Headlines, Headines, Headlines – 05 May 2009

Stacy Summary:  Let’s hear your readings of the economic tea leaves in the comments section please.

53 comments on “Headlines, Headines, Headlines – 05 May 2009
  1. Mike2liverpool says:

    I got a bone to mix with you & Max…….You promised me a CRASHED UK Pound!

    Tell Max when he awakes that i am still awaiting  “The thing of beauty!”

  2. max keiser says:

    UK pound crash –

    UK’s main business is global banking and the fall in the pound has been interrupted by the bear market rally in banks around the world.  As we see here,


    …the earnings this rally is based on is without fundamental merit.  As the canard is exposed, over the next few months the continuing fall of the UK pound will resume imo

  3. stacyherbert says:

    @Mike2Liverpool – also the rumor being bought at the moment is that the ECB will cut rates to 1% http://bit.ly/XW9Ju; imo – at the moment the pound has stabilized against the euro because interest rates are almost as low as they can go whereas the ECB still has a few basis points to cut . . . once that happens, then the pound will resume its slide

  4. Martijn says:

    I wouldn’t expect too much influence from the European rate cut.

    As for the FDIC insurance: it’s an illusion. However, as long as people believe in it, it is a psychological backstop to banks collapsing and hence it seems work for now. The question is indeed how long it will remain to so. The only thing keeping the current system alive is the trust of the people using it. As long as they remain dumb enough to do so, there will not be a problem. I do however believe that we shall need only a few extra rings of the alarm to wake people up…

  5. michael says:

    l think the people with all the money were shifting out of their very profitable bonds positions in dec/jan/feb then moved into shares. the shares will probably rally over the next 7 months and then their will probably be massive profit taking and then they will move into the next oversold thing.

  6. Bill Stewart says:

    Embassies on alert amid fear of rising social unrest
    Note that the article says Embassies and not HIGH COMMISSIONS.

    In the Commonwealth, there are High Commissions — not Embassies.

    Outside the Commonwealth, the standard Embassy nomenclature is as usual

    So in essence, the article is implying that outside the Commonwealth there will be more unrest against the UK and USA (implied).

  7. richard says:

    Dear M & S: What amazes me after reading several of the comments over time is that even though you come short of calling for insurrection and a street revolt of the masses…your readers are more interested in being more ahead of the financial curve than formulating a plan to actually bring the culprits to justice…or am I in left field and the culprit is just a five letter word: GREED????….except for your WY friend who claims he will sit it out with his guns and “frozen chicken popsicles”….most of your readers, as it seems to me well invested and possibly “goldies” who look forward to the end of the fiat money cartel as they think that holding gold is the ultimate joy…..and their possible salvation. Truthfully, I totally enjoy your dynamic verbal  approach; as unfortuneately in my opinion the language we love has relatively no meaning to respond to this overt ( and covert??) usurpation of the once “sound” money system ( and our entire cultural civilization ) by a few well heeled financial oligarchs who listen to no one and are in the “control  and command” mode; where most of humanity are mere pawns in a huge game of ‘winner take all’….anyway that’s my rant for today, blessings, Richard @ lattitude 30N 

  8. Mother Earth says:

    Wah-appen to the radio show? 🙁

  9. ItalicBold says:

    @richard too true, it is what frustrates me the most about all those gold buyers out there, they cant wait to see there gold hit $2,5000 and they don’t seem to see that they will only end up relatively rich in a much poorer world.

    Sad times lie ahead :/

  10. Youri Carma says:

    China is definitely steadily but gradually decoupling now!

    Geithner is digging his own grave with this stress test. Obama is the man of Wall Street not Main Street the U.S. or the World for that matter.

    China doesn’t want to buy up U.S. dept dollars and has ‘canceled US credit card’. China’s policy now is to make yuan more of a global reserve asset in a more diversified international monetary system.

    China recently made 70 billion Yuan monetary deal with Argentina. Maleisia, Indonesia, South-Korea and White Russia earlier cut a “Money line” deal of 260 billion Yuan.

