Stacy Blog: Questioning Max Keiser

A very amusing film made by a regular commenter here.¬† Would love to see your comments! ūüėČ

53 comments on “Stacy Blog: Questioning Max Keiser
  1. stangrof says:

    Good afternoon, that guy forgot that max is a ” global warming ” believer but the scientific evidence shows that it will be global cooling and maybe a small ice age.
    On the bright side, max is exposing the criminal gang of banksters and their political agenda in terms that everybody understand and explained in movies how the ” markets ” were rigged before the so called crisis. I thank him for all those informations.
    he is a great guy but who can be trusted 100%? i guess nobody.
    Good bye

  2. Palantíri says:

    I’m sure we could break it down piece by piece but to put it in a simpler way, let’s just call it BULLSHIT!
    Max Keiser is not here to give us THE answer to everything, but he/Stacy dos put information out so that WE can get a better/broader basis of understanding/knowledge to make our own answer to the questions.

  3. snoop diddy says:

    I think someone needs a hug.

  4. Danny says:

    wheres his evidence? if your gonna make a video like that, put forward the evidence. i disagree with max on some issues too but i dont go wining on about it, like making complex 10 minute videos. i have a life mate. make your own mind up. Find issues ye both agree on. 

    But i enjoyed the sniggering. Wheres jackson bankslayor gone from the old days on now theres a man who knew how to disagree with max. :L

  5. Mother Earth says:

    I told the guy Max already remarked he did not see his views represented in his videos, and he came back with remarks that made no sense to me at all (f.i. he’s like antarctica! But I guess not as cool ;-))…

    btw, i ran into bugs 2 and dead links 1 in Karmabanque, I plugged the site to get to Goldman Sachs today..would that work?

  6. Nail says:

    Whoever made this video he just mixed half-truth and bunch of nonsence in one pot. Audio is simply barbaric, I had to stop watching after 3 minutes.

  7. Mr Supergeek says:

    I’ve just noticed¬† you have put the nutty vid on here. Should of guessed you would.
    So you think it’s someone who comments on here S’ppose that rules out Jock ann Slakbayers.

    On a different note,¬†¬† Max if you’re coming to london
    don’t even think about turning up without Stacy!

  8. Kay says:

    “Max Keiser has never been interviewed by many globally important international radio broadcasters” seems like a dishonest statement to me.¬†¬†¬† It implies that Max avoids/turns down the tough interviews,¬† that he is a creature of a limited corporate media niche¬†who enjoys swimming in safe waters.

    But is any evidence give?  No.

    Which broadcasts has Max turned down?  None as far as this video states. 

    In general,  this video is lays down a lot of vague arguments and at some points I have a hard time understanding how they even relate to Max.

  9. Dan says:

    Wow, hard to believe a thinking person actually made that.

  10. Matt says:

    He seems to be grasping at straws, but if you are poor, like me, with more student loan debt than I can make monthly payments on, of course you’re not buying gold or silver.¬† Unfortunately most of the world is subject to the plantation masters, the BANKS – which are the gov’ts.¬† We’re all fucked really, but Max will tell it like it is and how to best position yourself.¬†¬† If you can’t afford a decent position, tough shit.

    I do agree with Strangrof about the global warming – except I like to differentiate between believing in global warming- (which isn’t hard to do, look at satellite imagery of the icecaps since the ’70’s) and ANTHROPOGENIC global warming.¬† THe part of the movie Endgame that shows the planets in the solar system as Alex Jones is talking to the young Rothschild douchebag says it all.¬† Our human produced greenhouse gases aren’t melting icecaps on other planets, and the Rothschild asshole knew years ago about the plans for carbon taxes, which, yes, will be paid to the global bank.¬† And how much greenhouse gases are emitted by volcanoes?¬† How many times the human emissions?¬† I disagree that anyone with a combustion engine or an aerosol can even is an ecological terrorist.¬†¬† Max should be more interested in the Club of Rome and other secret organizations that wrote about this master plan decades ago, the plan to sucker the world into begging for its own slavery with a global bank (and dictatorship) and paying carbon taxes like when Catholics bought their indulgences.¬† How about Mr. Big Oil man Al Gore and his shady dealings, where he would profit from carbon taxes?¬† Let’s dig deeper into all of this, it’s fascinating.¬† THere are many more layers to this onion.

  11. FranG says:

    The video makes a few good points regarding the inevitable break-up of the U.S. into autonomous regions. The U.S. government has become way too big for its britches and have become incapable of managing itself in full.

