Max Keiser blog: Germany bans Monsanto GM corn

HeadlineGermany bans cultivation of GM corn

My comments: Monsanto is as much of copyright abuser as Disney. Monsanto, as I’ve written many times before, uses abusive copyright and patent laws to monopolize seeds; introducing ‘terminator seeds’ that are eunuchs incapable of reproduction along with other equally destructive products. This means prices for food go up. Way up. Are they helping farmers and poor people? About as much as Visa and Master Card and predatory pay check lenders. Monsanto treats seeds like a currency that can be manipulated. Do you really want Monsanto and Goldman sachs running seed banks? The last time I wrote about Monsanto, their PR machine smeared me within 24 hours.. I’ll keep you posted.

12 comments on “Max Keiser blog: Germany bans Monsanto GM corn
  1. Phil says:

    You nailed it Max … they both make me puke.

    Also, it makes me wonder if that Seed Bank somewhere up in the cold north  is for “preserving the natural seeds” before they become GM infected.
    If  so .. a wise decision !

  2. Mep says:

    Go, Germany!!!!!!!!

    Monsanto can suck it.  They’ve got their panties in a bunch b/c First Lady Obama is promoting chemical-free gardening, and they don’t want such a radical idea to gain traction among the millions of Americans who are buying up seeds and starting their own gardens.

    For anyone who hasn’t seen The World according to Monsanto, it’s worth a watch:

  3. Dan says:

    This is excellent news.

    Germany is a country to watch going forward… They’re starting to assert themselves again. In mostly good ways, thankfully.

  4. dipak says:

    because of GM seeds bunch of farmers  in the south India commite sucide.

  5. Rich says:

    Here’s the link to ‘The World According to Monsanto’.

    Monsanto is quite probably in the running for the absolute worst company on the planet. I don’t know how people can stand to work there. Evil people.

  6. bzmoore says:

    Hell no we won’t GMO, Bravo to the personland.
    Yea they developed some kind of terminator canola seed. More on that in a moment.
     A few years ago some of it blew into a field and contaminated a farmer’s regular canola crop in Saskatchewan Canada somewhere. The farmer used the seed from his crop to plant his next year’s crop and Monstermakers took him to court claiming he stole the seed.
     Crap, talk about your boot jacked corporation. Unfortunately for all M won the case, bastards. Also proved you can only get as much justice as you can afford, damn foolish legal system.
     The terminator seed is immune to broad leaf herbicides, insecticides, humancides etc.
    So farmers can toxically nuke their fields with the corresponding M based herbicide and other chemicals, everything dies but the GM canola. They sliced in some insect DNA or something to make it immune and produce an insecticide for part of its life cycle.  Nice stuff insects die if they eat it. 
    Don’t believe it?  Well I don’t trust a company who takes a poor dirt farmer to court over a few seeds which in my book he owned anyway. I know the guy who had the original patent on some of this stuff and who knows what kinds of chimera they’ve added.
     So what are the effects, the plant grows great where nothing else can live. Where does the extra and repeated toxic chemical loading go? Well into you and me of course.
     Soon the soil will only grow the Monster seeds and the farmer buys from the only source of seeds; from Monster and the Herbicide from Monster.
    Then he has to sell these seeds to Cargill?. Hell maybe for the perfect circle jerk Monster corp. owns Cargill, I don’t know.  For even a more perfect hell they may partner with Merck? or someone to produce a drug to combat the effects of GM drug loading and side effects on you and me.
     Note that Monstercorp patented, copyrighted, and trademarked all future generations stuff.
    The other weird thing about these monster seeds is that they are bred with some kind of super vigor.
    In my neck of the woods you can see this stuff out competing the natural weeds in the forests, they are the first thing up in spring. Also if there is new pile of dirt around they are the first invasive plant beating out dandelions and chickweed no less and I’m talking miles and miles from farmland.
    Germans keep your Gold and keep your country GM free.
    Actually there is lots of paranoia around this. Check out the words alimentary + new world order.

  7. anna says:

    I am seeing now that the EU is just like Monsanto.
    You have no idea the damage it does to farmers and
    consumers alike!

  8. StephenLV says:

    So where does Caesar Chavez fit in here?

  9. snoop diddy says:

    when copyright law infringes on a persons (farmers in this case) private property it is a travesty against humankind.

  10. TRTTexas says:

    the people need to become aware of heirloom seeds and backyard gardening…take responsibility for what you can locally…if we grow it, then we don’t have to buy it…even a small plot can take a bite out of profits…support your farmers market while you can…thanks for the forum…hahaha who am i kidding, i live in a condo…i dont know how to grow a damn thing…just save me a seat in the back of the bus…

  11. snoop diddy says:

    I hear that TRTTexas 🙂
    sustainable living isnt something they teach at school, to the detriment of us all.

  12. Tuko says:

    …here’s what I think of Monsanto copyrights.

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