    Little Recap:

    30 March 2009, Banks to swap 20 billion Yuan (2.9 billion U.S. dollars) or 8 trillion Belarus Ruble in three years (Xinhua)
    (2008: Belarus ruble tied to the United States dollar instead of the Russian ruble)

    31 March 2009, China and Argentina in currency swap (The Financial Times)
    Beijing, pushing to end the dominance of the dollar as a worldwide reserve, has signed a Renminbi 70 billion deal that will allow it to receive renminbi for its exports to the Latin American country.

    2 April 2009, China to Boost Yuan Swaps, Payments on Dollar Concern (Bloomberg)

    12 April 2009, China Slows Purchases of U.S. and Other Bonds (The New York Times)
    China sold US Treasuries heavily in January and February

  11. Martijn says:

    @Italic bold and Richard

    Quite correct. Idealism seems dead in the contemporary West. People basically care about nothing but their material wellbeing. Perhaps it is time for China to take over. China covers a lot more than the Chinese government, there is a different type of wisdom in that country.

    As for me, off course I am trying to go through this crisis as good as I can. And I have bought gold indeed. But that is however also an ideallistic move. With a gold-backed currency this crisis would most likely not have happend, and the solution to the current mess is using gold again. More people should buy gold in order break the hegemony of Wall Street and London and to force the financial dictators in command to step down.

  12. Dedo says:

    well said Richard, my thoughts exactley!

  13. Youri Carma says:

    China is definitely steadily but gradually decoupling now!

    Geithner is digging his own grave with this stress test. Obama is the man of Wall Street not Main Street the U.S. or the World for that matter.

    China doesn’t want to buy up U.S. dept dollars and has ‘canceled US credit card’. China’s policy now is to make yuan more of a global reserve asset in a more diversified international monetary system.

    China recently made 70 billion Yuan monetary deal with Argentina. Maleisia, Indonesia, South-Korea and White Russia earlier cut a “Money line” deal of 260 billion Yuan.

  14. Mike2liverpool says:

    Yes, while its all very sad ref the “World” being poorer what you have to ask yourself is WHY?

    Could it be that the masses did NOT SAVE?
    Could it be that they sat back while the housing bubble blew up?
    Could it they didn’t listern to Max/Peter Schiff/Eric Jenzen?
    Could be their THICK?
    Could it that they were too busy spending via the House price ATM to worry?
    Could it be if they spent a little less time rubbing their “Wealth” (Debt) In my face they wouldn’t be going bust now?


  15. snoop diddy says:

    I see no conflict between trying to look after yourself and global insurrection. Do we all have to be poor and desperate before we say the system has to change. I hope it doesn’t get to that point, but the reserve banks and govts of the world are trying to get us there very quickly. We all know that sound money is a better way to go than what the banksters have perpetrated on the people. It is important to get this message to as many people as possible imo, so perhaps there can be change before there is worse undirected, senseless riots and mayhem. Where people are so desperate they lose it without sense of alternatives and a future. Govts unwillingness to see any sense may make this unavoidable. They’re not playing economics, they’re playing politics with people’s lives. Keynesianism has become the govt catch-cry for anything they do. And just like bankster derivatives etc, they claim don’t worry about it masses, we’re too clever and and it’s too complicated for you to understand. Their spending policies are weapons of mass social destruction.

  16. snoop diddy says:

    by it’s very nature, usury reserve banking and the fractional reserve system force people away from saving because they can never get ahead of what is owed back to the banks and reserve banks while they pump up the economy on the back of printed money.

  17. snoop diddy says:

    and yes, we all did in western society go on a spending binge because we found cheap labour in China thinking we were becoming a more ‘advanced’ society. 