    But calling Max an imperialist is disingenuous. What I especially took exception with was the advocacy of buying precious metals as not being viable for the poor. But gold in the hands of the few local who can afford it will have no choice but to trade it for goods and services within their respective communities.

    I too don’t agree with everything Max says, but if nothing else, you have to admire how he’s been calling out these bankers and their corrupt companies by name.

  12. relament says:

    Mr. Keiser,
    I myself am poor and can’t afford gold, but listening to you for over a year prior to September and October of¬† ‘O8 enabled me to find and follow¬† relevant articles daily in the world’s press, understand generally the state of affairs and distinguish the news from the propaganda. I highly value listening to your perspective. The video above doesn’t say thanks.

  13. bzmoore says:

    It’s really a soft ball or should I say a soft turd. The opening line is really weak as it quibbles itself with the ‘not entirely’ part.¬†

    This leads to Max is not right about gold (because it is controlled … duh!) but then goes on to offer alternatives like Silver, just like Max would. So in this sense it is saying Max is right!

    The video agrees with Max more than it disagrees. I don’t think Max thinks the US will pay its debts and neither does the video.

    I do think the US exists, it seems to have bombs and guns, while the video doesn’t think the US exists. What gives, reality, I guess.

    And who gives a shit about Baker Island anyway?

  14. stacyherbert says:

    According to cia world handbook, the GDP per capita of India is $2700 (2007).¬† I’m sure the person who made this video would qualify $2700/year as ‘poor’ and yet the people of India own more gold than any other people on earth.¬† It is estimated they own 12,000 tons.

  15. Blindweb says:

    I think this is the worst use of technology I have ever seen.¬† I couldn’t get through the video

  16. Phil says:

    LOL .. I agree it “is” funny !
    Did the Govt. sponsor it or what ?

    Keep up the good work Max.

  17. Adam says:


    “There is one particular type of bad argument that has always existed, but it has now spread like tar over the world-wide web, and is seeping into the pubs, coffee shops and opinion columns everywhere. It is known as what-aboutery. As a rhetorical trick, it is simple. Anyone can do it, and we are all tempted sometimes. When you have lost an argument – when you can’t justify your case, and it is crumbling in your hands – you snap back: “But what about x?”
    I’ve noticed these ‘WARNING: NOT 100% CORRECT’¬† smear videos all over YT. Honestly, what kind of improvished mind expects to get all the answers to their own ‚Äď and others’ ‚Äď unique situation from a single, omnipotent ‘trusted’ source??
    It’s as though they expect that life can be roadmapped for them like a walkthrough guide to a video game.¬† Allow me to adopt the tone of a 13 year-old girl and snark: “Grow up, already!”
    I guess this sort of criticism does point to a need for a forum, or at least an FAQ page, where Max and Stacy could list and explain their positions on a few certain issues (like the old site did by sectioning links into themes) as well as catalogue the many catch-phrases they’ve generated over the years ūüėČ

  18. Jack says:

    Outstanding, We, here in the US, have become so self centered we have doomed the future generations with massive debt.  Personally I am filled with shame and remorse to what we have done to the rest of the world and ourselves. I am battening down the hatches, it will be a wild ride.  My we live in interesting times!

  19. s klein says:

    Must read.

    Escape from the Zombie Food Court
    Joe Bageant recently spoke at Berea College in Berea, Kentucky, Eastern Kentucky University at Lexington, and the Adler School of Professional Psychology in Chicago, where he was invited to speak on American consciousness and what he dubbed “The American Hologram,” in his book, Deer Hunting With Jesus. Here is a text version of the talks, assembled from his remarks at all three schools.

  20. StephenLV says:

    I kinda like the soundtrack, lol.

    The rest of it? not so much.

    Max is not for everybody. My wife who is from NYC doesn’t care for Max simply because he sounds like a whiner, ya and so?

  21. skeptic says:

    agree with stangrof about global warming.

    Its these issues that make max is a leftist, and the race issue.

    there is an excellent documentary called “global warming or global government”, can be found on google vids.

    What bothers me about max is that he is so anti-white to the point where he would support obama, despite knowing that obama was in the pockets of the bankers the entire time. Who was obama #1 contributor? goldman sachs, and we knew that long before he was elected.

    despite that, max still supported obama because he has much hatred in general for white people.

    also the bigger issue than global warming is the cutting down of the rainforest in south america, that is true ecological terrorism

  22. Dan says:

    My personal favorite: “Max does not understand the complex interlockings between the Canadian, Austalian and NZ economies.”

    Is this JBs work? If so, he used spell check.

