The US dollar hot button, Paulson’s threats & On the Edge with Max

Stacy Summary: First off – sorry for the downtime on the site last night.  Apaprently, we were being bombarded with traffic from yahoo as our site was hijacked via a plugin (apparently Tweet This) and so, alas, our bandwidth limit was hit.  Next, Max has a new series from tomorrow, a co-production with Associated Press TV & Press Tv called “On the Edge with Max Keiser.”   We are also hoping to do versions for other networks, including one that I may be able to announce by this weekend.  So, tell me what you think about all the threats in today’s headlines!

20 comments on “The US dollar hot button, Paulson’s threats & On the Edge with Max
  1. max keiser says:

    my new show “On The Edge with Max Keiser”

    starts tomorrow on Press TV

    On the Edge with Max Keiser
    Max Keiser is on the edge of the financial news where future financial scandals, market crashes and monetary crises begin. Be there before it happens. 17:32 17:32

  2. Mike2liverpool says:


    Am told its UBS!

  3. Danny says:

    Re: Regulating the derivatives market

    I haven’t read the fine technical details but, in fairness, c’mon. This is surely another scam. If the federal Tiny Tim and the Federal Reserve became transparent, there would be a revolution in the morning– granted Americans put the tv remote down.

    Looking forward to the new show Max, best of luck. Would be great if you commented on Ireland a little on your shows. I know we’re small and relatively insignificant in the grand scheme of things but your opinion would be appreciated all the same. AIB want more money after the public already gave them a 3.5 billion bailout- saw that coming!! GRRRRRR…..

  4. Mike2liverpool says:

    They will try ANYTHING to get the CASIO open again, trouble is the gaff is blown. EVERYONE now knows the games are rigged, thus THEY WON’T PLAY!


  5. Danny says:

    Re: Dollar becoming political issue

    Reminds me of max’s comments on Press Tv about China dumping the dollar- and American ships visiting the South China sea for a few ‘reminders’ to the Chinese “to keep smoking the US’s treasury bills/bellybutton lint”. Could Japan be facing a similar visit from Uncle Sam if this opposition party is elected?

    Chekhov said, “If there’s a gun on the wall at the beginning of the play, by the end it must go off.”

    These banksters will stop at nothing to keep raping the American people.

    Today I have been mostly reading…..

    US Seen “Squandering” Infrastructure Funds

    The Recession Index

    Nuclear bomb tests help to identify fake whisky

    Go mbeire muid beo ar an am seo aris!

  6. Con says:

    Japan should not buy bonds in Yen, They should buy Euros and Yuan !!!! Although the euro is going to struggle over the next few years never keep all your eggs in the one basket!.

    Side story here,another prominent American leaves to live in another country even if it is for the surf!!
    check out this interview with Jesse Ventura on CNN

  7. Phil says:

    “Paulson threatened bankers to take taxpayer money or be ‘exposed’”

    Slightly more in depth…

    FOIA Disclosure Busts Paulson, Geithner And Bair

    The ZH guy has some good insights .
    Worth tracking IMO.

  8. Max Power says:

    Bush’s ‘Smoking Gun’ Witness Found Dead

    Obviously there was a security intelligence agreement made before the end of the Bush administration. This is not common practice, but it does happen.

    If Lybia was in ultimate custody of this person — this is an embarrassing downward notch for Lybian soverigerienfy.

  9. Proximo says:

    I’d like to threaten Russia with war within a decade, if their mafia diddleheads don’t stop hawking mail-order brides on banner ads and pop-ups. I mean, what do they expect me to do? Order a box of twelve?

  10. max keiser says:

    let the market decide

    the UK gov’t has put Michael Savage on their no-entry list for good reasons I think. He is not as charming as I am for one thing.

    CantorExchange (the commercial version of my should list Michael Savage so we can naked short sell him into oblvion!

  11. Mr Supergeek says:

    Re; The dollah becoming a political issue.

    Since when wasn’t the dollah a political issue at least not in any of our lifetimes anyway…

  12. Daniel S says:

    the “Russia warns” link is nasty. It forces through a pop-up that says your system has a virus and makes it look like a forced download is occurring when you close that.

    Anyways, gotta like it. First Russia races to make a legitimate claim under the auspices of the UN’s one world gov’t model. Then they say we’ll kill you for it anyways.