  18. stacyherbert says:

    imo gold will probably go to $5000 or $10000 if/when the global fiat currency system collapses; but those holding gold won’t be profiting from it, but they sure will be able to buy the same amount of stuff they need for their daily living; on the positive side of gold going to such high numbers, yes, it will be bad out there, but it clearly HAS to get bad out there as the population has to be pulled away from the casino table because they aren’t going to do it willingly; and Mish has some great charts demonstrating this:  http://bit.ly/AKcqF

    It is the asset bubble loving population that made it hard for everyone else over the past 25 years that understood they were all actually getting poorer.  It may actually get easier once all those addicted to casino economics have been wiped out for good.

  19. Martijn says:

    Haha, check this out for a good laugh: <a href =”http://www.theonion.com/content/news/nation_ready_to_be_lied_to_about”>people want to be lied to again</a>!

  20. Martijn says:

    Hmm… I thought I could embed the link. Here it is in text:


  21. Ptah says:

    Richard… the trash I collectively regard as my freinds are just waiting for the gold holders to expose themselves so that they can rob them blind. They view gold holders as part of the problem, not the solution. I suspect the gated communities are in for a fright.

    Mike, people were lied to by ‘financial advisers’ who were too keen to collect their fees. Tho agreed, they should have listened to Karmabanque for the real deal. As for thems being thick…. most groups of people contain an element of the mentally challenged.

  22. ItalicBold says:

    @Mike2liverpool it’s not that they are thick, I don’t believe it’s fair to say that. There are only two real types of power in this world: blood and money. The elite have most of the money and the masses have their blood to sacrifice. The elite know this, they also know no one will resort to sacrificing their blood if changes are implemented slowly. The masses cannot match the power of the elite when it comes to resisting small changes, the money of the elite overwhelms any attempt. This is how we got to this point and even now that everything is crashing down it is a high price to have to pay, putting one’s life on the line. That is why we are the ones buying gold.

    The point I wish to make, is that it’s not enough to sit back and buy gold, and that is why Max is out there doing his bit and supporting his fellow man. He knows the longer we stave off action, the higher the price we will all pay in both blood and money.

  23. Danny says:

    I resent the fact I’m being attacked on these boards because i bought gold. i read the books man, i watched the videos, i learned my stuff ON MY OWN from scratch and i get attacked for buying gold!

    Its not about getting rich- of course not! when the shit hits the fan, i want to be able to feed myself and my family and still live a decent life. Seems to me people and mistaking survival with greed. 

    Typical of society. someone prepares or gets along- they’re dragged down and spat on

  24. Danny says:

    and whats that $10,000 gonna buying me- a loaf of bread and a frickin pastie for lunch if i’m lucky. SCHMADAS!!!!

  25. M says:

    I try to look at this as exciting times seen from a historic perspective and the fact that I live in Sweden and not USA.. but still I am scared like shit for wait is ahead.

    If there is to come anything good out of this, it must lie a hundred years down the timeline because what is going on now is just insane. The regulations of the Internet and the social unrest growing shows that we are just at the mountain foot of the mountain stacking up the shit that we need to go through before we see the light.

  26. snoop diddy says:

    An appropriate quote from Atlas Shrugged I feel:
    Paper is a check drawn by legal looters upon an account which is not theirs; upon the virtue of the victims. Watch for the day when it bounces, marked: Account Overdrawn.”

  27. Gerry says:

    I was watching Joe Stiglitz on TV the other night.  Christ if he’s supposed to save us don’t hold your breath.

    Why is it Americans all wet themselves when the word <i>nationalise</i> is used? Stiggy Gold-dust minced around about ‘de-privatising’ or some such shit looking for some short term trick to get Globalism back on track.  See ‘the state’ absorbs the debt… gives it back to the public, by which we mean the privileged ‘private’ sector once it’s profitable…

    Sorry – Wha?

    But see that’s proving tricky not because “people have been too greedy” yadda yadda but because of the inherent contradiction in the proposition > ‘Growth’ = Competition.  There’s no point chasing greater economic ‘growth’ in terms of extending private businesses over public assets and  inventing cheaper markets in more oppressive nations if you then undercut Stability at home. No one gets a mortgage with only a one year contract at work, when foreign imports drain the local maufacturing sector of ‘competitiveness’. No one can afford the goods, when they’re bust retraining for the slavery industry.