  23. StephenLV says:

    skeptic…OK so what you are saying is Max hates himself?

    I have the perfect cure for Max then. Although this will require a conversion to Catholicism, drats. Watch, partake.

  24. Mike of Sydney says:

    Sure РMax’s views are extreme, but he has provoked me to do a lot of research which has jolted me out of my slumber ( I now know what CDFs and CDOs are and how they played a major part in the financial meltdown). He is a gifted communicator Рwe need people like Max, but be careful not to put him on a pedestal.


  25. Rich says:

    I think the guy PMF’d himself.

    I’d buy that for a dollar… but only a $US dollar.

  26. francesco says:

    wow!. i had a wonderful 20 min. reading all your comments.
    i am still laughing (this is a strange word to write..).
    thanks to all.

  27. Catalyst says:

    This video is not worth pirating

  28. Dan says:

    I actually found a more confusing video than the one Max posted… when it rains it pours!

  29. skeptic says:

    to stephen, i dont know if max hates himself or not, but his support for obama, despite knowing better, is an indicator. and i care not to watch some joke video you posted, that isnt salvation for him or anyone, and doesnt require anything regarding catholics.

    max, like many baby boomers, there is little hope for these people. they wont change their opinions despite the fact that america and europe is turning into a 3rd world country.

    these are subjects max doesnt want to go into, but hey he will bash the bankers so like peter schiff, atleast give credit where its due

  30. Dan says:

    Skeptic wrote: “also the bigger issue than global warming is the cutting down of the rainforest in south america, that is true ecological terrorism”

    Very good point. We never hear much about deforestation. IF global warming(or climate change or whatever one wants to call it) is caused by a buildup of carbon dioxide, why is all of the focus on the carbon supply-side, as it were?

    Fundamentally, I believe climate science suffers from the same methodological deficiencies as contemporary economics. Its theories that it postulates are unprovable, because we don’t have a laboratory in which to do proper experimentation other than that which we inhabit. Models may provide approximations in the short term but are insufficient, and most certainly do not supplant the Scientific Method as the ultimate arbitor of what is and is not science.

    Much of the global warming reactionary movement strikes me as being as ill-guided as the War on Terror crowd; it’s a demagogy of fear, only this time from the Left.

    Note that the only solutions that our politicans can come up with is to dollarize carbon somehow; as a global carbon tax, or Cap-and-Trade as the new ponzi finance structure.

    That said, I am an environmentalist. The eco-system is absolutely under threat, and we need to take sight of what the most imminent issues facing us are. Collapse in biodiversity, contamination of potable water sources, destructive non-indigenous species: these are issues we need to be watching as closely as the climate.

    FWIW, I do think that the climate needs to be studied, but that there are exogenous factors(ie the sun) that play a role that is often ignored by most climate models.

  31. 13blackcats says:

    I watched this video over the weekend and as someone above pointed out; “complex interlockings between the Canadian, Austalian and NZ economies” stuck out for me.

    I’m Canadian, and have no idea what this person is talking about. I seriously doubt you could find someone here, unless they were in an industrial or farm implement manufacturing business, that would even guess that our countries did ANY trade with one another. Besides the accusatory “imperialist”, it was on this point alone that I considered the video to be poorly researched and of little relevance.

    To answer your question Max — although there are probably many issues that you and I would not agree on — it’s a lot of crap.

  32. Mr Supergeek says:

    Hi Y’All

    Just a couple of things of things  to get off my chest,

    I;m sure this sight can handle a little anti Max sentiment debate is healthy.

    I must point out though if you listened to Max regularly you would know last year¬†he said “I’m gonna reserve judgement on Obama , At least till he’s been in a while” and more recently he has said “He is being conned by those around him” or at least words to that effect.

    If you had listened to his shows more you would have¬†been aware of his scathing comments on ‘baby boomers’ personally¬† some of my favourite stuff of his.

     If anyone is intrested last weeks episode
    of charlie brooker’s newswipe deals with the changes in broadcasting¬†the news¬†in the last 20 years, The stuff from the ‘us’ is scary.

    This episode also contains¬† a short film by Adam Curtis the man behind ‘century of the self’ and ‘power of nightmares’ which really gives it to ‘baby boomers’¬†as well as¬†bob geldof…..(classic).

    bz..shame. I don’t think you can watch bbc iplayer outside of¬†uk without going through some kinda third party site (Do a search on google) or track down torrents shows on p2p sites.

    StephenLv I have to admit it but when I first started listenening to resonance 104.4fm I thought Max sounded like some typical fat old  whiny american/with a young foxy chick in tow.  Now I really dig his vocal delivery(mostly).