    Canada should play the colony card. First we say it’s ours. Then we sell it all for small royalties to militarily strong third parties. That way we won’t have to go out in tin kayaks to face off with nuclear subs. If you’re gonna be a colony, might as well work it.

  13. stacyherbert says:

    @Daniel S – I don’t have that problem. Anyone else get that with the link to the Russia story?

  14. Mr Supergeek says:

    For the paranoid amongst us the link to the story about russia worked fine for me…..Oops wait a minute I can see smoke coming out the back of my computer and I hear and someone banging on my front door…gotta go… not much time…have to save goldfish.

  15. Daniel S says:

    Stacy, it isn’t doing it anymore. Sorry. Not sure what happened there.

    I don’t believe torture is used to get information. It is state terrorism intended to terrify those who would otherwise be willing to sacrifice their lives in opposition of the state. It is one thing to be willing to die in a gun fight, be hanged, or rot in prison. It is another to be willing to risk that you or people you care about will be tortured indefinitely.

  16. snoop diddy says:

    It’s so tiring arguing with govt nanny statists why printing money is actually a tax and while jobs may be created they’ll have a deleterious effect on the economy of a nation, sapping away the jobs that really matter like mfg while wages and benefits try to keep up with inflation and those jobs go o/s as a result. All brought to us compliments of the usury reserve bank system which creates govt debt slaves. And I’m a bit of a moderate when it comes to Austrian economics, believing that there should be some public coys to provide essentials with some private enterprise involvement in those services. I’m tired, g’nite everyone.

  17. Mep says:

    Threat 1: Samurai bonds are a cool idea. (Is it un-American of me to say so?)

    Threat 2: Paulson needs to go to jail already.

    Threat 3: Good idea in theory. (Too bad Brooksley Born was shunned by Summers et al. when she proposed regulating derivatives in the 90s.) In practice, I don’t see any reason to believe that less fraud would occur.

    Threat 4: Women of the world need to rise up and take over leadership of their countries. Men only seem to understand destruction.

    Threat 5: There should be a long list of names behind Mozilo’s. Perhaps even names of people at the SEC.

    Threat 6: Mission Accomplished.

    Another threat down: Nancy Pelosi says that the CIA lied to her:

  18. Shane Morrow says:

    How do you find out what the dollar is worth on a daily basis? I think most American probably think the dollar is worth a dollar. Can you help them see the light?


    Shane Morrow

  19. Daniel Sauerborn says:

    Shane, I’ll hazard an answer, but I’m a rank amateur.
    The inflation index is supposed to do that but it is a fraud so that governments can make their debt paper look like it offers an after-tax return to conservative investors. (Inflation is a tax on money).

    Alternatively there is a US dollar index that relates it to a weighted index of 6 other currencies like this,

    Euro 57.6 %
    Japan/yen 13.6 %
    UK/pound 11.9 %
    Canada/dollar 9.1 %
    Sweden/krona 4.2 %
    Switzerland/franc 3.6 %

    but since they are all fiat currencies as well, I think it’s best to look at commodities.

    If US dollar-denominated commodities are going up, then that means it takes more US dollars to buy them and therefor the US dollar is losing value, and vice versa. I’d recommend You can see the changes in currencies relative to the US dollar at the bottom of the home page. You can also see current (spot), and historical prices for a variety of metals there. Aside from that, energy and food commodities. I go to the globe and mail for that and look at futures charts. But their charts I believe can have bad data, and don’t seem to be indicative of actual prices at which commodities sold historically. I treat it as ‘fuzzy’ data. Basically the idea is to create your own inflation index. Perhaps someone has done this. I’m not aware of it.

    Lately many prices have come off their lows but it is difficult to say if this is inflation because the lows were in part due to the unwinding of leveraged positions by hedge funds and other investors both by choice and under the heel of margin calls.

    A final consideration is that prices at the store tend to trail inflation, and prices in the market lead it. Because stores clear goods bought at past prices and hedge costs, while futures contracts are bets against anticipated events.

  20. snoop diddy says:

    The USD index is on this page (measured against a basket of currencies):$USD&p=D&b=5&g=0&id=p88755584659

    or measured against individual currencies on this page:

    spot gold price in USD on this page:

    Always interesting on NYMEX open where it manipulated.

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