    You can’t ‘burn the candle at both ends’, ‘rob Peter to pay Paul’ or otherwise short-circuit the logic.

    It’s time we dismantled the myth of the given ‘supply and demand’ economy, of business done without politics and politics done without business.

  28. Gerry says:

    Couple of typos in there – the italics HTML obviously only work via the I button and that should have read  ‘they’re busy retraining for the slavery industry’.

  29. snoop diddy says:

    I only just noticed, no more graphic header on the home page. Too long to load or something?

  30. Mr Supergeek says:

    @mike and richard
    Having read your comments about gold and silver over the last couple of months I keep thinking about you two….
    Man you are gonna win, coz they have got their game in hand.(Ha,ha)

  31. Don (Joe bag O chickens) says:

    WoW! This is a good debate! I love the comments today. @Richard: “Chick popsicles” would be more accurate as the cold winters may not allow the chicks to grow to chickens. 🙁
    @Danny: Do as your conscience bid you to due and take no offense to the choices of others, in thought or in deed. I can not afford gold but I can go to the mountains and look for it! (Eureka!) while I scout terrain and engineer the old back up plans.

    What the coming days will demand of all of us is, that we learn to be quick to explore our genius for survival, and improvising. I have learned this from my travels and years spent in Latin American countries. They will fix any thing and turn just about anything, even trash into something of value or give it usefulness. The poor are some of the happiest people that I have ever met. S happiness is not contingent upon material goods or wealth? No it is not the fore always proceeds the later and never the other way around. I found that happiness once, after having all my belongings stolen from me in Colombia. Man! I felt free. My back did not hurt from carrying that damn heavy back pack and I did not have any further worry for having everything stolen from me! (irrony)

    To all those who say “no gold” and to all of those who say “all gold” remember, diversifying better increases your odds of survival. You woudn’t step out into the wild with just fishing hooks right? What, and not fishing line or sinkers? So buy some gold, and some silver and a spoke shave, and a good saw, and some very good quality thinsulate Gortex boots.  I would imagine that heirloom seeds durring a famine would have greater value than gold.

    The greatest investment of all is KNOWLEDGE! Backed with adequate tools there is very little man can not do.

    We live at a time when we must learn how to be self sufficient and we live in the realm of possibility, where-in the greatest question we can ask is “What is possible, what can I do?” And never “I can’t do that, that is impossible!”

    Best regards to all,

  32. John McHarg says:

    One simple fact is that people are hooked on the reliance of others to walk them like dogs and that reliance on keeping up with what commercialized media dictates to them has left them at the mercy of corporate capitalism as well as BROKE , INDEBTED and on the street.

    Be you own bank, create a personal fractional reserve, grow a garden, learn a  trade and be independent of the traps that have been laid by government and crony businesses. We are all on our own, it is never too late to start and when the ties are broken ,,,,it is FANTASTIC !!

  33. Mr Supergeek says:

    Oops my last post Should have been addressed to mike/danny.

  34. Don (Joe bag O chickens) says:

    P.S. The question about when will the papers crash. I do not have an answer for this one. I am still trying to figure out why uranium is down so low and trying to raise capital for US uranium exploration and mining companies is next to impossible. The numbers do not add up.

    The US has 103 nuclear reactors that produce 20% of the US electricity. Those 103 reactors consume 50 million Lbs. of U3o8 per year, yet in the US U3o8 production is a measly 10 to 15 million Lbs. The rest is import. Russia has just about sold off all that it can of their “extra” nukes when they down grade war head materials to fuel grade, and 2 years ago the DOE auctioned off a very large chunk of their reserves.

    Get ready then; for the greatest U3o8 bull market ever, or no?