    I really only tuned and listened to a whole TAM show because¬†I confused Max with Rob Simone who was also on the station at the same time…(but I’m so confused I used to tell people I thought Rob Simone was the actor Matt Frewer¬†who played Max Headroom and was also¬†in tv series ‘Taken’)

    Remember sometimes accidents can be your friend…

  33. Mr Supergeek says:

    As I’ve said before It was good to be able to go back and edit your posts. My spelling and typing mistakes are awful. I only seem ton notice after I’ve submitted stuff I thin I need glasses.

  34. Mep says:

    Ahhh, so it was made by a Max critic?¬† I thought¬† it was meant to be a cutesy joke video made by a fan. I couldn’t watch the whole thing, and didn’t want to comment on it, b/c I thought it was bad and I didn’t want to offend anyone by saying so.

  35. Nic Abbott says:

    LOL.  Thanks for posting that, hilarious.  Keep up the good work Max and Stacy. 

  36. Mr Supergeek says:

    I could’nt figure out if it was intentional, ¬†that a version of Bob Marley’s ‘burning and looting ‘ was playing in the background of ¬†Tweetcst#8 on the day of the g20 protests in london (pretty cool though).

    For your next Tweetcast I think you should use the nice music from that nutty vid (if you still have the cd to hand).

    I kinda liked the title of your up and coming book. I had this fantasy of you being invited on the cozy¬†daytime tv circuit and some preseter saying ‘So Max nice title, so tell us what the books about’ then all hell breaking loose.

    OK Bye

  37. Mr Supergeek says:

    I could’nt figure out if it was intentional, ¬†that a version of Bob Marley’s ‘burning and looting ‘ was playing in the background of ¬†Tweetcst#8 on the day of the g20 protests in london (pretty cool though).

    For your next Tweetcast I think you should use the nice music from that nutty vid (if you still have the cd to hand).

    I kinda liked the title of your up and coming book.

    I had this fantasy of you being invited on the cozy¬†daytime tv circuit and some presenter saying ‘So Max nice title, so tell us what the books about’ then all hell breaking loose.

    OK Bye

  38. Mr Supergeek says:

    oops,  posted twice by mistake. delete the first of the two if possible.

  39. Matt says:


    Do the people of India who make $2700¬† a year buy gold or silver with some of that money?¬† Or isn’t it just the gov’t that owns all of that gold?¬† The gov’t and the very wealthy?¬†
    I wish I never went to college so that I wouldn’t be in such overwhelming debt and could be prepared for the depression with storable food, an atmospheric water generator, a solar generator, guns, and THEN I’d get gold and silver bullion.¬† That would be sweet.¬† But considering the position I’m in, I’ll settle for just being well informed listening to you and Max.¬† Thank God for you 2 putting out the truth as always.¬†
    Keep up the good work

  40. Michael Le Couteur, MSCD ret'd says:

    I can’t believe I made it through till the end.¬† This was my second attempt.¬† What a painful thing to do¬†early in the morning¬†here in Victoria.¬† While I may not agree with everything Max and Stacy report, I do believe they are providing¬†a very valuble service.¬† I think a¬†good reason for the lack of Corporate Television interviews with¬†Max is quite obvious.¬† They would soil¬†themselves¬†when he presented the facts.¬† I also think that if¬†any¬†Starry-eyed Presstitute was to interview Max their head would most likely explode trying to understand the statements he makes.¬†¬† Personally, I like silver.¬†¬†The coins are larger.¬†¬†They make good gifts, are cheaper and¬†it is safer to carry one in your pocket.¬† I¬†don’t mind¬†if¬†I lose a silver coin but to lose a gold¬†one would be bad.¬† Keep up the good work¬†M&S.¬†¬†

  41. Michael Le Couteur, MSCD ret'd says:

    Ooops forgot this.¬† Indian Gold?¬† I spoke to¬† a friend who still has family there.¬† He said that almost every family(¬†I don’t think he said¬†per person) ¬†has about 200 grams of Gold.¬† Not bad if true.¬† Can anyone confirm?¬† Who is really poor?¬† I would ask the same question to Westerners.¬† Is paper all you have?

