BIG BLOCKS
    (I don’t know if US Markets have that option)

    The US has to come to grips damn quickly with its needs and start producing
    or else the Celente portent of CIVIL WAR may become reality
    which would really hurt the ratings of American idol and Fox News

  54. anything but green says:

    America start producing? How? The manufacturing industry was dismantled and shipped to China decades ago. There is no turning back. Read Agenda 21. The old manufacturing centers are to be bulldozed. The CHANGE will be permanent.

    Part of the plan was published in the 1938 Report of the Royal Institute of International Affairs.

    And for the New Agers and Greenies, have a look at this interview.

    That’s the mysterious con man Maurice Strong talking about world communism he’s helping usher in for his banker bosses. Of course he doesn’t say “communism”; it’s always “common future” or “common purpose” or “communitarianism” or “collective consciousness”. As long as they don’t label it COMMUNISM, nobody seems to notice. His aunt “advised” Mao on how to run China.

  55. ptah says:

    Jennifer: ’bout sums it up…

  56. ptah says:

    Interesting little kick-back against those who believe the world is over-populated and we need to cull populations in order to feed ourselves. Although most readers on this list will not be surprised.

    IMF Report

  57. Mother Earth says:

    @ptah Yes, that is correct.

    Solar thermal – > desalination – > soil development – > loads of food

    But will the plunderers allow it?

  58. Youri Carma says:

    Honduras battles tide of support for ousted Zelaya

  59. Youri Carma says:

    ( Zelaya Seeks UN Help to Regain Presidency in Honduras

  60. 13blackcats says:

    U.S. co-sponsored U.N. resolution supports Zelaya…. accused of drug ties…

    The regime that ousted Manuel Zelaya in Honduras claimed Tuesday that the deposed president allowed tons of cocaine to be flown into the Central American country on its way to the United States.

    “Every night, three or four Venezuelan-registered planes land without the permission of appropriate authorities and bring thousands of pounds … and packages of money that are the fruit of drug trafficking,” its foreign minister, Enrique Ortez, told CNN en Espanol.

    “We have proof of all of this. Neighboring governments have it. The DEA has it,” he added.

  61. stacyherbert says:

    @13blackcats -yes, classic op for central american leaders; they are forced to take the drug running operations run by US intelligence but it also gives US way to blackmail them

  62. 13blackcats says:

    Occam’s razor dear but perhaps I’m wrong. Maybe ask Strong/exPMPM/Demaris/Power Corp about the 15.4 MM missing from the mint – I’m too busy celebrating “we’re okay Dominion Day” with the “responsible” Canadian banks.

    Obama now stands against President Uribe, the most popular anti Communist president in Colombian history, and makes common cause with the most hated Communist dictators in Latin American history; Chavez, Ortega, and the Castros.

  63. Youri Carma says:

    Q+A: Military coup in Honduras

  64. Youri Carma says:

    Covering (up) the coup in Honduras – the BBC does its bit for the Empire

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