  35. Dedo says:

    how abstractions can deceive the perceptions of man,……..quite funny reading folk feed off of their emotions

  36. Marc Chabot says:

    UK pound crash –

    hey Max,

    one way for you to get inside information about markets would be to go to Vouliagmeni in Greece for May 14th to 17th to cover the Bilderberg conference to get in touch with a mole that would leak informations.


  37. Ptah says:

    Don (Joe bag O Chiccadas); Totally agree on all points.

    Now, Uranium… what gives. Google this lady: lauren moret, she has some inside knowledge. I have been checking this subject too. As far as I can tell this is the only reason Mike/Liverpool is so confident as it involves British wealth and is a massive industry. But I only have one source of information and cannot get back-up references. If you have some good links I would appreciate the heads-up.

  38. Don (Joe bag O chickens) says:

    relevant articles and U3o8 spot price weekly updates are Monday but for the free version updates are on Wednesday.      http://www.uxc.com/

    There is another site that I can not find at the moment. “minedat” or something like that. I know that Oscar Paulson (World renown expert in U3o8 exploration, recovery and production) built the site.

    Hope this helps.

  39. Danny says:

    @Mr Supergeek and Don (Joe bag o donuts)

    thanks for the kind words. Totally agree about the need to diversity your preparednesss. i ain’t rich either mate, believe me, but i decided to rent, cancelled my plans to travel so i could save, shunned the idea of a car (i take the bus everywhere) and bought gold as much as i could. i’m in my first job outa college. I’m lucky enough to have my brother where we can talk about such things (he’s recently started a garden) and 1 friend has joined the gold bug community; which was unimaginable one year ago. i suppose nothing can really prepare us for whats coming- we just gotta be ready to react. One thing I’ve learned in my short life is that the human mind has an amazing ability to react when exceptional circumstances arise. 

  40. Mother Earth says:

    A rendering of Max walking us through the phases a couple of weeks ago:

    1. Gold suppressed = ~800
    2. Gold corrected = ~2000
    3. Gold hyped = ~10.000 (who knows)
    4. Gold bubble burst = ~2000 (made that up myself)

    Seeing the manipulative spasms at Kitco we are still in phase 1.

    Another big benefit of gold bullion coins is that you can report their face value when you get paid with them, so you do a job a raison de 800 USD, you ask your client to pay you with a Gold Eagle, and you report 50 USD income. The client still has the same cost, but you have less taxes to pay. Shamelessly plugging my channel I advise those interested to youtube ‘pawning irs’

  41. Don (Joe bag O chickens) says:


    going back to your earlier post: “Yes, while its all very sad ref the “World” being poorer what you have to ask yourself is WHY? Could it be that the masses did NOT SAVE?”

    How can people who live hand to mouth save anything? When I was in Paraguay it became very evident that wealth was not possible for the vast majority of Paraguayans. They can work, but they can never gain any wealth because of inflation and the cost of living. Prostitution was very high, with married women actually turning to the streets. All the while those in power abused it and stolen vast amounts of wealth from the investors who went to Paraguay to do business. I was a manager for a mining company based out of AU we had a “no corruption” policy, no bribes no pay offs. Our PY management had other ideas. For educated geologist with experience the going rate was $500USD per month!!!! I insisted that we pay them more, the Paraguayan boss decided that he was worth a whopping $10K USD per month. and that the “others” were paid well. Unfortunately for the AU company and share holders this guy was put in charge and totally abused the entire system.

    But what can the workers do who are happy to have a job in a post bloody dictatorship? Maybe that is why Bush baught some dirt there.

  42. ItalicBold says:

    @Danny, I too have a fair amount of gold – to protect wealth. My comments are intended more to those gold buyers who are thinking they are going to strike it rich and live like kings. I think they are more likely to maintain their living standards while the people around them will suffer greatly. Ie we will all be lucky to come out of this as well off as we where before and thus we should really consider not being content with just holding gold and doing what we can to help resolve the situation.

    @Don (Joe bag O chickens) – Re poor people being happy. I couldn’t agree more, having lived and worked in Nigeria for a year and having spent most of my life in Africa. I have met some of the poorest, happiest and genuinely friendly people on this continent.