  42. Max Power says:

    YOU FORGOT THAT THERE IS A NON-WIDESCREEN VERSION AT (2/3rds fewer bits, more playable on slower links)
    YOU MAY WANT TO POST BOTH, for end user link reasons. Your pick of the 16:9 version only version may raise questions. Widescreen is not for everyone, nor can everyone afford it.
    Note: (HDTV_avg_bits_used / NTSC-PAL_avg_bits_used) = [~4.55 to ~2.55] depending on motion and frame rate. NTSC-PAL means [(NTSC_avg_bits + PAL_avg_bits_used) / 2]; no subtraction was implied.
    Ironically the Currency shows up best in widescreen — the rest, not so much.

    My website has a screensaver
    If it helps you understand the videos conetent better.

  43. Max Power says:

    I can’t believe that some of your viewers confuse external content with internal content:

    >>Good afternoon, that guy forgot that max is a ‚ÄĚglobal warming‚ÄĚ believer but the scientific evidence shows that it will be global cooling and maybe a small ice age.<<

    Climate Prediction “Resolution Independent” Trickle Data Interface for Distributed Computing

    Current climate prediction programs that are deployed in distributed computing have very high attrition rates (~10% participant loss per ~15% simulation completion). On top of this these programs in their current form have almost non-existent data return. In spite of the advent of using trickle ‘work units’ to grant participant credit, not much has been achieved with respect to advancing the technology.

    I am officially not involved one way or the other, but I keep a very keen eye on the Haas Glacier & the NZ and Australian Antarctic Territories.

    Since the 1960s the Haas Glacier has not gotten bigger, and the DOC is concerned.

  44. Max Power says:

    I have never heard him mention Silver, Platinum or Palladium ever. The omission is important economically, and it is a troublesome omission. Gold is just a metal (like Silver etc…) .¬† I wish more people would see metals as metals, cost issues aside.

    I thought that Serrinilla Bank would have gotten more flack here, not Baker Island.
    This leads to Max is not right about gold (because it is controlled … duh!) but then goes on to offer alternatives like Silver, just like Max would. So in this sense it is saying Max is right!
    And who gives a shit about Baker Island anyway?

  45. Max Power says:

    >>Personally, I like silver.  The coins are larger.  They make good gifts, are cheaper and it is safer to carry one in your pocket.  I don’t mind if I lose a silver coin but to lose a gold one would be bad.<<

    Many people like Silver as it is. It is the bread and butter of the jewelery trade.

    In modern market economics, you never obsess over a single metal (usually Gold) — as individual metals have been averse to price manipulations.

    The basket of Gold / Silver / Platinum / Palladium is much more immune to price manipulations — as you have to buy into all 4 at the same time.

    For some unexplained cultural reason Americans obsess over Gold — but not the basket of precious metals.

    Considering its low atomic weight in Daltons, Titanium is oddly expensive — but not a precious metal.

  46. Bryce says:

    Since when did the British loose their empire? What a joke. There is no such thing as the American Empire, its a fabrication which has fooled clowns like this youtube producer. The American Republic, is the only state that threatened the British Empire in history…and now the financial oligarchy (which is the british empire)¬†has completed its stealth 100 year¬†tip toe take over and is¬†intentionally destroying the USA. Central banking, free trade, globalisation…its all British. Hamiltonian banking, protectionism, Lincoln’s greenback….this is the American Republic. Its a shame people dont see things the way they are. The real America was a beautiful republic.
    I probably sound like a heart on sleeve american patriot. But im Australian.

  47. BW says:

    My grandmother slapped then politician Helmut Schmidt one in the face because he tryed to tell the people that he is the boss, when my grandmother reminded him that she is the boss because her tax dollars being used to pay his salary! 

  48. Don says:

    Max- Stacy is the smartest.
    (So, how much for the girl???)
    O.K. what was the purpose of this satirical rant? It is one thing to say “Oh that Max he don’t know shit!” and try to make false examples and accusations. But did this individual offer a single piece of sound ethical advice to the “poor”. Like Max did some months back telling people to start planting cotton and potatoes? (which I did plant organic potatoes, bye the way)

    The only argument I have against gold is this: wouldn’t it suck, I mean really suck if you had all this gold and all you wanted was a chicken and some potatoes because you forgot to store some seeds and raise chickens. So Joe-Bag-O-Chickens says “Hey! I’ll give you this here chicken for that ounce American Eagle” adding (only to make matters worse) “I only nailed her once, ha! Once!”

  49. Father Luke says:

    I don’t think there is anyone who commented that actually thought this video was good, but did anyone
    mention the really bad spelling errors?
    – –
    Father Luke


  50. Tayelrand says:

    I loved the film. It is about time Max got some critics! ūüėČ But really, the US is not gonna give up Midway Island. They are probably going to lease it back from an offshore Asian consortioum.

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