  43. It seems to me that the roiling  boils of this crises are far more important than the “economic activity” we see diminishing.

    Coming to a head, at this time, are the “laws”. In the US, they are being split into two camps- “our laws” and “your laws”. Fraud is selling dried dog turds wrapped in candy wrappers to little girls, and it is in selling dog turds wrapped in triple A ratings  to investors forced away from their local banks by low interest offerings on their capital…

    Go out and sell turds to little girls and see how long you get away with it before a big brother or a copper knocks on your head and lets himself in…

    With financials, apparently, it falls into the “our laws” club where most of us aren’t members…

    So rather than worry about slow economic times (which we all know slows down environmental degradation), we should really pinpoke the two sets of laws issue.

    Another boil erupting is the structure of money itself. Hard money, real money, fiat money… That one could use an application of heat to bring the conversation to the surfaces…

    And finally, (since all these boils are making me squeamish) I think the DIRECTION of change seems to be festering.

    In the US, we have two crowds emerging, the “freedom and liberty” crowd, and the “socialism is not a bad word, look at Europe” crowd.

    I argue for local socialism and central government libertarianism, but I’m swimming against the effluvium…

    Oh yeah… umm… here in Southern Oregon, we’re still poor and jobless but the local hippy population gives us aid and comfort…

  44. Don (Joe bag O chickens) says:


    Stacy in the US we have always had these crusty old war guys who have said “buy gold” when gold was around $250 and ounce and “stock up on ammo” before Obama’s latest push for this UN anti gun treaty. They call it disarmament of nukes but the fine print clearly says “small arms”

    I never listened to those guys, because my culture has placed a stigmata on them for their far out beliefs. It was not until last year that I cleared from the fog of self delusion and began saying “wtf?” and doing that much over due home work. The sad thing is that the vast majority are still in the “those old guys are crazy” camp even in lue of all the banster day light robberies of the american people and their grand children.

  45. Mike says:

    I agree.  We need to get rid of the outdated right/left labels which serve only to divide us and carefully examine issues with an open mind and think for ourselves. If we find that, for ex., some corporate jerk from Fox agrees with something we believe, we have to realize that they are doing it to hijack our beliefs and render them ridiculous and also so that then some knee-jerk liberals will immediately dismiss the idea as bullshit (and vice-versa). We should take ALL mainstream media  for what it is – bullshit, and deal with it as such.
    This just keeps going on and on and people keep being fooled by it, while the media corporations are probably performing studies on how to appeal to each side and play their emotions and political beliefs like so many violins.

  46. richard says:

    @Scott from Oregon… Yes I guess those great historians among us ( Americans ) have foregotten that in 1933 the US government collected ( confiscated ??) all privately held gold and eventually sold the stash to the Europeans  ( most probably the member banks of the FED  at a very affordable price ); and thus, all those of you who hold your wealth intact today, I commend; BUT will you rise up and come to battle when they confiscate your gold???? And most assuredly they will!!! By the way I love Central and Southern Oregon, and London and, yes @Don ( bag o donuts ) I lived in the Black Hills for quite some time…even wear a Black Hills gold ring!!!! So the below zero weather wouldn’t be an eye opener for me…I guess I am more fired up, that in my humble opinion, the lines have already been drawn and it’s really “us v. them”; and the William Wallace’s movie quote: “……we will not give up our freedom…” is starting to pulsate more and more as the collective global hegemony dictate to us mere mortals what we must do to survive using their fiat currency system.  Why hasn’t anyone spoken up for an incrimental transactional tax on security and bond sales??? And one for derivatives and CDSs too??? As there are no plans to eliminate them…Instead we are going to be force fed a whole new set of “carbon” taxes and the like to pay down their bailouts!!! and high lifestyles, as always, a hearty shout out to M & S, Richard @ lattitude 30N

  47. Don (Joe bag O chickens) says:

    totally agrre; this left right paradigm playing the odds and hedging their bets with control is absolutely amazing. I can point out the most resent with the Tea Party hyst and Jeannine ‘the whore’ (whoops! Freudian slip of the tongue;) ) Garafilo. She played it like a phidle calling all Americans who would dare to stand up “racist, biggots who just can’t stand to have a black man be their President”
    Funny, I thought it was about the fucking Federal Reserve Bank ripping people off and Americans were tired of it, and the corruption that it has spread in US governance.  It is sick and 73% of the med users would say “where’s my pill bottle?” They simply do not want to have to “wake” to view reality. Right now reality is a very scary thing, but it is what it is.

    Drugging a nation is the only way to bring about the shit that these swindlers are hell bent on doing to the US.

  48. bzmoore says:

    @MotherEarthRe: Gold coins for payment at face value. 

    What a cool idea, what a great way to reduce your taxes to essentially zero. Not sure how this 
    works on the payees books?

  49. Don (Joe bag O chickens) says:

    I agree with you. We are up against some serious mass murderers here. These swine who have run every market collapse and though the US may have known sovereignty for a twinkling of an eye; the crown through the fed have kept the US enslaved via debt taxes. The most thought provoking video so far, that I have seen on the web:


  50. richard says:

    @Don ( bag of donuts)….oh yes, well aware of Mr. Mullins good works…..so “sovereignty” is but a “glimmer”???? I suppose I’m not half the man I used to be . In my younger days I was much malligned by my genetic family for my then ‘radical” perspective on world views ( they mostly prospered by the old adage “go along to get along” ) …I guess I held the bright line too bright as I attempted to forge my way through  the dense thicket we called ‘Amerika’….all the “command and control” apparatus even back then was repugnant to me….I’m a former back to the lander;  hell I was one of several families here in Florida who promoted and were able to get legislation passed to legitamize homeschooling back in 1985. I was an ol’ school grower too ( the other families were very strong willed Bible based Christians and never questioned my fortitude  ). I knew first hand what ‘industriousness’ meant… Currently and since my offspring have all gone their separate ways, and my former spouse is deceased, I feel very much out of place here in the “real world” ; and I suppose in Max’s vocal vitriol I see a resurgence of those once gallant  ‘blows against the empire’; and it somehow reignites in me that ferver that was my youth…. I get it Max…we have a new ( maybe new ?) form of economic  imperialism….at  least the faces are new; and it’s globally, horizontally and vertically integrated  throughout this dominant culture that Daniel Quinn so poignantly illustrates in his books….to Max it’s the “savers v. the speculators”…with Quinn it’s the “hunter/gatherers” v. “the agronomists/herders”…who fill the landscape….where the hunter/gatherers have all but disappeared…. we, if we define ourselves as the ‘savers’ will become wage slaves( if we haven’t already!!)….this neo-feudalism that is in it’s embryonic stage is what I still rebel against; and that ‘glimmer of sovereignty’ is the core where mere humans reside….it is that word “freedom” that must not be lost from our lexicon…or else we have laid down and surrendered much like Geronimo did in the latter part of the 19th and early part of the 20th centuries…I truly fear for that time…and it is upon us….I might not have this stark viewpoint if I coveted gold bullion in quantity….who knows? Money and power do strange things to folks…Just check out the Rothschilds, Rockefellers, all the old Robber Baron Families, the European and Asian Royal families, and their minions….at some point each of these gentle folks must have had a small semblance of humility pouring forth from their bones…maybe yes maybe no….If it’s a eugenics war, then I stand with those who still walk with the voice of their grandfathers whispering into their ears…as always, Richard @lattitude 30N

  51. Carpathia says:

    Asia will fully decouple once the USA/Japan attack China.

  52. Don (Joe bag O chickens) says:

    for once I stand speechless. Thank you for your thoughts.

  53. richard says:

    @Don ( bag of donuts)….keep on keepin’ on…I’m merely one man( not an island )…thanks for the compliment. Richard

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